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They want out of the EU now, but Labour and Plaid Cymru


unveil their plan for Brexit, insisting Wales must stay


This is a combo key to divorce and as with all divorces, the detail has


to be worked through and got right. Tonight UKIP dismiss


Labour and Plaid's plan as a white flag of surrender


to EU negotiators. Killed by a gunman


on a Tunisian beach. Trudy Jones from Blackwood died


from a single gunshot wound ?36 million for our youngest


pupils to cut class sizes. All aboard for Wales'


first bus summit - the country's coach operators


try to map out a better service. Their most


important three points Is this the victory that kick-starts


Swansea City's season? Out of the drop zone, after


a thrilling win over Liverpool. The First Minister and the leader


of Plaid Cymru have today Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood want


the UK to continue to participate And they say workers from other


European countries should be free But Ukip say today's White Paper


is a white flag to Brussels. Here's our political


correspondent Daniel Davies. Calling time on the UK's


membership of the EU. Campaigners in Westminster


today demanding a sharp Also there, but treading more


slowly, Carwyn Jones and Leanne After Brexit, the First Minister


wants to stay in this single market, so Welsh businesses


don't face new barriers to trade. Well, what we are trying to do is to


try to produce something that we believe will command the support


of the majority of people, including the majority of people


who voted to leave. When we leave the EU,


we will also make sure we do not This is a complicated


divorce and as with all divorces, the detail has to be


worked through and got right. Outside the EU,


in the single market. It accepts the EU rules


on the free movement of people and workers should continue


to enjoy the right to come to the UK after Brexit, Mr Jones says,


if there is a job for them. Labour promised to talk


to Plaid Cymru after failing to win a majority in last


year's Assembly election. I would, as the leader


Plaid Cymru, reject the premise that immigration


is the cause of all our ills. It has been presented


as that by some, but it isn't actually when you look at the


facts and the evidence, the numbers But Theresa May has


a different agenda and in her big Brexit speech last week,


she said she wanted to reclaim But I want to be clear,


what I am proposing cannot mean membership


of the single market. She and the First Minister disagree


on other things, too. No more vast payments


to the EU, says But the Welsh Government


says it's worth paying Mrs May says the devolved


assembly won't lose power after Brexit,


but the Welsh Government has called for changes


to And the UK Government says it wants


to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living here,


but the Welsh Government says that We believe that we can get access


to the single market. We are optimistic,


we are ambitious, but of course, holding onto


bits of being member of the European Union can


to be the case, because


by being a member of the single market,


we have to except free movement of people


and it is frustration and anger sometimes about the free movement


of people that has led to many people voting to leave


the European Union. Neil Hamilton, Ukip's


leader in the Assembly. Unimpressed by the proposals


of these to Remain campaigners. It's not so much


a white paper, but a white flag of surrender to the EU


before the negotiations have If Theresa May were to


take this blueprint to Brussels, then the EU would get


everything that they wanted and it would mean that we weren't actually


leaving the EU in any meaningful Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru


say they respect the referendum vote to leave,


but they have made clear their preferred Brexit would change


things as little as possible. Our parliamentary correspondent


David Cornock is in Westminser. David, what do you think Theresa May


and those negotiating Britain's exit It was slightly unusual today to see


to Welsh political opponents come to Westminster to launch this official


Welsh Government document. Slightly unusual, too, as he saw there to


have the leader of the UK in Wales heckling in the audience. You might


think the timing is also a bit odd, because this comes less than six


days, less than a week, after we had to have the leader of the UK in


Wales heckling in the audience. You might think the timing is also a bit


odd, because this comes less than six days, less than a week, after we


heard Theresa May rule out membership of the single market. A


clear difference there with the Welsh Government and if the Welsh


Government is going to get its way, this is going to do anything other


than gather dust, they will have to clearly convinced the Prime Minister


to change her mind. The indications are that once Theresa May makes up


her mind, she is not really one for changing it. This document will be


discussed in a meeting with other devolved ministers and UK ministers


earlier this month. Before then, tomorrow, we will get the result


from the Supreme Court, which will decide whether MPs have to pass a


new lobby for the Brexit talks can begin on the Welsh Government as


part of that process. It thinks that assembly members should have a say


An inquest into the death of a woman from Blackwood,


who was killed by an islamist gunman on a Tunisian beach,


has heard she died from a single gunshot wound to her neck and chest.


Trudy Jones was one of 30 Britons killed at a resort


The inquest into their deaths is taking place at the Royal Courts


Judy Jones children arriving at a court in Cardiff today to watch the


inquest via video link and to get answers about why their mother died


on a beach in Tunisia. She was targeted by Islamist who began his


murderous rampage on the beach. The inquest has been shown this map of


his movements made by British police. On the day, there is a


protein is the police response and persecuted. He prowled the grounds


and carders of a nearby hotel. He killed 38 people, including 30


Britons. Today, we learned that Mrs Jones died from a single gunshot


wound to her neck and chest. The gunman was eventually killed. Her


family through to BBC Wales last year after a service at Westminster


Abbey. I can't believe this has happened in our lives. She was edgy


treasure, always will be. I love her and miss her dearly every second of


my life. She was wonderful. We go round and round, why did she do


that? What if she had done that? What if she was in the pool? None of


us have dealt with it. We can't change it. The court was shown as


3-D animation of the resort. Each person was shown where they were


shot. The inquest heard there was chaos during the attack. Carol


Powell who was on holiday with Judy Jones, was at the pool, Trudy was at


the beach. She described a terrible explosion and gunfire. She began to


run. She eventually played out in a car park to save her own life. She


says she identified Trudy's body from her distinctive male varnish.


Trudy Jones worked in this care home. The bench has been placed here


as a memorial. She dedicated her life to helping others. Today the


inquest heard she made a positive impact on everybody. Hundreds of


people attended her funeral in Blackwood. Her family say her death


was an act of senseless violence. Her family say her death was an act


of senseless violence. A woman who plotted to let


a paedophile rape her seven-year-old daughter has been


jailed for nine years The woman, who can't be


named for legal reasons, to protect her daughter's identity,


made plans via text messages He was jailed for 13 years,


after the pair were found guilty A man who released cats


from an animal sanctuary so his dogs could hunt them down and kill them


has been sentenced to 30 months Swansea Crown Court heard


18-year-old Frank Lewis stole ten cats from Ty Nant sanctuary


in the Afan Valley, Lewis admitted burglary and criminal


damage at an earlier hearing. How many children should


be taught in a class? It's a regular concern


for teachers and parents. Now a ?36 million fund


is being set up, with the aim of reducing class sizes for children


who are seven and under. Starting with the largest classes,


the new money will be targeted at schools where there are high


levels of deprivation and low Our education correspondent


Colette Hume has the story. Our education correspondent


Colette Hume has the story. In this primary school in Swansea,


these children are in the foundation It's one of many schools in Wales


with large infant classes. Think it would be really beneficial


to have smaller classes and I think you would be far more effective


for children to learn if there were The new ?36 million fund


aims to reduce class Education Secretary Kirsty Williams


says parents and teachers have Listening to teachers and parents,


we know that class sizes are a major concern for them and there


is growing evidence to suggest by targeting money anyway


that they are doing, it will make a difference


to At the moment, just


over 8,000 infants children are taught in classes


of more than 30 here in Wales. The money will be


targeted at the biggest classes first and then


at schools with high levels of deprivation


or schools which have a significant


number of children with Children like Wills and Lexie,


who both have cerebral palsy. Their parents have


welcomed the decision. Smaller class sizes for him


would mean he'd be able to get I think it would reduce


behaviours in the class, so teachers would have more time


to focus on teaching. I think the tutor would have


more quality time with children, being able


to support them better. I think it would ease the burden


and the workload for that But today's announcement


hasn't been met with The Welsh Conservatives


say there isn't enough spent on recruiting new teachers


and improving school leadership. The teaching union ITAC has urged


Welsh Government to go further and reduce the size of all


classes in all age groups. I think with the statement


we have had this morning, we would like to call


on the Government to put 25 as a statutory limit for


class sizes in Wales. Local authorities will now be able


to bid for funding, which will be spread over the next four years


and is limited to infant pupils. The question now is,


will smaller class sizes make a real difference to how


well our youngest children learn? Tomorrow we will bring you the


annual report card on the state of our schools from the inspection


We'll have more on that at 6:30pm tomorrow.


A community regeneration project in Port Talbot has had its funding


terminated by the Welsh Government, following an investigation that


provided strong evidence of financial irregularities.


NSA Afan had provided a variety of services for people


in the most disadvantaged areas of Neath Port Talbot as part


Our reporter Ben Price is there for us this evening.


It is a charity based here in the sand feels area of Port Talbot and


it had been funded by the Welsh Government to deliver communities


first programmes. Before Christmas, the charity had its funding


suspended amid allegations of a misuse of public money. Today the


Cabinet Secretary for communities announced that that funding has been


stopped following a Welsh Government investigation, which he said found


strong evidence of financial irregularities and raise questions


about the charity 's ability to manage public money. Now South Wales


Police has also carried out its own separate investigation and as a


result of that if you weeks ago, a 35-year-old woman was arrested and


bailed on suspicion of theft. We do not know how whether that Welsh


Government investigation and the decision today has anything to do


with the police and their own separate investigation. What I can


say is this is clearly a big load the community and having spoke


earlier with two of the chief executives of the council, he told


me they will be working closely with the Welsh Government to see whether


or not some of these services can be provided in future. Keep us posted.


There's not been much to cheer about for Swansea City fan,


but could their stunning win over Liverpool be the start of a revival?


And the lost film from childhood, which inspired the director who went


on to work on The Italian Job, James Bond and Superman.


Bus travel is big business in Wales, which is why the first


Bus Summit has been held today to improve the service.


At the moment, it's worth ?80 million a year to the economy,


with around 4,000 people working in the sector.


And there's 105 million passengers using buses every year.


It's part of a five point plan to help the industry,


which was shaken by the collapse of several firms last year.


When Wrexham-based GHA coaches went out of business last


July, 300 jobs were lost and services were disrupted.


Other firms took over most, but some routes, like the 146


between Richurch and Wrexham, saw a large drop in frequency.


I've come to the Rainbow Centre in Penley, one of the stops


along the 146 route, to find out how people


in the surrounding communities have been affected by the reduction in


bus services from 11 to just four a day.


There's a bus every ten minutes from Wrexham to Chester.


Who's going to be on all of those buses?


One of the main arterial routes into Wrexham and


there should be a decent bus service to reflect that.


Some thought needs to go into it now about a timetable


that is appropriate, really, for people's needs.


The Bus Summit is one of five steps the Welsh Government reccommended


to strengthen the industry and prevent disruption to routes


It's also appointing bus co-ordinators in


North and South Wales to develop good practice.


73% of journeys on buses are carried out on a


That still means that almost a quarter of passenger


journeys are carried out on the concessionary basis.


I want to make sure that we get more passengers on those


buses to drive up the sustainability of them.


But one of the Welsh Government schemes to give discounted bus


travel to 16-18 year olds will come to an end in March.


Back in Penley, one student feels like she's missing out.


All my friends go to college and they obviously can get


to Wrexham really easily from where they live and making go


backwards and forwards whenever they want,


which is something we can't have here at all.


Industry leaders at the summit say they need support if they're to give


Bus operators, to give certainty, need to understand that


funding is going to be available, in the medium to long term.


They need to understand what is going on on


the highways, what the congestion will be like.


And all these things need to come together if we are really


going to deliver excellent bus services day in, day out.


More financial help is being made available to councils and bus


operators if they can come up with robust plans to provide a fair


All roads lead to tonight's sport now with Claire.


It's their most important win in their


Premier League history, that's according to the former Wales


striker Iwan Roberts, after Swansea City lifted themselves


out of the Premier League drop zone following a thrilling


Coach Paul Clement says he's now looking to strengthen his squad


further before the transfer window shuts a week tomorrow.


COMMENTATOR: Carroll is into the penalty area.


COMMENTATOR: Paul Clement has led Swansea to their


Not many sites coming, Swansea favourites to get relegated before


the game, now there is renewed hope they can survive. Their most


important three points in their Premier League history. I have seen


them win at Old Trafford, on a couple of occasions at the Emirates,


but to go to Liverpool, never won there in the week before and come


away with three points, it was an outstanding defensive performance.


Swansea had just three chances on target. They scored three times. His


side, the first to be Liverpool at Anfield in the 18 league games. No


doubt who are the most popular at the club shop having been linked


with other clubs, both these players say they expect to stay. Cigarettes


and is the glue that holds the team together. We need to add to the


squad, not take away. We were really chuffed that they won and they came


out now at the bottom so hopefully they can keep going up now. Swansea


city don't play again until a week tomorrow. That's when Southampton


will be the visitors here. The same night as transfer deadline day.


Manager Paul Clement wants to bring in new players and he says he is


prepared to work right up until that 11 o'clock deadline doing


last-minute deals. Following Swansea's worried into chaos this


season, many fans feared their place among just football's elite was


coming to an end. But after Saturday the first ever league victory at


Anfield, many opened will prove to a turning point.


Rugby and with the start of the Six Nations less


Wales' Women have named a 32 player squad for the tournament.


Like Rob Howley's men, the women start their campaign away to Italy.


They've won four from four since Rowland Phillips took over


including yesterday's friendly against Ireland.


Hooker Carys Phillips, who's Rowland's daughter,


I know the ability of this group and I know the quality


we have within this group, but I think the key


on the ground, work hard and not look too far ahead.


A lot of things we need to improve, but I think


showing that we are going in the right direction and, you know,


The Ospreys became the first team in European rugby history to claim


maximum points form their six pool games at the weekend.


Their bonus point win over Newcastle means they are the first team ever


to register 30 points from the pool stages.


They face French club, Stade Francais in the quarterfinals


The Blues are also through, they'll travel to Gloucester


A winding up order, issued against London Welsh, has been


Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs had applied for the Exiles to be


wound up, because of an unpaid tax bill, of more than ?90,000.


But the case was dismissed, after the Judge learned


that the club entered voluntary liquidation last month.


Wales has a new world Champion in bowls.


Jason Greenslade, from Penarth, won the World Indoor Pairs Bowls


title this afternoon, alongside his English team-mate


Jason produced the perfect shot, with his last bowl of the match,


They beat Welsh duo Dan Salmon and Damian Doubler -


And finally, former Wales Captain Sam Warburton has


been speaking today, for the first time since losing


You can hear what he has to say in our late


That's it from me. Jamie.


A film-maker, who worked on the Italian Job and Superman,


has sought out the film, which inspired him


when he was a school boy at Llandovery College in the 50s.


David Wynn-Jones, who now lives in Surrey, says he always remembered


the film made by older boys at the school.


It was found in the attic of the man who made it.


Mr Wynn-Jones now wants more people to come forward with memories


Is it? Yeah, it's just full of cars.


Today's Llandovery College pupils comparing


notes with an old Llandoverian, film-maker David Wynn Jones.


The film shows everyday life in the school, rugby,


cricket, getting dressed up in their Sunday best,


but despite the more than 60 years that have passed, the


From we still play rugby a lot, cricket, we still have a game


against Brecon and whistled across country.


And even the track of the cross-country is still the same.


What's really nice, towards the end of the film, I


saw that a lot of pupils were leaving on the train.


That doesn't really happen this often, but it


The one obvious thing that we haven't


spoken about is, obviously, there are no girls in that film.


No, it's a bit odd, actually, looking at it,


because obviously nowadays, I walk around and I just see all my


friends, girl friends, not just boy friends.


And tracking down this long-lost film became a passion for


David Wynn Jones, He has worked in the film industry for


years on blockbuster hits like Superman,


the Italian Job and James Bond, but he never forgot the film


he saw while he was a schoolboy at Llandovery College.


In 1958, two boys had made this film and I saw it and I was quite


I was film mad and I used to work at the local cinema and


There was one shot there I always remember was the


carpenters working on the greenhouse and they should from inside at his


carpenters working on the greenhouse and they shoot from inside at his


face and I thought, "Oh, that's good."


And David now hopes that this film will encourage other former pupils


to contribute to a digital archive of the school.


Anybody who has anything, any pictures, anything, I


just want to borrow it, copy it and then it'll all be returned.


The film gives a glimpse into the past of a


school that has been here for more than 150 years and David is hoping


that it will help secure more memories for future generations.


Let's see what the weather picture looks like.


We started the day on a pretty foggy notes, but soon enough, most of us


started to see some lovely winter sunshine. Through the night we will


see the fog reforming and that could cause some problems. The Met office


has issued a yet though HS2 yellow weather warning. Do leave plenty of


time tomorrow morning. Further west, not too many problems with fog.


Getting down to minus one Celsius. How pressure still in charge of our


weather. But that it is another fairly settled day. Looking forward


to a lots of fairly dry weather. Leave time for a shower, perfect


visibility with dense fog. Further north not too much fog, a bit of


cloud first thing. Not too cold either along coastal areas. A bit


blustery along the coast. Head further south still and it will be


milder compared with areas inland and the wins will be later in the


south-west. As we go through the day, the fog will lift. We can look


forward to some brightness. The cloud will increase from the west


through the day. That cloud could be big enough to produce the odd spot


of drizzle, mainly on the health. Temperatures getting up to about


10,000 years. A lot more quiet around compared with tonight. That


will act like a blanket. Tempter is not dropping too much. Not too many


problems with mist and fog through tomorrow night into early hours of


Wednesday morning. A bit blustery again along those coastal areas. As


we head into Wednesday, high pressure hanging on. Over a mainland


Europe, controlling our weather. Low pressure to be west of us. And with


that, a pretty blustery day through Wednesday. We can look forward to


more winter sunshine, with temperatures getting up to around


nine Celsius. UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael


Fallon has refused to reveal details of what happened


during a Trident test last June. It is reported that a missile went


off course, but the UK Government Labour and Plaid Cymru have joined


forces to publish their plan They want the UK to stay


in the single market and say European workers should


keep their right to come I'll have an update


for you here at 8pm and again That's Wales Today,


thank you for watching. from all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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