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across higher ground but perhaps even at lower levels of light


dusting to come as well. Winter Our top stories this evening: It's


been described as the most ambitious ever plan to transform the NHS


in South West Wales The NHS is under huge pressure,


not just in south-west And we need to really look


at the models of care we deliver. We cannot keep doing it,


how we did it 70 years ago. Health bosses say the radical change


is essential to tackle the huge We have an exclusive report.


Also tonight, are events like Moto GP a step closer to coming


to Blaenau Gwent? Circuit of Wales bosses


meet their deadline and give the Welsh Government details


of the project's backers. Despite major opposition,


the High Court decides Dee Valley Water will be taken


over by Severn Trent, There's a suggestion prices could


rise and we are a community trust. We can't afford any


price rises here. Learning how to save lives,


but should lessons like these be in tonight's sport, we'll


have the latest on the injuries ahead of the Six Nations


game against England. This school produced them both,


but who should play at number 10? They've been described as some


of the most ambitious plans ever made to transform the way healthcare


is delivered in South West Wales. Health bosses say a unique


collaboration between the two local healthboards and Swansea University


will tackle the "huge "Sticking plaster" solutions


they say, won't do any more. The far-reaching plans are soon


to be submitted to the Welsh Our Health Correspondent, Owain


Clarke, has this special report. After 76 years, you could forgive a


building for not looking its best but would you want to be cared for


year? This part of Morriston Hospital is older than the NHS


itself but since then, the hospital has had to grow bit by bit around


these wartime corridors. Few could have imagined then the things that


happens here now. You can see we have an area of peak pressure. The


hospital 's rehabilitation centre, medical staff and engineers worked


together to design and build equipment which can help seriously


injured patients become mobile. So the NHS and do more than ever before


and the need for Kerry 's greater than ever. It means hospitals like


this one are often stretched to the very limit. But can the system


survive simply by making step-by-step changes? We can't just


carry on as we are. We cannot keep tried to do more of the same. We


need to change how we go about doing things. The NHS is under huge


pressure across the UK. We cannot keep doing how we did it 70 years


ago. 50 miles west of Morriston near the coast in Llanelli, could this


former industrial site be a glimpse into the future? It is going to


create a completely new village. Which the whole world will look at.


What is planned is an entire complex designed to keep as many of us out


of hospital as possible. Using money that could be unlocked by the


Swansea Bay city deal, council money and private investment, new parks, a


sports field and a leisure centre will be located here. There will


also be the first wellness Hotel. Also a rehabilitation centre,


community care hub and accommodation so that so that those that need help


can find it closer to home. The whole idea is to put more money into


keeping people healthy and educating people about how important it is to


look after health. But the NHS would still need to be there when thing


goes wrong and under the plans, Swansea East singledom hospital


would become a centre of excellence for daycare and diagnostic tests.


Morriston Hospital would concentrate on acute care of the sickest


patients. Next door, a medical research campus would be built in


partnership with the University. It covers a population of 1 million


people, 30,000 health care workers. But relatively homogenous stable


population is a wonderful living laboratory test bed for innovation.


And innovation is essential to solve the current challenges of the health


service. So the University can be a conduit between the private sector


and the monolith of the NHS. If we were to give you the impression that


this is a smooth journey, I think we would be misleading you. This isn't


easy. However, the prize is just enormous. But many who live further


west than Swansea have long complained of hospitals losing key


services to bigger towns and cities but how well far health board say


the benefits are likely to be spread across the region. I am not talking


about shifting every service in this organisation. We know that we are


spending money because we are spending a lot of money, a lot more


money, that we've got. On locums. It is no longer about the geography of


the place that attracts a young consultant, it is about the ability


to have research and development, to be able to be innovative in the way


they deliver care models. It has never been done before and we have


tried. I had been in the health service 45 years. We have tried. So,


will these sixth formers be the ones to help plug the gaps? They are


learning first-hand in Morriston what working in the NHS could be


like through a Project supported by technology companies. What I have


seen has made me more certain that I want to go into it. I want to go to


Swansea University and steady their and then move onto the NHS here. The


history of the hospital reflects the story of the entire NHS. Gradually


adapting to meet the populations needs but facing ever-increasing


pressures. The question is, without radical change, for how can that


continue? And you can see more on that story


from our health correspondent, It's been talked about for seven


years, now the developers who wants to build a ?425 million racing track


near Ebbw Vale say they'll break But first, they'll have to meet


rigorous financial tests set Ministers want assurances


that the Circuit of Wales will provide value for money before


it'll agree to be the guarantor Here's our Economics


Correspondent, Sarah Dickins. This is the vision of what


developers hope to bring to the hillside above Ebbw Vale. But this


is still the reality. Empty land after years of planning, debate,


delays and scrutiny, but after seven years, it might have moved closer.


It was back in 2011 that the plans were unveiled. Much needed


investment and jobs for Blaenau Gwent. By 2013, the local authority


had given planning permission but the next year, questions were raised


about how much public money would be tied up. But the developers said


they had the private sector backers that they needed. There are also


fears about the effect on the environment. That led to a public


enquiry into the 15. Then last year it became evident that the circuit


of Wales team wanted the Welsh Government to underwrite all of the


private funding once the track was operating and Edwina Hart, the then


economy minister, said that meant the government would be carrying too


much of the risk. So, what did the developers say it


will all mean? Well, 1600 people would be employed while the site was


being built according to the company. Over the years, there has


been talk of 6000 jobs. That would be a very long way down the track


and only if industry did set up alongside the circuit. The company


target is to attract 750,000 visitors a year from the UK and


abroad and they argue it would inject ?50 million into the Welsh


economy. Today the economy Secretary Ken Skates made a statement. He told


Assembly Members circuit of Wales has given him the information he


asked for about financial backers and it is now asking the Welsh


Government to underwrite less than half of the private investment. In


terms of the due diligence process that will commence on as receiving


all of the information, will enable us to begin that process, we expect


it to take place and be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks, which is a


normal time frame for a project of this scale. Upon which Cabinet will


then be able to consider it. All political parties backed the


project, so long as the due diligence comes out in its favour.


Whilst I do understand the necessity for doing proper due diligence, in a


proposal of this kind, this is a transformational project. If it


succeeds, it is going to be completed transforming the economy


of Wales, certainly in the south-east and mid Wales. Circuit of


Wales says it is working with Welsh Government through the scrutiny


process and says it is looking forward to is starting to build on


the site this spring. But they might end up wishing they had not


suggested such a tight timeline. The due diligence could take longer than


the expected six weeks and the project could fail the investigation


which could then throw out more questions. However the project feels


a step closer to becoming a reality than it has for seven years.


Our political editor, Nick Servini, is in the Senedd.


Nick, are ministers preparing to give this the go ahead?


Well, they are certainly daring to make a decision. It is widely


considered that this will be the third and final proposal put to them


from the circuit of Wales. I think the big problem in the past has been


the mismatch between the rhetoric of the developers and the decisions


made by the ministers, so the previous two proposals, there have


been very bullish comments from the circuit of Wales, only to be


rejected from the Welsh Government and I think it is fair to say that


mismatch is getting closer now. Ken Skates said in the chamber this was


the best of the bids that he had received so far. But that said, the


mismatch is still there. If you look at the statements from the circuit


of Wales for example today, it really gives an overwhelming


impression of dots and... A confirmatory process. Contrast that


with the Welsh Government statement which talks about rigorous tests,


fundamental questions about whether it would benefit Blaenau Gwent and


Wales and even includes a fit and proper person assessment of the


directors. That is standard practice for due diligence but it is unusual


to name check it in a relatively short government statement.


Ministers will have to decide not only on what is being planned but


who is behind it as well. How long until a final decision on this? Six


weeks in terms of the formal process. It will go to the Welsh


Government Cabinet for final approval. There are obvious


political sensitivities ease, most notably that this will happen in an


economically deprived part of Wales and there is a hope in the local


community that this will get the go-ahead. But I think it is there to


say that there is now a really serious attempt to address this real


problem about the level of Welsh taxpayer underwriting which has


really proved such a huge problem in the years that we have seen the


development of this project so far. Police investigating the fatal


shooting of a man near Pwllheli say he died of a single


gunshot wound to the head. 18-year-old Peter Colwell


died in a pub car-park in Llanbedrog in the early hours


of Sunday morning. Four of his friends were arrested,


but have been released on bail. Officers say the results of the post


mortem examination will help them Gwent Police are continuing


to look for two men as part of the biggest drugs operation


in the force's history. Raids were carried out


across Newport yesterday in a crackdown on the supply


of Class A drugs. 28 people have been arrested


so far - in an operation UK ministers responsible


for farming have been criticised by the chair


of the Assembly's Environment Committee for apparently "refusing


to engage" in its Brexit inquiry. It comes after the Environment


Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, Rejected an invitation to appear


before AMs, while Junior Minister, George Eustice, cancelled


at two days' notice. The UK Government says it's


in "regular dialogue" 30 primary school children have been


treated after they developed a rash while swimming


at a pool on Anglesey. Emergency services were called


to Plas Arthur Leisure Centre None of the pupils from


Ysgol Esceifiog are seriously ill, but the cause of the rash


is not known. The centre has re-opened


but the pool will stay shut Despite an attempt by some


shareholders to block it, an ?84 million takeover


of Dee Valley Water looks Staff and local politicians fear


that Severn Trent Water will cut A High Court judge rejected


an 11-hour challenge At a meeting of Dee Valley


shareholders last month, there were protests by those


who felt Severn Trent Water would absorb the company,


centralising administrative staff and ending the smaller scale


personal touches it offers. A Dee Valley Water employee bought


450 shares and handed them out to dissenters in an attempt


to block the takeover. A high court judge said today


rejected what he called It did seem a wonderful


opportunity to provide a voice For many years, we have


been told we are part of a shareholding democracy,


people have been encouraged to buy a small shareholdings


but ultimately, they may not be worth that much when it comes


to a vote like this. 180 people work


for Dee Valley Water. Its bills are on average


around 19% cheaper than Among its 230,000 customers is this


community run leisure centre. With half a million litres


of water in its pool alone, Prices are the main


thing for us here. And it is much easier


if you have a local office and a local company and Dee Valley


have already looked at their charity account to see if they can


help us in other ways. So we wouldn't want to


lose that connection. But local politicians say


they fear the worst. It is a local company,


very close to their customers. And now of course, those services,


many of them will become more remote, centralised at call centres


over the border, so you are bound to lose that personal touch,


so all told, I think it is bad news for the local customers, the local


staff working there and certainly Severn Trent Water has said it's


pleased with the decision. Dee Valley's objecting shareholders


have expressed their disappointment This last-minute bid proved


fruitless to those hoping to try Barring any appeal, the deal


will go through on Friday. It is then up to Severn Trent water


to persuade both Dee Valley's customers and staff at the right


decision was made. Still to come on the


programme before 7pm. These school children in Cardiff


are being taught how to save lives. Assembly Members consider


whether to make these skills compulsory in all schools.


And who would you pick at number ten It's a tough call for pupils


at their old school. In around an hour's time,


MPs will vote on the legislation that will allow the Prime Minister


to trigger of Brexit. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn,


has ordered his MPs to vote for the Bill during its final stages


in the House of Commons. But tonight another Welsh Labour


rebel has emerged - the Swansea West MP,


Geraint Davies. Seven other Welsh Labour MPs voted


against the party line Our parliamentary correspondent,


David Cornock, is at Westminster. Well, this is a very significant


moment and Brexit after tonight will be just a little bit closer. The


bill will overwhelmingly clear the House of Commons, it still has to go


to the House of Lords but Theresa May thinks she is on course to


trigger Article 50, start those formal divorce talks with European


Union, give notice of them at least by the end of next month. She is


confident she can do that because Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs to


support the triggering of article 50 and the start of those talks. Most


Labour MPs will toe the party line but last week around a quarter of


them from Wales decided to rebel, including at least one frontbencher


and tonight as you say there is another rebel, Geraint Davies of


Swansea and there may be others too. And but is a political headache for


Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. He now has to embark on a reshuffle and


he has to find MPs who have either agreed to toe the line or are


prepared to toe the line in future. So a political headache for the


Labour Party but good news for Theresa May. David, thank you.


A proposal to make lifesaving skills a compulsory part of the school


curriculum is being debated by Assembly Members.


Conservative Suzy Davies is calling for all children to be


trained to perform CPR and to use defibrillators.


The move has the backing of St John Ambulance who say many


people in Wales wouldn't know what to do in an


These blue pills at Birchgrove primary in Cardiff learn life-saving


skills in a weekly after-school club. It has been running for four


years now and teachers say they have learned vital skills. We look at


things like choking, asthma, resuscitation, wounds, bleeding,


shocks, they learn how to deal with all those scenarios. Laura has


already put what she learned into practice. When we were on holiday,


my grandad fell on the step and hit his arm on the glass. There was no


class on it so I dressed it. They are taught it to the rhythm of a


particular the apt song, staying alive. Every year, around 8000


people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting but in


Wales, there is only a 3% chance of survival, compared to around 50% in


other parts of Europe. There is hope that teaching basic life-saving


skills to children can help address those shocking statistics. Suzy


Davies wants such training made compulsory and she is the first


Assembly Member trying to introduce a law known as aim... Those crucial


minutes between being able to restore somebody's blood circulation


and an ambulance arriving can literally be the difference between


life and death. The move has the backing of St John Ambulance. I


started first aid as a car about eight years old. I have done it from


a very early age. Everybody else can do it. It is better than doing


nothing. A spokesman for the Welsh Government says learners in Wales


are able to develop practical procedures as part of personal and


social education, which already forms part of the curriculum.


Good news for Wales, Taulupe Faletau will be available


for the match against England, while wing George North and fly half


Dan Biggar will be given time to prove their fitness.


If Biggar is ruled out, then Sam Davies, who replaced him


during the win in Italy, will be favourite to take over


Whoever it is, there'll be one Welsh school bursting with pride.


It's always been a big talking point.


This year, Dan Biggar and Sam Davies are vying for the jersey.


Both play for the Ospreys and both used to live on the same street,


Then both were pupils here, Gowerton Comprehensive.


Now, both are locked in a personal battle for that number ten jersey.


Dan Biggar shone at an early age, captain throughout his teens.


Should it be Dan Biggar or should it be Sam Davies?


This is the current crop of Gowerton pupils.


And as you see, the results, completely unscientific


So Dan Biggar has just won it 11 against seven.


Because he's a really experienced player and he's a good kicker,


like he proved last year in the World Cup.


So, I think he'll be good because he played


Let's talk to Joe now, he is the number ten in year ten.


I think he is a very tactical player and he is good under the high ball.


And it could be a risk to play Sambecause it is a big


Jacob is Sam Davies' biggest champion.


Why do you think he should have his first start against England?


We need to keep the generations coming through and if we keep


on picking Dan, other players are not going to come


Whoever starts, this will be one proud school.


We have also got a conveyor belt of talent coming through.


We have got other tens, Phil Jones, Matthew Protheroe,


just at this school and both have played international


The Wales management will decide tomorrow.


The defence coach says Saturday's opponents are the in form


They have got a very formidable attacking outfit


but having said that, we have had the best defence


And if we get back to that sort of form, which I think


we are slowly getting back to, in defence, we will be


The pupils have spoken, a tough call for them,


an even tougher call for coach Rob Howley tomorrow.


Wales netball captain Suzy Drane says they need more consistency


when they take on New Zealand again tonight at Ice Arena Wales after


The Silver Ferns are ranked second in the world.


Wales are 8th and have never beaten them.


After competing at two Olympics, four World Championships and three


Commonwealth Games for Wales, Jemma Lowe is retiring


The butterfly swimmer was European champion and part of the world


record-setting 4X100m mixed medley relay team three years ago.


The Cardiff Devils are aiming to book a place in the Challenge Cup


final, when they take on Belfast Giants tonight.


The Devils trail 5-4 from the 1st leg.


If they get through, they'll have home advantage for the final.


It will be held at Ice Arena Wales next month.


Talking of ice, it's going to turn colder over


the next couple of days, Derek.


It sure is. Yes, be prepared. We are in for a cold snap. Snow flurries in


places. It has been a little cloudy inland Garland today in Denbighshire


but nice and sunny in Milford Haven. Milford Haven was the warmest place


in the UK today, reaching 11 Celsius. Mind you, tomorrow will be


colder and colder still on Friday with an icy wind. Tonight we have


the odd light shower in Powys. Otherwise, a dry story. Some cloud


around but clear in parts of the North and West and colder than last


night. Temperatures dipping too close to freezing or below with a


widespread frost. Here is the picture for Thursday morning. A few


degrees colder than today. Fairly cloudy in the north-east. Into the


south-east, bright and breezy. Should be clear and sunny in


Aberystwyth. Sunshine in Dolgellau and Caernarfon. Sunniest in the West


tomorrow. Some snow flurries possible but most places dry and


colder than today. Top temperature only five Celsius. In Blaenau Gwent


tomorrow, cloudy. Dry and bright on Anglesey tomorrow. Sunny spells and


chilly, for degrees in Llangefni. Tomorrow night, mostly cloudy. A


dusting of snow in places, especially on the hills in the East.


Friday's chart shows a big high pressure over Scandinavia and that


means easterly winds for the UK. Those wins dragging even colder air


from the near continent. Friday the coldest day of the week. Bitterly


cold in the win. Snow flurries but not amounted to much. The best of


the sunshine in the West. A cold weekend. Some sleet and snow


showers. The winds stronger on Sunday, feeling very cold.


We'll be back with all the latest in our late bulletin.


But until then, from all of us on the programme,


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