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Welcome to Wales Today. Tonight's headlines:


Their families describe the pain of their loss,


We need to remember the devastation that their gross negligence caused


to innocent lives and their families as well as the deep impact this has


Jo Stevens resigns as Shadow Welsh Secretary


in protest over Labour MP's being forced to back


It's made cakes in Newport for nearly 70 years -


the end of an era, as production stops at Avana bakeries.


The retiring Archbishop of Wales says he still believes


the change to the law on organ donation here was wrong.


I wasn't against organ donation at all.


I was just against the method by which they were going about it.


Tonight we're in Las Vegas as Lee Selby aims to defend his IBF


The families of three men who were driving home to Wales


when they were killed by a runaway truck in Bath have told a court


about the life-changing impact of the crash.


Stephen Vaughan and Phillip Allen from Swansea, and Robert Parker


from Cwmbran died alongside four year old Mitzi Steady when they were


The owner of the haulage company, Matthew Gordon, and mechanic


Peter Wood were jailed at Bristol Crown Court earlier


This was the senior path in February 2015 after the brakes failed to work


causing it to career out of control, devastating everything and its path.


Tonight, Matthew Garden is starting a seven and a half year jail


sentence for the manslaughter of for innocent lives. The judge described


Gordon as a man who had showed more concerned for himself than for the


public, a business owner who flouted the rules. Mechanic Peter Wood was


spent five years and three months behind bars. The judge told him he


should have known a casual attitude about safety risk the lives of


others. We need to remember the devastation their gross negligence


caused innocent lives and their families, as well as the deep impact


this has had in the community at large, including the driver of the


bus, the emergency services and all the passers-by who attended the


scene. Phillip Allen from Swansea and Stephen Bannon were on business


on the day of the crash. Stephen Bannon a professional chauffeur had


been to pick them up as they made their way back to Wales, as they did


so, there was nothing Stephen Vaughn could do to avoid a tipper truck


which careered towards them. All three men were killed. The truck had


also hit four-year-old Mitzi Steady, killing her as she tried to cross


the road. Her grandmother suffered life changing injuries. They


listened as a series of emotional victim statement impact where less


than red. Sian Vaughn described when she had to go and identify her


husband's body, the man she had married just six months before the


crash. Speaking to the BBC after the trial, it she spoke to BBC about


heartache and how she was deprived of a family of her own. If that was


the case, we would have had a family by knowing which we have been


denied. Whereas the owner of the company has gone on to have a child


and has won on the way as well. I feel very upset over that, he has


gone to have a life and mine has been taken away from me. Phillip


Allen brings -- leads to children, his wife said he was his soul mate


and the family had been looking forward to see him give his daughter


away at their wedding but died before he could walk down the aisle.


In her statement, she said her daughter's wedding day would be


remembered as bittersweet and a very emotional day. Daniel will not get


the chance to have his dad at his wedding. Robert Parker was married


for 42 years and had one son, his wife said their lives can never be


the same and she feels extremely angry that the reckless actions of


others took husband away from her, a truly amazing, clever, generous man.


As Gordon and Wood were driven away to prison, reporters outside were


told the extent of both men's serious failings. Matthew Gordon had


no chance that -- transport manager and flouted every regulation to


ensure public safety. As a mechanic, Peter Wood signed off vehicles are


safe when clearly they were not. The judge described the condition of the


brakes on the vehicle which crashed as appalling and he said the


failures of Gordon and would to maintain that vehicle for


inexplicable. He said this was not a one-off but an accident waiting to


happen which devastated the lives of so many families. Gordon and Wood


were jailed for a total of 12 years and nine months.


The Labour MP Jo Stevens has resigned as shadow Welsh secretary


over Jeremy Corbyn's instruction that the party's MPs


must vote to support the bill to trigger Brexit.


In her resignation letter she said she was a passionate


European and had been urged by her constituents


in Cardiff Central to vote against the Article 50 bill.


Our political correspondent, Arwyn Jones, is with me now.


You have a copy of her resignation letter.


It essentially comes down to her belief that she thinks Brexit is and


will be a terrible mistake. This vote will be the most important ever


for her as an MP and is an issue of principle conscious, many of her


constituents have been in touch to urge her to vote in this way. She


goes on to say it's been an honour and a privilege to serve as


Secretary of State for Wales but carrying out that role has


galvanised this belief infers that Wales will be worse off after


Brexit. We have no one has been disquiet over Labour MPs because


Jeremy Corbyn has decided to use the strongest, and he has, a three line


whip to force them to back the small piece of legislation in the House


which will trigger Brexit next week. She is not the first to resign over


the issue but the most senior. It does mean that Labour once again is


looking for a Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, the fifth time now


since the general election in 2015. What's the reaction been


to her resignation? We have heard from a former Labour


Secretary of State who says she will be a big loss for the front bench


and also criticising what he said was a lack of ambition and strategy


from Labour over Brexit. We have heard from Jeremy Corbyn this


evening and he says he understands why MPs like Jo Stevens are touring


because they represent constituents who voted to remain in the European


Union but he said that Labour has to respect the outcome of the


referendum and mustn't do anything to the street that process. Thank


you very much for that. -- frustrate.


The leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies has


demanded a public apology from the First Minister


to be part of deciding Wales' Brexit strategy.


Writing to Carwyn Jones, Mr Davies called the comment,


made on the BBC's Wales Report programme, a "false


A spokesman for the First Minister has described


The public inquiry for the M4 relief road south of Newport


is delayed by almost four months because traffic


A pre-inquiry meeting was told today that congestion forecasts were LESS


The inquiry was due to start in November


but will now start at the end of February for the proposed


BBC Wales understands a one-off pension contribution,


could be made to Tata Steel workers in their fifties, if changes


to the company's pension scheme are accepted.


Unions will begin balloting members on Monday, on whether to move


from the current final salary provisions, to a less


Our business correspondent, Brian Meechan, is in


Brian, what more do we know about this offer by Tata?


It has emerged that up to ?10,000 will be paid into the pensions of


older workers who are considering retiring early in order to get them


to move onto this new scheme. They won't get ?10,000, it will depend on


the length of service and how long they have been paying into the


pension scheme. There is some hope amongst many people who would like


to see this going ahead that this will in some way help make it a


little bit better and a little bit easier for those who are having to


decide ultimately when these ballots go out whether they are willing to


accept as union members moving from a final scut -- salary scheme to a


much less generous one which is tied to ?1 billion of funding coming from


Tata to Port Talbot over eight years. The ballot is going out on


Monday, the decision will still have to be made by union members but


crucially Tata isn't bound by whatever decision is made by the


members of the union. Thank you very much, Brian.


Production has ended at Avana Bakeries in Newport tonight.


The factory is to close after more than six decades in the city,


Around 100 staff will lose their jobs, though some


will work out their notice until the end of February.


Owners Food Utopia say they've been unable to find a way to keep


One of Newport's best known employers, but now workers


leaving the production line for the last time.


I've made some really good friends and I really am


It's just a very sad atmosphere in there.


Everybody's sad to leave and trying to find new jobs.


It started in a shop in the 1800s, it grew to fill big factories


At one time, over 1,000 employed at the Rogerstone factory,


two million cakes made here since 1999.


Others gave decades of service and more.


I used to work like 80 hours a week up there.


My grandmother worked here, my auntie worked here.


It was guaranteed work up here all the time.


We used to do Blackpool, Disneyland Paris, Tenby, everywhere.


Now it's closing down, it's very sad to see it go.


A turbulent recent history, a fire in 2001.


But the business bounced back and won a big contract with Marks


In 2011, it was sold by Premier Foods to the Two Sisters food group.


The new owners lost that big supermarket contract and then sold


the company again in 2014, hundreds lost their jobs.


Current owner, Food Utopia, says it did everything it


could to make the business a success, but it was


The workers' union says it knows times have changed but has


questioned how the company was run and whether it could have done more.


Obviously people's tastes are changing.


They're not encouraged to eat sugar any more.


More of a treat than an every day occurrence.


But there's still room in the industry for good quality


cakes and these people made a good quality cake.


Some staff will work their notice period here for a few weeks.


A handful of others will look after smaller


But the curtain has come down slowly on some long careers here.


Mass production now over, most staff now looking for a new job.


here are confident they'll be toasting success after Brexit.


And - 'I'll come home world champion again' -


The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, says


he still believes the law introducing presumed consent


for organ donation was the "wrong way" to approach the problem


Dr Morgan's comments come as he prepares to retire next week.


He's been the head of the Church in Wales for nearly fourteen years.


He's been speaking to Felicity Evans.


Barry Morgan is the longest serving Archbishop in the worldwide


And he's got the funny stories to prove it.


When I was installed in Bangor, I knocked the door.


The Dean said to me, "Knock the door three times."


In the end, I knocked nine times because...


They didn't seem to hear me and, not realising I had the microphone


on, said to my chaplin, "Well, they obviously don't want


It's exactly that warmth and self-depricating humour that's


enabled him to steer the church in Wales through some long-running


He's been an outspoken voice, usually on the liberal


side of the argument, in public and political


He's supported more powers for the National Assembly,


but opposed the introduction of a law that assumes people


want to be organ donors unless they opt out.


You found yourself very much on the outside when it


came to the view that you were expressing there.


I felt that I was making a valid point.


I think what I did object to was people thinking that


I wasn't against organ donation at all.


I was just against the method by which they were going about it.


I still feel that, to be honest, because it's much better


if people voluntarily say we want to give organs.


Women clergy and same sex marriage have been the big battles


He's in favour of both and he is delighted that the church


in Wales first woman bishop was consecrated just a couple


I think that was pretty important as a matter of justice,


as a matter of equality and as a matter of doing


That's been pretty important and I never expected a woman bishop


However fierce the arguments over these issues, he's always sought


to accommodate different views, holding the church together,


even as he apologised to LGBT people for the way it's behaved


You've pushed the gay marriage thing as far


as you could while keeping everyone on board, haven't you?


I've done that with the full support of the present bishops and also


too with the support of the governing body.


That's quite something, I think, in a church that hasn't always been


known for its liberalism and I felt that, therefore,


the bishops could issue prayers to say with gay people in church,


but to bring a bill to allow gay marriage would have just


And in terms of the church reaches out to its congegration


and the wider society in Wales, what are your thoughts on how


effectively it's done that under your leadership?


If you're just going to judge it by church attendances,


then the honest answer is not terribly well.


But when I go around here and other parishes in Wales,


I see church communities more engaged with their local societies


Were it not for church people, lots of organisations


I'm thinking of food banks, I'm thinking of dementia groups.


His successor as Archbishop will be chosen in the summer.


For Dr Morgan, that means a quieter life outside the public eye.


I take the view that once you're gone, you're gone.


I just want to leave the field clear, I don't want to make another


public statement about issues again because that would be unfair


on whoever succeeds me and I hope I can keep to that.


Archbishop Barry Morgan, thank you very much.


The Archbishop of Wales talking to Felicity Evans.


Teresa May is meeting the new US President, Donald Trump


and trade is likely to be high on the agenda.


It's a visit being followed here by drinks producers -


some of whom are due to visit the US soon.


Wales exported around ?9 million worth of drinks in 2015.


And the co-founder of one of Wales' newest breweries


says he's confident new, global trade deals will benefit


Capacity-wise, we're five times more than what we currently had so over


a year, that's five million litres is what we can produce here.


And that's what this place is all about.


More beer, yes, but also more exports.


Tiny Rebel already sell more beer in Norway than Wales.


Whereas in the past brewery, we were doing a lot of it by hand,


So it's made things a little bit easier.


It means we can focus on other areas.


And those other areas include America and China,


But Bradley wants the cost and bureaucracy involved


in selling his beer globally reduced.


And hopes new trade deals after Brexit will help.


For us, this is a long-term thing whichever market we go into.


So hopefully Britain can set up a bit more of bespoke and even


better trading terms with certain countries.


Which will benefit us in the long run.


Wales exported around ?9 million worth of drinks in 2015.


Currently, British beer, as it travels towards an EU border,


Although businesses hope alternative global deals can be struck up.


Including in America, where Teresa May is meeting


the new US President, Donald Trump.


But some are worried about his protectionist policies.


The Otley brewery in Pontypridd - another well known


They too are "dipping their toe" into the export market.


Funnily enough, China is going mad for Oh Ho Ho.


Originally, we brewed Oh Ho Ho for a Christmas market.


But we've never made a fuss about putting Christmas on the label


or selling it or promoting it as a Christmas beer.


So they're taking that all year round.


Bosses here have big hopes for China, but feels there's too


much uncertainty to be able to plan post-Brexit.


With Brexit and Donald Trump in America, I can see it becoming


a bit more difficult in Europe if tariffs are brought in for trade.


But then you just have to look at other parts of Europe and see


This is what the new Tiny Rebel brewery could look


And it's a future that could hold great potential


But the Welsh Government and a Committee of AM's say access


to the EU single market is key for Welsh firms.


The UK Government says it will make a success of Brexit.


Time for the sport, and a big fight this weekend Tomos?


Yes, another exciting night planned in the city.


It's described as the Entertainment Capital of the World,


and in the bright lights of Las Vegas tomorrow


night Lee Selby has promised to put on a show


and defend his IBF featherweight title.


The boxer from Barry is up against Argentine Jonathan Victor Barros.


Selby insists he'll return home still world champion.


The Nevada desert - scorched arid landscapes


and in the middle of these sprawling mountains,


And Welshman Lee Selby will realise a lifelong ambition here on Saturday


night when he defends his IBF featherweight world title


against Jonathan Victor Barros at the MGM Grand.


The dream for every fighter and the goal is to one day box


And to most it's not a realistic dream.


I go to show with hard work, with that dream and focus,


hard work and dedication, you can make it possible.


This is Lee Selby's 25th professional bout


and of his previous 24, he's won 23 and lost just one.


And of those 23 victories, eight have come via knockout.


As for Barros, he's a more seasoned campaigner.


He's had 46 professional fights, 41 victories and four defeats.


Selby will be fighting Barros at the world famous MGM


Grand, graced by some of boxing's all-time greats.


Headlining this bill is Carl Frampton, the WBA


featherweight champion from Northern Ireland


who defends his crown against Leo Santa Cruz.


Then, it could be unification against Selby.


I would love to see it, whether it's going to be


at Windsor Park or Ravenhill, where they play the rugby


or whatever, we'd love it to be in an outdoor arena in the summer.


But you've got to think about Saturday night.


That's the only thing we're focussing on.


I can think about pitching ahead, but we're 100%


I want to be involved in big fights after this and Selby's


Huge respect for Lee Selby and I think it's the same


I respect him, great fighter, but I would love


So a mouth-watering duel with Frampton is Selby's ultimate


goal, but for that to happen, he has to beat Barros tomorrow.


Football, Cardiff City defender Bruno Manga could miss


The 28-year-old injured his knee playing for Gabon


whose side faces Reading tomorrow - says he hopes to further


strengthen his squad before the transfer window closes


He says playing a game on deadline day isn't ideal.


I don't envisage running up the touchline to the fax


machine during the game, if I'm honest.


I mean, it's not as if we are looking for major


We're just looking to improve the squad


The Ospreys may be forced to play their home European Challenge Cup


quarter final against Stade Francais away from the Liberty Stadium.


on the 1st Sunday in April, but that could clash


-- first with Swansea City's Premier League match against Middlesbrough


if Sky decide to move that game to the Sunday and televise it.


The Cardiff Blues meanwhile will play Gloucester


Hurdler David Omoregie is among the athletes competing


at the Welsh Indoor Championships this weekend,


for the World Championships held in London this summer.


He just missed on the Olympic games last year.


Meanwhile, Pole Vaulter Sally Peake - who won silver


at the Commonwealth Games three years ago -


is hoping to break her own national record this season.


It's the first weekend where some of the Welsh athletes can start


to try and get those qualifying performances out.


It's the start of a really exciting year, really.


I've made a few technical changes, especially my approach


to the first hurdle, so I've gone from eight strides


For me, indoors has always been about practising that and cementing


that for the outdoor season and hopefully trying to make it


to the team in London and being competitive there.


The indoor champs in Cardiff tomorrow.


Back to tonight, and the weather forecast.


After a couple of cold days, blustery and more unsettled through


the weekend, rain at times but eventually turning mild air. The


pressure chart shows a cold front moving from west to east across


Wales overnight bringing rain at times. Outbreaks of rain become more


widespread, heavy and persistent, wintry over higher ground, easing


from the west by dawn but misty and murky with overnight lows of six


Celsius. Tomorrow, fog patches, rain will clear eastwards with dry and


bright spells in the morning but a scattering of showers will push in


from the west. Wintry on high ground, some heavy with a risk of


thunder. Dreyer spells in between. Temperatures higher than today.


Tomorrow night, those showers Peter Wright, try for a time, missed and


fog developing and then clouding over with outbreaks of rain starting


to move them from the west. Wear it is clearer and still in the cold,


temperatures are hovering at freezing. Less cold further west as


the rain arrives. That's because there's warm front moves eastwards


through Sunday and the winds turn were south-westerly. Milder but more


settled Atlantic influence to our weather. Uncertainty as to how far


north this system will spread. Misty murky start on Sunday, turning


cloudy with drizzle and spells of rain moves eastwards to the day.


More likely to be heavier in the south and turning blustery as the


winds pick up. Clearing from the south-west later in the day that


remaining mistake and becoming milder with top temperatures of


seven to 10 Celsius. That sets us up for a milder but more changeable


starting next week, we swap the better but dry continental


error-free Atlantic conditions, less cold but windy and more rain at


times. As Theresa May becomes the first


foreign leader to be welcome to the White House since Donald Trump took


office, the new American president described the special relationship


between the UK and the US as one of the great forces in history. We


pledge our lasting support to this most special relationship. Britain


is a blessing to the world and our relationship has never been


stronger. We're back with our next update


after the BBC News at Ten. For now though, from all


of us on the programme,


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