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As the uncertainty over thousands of welsh steel jobs continues,


unions recommend workers accept the pension deal on offer.


A call for a ban on selling sweet-like flavours for e-cigarettes


You can buy bubble gum, candy floss, jam doughnut. They are aimed at one


audience, recruiting children and we want them banned.


The race is on for the Circuit of Wales project as the Economy


Secretary gives it two weeks to prove its secured funding.


His job was to protect patients in Wales, now questions over why Tony


It's the UK's biggest prize for contemporary art,


and the winner will be announced in Cardiff tonight.


The stage is set here at the National Museum. Gusts are beginning


to arrive. Only a couple of hours to go until we know who has been


awarded the ?40,000 prize. In the past few hours Tata Steel has


confirmed it will present workers with a new pension offer


which is believed to be beneficial It's understood steel workers


unions will recommend A ballot is expected to go ahead on


Monday. After considered uncertainty and


disagreement unions have changed their position on a deal which could


secure the future of Tata steel across Wales. Following meetings


with Tata also Unions recommend to their members they should accept the


deal which would mean less generous pensions. In a joint letter to


Steelworkers union say they don't take this decision lightly, and that


the offer isn't without its issues. They say while they understand the


concerns around the pension scheme it is their view, supported by


independent experts, that this is the only credible and viable way


forward is to secure the future. The unions previously said they would


leave the decision to Tata's 6000 steelworkers, but there was


significant unhappiness about the proposal. The BBC understands there


has since been clarification on the deal to workers over 50.


Tata did put a deal on the table to give reassurances about their future


commitment but it was asking a lot of people close to retirement,


workers in their 50s who would have taken a big hit had this deal gone


through. I've been pushing, as have others, for Tata to listen to the


feedback. Work is still have chose to ignore


the advice of the union representatives and reject the


offer. One former steelworkers says it's never going to be an easy


decision. When he first started in the works,


the conditions of employment will understood, that is what the pension


scheme would be. To move the goalposts after they've worked


there, that's what makes it difficult. It's not only the steel


industry, but other companies. It's a difficult decision to move the


goalposts after you had conditions. You knew what your future pension


was going to be, and to change that is difficult.


Ballot papers will be posted to workers on Monday with a decision


expected next month. Public health officials have called


for a ban on the sale of sweet-like flavours for e-cigarettes,


and tighter controls over advertising -


to reduce the potential harm Public Health Wales say flavours


like bubblegum and candyfloss are an attempt to recruit young


people to take up vaping. They also want a register


of retailers selling e-cigarettes, and restrictions on their use


near school grounds. Starting the advice


young, not to smoke. It's hoped these 12 and 13 year olds


from Hawthorn High School in Rhondda Cynon Taff will then be


peer advocates and spread the message about the health


dangers of smoking. But Public Health Wales,


who are running these sessions, are now toughening-up their message


about e-cigarettes too. The concern is they're


currently seen as safe, could re-normalise smoking,


or could even be a gateway for young people and children


to start smoking tobacco. Younger kids want to buy them


because they are more attractive. When I walk past in my local town


I see them in cool shapes I think they are aimed


at young people. Public Health Wales say the nicotine


in e-cigarettes is damaging to the adolescent brain,


so a no-go for children But for those struggling to give up


traditional cigarettes, a 100% switch to vaping


would be less harmful. We wouldn't want to see advertising


of electronic cigarettes or the production of confectionery


like flavours, you can buy bubble gum, candy floss,


jam doughnut flavour, they are only aimed at one audience,


and that about recruiting Celtic Vapours in Llansamlet have


spent around ?150,000 having 30 flavours tested for things


like emissions and toxicology to They argue that e-cigarettes can


have a huge role to play in helping people quit smoking,


but the rules are currently so strict, they're unable


to market their products at all. I'd like to be able to marketed


as the product it is. That's how we should be able


to market ourselves. We are not nicotine replacement


therapy, we are not smoking, we are alternative to both


and should be able to They attract a broad range


of customers at their six stores across south Wales,


with the traditional tobacco and menthol flavours


by far their best sellers. I was spending about ?200


a month on cigarettes, so the costs and the health


implications as well. I've been using it for around six


months, I've never smoked, it's just a different flavour,


with a cigarette you know what you're going to get,


the smoky flavour. With this you can have a different


flavour every time you fill up. The market for e-cigarettes,


like the devices themselves, has And research into the health


benefits and harms continues. Jenny is with me now. They're


already restrictions in place, place, their?


Yes, you don't see them on TV or newspapers but you can see them on


bus stops, posters and cinemas, for example. They can't target and 18


's, so they protect children. The frustration for manufacturers is


they feel their Iraqi benefits for people who want to move to gaping,


but because they aren't licensed as a medicine they can't market


themselves in that way. Canada and Australia can only sell them if they


are licensed as a medicine. In 26 countries they are completely


banned, like Brazil, Turkey and Thailand. What Public Health Wales


is trying to do is navigate this confusing picture and come up with


advice to reflect benefits and harm. Mind you.


A man from Swansea has appeared before Westminster Magistrates


26-year-old Lee Edward Griffiths is accused of having


bomb-making manuals, and instructions on carrying


He's charged with five counts of possessing information which may


be useful to someone who commits, or prepares acts of terrorism.


He was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey next month.


More inmates killed themselves in Parc Prison in Bridgend


and Swansea Prison between 2015 and 16 than in any other year


There was a record number of suicides in prisons in England


The UK Government says they're ?100 million into the prisons estate


Police in Swansea have confirmed that the body of a man found


in a construction site in the marina area of the city is that of missing


Officers had been searching for the 18-year-old


who was reported missing in the early hours of Sunday.


A business group in Ebbw Vale has backed a deadline set


for the proposed multi-million pound racing circuit near the town.


Cabinet Secretary for the economy, Ken Skates, told the Circuit


of Wales it had two weeks to prove it had a new funding deal if it


wanted further support from the government.


The Ebbw Vale business forum, which represents retailers


in the town, says it's about time there was some clarity.


When a steelworks when someone did a search to begin, find another


company to provide thousands of jobs. Millions were spent on new


public sector buildings, but genuine excitement in 2011 when plans for a


racing circles were unveiled up to 6000 jobs promised.


Little hesitation from Blaenau Gwent Council with planning permission


granted in 2013. The following year questions emerged about how much


public money was involved. The circuit said it had private


backers are needed. Last year it was revealed that the circuit wanted the


watch government to underwrite that private funding, to guarantee 100%


of the track once it was built. Too risky, said a former Business


Minister. Nine months on there's still no agreement, but there is a


deadline. I therefore written to the heads of


the valleys development Corporation today, asking them to make faster


progress on this project. Asking for evidence to be provided within the


next two weeks. Many businesses and Ebbw Vale agree


that it's time for a decision to be made.


The carrot has been dangled for the people of Ebbw Vale for all this


time. It's on, it's off, it's on.


It's time that they made a conclusion. Is it time to see the


colour of this project's money? Customers from the town and further


afield have different reflections. I've got every faith the money man


will make the decision when they are ready no matter who we're shouting


at them. They won't be rushed. People know


that there is a deadline, perhaps they will go into it quicker,


hopefully. It would be a disaster, I think, if


this huge opportunity was lost for Wales. Obviously, the Welsh


government has two gold in the process of ensuring a proper due


diligence assessment is made, but, you know, I think we will respond


positively. Nearly two years ago and independent enquiry sat in a


building behind me later ruled that the economic benefits of the circuit


of Wales far outweighed other concerns. Since then money has been


a sticking point. The local council and local Assembly Member turns down


my request for an interview and I'm still waiting on the Wales audit


office to report back on its investigation into how public money


has already been awarded in support of the circuit of Wales project.


Perhaps, time is not on the side of the circuit of Wales, but it says


the deadline ties in with its own plans.


A chapter in Wrexham's military history will come to an end,


one of the last major army units there moves to Bristol.


And today has been one of the coldest days


But if you don't like the cold, there is a change on the way.


Opposition parties are demanding a full explanation as to why


the assembly was not told about the suspension


of the man who heads the Board of Community Health Councils,


The Welsh Conservatives are accusing the Welsh Government of keeping


assembly members in the dark about what's happened


to Tony Rucinski, the chief executive suspended on full pay


The Welsh Government says it's an internal


Here's our political reporter Paul Martin.


I'm passionate about making things happen.


That's what I see this new job, the new Chief Exec has been put


into place to make those things happen, to be a much more proactive


That's Tony Rucinski on the eve of becoming chief executive


of the body that describes itself as the independent


But seven months later he was suspended, there was no


announcement at the time, and nothing was said publicly


on the matter in the 11 months that followed,


by the board, the Welsh government, or Tony Rucinski.


We still don't know the reason for his suspension.


The leader of the Welsh Conservatives wants


the Health Secretary to explain why AMs here weren't told the board


It's hugely concerning that the chief executive, the most senior


official had been suspended for 11 months and there's been nothing put


forward for the public. The community health councils relied on


public support and confidence. The Minister hasn't acted in the best


interests, that she hasn't acted on the best interests by maintaining


this silence. We don't know the reason for Tony


Rucinski's suspension but sources say there was tension between him


and the board's Che. I've seen e-mails that stroke Tony Rucinski


raised concerns about his suspension that he was being stopped from doing


media interviews. He suggested the chair may have been influenced by a


meeting with a Welsh government minister. The chest so she doesn't


believe the content to be factually correct and can't comment through my


work processes being followed. -- the Che says. It says Tony


Rucinski's suspension is an internal matter. 11 months and there's no


indication of when the problem at the top of the patients watchdog


will be resolved. Poverty is the biggest threat


to child health in Wales The study, by the Royal College


of Paediatrics, says an estimated 200,000 Welsh children live


in poverty, and recommends bold action on things


like obesity and smoking. The Welsh Government says it's


committed to addressing Over 200 children a year die


in Wales, and of those 200 most die There's a strong association


between your risk of dying in childhood in Wales


and where you were Particularly those areas


that are known to have The man who will lead the UK's


negotiations to leave the European Union has told MPs


that the interests of Wales will be reflected


and protected in those talks. David Davis was speaking as the UK


government published a proposed new law that will allow it


to begin formal negotiations. Our parliamentary correspondent,


David Cornock, is at Westminster. David, how does the Brexit


Secretary say he will We've had three meetings so far,


we've got another meeting That is a very timely question. It


has been revealed that they do not need to contact the Welsh Assembly


before going ahead with Brexit. The legislation has been published to


allow Theresa May to fired the starting gun. On a day when the UK


Government had said in relation to that bill that it does not need the


consent of devolved administrations. That may be correct legally, but


politically, that is something completely different. What David


Davis is saying is that although he is looking for a UK wide approach to


those Brexit negotiations, he will try to take on board be of devolved


administrations in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. He will try


do that, as Theresa May will, through a forum called the joint


ministerial committee. We've had three meetings so far,


we've got another meeting We are taking, formerly,


the papers submitted by the Scottish Government


and by the Welsh government. The point we have made


throughout all of this, is this is a sophisticated


and complex negotiation, it is difficult but it's got to be


done under a single banner. David Davis said that although he'll


be looking for that single UK approach it will be one that


protects and reflects the interests of all parts of the UK, including


Wales. The UK Government is trying to reassure farmers about what will


happen to them? Yes, one week after the UK Government said Britain would


be leaving the single market as well as the European Union Alan Cairns,


the Secretary of State for Wales has been meeting farmers to hear their


concerns about that. Many farmers, understandably concerned that it


could lead to higher prices, make it more expensive for them to export


their produce. Mr Caines told them that Brexit would offer


opportunities, new markets, he hoped to deliver a free-trade deal rather


like other countries have. That could keep costs low. Thank you,


David up in Westminster. One of the last major army units


based in Wrexham will move The Royal Electrical


and Mechanical Engineers Battalion at Hightown Barracks


is being relocated, closing another chapter in the town's long


relationship with the military. The 3rd Battalion Royal


Welsh left in 2013. A campaign has been launched


to oppose the latest departure. Whether it's waving off or welcoming


home current soldiers, honouring veterans or remembering


those who died serving, Wrexham has always been


proud of its relationship The Council leader has


expressed his shock at the news that from 2019 the 101


Battalion Headquarters will close leaving only a handful of military


personnel at Hightown. I'm gutted to be absolutely honest,


not just for myself We are its family,


they are our family. And it's like losing


something from... It's been depleted over


the years, this, to me, Opened in 1877 Hightown Barracks was


a base for the Royal Welch Fusiliers and then the Royal Welsh reservists


until they moved from Since 1999 it's been home to a unit


of the Royal Electrical It deals with the serviceability


of Army equipment, everything If the Army has a piece of equipment


that has a mechanical or electrical aspects to it,


then the REME are However, in this part of the world


the way a recovery company, The regiment trains and supplies


part-time or volunteer soldiers and officers to operations


here and around the world The move to Bristol means that


reservists based in Wrexham and Prestatyn would have


to join other units. Meanwhile the army says it will help


staff at Hightown Barracks to transfer to alternative


military employment locally. A campaign to oppose the decision


is in its early stages but despite calls for Wrexham


to fight to keep its soldiers, the MoD's wide-ranging


reorganisation may be a battle In a few hours we'll know


the name of the winner At ?40,000 it's the most


lucrative contemporary arts award in the UK,


and Welsh artist, Bedwyr Williams, Their work is on display


at Chapter Arts Centre and the National Museum,


and Jennifer Jones Thanks Lucy, yes, the excitement is


building here at the National Museum with around three hours to go


until the winner of the 7th Now it has a reputation as one


of the most significant contemporary art awards in the world,


and it's certainly a very international shortlist for this


year with finalists from France, Ghana, Angola, Lebanon,


the United States and Wales. Charters Monday seven, six artists


from four continents. It's been on display for months at Cardiff venues


but tonight they can only be one winner. -- Tony Artes mundi. Since


it opened in October thousands of visitors have taken part in the


multisensory experience. You have incredible painted


watercolours, right through to Digital art and physical objects


that people are using to express ideas, sound, videos, music. The


piece next door is a phenomenal example of that. We have been bad


for you to relax on. I shall build a city here. Bedwyr is


the third Welsh artist to be short listed. His work draws inspiration


from megacities in times of economic boom. Captors, migration and power


structures are among the themes explored this year. Artes mundi is


the Wales biggest contemporary art show. At ?40,000 it is the UK's


biggest contemporary Art prize and one of the most significant in the


world. What the experts think, so what do people think out.


Have you been to see it no. I go to a as much as I can. For me it's the


only thing that keeps us alive and different. Is it something you might


go and see? Probably not. I'm not overly interested. It's not


something I understand. I've not been exposed to it a lot.


Contemporary art may still be a hard sell, but 90,000 people are expected


to experience these are groups before it closes at the end of


before it closes at the end of February.


So, only a few weeks left to come and experience these art


installations and only a few hours until we know who's name


will be added to the list of Artes Mundi recipients.


We'll have to wait just a little longer to find out.


We will have the details in our late bulletin.


Tomorrow night we'll be catching up with welsh boxer Lee Selby


as he prepares to defend his IBF world featherweight title


The 29-year-old from Barry, fights Jonathan Victor Barros


Speaking after his first public work-out he says it's been a dream


of his to fight in the Mecca of boxing and is fully focused


on putting on a show for the fans who've supported him from the start.


They follow me all around the country and the UK. You know, they


flew out to Vegas to support me. They come to the pinnacle of the


sport, we've worked against the odds and we've got it. All we've got to


do now is win on Saturday night. The weather back home


now here's Derek. It has been a cold one. To say the


8C in Las Vegas today but here in Wales much colder.


In Tredegar the temperature struggled to reach freezing


and in the wind it felt bitterly cold, more like minus 5.


Grey and cloudy for some of us today too.


This picture taken in Southerndown by Rhod our weather watcher.


But a different in the north west, stunning in Snowdonia with blue sky,


Parts of the north and west clear and frosty.


Lowest temperature minus 3C in Flintshire.


Above freezing in the South West with stronger winds.


So here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Some mist and freezing fog on higher ground.


The odd snow grain and a risk of ice.


Still windy in the South West and less cold.


During the day, the freezing fog will lift.


Sunshine in places but with an increasing risk rain


The wind easing and turning less cold.


Temperatures rising higher than today.


In Breconshire tomorrow cloudy and dry.


In Denbighshire, most of the day dry.


Temperatures inland falling low enough for ground frost.


Saturday breezy with a mix of sunshine and showers.


Some of the showers heavy with hail and thunder.


The forecast for Sunday has changed since yesterday.


There is now a risk of rain but a question mark about how much


rain we'll see and also how far north it will spread.


This month has been unusually dry so far but it looks


A reminder of our top story to unions at company steel have


recommended the 6000 Welsh workers accept the company's pension deal,


saying it's the only credible and viable way to secure the future. A


ballot is expected Monday.


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