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Tonight: Criticism of the UK government for giving up with enough


discussion on a scheme to help find homes for vulnerable child refugees.


want to make things better, not worse. That is a given. Let's talk


more. Let's not give up on it. We do not want a situation where large


numbers of parents in Africa decide to send their children off to Europe


by themselves. Dancing their way to fitness -


a detailed study shows a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk


of dementia by 60%. A proposed ban on intimate


piercings should be extended A proposed ban on intimate piercings


should be extended to all under 18's This school removed it's English


stream, and is now Welsh medium. A campaigner says if parents don't


like it, they should move. Good evening - it's one


of the enduring rugby rivalries - Wales welcome England in the 6


Nations. But will George North


be fit in time? The UK government has given up


on a scheme which was set up to protect the most vulnerable child


refugees - without That's according to the leader


of Torfaen Council. Labour's Anthony Hunt has told this


programme that he and other council leaders would work


with the Home Office - Ministers say 350 children


would have arrived under the scheme So far 32 children have


been resettled in Wales. By lights up the sky above Calais in


France last year, as the makeshift refugee camp there was cleared.


Samina from Newport was part of a volunteer group which took supplies


to those living there. Those are children, sleeping and are not those


blankets. We had to go to get more blankets. She claims in several


short visits over 18 months, she met more than 150 children who had no


one at all to look after them. You go there and there are children and


they are ten coming 11, 12, male, female, and they are sleeping in


tents in minus four Celsius. They are alone and all they have known to


do is keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, and then they get to


Calais, which is the end of the road, and they don't know where to


walk now because all they know is that they lost their parents


somewhere along this road and it is the end of the road. From places


like Syria, the UK accepted 8000 child refugees in total last year,


many believe war zones make their own way to Europe. Many end up alone


in camps like this. Some hoped as many as 3000 might be re-settled


here who don't have any family or other links to the UK. The


Government has confirmed the figure will be far lower than that. Many


councils in Wales say that announcement was premature. We have


not reached a definite position of what the capacity is yet. This is


why this is disappointing that we find out this news, really, that the


Government seem to have given up on the situation. Your message to the


Home Secretary then as the leader of the Council in Wales? Let's work


together and have been stuck in talks. Given the funding and the


technicalities, because we want to make things better and not worse,


but let's talk more. Owen Smith claimed last night there was more


capacity in his area as well. I rang my council leader tonight, assuming


we might be asked about this, and asked the council in South Wales how


many of these children they have been asked to take. They have taken


four. They could take four or five times that. It is a mixed picture


across Wales. Some councils say they do have capacity. Others, none at


all. Conservative MP David Davis says the UK Government has struck


the right balance. The Government are absolutely right to do this. It


had to be in place for a short period of time only because


otherwise what happens is that parents in countries with much lower


living standards will simply try to send their children over by


themselves in order to get them into Western Europe and then follow them


afterwards. So the Government are right to do this because they are


going to create a human catastrophe if you encourage people to send


their children off alone. Judges are now considering whether the UK


Government's decision was arrived at in the correct way. Home Office


maintains it is not giving up on vulnerable children, citing other


schemes it operates which also be settled hundreds of child refugees


across the UK. It's a disease that


affects more than 42,000 people in Wales -


and today a campaign is being launched, aimed at reducing


people's risk of dementia. It's based on detailed research that


found those who adopt a healthy lifestyle,


are 60% less likely Since her daughter started


a fitness business, Julie Rhodes has become a bit


of a fan of fitness, attending the class


nine times per week. It keeps the endorphins flowing


and makes me feel better. My dad, who is now 95,


he is suffering with memory loss and it is such a shame,


such a sad illness to Keeping fit is one of the steps


recommended by the dementia risk Launched today, it also


encourages people to check their health regularly,


cut down on alcohol, and stop smoking, in a bid to reduce


the risk of developing Six tips in all, based


on research conducted on these men, just some


of the 2,500 men from the Caerphilly area


who were prodded and tested for a generation


in one of the most influential We all know that it is


beneficial, but actually disciplining and getting round to


following healthy behaviours consistently for some reason it


beats most of us, and yet it is He was ever so kind and gentle,


really. Broadcaster Betty George, talking about her husband, David


Jones, in an upcoming BBC Wales documentary. He is one of more than


42,000 people in Wales suffering from the disease. Nobody would


object to a campaign that advises people to eat -- to lead healthy


lives, for all sorts of reasons. It won't guarantee, of course, that you


would get dementia, because I know of several people who have led very,


very happy lives, who now live with dementia. But what concerns me is


that it doesn't solve the problems of the here and now. People are


already living with dementia and their carers. There is a serious


lack of support. If the trajectory continues as it is predicted at the


moment, I think the latest districts are from the Alzheimer's Society was


that the numbers will double by 2050. Then we have a big problem.


It's really a time bomb we are sitting on. In an attempt to stop it


from detonating, today's campaign message is simple. But down the pint


and pick up the Lycra. 90 jobs are to be created


in Wrexham by a new financial Chetwood Financial Limited will be


based in Wrexham Technology Park, in an office acquired


from the telecommunications The startup is supported by ?750,000


from the Welsh Government, and Economy Secretary Ken Skates


said it was "great news for Wales." Opponents of the proposed takeover


of Wrexham-based Dee Valley Water have been granted leave


to appeal the move. The High Court approved


an ?84 million takeover by utilities giant


Severn Trent on Wednesday - but shareholders, who called it


a "David versus Goliath" The case will be heard


by 22 February. The new Shadow Secretary of State


for Wales has told this programme that her fellow in peas need to


rally behind their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour MP says she will


meet Carwyn Jones next week to discuss their priorities, but says


the party's UK leader must take them into the next election in 2020.


He is our leader. I form part of his Shadow Cabinet now, which is a


tremendous honour, and I shall be working for unity in the party and


we have been united since the summer. We have been working so hard


We have been working so hard to make it work.


A group of AM's are trying to ban under 18's from having


so-called intimate piercings because of serious concerns


The chair of the Assembly Health Committee, Dai Lloyd,


who's also a GP, says such practice could be viewed as


Some parlours already set a higher age limit than the law requires


and say they'd have no problem if new legislation was introduced.


First of all, I'm going to clamp the area. I will then check to see that


there is no veins are anything. They keep reforms dozens piercings per


week at this parlour in Cardiff. Ashley is having her tongue pierced.


Some customers have piercings were intimate parts of their body. Now an


assembly committee wants to limit tongue and intimate procedures to


the over 18 's, and not 16 which is the recommendation a new public


health bill going through the assembly states. There is a large


body of opinion that seems to go but this could be exploited to in


nature. Actually, nobody wants to curtail people putt-mac freedom of


expression. Some of the evidence we took suggested that this could be


seen as a form of female genital mutilations, and so we can't ignore


that sort of evidence and basically this is why we are going with the a


teenage consent. That is perfectly fine. If you are happy to go ahead


with that. At this piercing parlour in Cardiff, they have already


voluntarily raise the age limit and say they welcome a law change. I


think it will give more protection to customers. It is very difficult


for us sometimes when we are confronted with a 70-year-old girl


who wants to get an internet piercing and we say no and we know


that they are going to go to another shot. -- 17-year-old girl who wants


to get an internet piercing. I have quite a few body piercings. 23. Do


you think it is right that you have to be over 18 to get the more


intimate once? Yes, 100%. A spokesman bank 's committee for


their consideration and said they would consider their


recommendations. I love it. It looks you. -- it looks amazing. Thank you.


Still to come in the programme tonight: The roof's open,


the fireworks are ready - soon it'll time for


We'll look ahead to the big 6 Nations game.


Its a row that has split opinion in a small Carmarthenshire village -


which language should the children at the local primary be taught in?


The decision made by the council was that Ysgol Llangennech


would drop its English teaching from September.


Its a move welcomed by groups who want more Welsh medium education


with one prominent campaigner saying those who don't like hearing


It has been a controversial issue in Carmarthenshire. One that has split


opinion and lead to fiery exchanges. This is segregation. And at its


worst, we are looking at our apartheid. That is how it started.


Don't care. But three weeks ago, Carmarthenshire Council voted to end


the English stream at Ysgol Llangennech, turning it into a Welsh


medium school by September. A leading campaigner for Wilson and


which education has suggested people who do not like hearing the line


which should move. If people couldn't bear to hear Welsh being


spoken they should consider going somewhere where they wouldn't have


to speak or hear it being spoken, which obviously suggests they should


go to England. He has been a leading member of the campaign group, which


has distanced itself from his comments. It says its aim is for


Welsh medium education to be available to all who wish their


children to be fully bilingual. Meanwhile, parents like this woman


who did not wish the school to lose its English stream says it is not


about one language being more important than another. What we are


fighting for is that the Welsh stream remains and the English


stream remains. If they were removing the Welsh team, we would be


fighting just as hard. Our school is two languages, English and Welsh


tarte side-by-side for the last 60 years. The changes at the school


have been controversial, but they do feed into Carmarthenshire was my


counsels plans. They are so feed into the Welsh Government's


objectives of having a million Welsh speakers by the year 2050. The


changes will begin at Ysgol Llangennech in September. The


division the row has caused in the community may take much longer to


heal. Not too long till


the 6 Nations. Big news - major doubts over


winger George North. Wales management conceding


tonight his fitness is a close call, and they'll leave it late to see


whether he's fit enough. All week the headlines dominated


by England's record here, coach Eddie Jones saying past


players have been petrified when playing here, their record


in horrendous, should It depends which


figures you look at. Looking at the entire record -


135 years of England coming here, first game back in 1882,


Wales are on top winning 36, 21 defeats and 4 draws, Wales


winning 59% of the games at home. But if you look at more recent


record since the game has turned professional,


England have won five of the nine Whatever happens, this


fixture rarely disappoints, Present at training today, but with


the media only allowed to observe for five minutes, there was not long


to it is the fitness of fly-half Dan Biggar and George North. Wales say


they could wait until an hour before kick-off to decide if the players


are worth risking. Dan Biggar, who suffered bruised ribs in Rome, is


believed to be making good progress. George North is a major doubt. All I


can do is reliable and the medics are telling me. We have done


everything they have asked us to up until now and it is always a close


call. We have contingency plans in place. We are playing against


England, the second-best team in the world. So we have to be ready for it


and I think both of them will take the opportunity if it comes their


way. Wales- England is always a passionate affair. Over the years,


there has been plenty of pre-match psychology. The last time England


came to play there was a stand-off. The visitors refused to go out


before their Welsh opponents. Tomorrow, some of the faces may be


different, but the intensity will be just the same. When both teams run


out of the saddle tomorrow afternoon, there will be that


familiar more, but there will not be that cauldron atmosphere that Wales


love to play in. Because, as England requested, the roof is already open.


There has been plenty of pre-match banter between the camps, and with


England getting their way over the roof, Robin Wright was in jovial


mood today on insinuating Eddie Jones was bringing to changes mind.


It is? -- Eddie? No, sorry, mate. In the middle of a press conference.


England are unbeaten since the 2050 World Cup. Victory over Wales


tomorrow would make it 16 wins in a row, but England start without many


of their key ball-mac carriers. We are without quite a few players.


They are far from a fall is to rent team and Dylan Hartley is not


playing his best game, so Wales have an outside chance. What could make a


big difference is the Welsh bench. Two players in particular could make


a massive impact, including Sam Davies. When the place arts to break


up, you can play that heads up game and put players into holes and make


a difference. In the habit in Wells twice since Eddie Jones took charge,


but he has not experienced Wales at home is in the six Nations as the --


and does not understand the fear factor. And I will think he will get


a taster for the first time tomorrow. And if you want to watch


all of the matches between Wales and England...


It starts tonight with the Under 20s over on BBC Two Wales at 7.


Tomorrow, same channel - Wales' women, 11:20 in the morning.


Then Rob Howley's men take on England - kick off 10 to 5,


live on BBC One Wales - commentary too BBC Radio


Switching sports, and the Football Association of Wales is appealing


against a fine imposed by world football's governing body, FIFA,


The FAW were fined just over ?15,000, because fans wore poppies


in the stands and the armed forces held bunches of poppies


at the side of the pitch before a World Cup Qualifier last November.


To a big game at the bottom end of the Premier League on Sunday


The Swans, just one point above the relegation places,


take on Leicester City who are a place above them.


Head Coach Paul Clement, named January's manager of the month,


will consider giving Jordan Ayew his debut


The two teams are on level points. And we will not play each other


again this season. So it does add a little bit of extra spice to the


fixture. Even though we didn't get anything out of our last game, we go


into this game is still with a lot of confidence and belief that we are


moving in the right direction. Elsewhere, it's Friday night


football for Newport County, bottom of League Two -


they face top-of-the-table Cardiff away at Leeds


united tomorrow, Wrexham travel to Dover


in the National League. The focus will be on this place


tomorrow afternoon and at the performances of the players can


match the pre-game pyrotechnics, then we should be in for a cracker.


I think we will. Thomas, thanks so much.


Forensic science students are studying how animal


remains decompose - in a bid to help solve


The outdoor facility at Wrexham's Glyndwr University


uses animal carcasses, to help students understand


Matthew Richards' report contains images which you


Well, hidden at a secret location, you're more likely to smell the body


Forensic science students assess the effect of the natural


environment on decaying bodies - in this case ethically sourced


animal carcasses stand in for the human variety.


We want to try and make this scenario as realistic to every


We want the normal etymology, we want the normal weather


and we want it to be as close to the types of scenarios


we will be looking at, because the problem we have


is if we do things just in the lab, then everything's


The subjects are placed in different locations to find out how long


All the data could help investigators identify human bodies,


establish when they died and even find hidden corpses.


There's certain nutrients released when a body decays,


which are also beneficial to plants, so hopefully I should see


an increase in these nutrients, which hopefully may affect how


Forensic science isn't for the squeamish.


Three tubs of dead rats in various types of water make


Well, I bet you're glad that I get to experience this rather than you,


but we've just opened the last box which contains the rats


They've been there for some nine weeks and, boy,


the smell is certainly testament to that -


The body farm could expand to incorporate more experiments,


I am not squeamish at all but the smell is definitely something that


The body farm could expand to incorporate more experiments,


which might be the key element in solving a mystery


Well, let's see how the weather is looking for the weekend now. What is


It's going to stay on the cold side over the weekend.


Some dry weather but also a few wintry showers.


And watch out for stronger winds on Sunday.


Now the cloud broke today with some sunshine in Bala.


And how about these icicles in Blaenavon.


The temperature there didn't get much above freezing!


Tonight the odd snow flurry in the south and east.


Breaks in the cloud with a widespread frost.


Temperatures in most places dropping to freezing or below.


Here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Cloudy in the north and east and Powys.


Parts of the south and west dry and brighter.


Some sunshine and frost with a brisk wind on Anglesey.


More showers will spread from the NE.


A little snow on higher ground, the hills and mountains.


Parts of the west and southwest dry and brighter with a little sunshine.


Top temperatures 2 and 6 Celsius but feeling colder in the NE breeze.


The temperature rising to 4C but feeling more


Very cold and cloudy on the Heads of the Valleys tomorrow.


Temperature around freezing or just above with icy


Sunday's chart shows high pressure over Scandinavia.


Low pressure near Portugal and that means stronger winds


Parts of the south and west dry and brighter with a little sunshine.


Highest temperatures 3 to 6 Celsius but add on the wind it


Monday dry, cold and windy but sunnier.


A few wintry showers and stronger winds on Sunday.


And we return to the stadium before we go. It has been a week of


mysterious build-up, hasn't it? But tomorrow things will get serious.


Yes, serious, and some decisions possibly for the Wales coaching team


with questions over George North, who was entered in the one over


Italy last weekend. The team arrived back in the early hours of Monday


and went straight into their cryotherapy chambers to help them


recover more quickly. They have only had six days to prepare for this


England match and there have been questions over the fitness of George


North and Dan Biggar. And today, we are given a first sites of George


North training. Normally, are cameras are given around 50 minutes


to film the players. A bit restricted aid. Just five minutes.


-- 15 minutes. The Welsh Rugby controlling what we could and could


not film. So we had five minutes of him and he did not move much during


training. We will have to wait and see. The Wales management will give


him as much time as possible to prove his fitness and could leave it


as late as an hour before kick off. So we will have to wait until


tomorrow to see whether George North plays against England. We heard the


England coach saying that the team can be a little bit intimidated by


the atmosphere at the stadium. Just reminded of England's record there.


It is looking spectacular they are behind you tonight. Yes, everything


is ready for tomorrow's match. Fireworks, pyrotechnics, it is all


set for the big showdown between Wales and England. A lot of talk


about the record between Wales and England during Cardiff. The overall


record that stretches back 135 years is in Wales favour. A look at more


recent times, England just edit. They have claimed five victories in


nine championship matches here in Cardiff. I just wonder, could


experience be the key tomorrow night? Just looking at the foreign


words, England have 20 caps between them. Wales on the back row we have


140 caps. All of the match live tomorrow on BBC Wales. And you very


much. It is going to be quite an occasion. Thank you so much. A


reminder of our main story. The UK Government has given up on a scheme


set up to protect the most vulnerable child refugees without


enough discussion. Our next update is after


the BBC Ten o'clock news. For now from all of


us on the programme,


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