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Constant customer complaints - old, cramped trains.


Now MPs say they need to be replaced urgently.


During peak times it's no good at all. I've seen people fainting and


being sick. The valleys line is very good, but on Saturday you've only


got two carriages, they should be more.


Adam Issac is jailed for sexually abusing boys he met


A charity warns parents need to understand the dangers


It's been horrendous. We've had rats running around.


Are tough recycling targets leading to fly-tipping?


After almost 75 days alone at sea the jubliation


Welsh sailor Alex Thomson receives a hero s welcome.


I've been on my own so long and suddenly there's all these people.


I'm super excited. I feel like the whole world has lifted off my


shoulders. And much of Wales has


been sunny today. Some of our trains have up


to 4.5 million miles on the clock and there's now an urgent need


to replace "old and That's according to a group of MPs


who also say there's been a huge failure to account for a significant


rise in passenger numbers. We're taking more than twice


as many journeys on trains as we did 10 years ago,


which they say has led to overcrowding and customers


are left dissatisfied. Here's our business


correspondent Brian Meechan. It's a service many have always


relied on. But while travellers have changed it seems chains haven't.


Those operated today by the Riva trains Wales are, on average, 27


years old. MPs argue that the increasing number of passengers


using the service I've had enough of the conditions. They have been


complaints about the standard of the carriages and the overcrowding that


many believe happens to regularly. Nearly every day I'm standing to and


from work. Today I'm finishing early so it's not as bad, but at peak


times it's no good at all. I've seen people fainting, people being sick.


The valleys lines is very, very good.


But on Saturday you've only got the carriages, there should be more. The


Welsh affairs select committee says the problem was that when the


contract was agreed between strategic rail authority and Arriva


didn't factor in more people using trains.


When the original franchise was put in place not enough account was


taken of the possibility of a growth in numbers. It ended up costing more


money than it should have done to deal with it. Having said that, we


recognise that Arriva trains Wales, and the Assembly have overcome those


problems. Journeys have increased by around


50%, with over 29,000,020 14 and 15 and 10 million more than a decade


before. Profits have remained fairly consistent. It's made of an ?80


million in the last five years. The vast bulk of that being paid as a


dividend to its owners, the German transport company Deutsche Bank.


Over a five-year period the company has received roughly ?750 million


from the Welsh government and subsidies.


Arriva trains Wales says it welcomes the fact that the report recognises


they have been improvement fund investments in its services.


However, it does say it will continue to try to solve the


problems, but as the MPs meatier, there is no quick or easy solution.


Trains run across the whole of Wales, and it operates railway


stations including Bangor were passengers gave their views on the


services provided by Arriva. They are tiny. Most of it time a


fine for me. But I'm not was travelling peak.


Arriva's trains are generally on time, all the crowding around


services in Cardiff is worse than trains arriving in Bristol and


Liverpool. But it's better than those pulling into Manchester and


Leeds. The Welsh government says the current franchises in triple play


bus. Major investment will be needed


soon. 70% of the Arriva fleet will not be able to be used after 2020


because of new disability regulations. Those will have to be


replaced. The impact is the degree of breakdown. If we had 30-year-old


cars we would have a problem keeping them going.


Arriva is one of four bidders for the next franchise which comes up in


2018. The Welsh government will work that I may not-for-profit basis,


sitting in a major change in direction in the future of rail. In


the last half an hour South Wales Police have said a 20 Six Rd man


from the Swansea area was arrested yesterday's edition of terrorism


offences. -- 26-year-old man. Officers say the investigation does


not concern any immediate threat to public safety.


An amateur boxer from Port Talbot has been jailed for 12 and a half


years, after admitting killing his girlfriend.


21-year old James Tobin was caught after police bugged his home,


and heard him admit to his father that he'd killed Kellie Gillard.


Swansea Crown Court heard Tobin hit Miss Gillard with forceful blows


during an argument two years ago, causing her to hit the wall


A 23-year-old man has denied murdering his girlfriend in Cardiff.


Jordan Matthews admitted the manslaughter of


Chinese-born Xixi Bi, who was found dead at a property


He was remanded in custody to appear at Cardiff Crown Court next month.


A man from Merthyr Tydfil has been sentenced to two years and eight


months in prison for sexually abusing teenage boys he met


23-year-old Adam Isaac from Maesgwynne pleaded guilty


to eight sexual offences between August 2015


Adam Isaac is seen here are leaving court after a previous hearing


He sexually abused two boys aged 12 and 14 online.


He asked them to send intimate photos of themselves to him,


and he perform sexual acts on himself during video calls.


Indecent images of a third boy were also found in his possession.


The father of one of the victims says it's had a profound impact.


He was quite calculatedly groomed on chat messages.


I think the realisation, to him, of what's happened,


It was through the online world of Minecraft that


The game has more than 100 million registered users, players


interact with each other, and build 3-D worlds


After grooming the boys using it the prosecution said Isaac then sent


But it wasn't until one victim's father found online Skype


conversations asking about his son's sex life that the matter was brought


A spokeswoman for Microsoft who own Minecraft said a safe online


And they offer resources to help parents keep their children safe.


But online gaming is a concern for children's charity, NSPCC.


Online grooming is a term that is vastly growing now


That, for me, really reinforces the concern that is out there.


It is the biggest, near enough, the biggest child protection issue


Sentencing 23-year-old Adam Isaac to two years and eight months


in prison the judge, Mr Justice Twomlow, told him,


you knew you would find teenage boys, this was clearly


He went on to say people have to understand the seriousness


of behaviour like yours and it will result in prison.


Rhiannon Wilkins, BBC Wales today, at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.


And for more information on how to keep children


safe online, there's lots of advice on bbc.co.uk/webwise.


We've also posted the link on our Twitter feed @bbcwalestoday.


A union says 90 jobs are going at a Greggs


The company says it intends increasing its production of bread


there, but production of doughnuts and other bakery products will be


transferred to its other regional bakeries over the next two years.


The union says the firm is looking for voluntary reduncancies.


Around 200 beech trees which were up to 200 years old have been illegally


National Resources Wales says it's a devastating case


which will have a terrible impact on the environment.


It says no licence was granted, and it will take the necessary


There's a warning tonight that implementing stricter rules


on recycling too quickly could increase fly-tipping.


Llanelli Assembly Member, Lee Waters, says it's already a big


problem in the town with rubbish being dumped outside


Last year Wales saw a 14% increase in fly-tipping compared


But the Welsh Government says it's not aware of evidence linking


changes in household waste collection to fly-tipping.


Christine Clark from Llanelli says she has turned to fly-tipping around


These are her photos of other people's rubbish dumped


in the lane behind her house, often left for many days.


It's not just this lane, it's all the back lanes and Llanelli.


It's one of the problems around here.


People chuck stuff outside it's not in there eye sight,


In Carmarthenshire a maximum of four black bags can be put out


Many stick to this, but it's claimed others struggle.


Llanelli's Assembly Member says as councils strive


for better recycling rates, careful consideration needs to be


given to future policy changes on waste collection.


I think there's a judgment for us all to reach about how far do


Because if we push it too far, too fast, we are going to create


We may well hit litter to target, but we'll create fly-tipping


problems and broader littering problems which would increase costs


Carmarthenshire Council acknowledges there is a problem


It says it's working closely with the local


Later this month a task force will meet here for the first time


as it tries to find a long-term solution to this issue.


Carmarthen, like most local authorities recycles more


Ceredigion is the best, as it recycles 68% of its waste.


Compared to Blaenau Gwent which is the worst performing at 49%.


Also among the best is Conwy, the council there is trailing a once


But there is concern it's having disastrous consequences with claims


of increased fly-tipping and some people even having to


On the streets today the new policy got a mixed response.


I'm having to go to the tip all the time.


It's just two of us, what it's like with families, I don't know.


I'm going to the tip three times just with actual rubbish.


The plastics went into the extra bins.


We haven't had any problems, but other people have.


When it comes to recycling the Welsh government wants the nation


It says it makes no apology for its commitment to the cause.


BBC Wales has learned that a Plaid Cymru Assembly Member has


been probed by the Public Services Ombudsman over whether he made


a threatening remark to a Cardiff Council officer.


In November we revealed allegations that Neil McEvoy,


who's also a city councillor, had brought the authority


into disrepute and had been referred to a tribunal.


Our political correspondent, Arwyn Jones has been


Well, list of the clear leader in Plaid Cymru on Cardiff Council and


is said to have made these comments Lily threatening manner to a council


official. It happened after a application to suspend the eviction


of a council tenant. The allegation is that the AM said, I can't wait


until May 20 17th when the restructure of the council happens.


The Council officer said Mr McAvoy was being intimidating and she took


that comment as a threat against her work. The reason for that is Plaid


Cymru have got this proposal of restructuring the senior management


of Cardiff Council and the elections are happening this year. Mr McEvoy


is thought to have accepted that he did make those comments, but he was


talking to the lady involved, not making a threat to the Council


official. The public service ombudsman for Wales rates in a


report that that has been referred to the adjudication panel for Wales.


As a result they won't be making further comment, a spokesperson for


Plaid Cymru and Cardiff said the whole investigation is an outrage.


The problem for Neil McEvoy is that if the tribunal goes against him he


could be suspended or disqualified which makes life difficult with


local elections coming in May. With the eyes of the world


on The White House today how the first person to capture it


on film back in the An after three months away


racing around the world Welsh Sailor Alex Thomson has


an emotional reunion History will be made tomorrow,


a woman will be made a bishop in the Church in Wales


for the first time. Joanna Penberthy is to be


the 129th Bishop of St On the eve of her consecration she's


been speaking to Caroline Evans at the Church's training college


in Cardiff, where she's getting It's basically a hat that is a


symbol of the holy spirit. And packing the Mitre made for her and


the men's ring made smaller to fit her finger Joanna Penberthy is


preparing to take her place as a bishop. A role she once thought


women would never be given. If I'm perfectly honest I didn't think we


would ever see women in the episcopate.


Not in my ministry. But tomorrow history will be made at Llandaff


Cathedral when the Church in Wales follows the Church of England in


consecrating a woman bishop. It follows decades of debate, so how


does the Bishop designate responds to people who still can't fully


accepted? It's strange that people find it so


difficult to see the full humanity of... To see full humanity of women


deliberately women as well as men. Why men are seen as the person God


calls, and women are sort of, slightly on the side. People are


entitled to their consciences but the time for rehashing is over.


How will she manage this in practical terms?


The genius of Anglicanism is the way it holds people of all sorts of


opinions. There is a code of practice that enabled us to make


place for people who don't wish to receive my sacramental ministry.


Time for a quick lunch with her trainee priests then it's on to meet


the other bishops. They are expecting big changes


ahead, most good, some challenging. She's a woman. And women always


change things for the better, usually.


It might change the way in which the restaurant 's behaviour bench


meetings, because we can be quite robust!


-- with the rest of us. There aren't many posts with women in and Bishop


Joe coming along will be a clear signal.


The church needs to be the sort of place that says this is how to


disagree well. The real problem, I think, is those who can't accept


women bishops want more than we feel able to give.


As people see that she will do a wonderful job they will be won over.


Tomorrow Joanna Penberthy will be led into the cathedral by a formal


procession of 200 people, a two-hour long affair. But before that,


there's just a moment for an informal cup of tea, and some


light-hearted banter. To a bishop they say my lord, and I


was just saying, she could be like the Queen, ma'am! I don't think that


Welsh campaigners have joined in UK-wide protests on the day


Donald Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States.


Banners reading "Build bridges not walls" were hung


at various locations, including Penarth, Aberystwyth


Anti-Trump protests have also been held this evening


Mr Trump's success has also received support in Wales,


Well, Donald Trump's new home, the White House, is arguably even


more famous than him recognised the world over.


But the first to capture it on film back in the 1840s was an aspiring


railway entrepreneur from Powys, who became one of America's most


We asked some modern day snappers to tell his story.


1600 Pennsylvania Ave, better known as the White House.


A symbol of the presidency, of American power and influence,


one of the most famous buildings in the world, and one


And the first two captured on camera was a Welshman.


John Plum, he was born in Welshpool in 1809,


at the age of 12 he emigrated, with his family, to


He saw photography as this new thing, something


he could capitalise on and generate income to support his true desire,


which was to build this transcontinental railway


Photography was still very young, so it was a wonderful new,


And it allowed people to symbolically take


ownership of the world, acquiring images of landmarks.


Of course, new institutions, new buildings, such as the buildings


in Washington that John Plum made daguerreotypes of in 1846.


Plum's photograph of the White House, it's


an interesting picture, when you look at it closely.


If you took a magnifying glass to it there would be


I think this is, perhaps, something we have to hold onto,


especially now with digital media, that initial encounter


with the photographic process would have been so remarkable.


And it really would have been an amazing, and familiar experience.


Whatever was depicted, must have generated respect and awe.


For this new country being able to take a photo and say,


it is here, you can look at it, see that it is here.


It meant that the hopes we had were coming true.


And we could actually accomplish this.


As photography is spread the price dropped, Plum started losing money,


and in the 1850s he got into bankruptcy, and sadly,


Being the maker of the earliest surviving photograph


of the White House, Plum offers us the opportunity to think of both


Wales's contribution to the beginnings of photography,


he had the same pioneering spirit which this new democracy,


this young America, was developing at the time.


The photographers at the University of South Wales telling


Let's get tonight's sport now with Claire.


Swansea City manager, Paul Clement, insists the club's prospects


of avoiding Premier League relegation are not 'hopeless'.


Swansea go into the weekend bottom of the table with just 15


The Swans face Liverpool tomorrow lunchtime and the manager says he's


not looking at how many points will be needed but he believes


It doesn't look hopeless. One behind, outside the relegation zone


and not far from the teams above that as well. That can change very


quickly. I'm just looking at the game, game to game and doing the


best we can in each game we have. Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock


says he wouldn't want to stay at the club next season if owner


Vincent Tan doesn't give him money The Bluebirds, who are currently


18th in the Championship table, In League 2 Newport County


are away to Barnet. A plan to extend the period needed


for a player to qualify for a country on residency,


has been backed by Currently a player becomes eligible


when they have lived World Rugby is due to vote in May


on extending it to five, the WRU says the idea suits the way


they want to manage talent in Wales. On the pitch the Blues and Dragons


have the chance to join the Ospreys in the European Challenge Cup


quarter finals tomorrow. The Dragons travel to Brive,


while the Blues, captained by Sam Warburton, are hoping to beat


Bristol at home. Wales centre Jonathan Davies


will start for the Scarlets European Champions Cup game


against Sale tomorrow. After 74 days 19 hours 35 minutes


and 15 seconds alone on his 60 foot yacht Welsh sailor Alex Thomson


was able to finally rest his sea legs and reunite


with his family today. The 42-year-old who was born


in Bangor, completed the vendee Globe round the world race in second


place and this morning he came into the French port


receiving a hero s welcome. Exhausted but jubilant, he said he


was running on empty, but as Alex Thompson approached the French coast


surrounded by a fleet of well-wishers his energy was


recharged, his relief and delight clear to see. Joined on board by his


wife, Kate, and son, Oscar, his daughter waiting on land, is ?3.5


million vessel carries into the marina. The French canal was lined


with hundreds of supporters, but nothing as sweet as reuniting with


his family. It's great to have them back. My son


didn't want to let go of me. Sometimes I do take to myself, why


am I doing this? White? But you don't have a choice. At that point


you don't have a choice. I'm so fortunate to have such a great team,


they've given me a machine that could have won the race.


Finishing in second place, I'm chuffed. The race is dubbed the ever


rest of saving, and requires competitors to compete alone at sea


without stopping or receiving any form of assistance for almost three


months. Just to finish as an achievement.


Despite coming close to his French rival Alex couldn't close the gap


and had to settle for second. It's his fourth attempt at the race, last


time he finished third. With approval from his wife could he be


tempted to go again? I haven't asked her yet. It would be


difficult not to. Third, second, only one goal after it. I want to go


for the win at some point. But for me it's the end of the races, that


feeling, that 75 days where I haven't thought at the finish. I


didn't want to think about it. It's a war, a day by day ground. At the


end it's a relief. It feels like the whole world has lifted off my


shoulders. Alex is planning some time out,


tonight he is looking forward to going to bed and sleeping for more


than 25 minutes, knowing there's no chance of sinking.


Glorious weather in France, how's it looking closer to home, Derek?


You don't need to go to France for sunshine.


We've had plenty of it in Wales today.


Stunning in Snowdonia with a clear, blue sky.


Mind you it hasn't been sunny everywhere.


In Powys one or two fog patches lingered into the afternoon.


The sky clear with a widespread frost.


Some patchy cloud in the south and southwest later in the night.


Temperatures in mid Wales falling as low as -5.


Milford Haven just above freezing with a breeze.


So here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Some cloud likely in parts of the south and southwest.


Sunniest in the north in the afternoon with some cloud


Top temperatures 1 to 5C with a light to moderate breeze.


Temperatures rising a few degrees above freezing with a light breeze.


If you're walking up Pen y Fan tomorrow the thermals


Tomorrow night frost but cloud will increase overnight.


Flakes of snow in places too with a risk of ice.


Temperatures slightly higher with mainly light winds.


High pressure over us on Monday and that means more dry weather


but with a risk of freezing fog, especially in the south.


Later in the week, the wind will pick-up making it feel cold.


And a reminder of our main stories this evening.


Donald Trump is now the forty-fifth president of the United States.


He was sworn in on Capitol Hill in Washington DC an hour ago


in front of hundreds of thousands of people.


In his first speech as president, he pledged to put America first,


to protect American families, jobs and borders.


There is an urgent need to replace old and cramped carriages on Welsh


train services according to a group of MPs. They say there is a failure


to account for a significant rise in passenger numbers which has led to


overcrowding. We'll have a quick update at 8,


more after the BBC News at Ten. For now, from all of


us on the programme, Parents are facing an explosion in


the number of children saying It was like a battle, like in a war


zone. She would literally scream.


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