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They're being blamed for an increase in violence and more ambulance call


Concern over the easy access to so-called legal


Drugs are far more freely available in our prison system today as in


society. That is why we are saying it is an epidemic.


puppies close to death is banned from keeping the animals


Neath MP Christina Rees is named as Jeremy Corbyn's


But the elements aren't always so forgiving,


the plans to protect Newgale. A pottery class helping people


But despite Rob Howley's request for the roof to be


They coming lot, the Welsh. They always have been. They have got


gates, daffodils. They've got everything cost who knows.


An influx of new drugs is creating a serious problem in Welsh prisons.


That's according to the Prison Officers Association,


which blames a rise in the use of so-called legal highs


for an increase in violent behaviour among prisoners.


It comes as new figures show the number of ambulance


call outs to prisons, has doubleds over a four year period.


Gareth Bryer has this special report.


Riots last year in Birmingham prison.


?2 million of damage caused in just 12 hours.


With inmates even posing in helmets stolen from staff.


It is just one of a string of serious


incidents in our prisons, including here in Wales.


One of the things fuelling the problems is the influx


of psychoactive substances, or so-called legal highs.


Although they were outlawed last year, they are still


It is kind of like a sledgehammer blow if


It has just knocked the prison service sideways.


Steve Masterman served several prison


sentences, but is turning his life around.


He now helps people with drug problems.


It is quite common for people to be in prison and to


develop an addiction there if you like where


develop an addiction there if you like where they are dependent


Before, they may not have even heard of it.


It is readily available and it is the drug


People across the prison service has said


that access to these drugs, combined with a shortage of staff,


has led to a violent and volatile prison population.


It is not just the prison service under pressure.


Because security measures mean it takes longer to reach patients


in prison, ambulance staff are often tied up longer on these calls.


Paramedics have told me that has a significant impact on the


serviceability to deal with other emergencies.


Over four years, the number of 999 calls from Welsh


prisons which required ambulances doubled.


From around 200 in 2012 to over 400 in 2015-16.


Figures don't show the reason for each call, but most


people with experience of the prison system say it is due in part to more


Now there are calls for more to be done


before the largest prison in the UK opens in Wrexham later this month.


We will have a new prison that is going to be


opened that is going to have a major problem.


All of those issues require major investment, major


And within the Welsh society as we are, and where the


prisons are based, we feel that we are not


getting the resources that


are required and we call the Government to give more investment.


The Ministry of Justice says it has taken immediate action to deal with


problems like drugs and it says it is also going to spend an extra


?100 million a year on 2,500 extra front-line staff.


But it points out that the issues the prison service


faces are long-standing ones which wouldn't be


An illegal dog breeder from Ceredigion who left puppies


"close to death" has been banned from keeping dogs for four years.


31-year-old, Richard Jones, from Llanwnnen, near Lampeter,


was convicted of two counts of illegal dog breeding


and 21 counts of causing unnecessary suffering to dogs,


You may find some of the images at the beginning of Matt Murray's


These dogs were suffering with chronic skin conditions


and were described in court as mentally stressed as they were


Today Richard Jones was banned for four years and given


a nine week suspended prison sentence.


After being convicted of two counts of illegal dog breeding and 21


counts of causing unnecessary suffering.


Jones had been running a licensed premises near Lampeter with over 70


dogs breeding 40 litters a year up until 2015.


When the local authority decided not to renew his licence.


But he carried on breeding, until it was raided by the police


and council officers in June last year.


They found 113 dogs suffering in two different locations


and the bodies of dead dogs discovered in old fertiliser bags.


Jones' is extremely remote. It is in this field in the middle of nowhere.


There is nothing around for miles. It was here where officers found


dogs in complete darkness and some close to death. Months after that


operation, Jones has been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering,


you can still hear animals being kept inside this barn today.


Today it was ruled that the 23 dogs still remaining here will be removed


Linda Goodman is the founder of the animal welfare


campaign group, Cariad, She described it as heartbreaking


that the animals were still at the premises and disappointed


That is no justice. It is no justice for the dogs that are still there


and it is no justice for the dogs who have suffered and died in the


whole time that the council have known that we have had concerns


about this breeder. They were up to 70 dogs being bred from. They were


being sold through puppy dealers and licensed pet dogs, so no one ever


ready came here. No one knew this place existed.


But as West Wales has been labelled the puppy farm capital of the UK


campaigners feel more still needs to be done to stop this


South Wales Police has warned people to consider the impact of social


media messages following the death of a 14-year-old girl from Swansea.


Nyah James was found dead on Monday and although her death is not


being treated as suspicious, officers have asked anyone


The force says action will be taken against anyone who posts


abusive, threatening or insulting messages online.


A minute's silence has been held at a Flintshire paper mill


Contractor Austin Thomas was killed when he was hit by a bucket loader


Fellow workers at the factory held the silence


along with colleagues at other sites across the UK.


An investigation into Mr Thomas's death is ongoing.


Five drug dealers have been jailed for a total of 12 years


after they were arrested in separate raids in Llanelli.


Samuel Thorne, Phillip Williams, Debbie Wood, David Williams


and Darren Polverino all admitted drugs supply offences


They were caught as part of Dyfed-Powys Police's Operation


Panther last summer, which was prompted following a rise


In the past hour, it's been confirmed that the Neath Labour MP


Christina Rees has been appointed Shadow Welsh Secretary


in a reshuffle by the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


She replaces Jo Stevens, who resigned over Brexit.


Our parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock, is at Westminster.


Christina Rees is the fourth person to hold this role since Jeremy


Corbyn became leader only 17 months ago, the fifth since the general


election since 2015. It is an important role, Welsh Labour's most


important voice. The elected MP for Neath in the 2015 general election.


Her background has been in the law, but she has also achieved success on


the sporting field. She is a former Welsh squash international. 1/100


caps for country and I am told is an expert on coaching and squash. That


might come in useful given the current difficulties with Corbyn's


top table. Last night, eight MPs voted against Jeremy Corbyn's orders


against triggering Article 15 and triggering Brexit. -- article 50.


Kevin Brennan is a shadow arts minister, he was dismissed. Jeremy


Corbyn's approaches likely different, even though he rebelled


and in normal circumstances would lose his job, the signs are tonight


that he and other front bench rebels are going to stay in place. -- he


would be normally dismissed. The problems of the last year or so,


Jeremy Corbyn is quite short of options.


It's one of the most picturesque parts of the country,


but Pembrokeshire Council says it's fighting a losing battle trying


to maintain the coastal road through Newgale.


Drop-in sessions are being held, to explain the authority's ideas


on how to stop the area being cut off during bad weather,


On a crisp winter 's day, the three mile stretch of beach in new Gale is


a popular spot. It is a relaxed and peaceful scene, but the elements


aren't that always as forgiving. Three years ago, heavy rain resulted


in chaos for people using the road behind the beach. Ten people had to


be rescued after a bus was hit by a large wave during high tide. It is a


fight against the forces of nature, a fight the experts say nature will


win. The shingle bank behind us is becoming more unstable. Sea level


rise and climate change, the consultants have advised us that in


about 20 years, the shingle bank will become unsustainable. Common


sense suggests that we actually build that road, start to think


about building that road now. The county council is looking at a


number of options on show at the Duke of Edinburgh pub which has been


flooded itself countless times. Elevating the current road and


reinforcing the sea defences aren't deemed to be realistic about


predictions of how high sea levels will rise. The proposals is to build


a bridge behind this pub. Another option is a bypass the was skirt


around the top of the valley, bypassing Newgale altogether. Both


options would see the pub and surf shop being left to see nature take


its course. It's a shame. This is beautiful. There are not many people


who wouldn't agree with that. It is vital for the local community in


order that we can get access down here. Also, for an emergency access.


A few miles up the road is a wool mill. 110 years old, it is the


oldest working woollen Mill in Pembrokeshire. The owners say it is


vital it is good access to get tourists in and to get the mill's


products out. We've got to see something happen here. If we don't,


this peninsular will just cease to exist. Most of the businesses won't


continue to survive because most of them rely on. If there is no...


There will be difficulty getting supplies and here. The A487 isn't a


trunk road, so it is the council and not be Welsh Government that needs


to maintain it. A new road will take time and money. Both are things that


Newgale might not have much of. A sneak preview behind the scenes


in the Wales women camp as they prepare to take on England


in the Six Nations balancing To make the six Nations squad is


always a huge overwhelming achievement because it makes all of


that hard work and all of those sacrifices that we make worth it.


Attitudes towards people with mental health problems have become more


A poll run by the mental health campaign Time To Change Wales


suggests there's been a shift in public attitudes


in the last four years, with more than three-quarters


of people giving a positive response to questions around mental health.


It is more common than you may think. Out of every four people, one


of us will experience mental health problems in any given year. In this


line-up, Andy is that person. I had a breakdown in 2002. I ended up


getting kicked out of the house and in 2003, I found out that I had got


bipolar. Was it a relief with the diagnosis? It was. It was really


therapeutic because once I actually knew what was wrong, it made it so


much more easy to understand where I got from and why they had gone


wrong. Is there still a stigma attached to mental health issues?


Absolutely. It is rife. Social stigma is kind of like a leper.


Almost 72% of those said we had a positive attitude back in 2012, a


recent survey suggests an almost 5% shift. Now more than three quarters


of us responding positively. There is still a lot of work to do, so we


know from the evidence that there are areas where the stigma is not


shifting or not shifting fast enough. In particular problem with


men, an issue with people in ethnic minority communities, it is a big


problem amongst children and young people. One of the things we want to


do today as well as noting where we have got to in terms of shifting


stigma is to think, what do we want to do next in Wales? Pottery is one


of the more popular classes on offer here. A charity working with adults


with mental health challenges. I have autism. And ADHD. My parents,


they said there was nothing wrong. They would say, no, no, it is just


you being eccentric. It is not true. There is definitely something wrong.


You get depression or you feel down, it is not like just feeling down. It


is like the whole world has no reason to be year. There is no light


at the end of the tunnel and you need to get out of that. You need to


get out of it. I suffer from bipolar which is a hereditary condition. For


I was diagnosed, I used to feel that the only way I could describe myself


as a child and a teenager was but I felt like a Martian. Before I was


diagnosed with bipolar, I was very worried about people with bipolar


disorder. When I was diagnosed, it did make me panic a little bit. I


find it easier to accept people with mental health problems now after


being here. A change in attitudes. But it is still a work in progress.


More than one in five public toilets have been closed


by councils in Wales, in the last three years.


The Welsh local government Association says, "councils have


faced significant cuts in funding, which has impacted on public


Campaigners say urgent action is needed to provide services


for vulnerable people, such as the elderly and those


People who have never suffered from, or don't know anybody who suffers


from an illness or are reliant on toilets, don't necessarily


It is a big deal to be able to walk somewhere or go somewhere and


BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru both ended 2016, with a small rise


in the number of listeners, compared with the rest of the year.


The latest audience figures, show Radio Wales attracted 375


thousand listeners between October and December while 114,000 people


Rob Howley has named his side to face England for Saturday's six


nations clash in Cardiff, here's Claire with the details.


Rob Howley has made just two changes from the side that beat Italy


in Rome and although Dan Biggar and George North are named


in the starting 15, there's still a question mark


It is no secret that Wales wanted the roof shut, but England don't


agree, so it will be open to the elements come Saturday afternoon.


Both took knocks in Rome and Dan Biggar and George north are named


but not guaranteed to start on Saturday.


Rob Howley says he'll make the call as late as possible.


So I think it'll be pretty important.


Both players want to be part of that game as you would


We are giving them every opportunity, to be fair.


Props, Robert Evans and Thomas Francis, both


coming to the side after impressing from the bench out in Rome.


They join Ken Owens in the front row.


Jake Ball and skipper Alun Wyn Jones are in the second row and Sam


Warburton, Justin Tipuric and Ross Moriarty make up the back row.


It is unchanged back line with Dan Biggar again partnering


with Rhys Webb at halfback and Scarlet's duo


Scott Williams and Jonathan Davies continue at the midfield with Liam


Williams, George North and Leigh Halfpenny


On the bench, a welcome return for Taulupe Faletau.


He's fit and back in the 23 and Howley knows he will need


They are a side playing with confidence, a huge amount of


And I've got no doubt that they will be ready for this


Wales have made no secret of their desire to play under a shut


In the past, it has served them well and made for a


England have struck the first blow, insisting the principality roof


Protocol says there has to be an agreement between the


two sides and Eddie Jones has won the first battle.


He has made two changes to the side that narrowly


beat France and he is out to unsettle Wales anyway he can.


I think we are bloody excited about playing them to be


They are a cunning lot, the Welsh, aren't they?


Yeah, they have got gates, they have got daffodils,


The defending champions arrive in Cardiff aiming to extend


Wales will be out to stop them in their tracks and pulled


BBC Wales has removed its latest promotional trail for Saturday's


game from social media following complaints.


The video which shows Welsh rugby fans struggle to answer a question


on "What's good about England" has been criticised online


BBC Wales says the video was meant to be tongue in cheek,


Just a few hours before the men's game kicks off,


next door, at the Cardiff Arms Park, the women's side will


But unlike the men, who can devote their time preparing


for their fixtures, the women's squad aren't


full-time players, juggling their training with other jobs.


Ahead of a BBC Wales documentary tonight,


we've had a sneak preview behind the scenes in


Pushing their fitness to the limit as they prepare for what could be


the toughest match of the tournament.


This Six Nations, the eyes are on the women's squads.


With each of the games broadcast live for


There's no doubt the game's popularity has


grown and the Wales team proved their worth


in their opening game of


the championship last weekend, beating Italy by 20-8.


But the next challenge is England this Saturday


where they kick off at 11:30 at their new home,


For the first time, England go into the six Nations for time


But the Welsh women still play as amateurs,


juggling training with everyday jobs.


Dyddgu Hywel spending her day classroom as a full-time education


studies lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


Juggling lecturing prep and squad sessions


When I'm going to get my gym sessions in, make sure


that I've got time for food shopping, nutrition.


We have got training every night with


Meanwhile, centre, Gemma Roland has balanced her


passion for rugby with a career in the Army.


Making the Six Nations squad, it is always a huge


overwhelming achievement because it makes all of that hard work and all


of those sacrifices that we make worth it.


I feel a lot of similarities when I put on my army


uniform and when I put on a Welsh jersey or a Welsh strip because you


know that you are doing something that is bigger than just you.


Wales have won all five of their fixtures since former Wales


international Rowland Phillips took charge of them last summer.


We have to keep progressing as a team.


We have to push them to the limit because a lot of


them probably don't know where the limit is anyway,


so we have to keep pushing it until we find it.


As all eyes turn to the Arms Park, and the


match against old rivals England, the hope is all the hard work will


And you can see the full documentary "Wales Women: Inside the Scrum"


tonight at 19:30 on BBC Two Wales.


The Cardiff Devils stunned the Belfast Giants last night,


to progress to the Challenge Cup final.


They won 5-1 to set up a final against either


the Sheffield Steelers or the Nottingham Panthers


At the home of the Devils, Wales netball team lost


to New Zealand for the second night on the bounce.


Wales got closer to the Silver Ferns last night who won 72-39.


Despite two heavy defeats against the second best team


in the world, captain Suzy Drane has hailed the occasions,


saying it's been a great experience for everyone involved.


It's been something of an east west split today.


but much cloudier further east, grey skies in Llandrindod


And it will be cold and grey again for much of Wales tomorrow,


but with some sunny spells, again brightest in the west.


Tonight it will remain cold with variable amounts of cloud,


the odd wintry shower in the hills, but dry for most


some clear skies too and a widespread frost


Breezy along the coast with temperatures falling


The reason it's so cold, we've got high pressure


over Scandinavia, easterly winds blowing in


bringing cold continental air picking up moisture as it crosses


Thicker cloud to the eastern side of the UK,


the air turning drier as it moves across the land, so the best


Tomorrow, early frost, then another bitterly cold day


often cloudy especially in the east with the odd snow flurry,


more likely to the west of high ground in those


brisk easterly winds and top temperatures of just 2C


That cloud could be thick enough for the odd wintry flurry


nearer the border - staying dry for most -


but the coldest night for while - down to minus 3C in towns


across mid Wales - even colder in the countryside.


Subtle changes for Saturday, more of a trough coming


off the North Sea bringing thicker cloud some snow


to the eastern side of the UK, but Wales will still see the driest


A widespread frost Saturday, largely dry,


for the odd wintry flurry further east,


again any sunny spells more likely in the west.


Should stay dry for Wales England in the Six Nations on Saturday


afternoon, but feeling very cold in that


A chance of a the odd snow flurry overnight into Sunday,


then similar conditions, often cloudy but dry - still


By Monday it will start to turn less cold, then signs of things


becoming a bit milder, with winds turning more SE


by the middle of next week, briefly feeling a bit more


Your mind of tonight's headlines. An influx of new drugs is creating any


series of new problems in prisons. It is violent behaviour in prisons


is increasing. New psychoactive substances which used to be classed


as legal highs until the law changed last year. And it has been confirmed


tonight that the Neath Labour MP Christina Rees has been appointed


shadow secretary by Jeremy Corbyn. She replaces Joe Stephens who


resigns over Brexit. Our next update is at 20:00 and then


again after the ten o clock news.


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