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The Welsh Assembly does not have a legal right to be consulted


I thought it was a lot of nonsense. The majority of people have already


voted for it. The people have spoken, the decision has been made.


Never mind what Parliament say, we want out.


Where will firms like Airbus stand after Brexit?


One of the company's bosses says they're entering a "dangerous


They're doing well, but it's not the same across Wales -


the schools watchdog says the quality of teaching is weak.


The row on the railways - tonight Arriva Trains Wales defends


overcrowding and the profit it makes in.


I'd love to say, here are more seats and more services, but we just don't


have them. And one of the country's leading


conservationists says we are failing miserably to protect


Pembrokeshire's porpoise. Assembly Members will not


be consulted before 11 Supreme Court judges said MPs


will have a vote and rejected the Welsh Government's argument that


AMs should have a say before Here's our parliamentary


correspondent, David Cornock. They want out, 62% of people here


voted to leave, the highest proportion in Wales. There is a


mixed reaction to the news that MPs will now get a vote on how that


happens. I thought it was a lot of nonsense. The majority of people


have already voted for it and I think the Government represents the


people as well, so the Government should make a choice. Theresa May


might be a Prime Minister but I think representing us all the MPs --


are. Theresa May is saying she'll get the best deal. It doesn't make


it so. I think it's a good thing and I think it should be scrutinised.


The decision has been made so it should be left as is. My wife, get


out now. Never mind what Parliament say, we want out. in London, Supreme


Court judges said it was for Parliament to decide, not ministers


and was no need to consult AM s. The court rules that ministers are not


required to be consulted before triggering Article 50. Under the


convention, AMs had to be consulted before the process of leaving the EU


could begin but the judge found that it is not legally enforceable and


that relations with the EU as a matter for the UK Government.


Despite that, the Welsh Government's law officer was quick to claim


victory. The sovereignty of Parliament has been upheld, imported


to Wales because we now have a direct voice on that. We don't have


a veto. Parliament remains a sovereign on the point, but we have


the opportunity to influence legislation. But it will now be up


to MPs whether and when divorce talks with the EU can begin. Is not


unexpected and I think the British Government accept the decision and


we move forward and do precisely what the court asked us to do. The


Labour Party says its MPs will not try to block off a straight Brexit.


I'll vote with the witches of the people of Wales and the UK and my


constituents -- wishes, and vote for triggering Article 50 because this


has divided the country and the constituency. but some Labour MPs


say they are prepared to rebel. If it is a hard, brittle Brexit --


brutal, I don't think it is in the interests of the people I represent


and so I can't in all conscience recommend it as if it we take


unsupported and if that means voting against the Government I will do


that and if it means putting against the Labour whip, I will do that.


Wheels may have voted out last June but Plaid Cymru say they will fight.


I've yet to take a view, otherwise I might as well pack up after the


election. I will be following the wishes of my constituency voted in


favour of staying in very heavily. AMs of all parties are debating how


they will make their voices heard. Let's talk to Daniel


Davies in Cardiff Bay. Daniel, lots of reaction


to the judgment there today. It sounds like the 11


Supreme Court judges sent They all agree there's no legal


reason for Theresa May But there is a political reason


for parliament to listen. So if parliament must vote


on Brexit, it leaves the door ajar for the Assembly


to influence things. Sorry to disappoint anyone


who thought the referendum had settled all of this,


but that means there might be a vote here,


as well as in Westminster. And I'm also sorry to disappoint


anyone who hopes that a vote at Cardiff Bay could stop Brexit -


it won't, the Assembly doesn't have It's worth reflecting


where we are seven months Soon after, First Minister Carwyn


Jones said Article 50 should be triggered sooner rather than later,


that we shouldn't wait Now his Government is celebrating


what it calls a victory in a court case that means things aren't quite


so straight forward. Staying with Brexit,


one of the bosses at Airbus says the company is "entering a dangerous


phase" if it can't seamlessly move people and products


around European countries. 6,000 Airbus workers are based


in Broughton in Flintshire, Here's our business


correspondent, Brian Meechan. Airbus brings well-paid and highly


skilled jobs to the area. It says it needs to be continued moving workers


freely between European plants. The company argues any new deal with the


EU needs to be similar to current membership so they can remain


competitive. Airbus has been in a bit of battle with its main rival


Boeing for dominance in the skies. The European business has edged


ahead in recent years including with 731 orders in 2016 compared to 668


for the US company. Its concern is that any trade deal between


President Donald Trump and the UK after Brexit will see America


favouring Boeing while any EU disputes damages Airbus. Many people


in Seattle and Washington would be more than delighted to see this


scenario played out because they will take any opportunity to try and


undermine the success of Airbus and they take the view that whatever is


being decided in Washington will also be done with what is good for


Seattle so we enter into a dangerous phase. the company also wants free


movement of products. Airbus claims are made up from parts from across


Europe. The wings from its flagship A380 are made at Broughton. The tail


is manufactured in Germany. The tail, fuselage and passenger doors


come from sites in Spain. The central fuselage and the nose are


assembled and tested in France. All of these come together for final


Assembly in Toulouse. But small firms in Wales employ around the


same number in total as the larger companies like Airbus do. Bosses he


received their voices need to be heard, too. I voted to leave Europe


and join the Brexit camp. I personally think it's the best thing


for the country long-term. The problem we have at the moment is a


lot of people are taking the negative view rather than the


positive view. Ministers are indicating they could import a


special agreement for key sectors. According to Airbus, the


Government's decision that no EU deal is better than a bad EU deal


isn't a sensible fallback position. Ministers have argued they could in


for a special agreement for key sectors like aerospace.


Let's get a final word from David Cornock in Westminster.


David, the UK Government has today lost its court battle.


Now with added pressure from companies like Airbus,


the Government really needs to get this right.


Yes, Ginny, we've heard a lot from politicians and judges today, but in


Brian's report use our a reminder that what they say will have an


impact on the every day lives of people across Wales, on businesses


and the economy. On Thursday, we expect MPs to get first sight of the


Government's proposed law, which will be a very short one. It will


simply give the Government the right to trigger Article 50, to start


those divorce talks with European Union. Theresa May expects to do


that by the end of March but this is the start of the process, they will


be up to two years of negotiations before a final deal is reached, if


indeed he deal is reached and you'll expect the politicians up there to


have a vote on the final deal so this isn't the end, this is just the


beginning. Police in Swansea are


searching the marina Marcin Porczyk was last seen


in the Wind Street area of the city Searches have concentrated


on the marina and River Tawe. HSBC is to close nine


branches in Wales as part of closures across the UK,


including in Holyhead, Knighton, It says the number of people


visiting its high street banks has fallen by almost 40% in the past


five years, as more people The quality of teaching in Wales


is weak and must be improved for standards in the classroom


to get better. That's the warning tonight


from the schools watchdog Estyn Our education correspondent


Colette Hume has the story. It's the start of


the day for the pupils The school has been singled out


by the education watchdog We challenge ourselves


on a daily basis, looking at where we can go next,


numeracy skills, IT skills, and that's a big part


of the curriculum at the moment and that's our next drive,


to look at ICT. At this school, they're getting it


right but today's report says Estyn says some pupils


are underachieving because the work that teachers are setting for them


isn't challenging enough while in some classes,


lessons are taught so quickly, There are skills with the teaching


isn't good enough and in those schools, what we're seeing


in the annual report, and there's a whole chapter on this,


is that they need to improve the staff development


and professional learning in school. The watchdog says the school heads


need to help their staff The union which represents school


leaders say they want that, too. I've yet to meet a headteacher


who would disagree with developing their teaching staff but it's


like a parent on the sidelines shouting at children to try harder,


that's not helpful. This report is another blow


for education here in Wales, just weeks after the international


school rankings placed Wales below the rest


of the UK and behind other nations including Singapore,


Slovenia and Vietnam. There is some good news for primary


schools in Wales in today's report. Younger children's literacy


and numeracy skills are improving. In around seven out of ten primary


schools, standards were rated good or better but when it comes


to secondary schools, teaching was rated good or better


in only a minority of schools. On a statement, the Cabinet


Secretary for education Kirsty Williams said improving


teaching and leadership was one Today's report will make difficult


reading for everyone involved in education here in Wales


and there will be renewed questions about the standards of teaching


in the nation's schools. Sticking with education,


exam revision workbooks used by pupils preparing for their GCSEs


have been withdrawn after research by The One Show found


they contained scores of errors. The book containing the most


mistakes was the one aimed at pupils sitting a WJEC maths exam,


which had 90 errors in it. The exam board saidit


didn't endorse the guide. You could use up quite a lot of time


in convincing yourself that the error was actually in the answer


given her somewhere in the question as stated. -- or somewhere. It would


be the weaker students who struggle more to identify the errors than the


stronger students but it could cause quite a lot of confusion with a


student's revision, this number of errors could affect their


performance in the exam. There's more on that


on The One Show at seven. Before then, concerns tonight that


we're failing miserably to protect Pembrokeshire's porpoise -


we'll find out what's going wrong. And you've probably thrown


yours out weeks ago - how these Christmas trees


are being put to good use. Arriva Trains Wales has


already faced serious Tonight, the Economy Secretary Ken


Skates has stepped in, saying he believes its profit


margins are too high and more should Meanwhile, it's emerged that


over-crowding in Cardiff stations on the morning commute is rising


at a faster rate than Overcrowding has become a regular


feature for many commuters in and out of Cardiff at peak times


on Arriva Trains Wales services. Rhiannon and Matt are


among the commuters Now we have to wait until 6:43


for the next train, if it's on time, so we now have been


nearly 45 minutes. We had people standing, not a lot


of room for anybody at all. A number of people using Twitter


to voice their opinions and you could hear the tweets


and things going off I went to this station in Cardiff


during the morning rush hour to find out and failed to get on the 7:55am


train myself so I had Once I'd got on the train,


it was clearly very busy, standing room only, pretty much


what I would have expected, but here's the key point,


the train I got on had four carriages, the one before only


had two carriages. Many believe the lack of capacity


is down to the original contract, which did not make any allowance


for passenger growth, but Arriva Trains Wales made


a profit of 6.9% last year while the franchise it operates


is also one of the most heavily It is to some extent galling


that we have to spend an additional ?25 million or so a year


on additional services above A key point here is whether Arriva


Trains Wales has a responsibility to invest more profit


in the service because it receives such a generous


subsidy from the taxpayer. I think it's fair to say that


Arriva Trains Wales should invest in a quality service wherever


and whenever passengers expect it. Arriva Trains Wales say there has


been a nationwide shortage Despite that, it says money


is being put back into services. I'd love to say, here's more trains,


give everybody a seat on those so for us, the challenge is,


how do we make the best possible service we can


with the trains we've got? Arriva Trains's performance also


came under the spotlight during It looks to us who use the service


that it is at breaking point. If it does break, you will


have to do something. We want to make sure the franchise


properly serves people with decent quality rolling stock and frequent


trains and reasonable fares to pay. The current franchise comes


to an end in 18 months. Arriva Trains is one


of the companies bidding for the new one and replacing


rolling stock takes time. There may be some way to go before


there's light at the end More on this story in


Week In Week Out tonight at 10:40 It's a sight to be seen -


dolphins and porpoises Tonight a leading conservationist


has accused the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales


of "failing miserably" to protect harbour porpoises off the coast


of Pembrokeshire and says not enough's being done


to protect the mammals. These waters off Pembrokeshire hold


the richest variety of sea life Wales has to offer,


from birds and seals to basking On this ferry, Sea Trust volunteers


carry out a survey once a month and is good for tourism,


some people travel for hours to this point near Fishguard


to try to caps a glimpse of these Harbour porpoises are protected


in law but they're making this area of sea a special area


of conservation. Those involved in marine activities


could have to show that they're For almost 20 years,


the Sea Trust has been calling for the creation of a special zone


to protect the species. Natural Resources Wales agrees


and has recommended three special areas of conservation


for harbour porpoises. One off Anglesey, another


in the Bristol Channel and another covering the whole of Cardigan Bay


on the Pembrokeshire coast. The final decision is down


to ministers in Cardiff and London, but the apparent lack


of action is frustrating. If we don't do it, then our children


will hate us, our children's children and generations,


will ask why it took 20 Plans to harness tidal energy


in the Welsh sea is in infancy, but conservationists say protecting


the area will protect the creatures We're already seeing decreased


numbers of porpoise in some areas and we know they are seriously


affected by pollutants so although they are fine


at the moment, the risk is that It's been a long time coming,


but tonight, the Welsh Government says a final decision


is expected next month. Staying in Pembrokeshire,


let me show you some pictures of a new fire engine that's been


airlifted to Caldey Island. It's the only way Mid


and West Fire and Rescue Service could get the heavy equipment


there for monks and residents. It will be crewed by volunteer


firefighters who'll be supported At the other end of the country,


discarded Christmas trees are helping to strengthen


the North Wales coastline thanks to a hospice


charity in Denbighshire. For a donation to St Kentigern's,


the fir trees were collected after the festive season and are now


preventing erosion and flooding Matthew Richards has


been to take a look. It's a whole month since


the presents have been opened, but now it's time for the trees


themselves to be given as gifts. For almost 20 years the sand dunes


at Barkby Beach have been reinforced They help to build up layers of sand


which have been eroded and they're only used when nature can't do


the job itself. The preferred approach to sand dune


restoration is to leave it to natural processes,


but here, the dunes If this is left unchecked,


then they're vulnerable This year for the first time


the trees have been collected The Denbighshire charity volunteered


for the job in return for donations. It's about getting things off


the ground but we had a positive response and this year


we are looking at about 260 Christmas trees we've collected


and people have been really positive and I think the fact this is the end


result has really been the cherry Once the trees have


lost their needles, Then conservationists will plant


grasses to fill the gaps in this Without their tinsel


and decorations, they look a little bit out of place,


but over time they won't become just part of the scenery,


they will help to strengthen and protect it for


the future as well. Next Christmas might be a long way


off but the countryside service and St Kentigern's Hospice already


know what they'll be Sport, and the Olympic Champion


Nicole Cooke has accused British Cycling of being sexist


and says it's "run by men, for men." Cooke told MPs, as part


of their inquiry into combating doping in sport, that the governing


body's efforts against cheats British Cycling says it's committed


to resolving the historic gender Rugby, and London Welsh have been


refused permission to continue playing in the Championship


by the Rugby Football Union, which means they no longer exist


as a professional club. The club went into


liquidation last month. To Las Vegas now, where boxer


Lee Selby has arrived ahead of his world IBF


featherweight title defence. The 29-year-old from Barry


will fight Argentine Jonathan Victor Barros at the MGM Grand


hotel on Saturday. His opponent has won 41 of his 46


fights in a professional career Selby says he's not fazed


by fighting in Las Vegas. The dream for every fighter


and the goal is to one day box for title in Las Vegas and for most


it's not For me, it was, but it shows


with hard work and with the dream and focus and dedication,


you can make it possible and like I said, I've been


here before, I've watched Mayweather box in the same ring I'm going to be


fighting in say you can't get And football - after three


league wins in a row, Cardiff City travel to second-placed


Brighton tonight in their rearranged The match was originally called off


last month because of fog. All of which leads us neatly


onto Derek and the weather. It was very foggy in Newport this


morning. This picture taken by our weather


watcher Jon at Tredegar Park. This evening a few spots of light


rain or drizzle in the NW. The worst temperatures in Powys


and Monmouthshire falling close Here's the picture


for 8 in the morning. Brighter than today


with some sunshine. Temperatures 6 to 9


Celsius with a south The wind strong and gusty


on exposed coasts in the west. Above freezing and windy


in Milford Haven. Thursday's chart shows high pressure


over eastern Europe. The isobars close together


over the UK and that Thursday the windiest


and coldest day of the week! Grains of snow possible,


otherwise mostly dry and cloudy. A little sunshine,


especially in the northwest. Temperatures two to six


and feeling much colder More like -16 Celsius


on Pen Y Fan on Thursday Friday will be less


windy and less cold. Temperatures a higher


with a spots of lighter rain. The headlines again, Assembly


Members do not need to be consulted before Brexit is triggered. They do


not have the right to a say before Theresa May starts formal talks with


the European Union. There is more on our website.


I'll have an update for you here at 8pm and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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