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The murder of April Jones made headlines around the world.


Tonight, her sister tells us of her family's campaign for tougher


Even if we do manage to save one child, it has done its job.


You know, it has done a lot more than what happened for us.


For me, it could save another sibling.


15-year-old Ashley Talbot knocked down and killed by a minibus...


The inquest hears roads outside his school were "chaos".


All three emergency services under one roof -


is this the future for our police, fire and ambulance?


St Davids will have something to sing about if it lands


Well, probably one of the oldest cultural sites in Wales and,


of course, currently it has a very, very good classical music festival


in the summer and, of course, it has its theatre or choral


foundation which produces excellent music throughout the year.


And in tonight's sport, their remarkable turnaround continues -


delight for Swansea - but despair for Wales


They falter in the final few minutes.


The sister of murdered schoolgirl April Jones has told this programme


the family feel they've taken a step forward in their campaign for


Jazmin Jones's petition for "April's Law" has now reached


over 100,000 signatures and will be debated in Parliament.


It calls for sex offenders to remain on the register for life,


for internet search engines to be better policed, and harsher


sentences for those caught with indecent images of children.


Jazmin's been speaking to our reporter Matt Murray.


April Jones' sister Jazmin and her boyfriend Scott have kept


Jazmin started last October in a bid to get tougher sentences for people


Five years ago, her sister April was murdered by paedophile


Mark Bridger after being abducted from near their home.


Before April's disappearance her killer was looking


Jazmin is now petitioning for April's Law, it calls for sex


offenders to remain on the register for life and better policing


So he was found with I think over 500 indecent images of children.


As the search engine had that policing with them or he had been


caught with them, he would have been on the sex Offenders' Register and


when this incident happened, the police could have gone to him first


and it could have been a different outcome.


You believe that the authorities were aware of this and what was on


his computer and what he was searching for, you therefore think


your sister could have been alive today? They could have had her back


alive or her body back and not had to go through what we went through.


It could lead to a different outcome if they had known about it and they


were policed better than what they are at the moment. The Home Office


said that the UK has some of the doctors powers in the world to deal


with sex offenders and those who remain a rest would remain on the


register for life. Jazmin was just 16 when her sister was abducted. She


has since battled a problem with alcohol, 18 months before designing


the focus on this campaign and create a legacy for her sister. It


was more the fact that, I woke up one morning and thought if I carry


on drinking I could end up killing myself, I just could not kill myself


over that. It would not be fair on your family and what would your


little sister make of you now? She would have been very disappointed


and that Kightly into it. Everyone was like, what would your sister


spent? I just thought, you know, fair enough they have said that, but


I thought, they are correct, what would you think? I should be the


role model. I am the older sister. So I had to give up and do something


with my life. Five years ago, this town was rocked by the horrific


events surrounding April Jones' disappearance. Her family are


pleased this petition will they be Westminster but realised there is a


long way to go before they will know whether the idea of April's Law


becomes a reality. I think it is important, for me, even if we


managed to save one life one child, it will have done its job, it will


have done more than what it did for us. For me, it could save another


sibling. And Parliament will debate


the "April's Law" petition A schoolboy died after being knocked


down by a minibus driven by a teacher, an inquest


in Aberdare has heard. Ashley Daniel Talbot died


in December 2014 after the vehicle driven by his PE teacher -


Christopher Brooks - collided with him and another boy


at Maesteg Comprehensive. Caroline Evans has been


following the inquest, Well, Jimmy, the Coroner's Court


Howard House 15-year-old Ashley had been running for the bus home when


this happened. And how there had been problems with what was a


relatively new school with access. The headteacher and head of the


school said that when they first moved them to discover was chaos,


cars were parked everywhere and with children attempting to find routes


through that, Stav had to be put on a water standard at various points


to ensure that the children were safe. The situation had improved by


2014 to some extent, that was when Ashley had died, by then more


barriers had been put in place, pedestrian crossings had been


restored, but she said she was never completely satisfied with the


situation. And what more do we know


about the day of the incident? Well, the coroner spoke about that


and he told the jury how on the day that Ashley died, he and a friend


were running from the school buildings towards where the buses


were parked and how the teacher in the minibus had been driving towards


the school gates and had collided with the two boys. The hearing was


told that Ashley, who did not cross on the pedestrian crossing


available, suffered injuries that were so severe that he was declared


dead at the scene. Earlier this year the police confirmed that Mr Brooks


would not receive any criminal action. The inquest continues. Thank


you for that. A man accused of murdering his


girlfriend by beating her to death in their Cardiff flat has told


a jury he didn't mean Jordan Matthews admits manslaughter


but denies the murder of Xixi Bi He told the court he threw her


against a door frame following an argument,


and punched her but The UK Brexit Minister and Welsh MP,


David Jones, says the governments in Westminster and Cardiff Bay share


common ground over their views on future trade agreements


with the European single market. Mr Jones visited businesses


in Bridgend and Cardiff before appearing before a committee


of Assembly members this afternoon. The Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru


published a White Paper outlining their views


on Brexit last month. What the White Paper says


is not that we should stay in the single market,


but that we should have the best possible access to the single market


and that actually accords What we want to do is to strike


a very comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union


to enable us to carry on unimpeded trade with the single market


and similarly for European companies A woman's body has been found


on a beach on Anglesey. Emergency services were called


to Newry Beach on Sunday night - police say the death is not


being treated as suspicious. Officers believe the woman lived


locally, but her body is yet to be Police, fire and ambulance services


are under the same roof for the very The change sees the creation


of Abertillery Emergency Services Station in the Gwent Police


Force area. The aim - reducing costs


and providing better service. It's believed the move will lead


to more shared facilities in future. The blue lights all under one roof.


Here is a demonstration of what difference it could make. A mock-up


of a car crash, a drink-driver and a passenger still stuck in the car.


The Ambulance Service sent a rapid response vehicle, the police


arrested the driver. Finally, the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service


arise to help remove the casualty to a waiting ambulance. We do joint


exercises with them at the station, so when we got out on the road it


just works really well. It is like a well oiled machine. Gwent Police has


said it is easier to receive and sheer intelligence from their


colleagues or Fire Service just up the corridor from them. It cuts out


the bureaucratic processes for us which sometimes you have to go


through and trying to get a meeting can take some time, so to be able to


speak to someone, they can share the facility, I can have a cup of tea


with someone, often when you get the best intelligence! It is fantastic.


Police community support officers are based here as well, the eyes and


ears of the operation on patrol in all weathers. Helping with some


long-standing local issues. Very small streets, they will use the


resources to remove the double parking for us which would not have


happened if they were not present. That is a massive thing for us to


get to the safely. There is only one other Place doing this in Wales, in


Queensferry, they have the potential to help as well as catch criminals.


To identify people who could be at risk from a variety of different


vulnerabilities and to work together to resolve those risks, to work in


partnership with each other. Back in Abertillery, front line staff, not


just managers share ideas around the table, each server suggesting how


best to improve the response to arson, anti-social behaviour and


other very local issues. By sharing resources as we are seeing here, it


will make savings to be addressed. This is a collaboration and action


in its most radical form. Where it is appropriate and relevant these


are things we will look at. Ian Sherwood emergency services station,


perhaps a more common sight in the future. -- Ayshire at emergency


services station. Police are appealing for witnesses


following an armed robbery in Usk A man holding a metal bar


and a small knife approached staff outside the One Stop Shop


as they were opening up. He demanded to be taken to the safe


and took what's described A brand-new primary school


for the community - Except in Gorseinion,


Swansea Council want In fact, it's called Parc y Werin -


the people's park. Campaigners are furious


and they want to reclassify the park a village green to protect it


from future development. The council's frustrated


that building work has Children at Gorseinion Creamery


gathered here. We can only imagine this. I bet like to see better


quality than the classrooms and things and also a better read. It


will be better for the community because more people will want to go


to the park because they have better facilities there. This is the


proposed site for the school, the Council rubber-stamped the plans


last year after it was decided that redeveloping the current junior


school building would not be appropriate. A group of local


campaigners have said that the park should be left as it is. We do not


want to stop the school going ahead, we just wanted it to be on a


different site. We just hope that the council could come to a


compromise on where to put it. They are taking a lot of green spaces and


we want to protect some of the green spaces. The model at a public


inquiry, those opposed to building the new school year will put their


case for the land to be given village green status. They will have


to prove that Parc y Werin has been used by local people for recreation,


for at least 20 years and if they succeed in doing that, they could


prevent the school being built here. It had been hoped that the new


school would be opening its doors for the first time this month. It is


really frustrating because when you speak to the children they want


their new school and they cannot understand why they cannot get on


and why we are not giving them the new school, the parents are


frustrated, we are frustrated. I understand people being concerned


about park areas and wanting to maintain and retain open space, we


are all about that, but in this day and age you must deliver the best


school and environment for children. The application is turned down


following the inquiry, the council intends to build the school as


quickly as possible. Much more to come


before seven o'clock... This is the smallest city in Wales -


can St Davids in Pembrokeshire land This is working out very well for


Swansea City's new coach. And just over a month in the job,


Swansea's remarkable Concerns have been raised in recent


years about the number of cuts to music services in schools


and today, in an effort to address the lack of provision,


a new ?1 million fund The Education Secretary,


Kirsty Williams, says she wants the public and private sectors


to contribute to create Our education correspondent,


Colette Hume, reports. Meet the guitar group at Woodlands


Community School in Cwmbran. The school encourages children


to learn to play but cuts to school music services means not every pupil


here in Wales has the chance. The Welsh Government


hopes its new National Endowment for Music will generate enough money


to pay for music lessons The Welsh Government is kicking off


this fund with a ?1 million investment that will be given


to the Arts Council of Wales to create the endowment


and an initial investment to start I hope that will show other people,


both in the public sector and the private sector,


that we are serious about this and that they too will want


to contribute to the endowment, and if they do that,


we hope to be able to make the first Councils across Wales have been


forced to cut their budgets for schools' music as front-line


services such as social Last year the National


Youth Orchestra of Wales received its lowest ever number


of applications from young hopefuls. The leading composer,


Owain Arwel Hughes, warned an Assembly committee that Wales


faced losing its reputation as a musical nation


unless more money was found. For now, many schools rely


on parents to help pay for the lessons and not every parent


can afford to. Teachers tell me that learning


to play a musical instrument can have huge benefits for children,


not just in terms of learning to play the instrument itself,


but music can also benefit children's literacy, numeracy


and even improve their behaviour. Obviously there is the perseverance


element where they know practice makes perfect and the performance


in front of an audience, So all those skills we can


teach through music, What's the best thing


about playing the guitar? The best thing is that you can


make your own music and, well, I like the fact that you can just


express your feelings and, like, you can create your music


on the guitar and any other instrument by


using your imagination. When I have got lots of things


on my mind it just makes me feel Probably that I can express my


feelings just through sound. Years of cuts to music services have


taken its toll on music in schools. The question now is will this


new endowment be enough to reverse the decline and create


a new generation of young musicians. St David's - our smallest city -


is hoping to become the UK's next If successful, it will follow


in the footsteps of Hull which has David Grundy has spent


the day in Pembrokeshire. Built around its picturesque


cathedral, St Davids is tranquil, the final resting place of our


patron saint and could be in the running for of UK City of Culture.


The current city of Culture is Hull, its sprawling's industrial landscape


is a world away from temperature. Hull and St Davids could not be more


different, Hull has a population of 259,000, 2000 as the population of


St Davids. Hull is a city that is changing after post-industrial


decline while St Davids remains a huge draw for tourists. The question


is, can St Davids the contrary in 2021 what Hull is doing now? What


has it got? It is a bilingual city, St Davids already has its fair share


of art galleries but the cathedral is the main attraction for tourists.


It has been contributing to the area's culture for centuries.


Pilgrims have come here since the days of Saint David and, of course,


we offer here cultural experience and the literacy in any case, but


the wonderful choir that is associated with the cathedral.


Winning city of Culture is not just about choir is, poetry and painting,


it is about using culture as a catalyst for regeneration. ?1


billion has been spent on the infrastructure of Hull since it beat


Swansea to the title in 2013. Events like the Turner Prize are expected


to boost its economy by an extra ?60 million this year alone. I think it


will make a huge difference to the local community, but I also think it


is great because at the moment St Davids Izale it -- a bit like a


hidden treasure. It is such a beautiful place. St Davids and its


cathedral is steeped in centuries of history, but turnaround times in


this competition are much shorter than the county council's 42 day to


single its interest to meet before the deadline. Formal bids are due by


the end of April and the winning city is announced in December. St


Davids himself said to the small things, convincingly City of Culture


judges to give it to the city of St Davids will be no small feat.


Football and rugby now in tonight's sport - here's Tomos.


After a great win over the Premier League champions,


some bad news tonight for Swansea City -


winger Nathan Dyer will miss the rest of the season


after rupturing the Achilles tendon in his left ankle.


He limped off in the win over Leicester City.


That victory means they're four points clear of the relegation zone.


Swansea City are undergoing a remarkable revival


and as Paul Clement marched over to the fans at the end


of the final whistle yesterday, there was a mutual understanding


His satisfaction and their response was clear to see.


It is four wins in six league matches, but it is not just


the results, it is also the way that Swansea are playing.


Yesterday they looked like their old selves and the goals


Alfie Mawson's thumping volley giving Swansea the lead


and just before the break, Martin Olsson flying down the left


side got his first goal for the club, the manager living


I am very happy with the form of the team,


But it's only a small step in ultimately what our objective


So how has Paul Clement turned things around?


Well, the training ground is where he says the hard work begins,


it is where he gets this players organised and confident


This is how the table looked when he took charge.


Swansea anchored to the foot of it, 12 points from 19 games


Six matches on, they have doubled their points,


climbing above Leicester and up to 15th.


It is Chelsea they face next and their former manager Ruud Gullit


has said that Clement's experience in Europe is giving him a real edge.


I think that the difference with him is because he has been with European


coaches and he has been sniffing around a little bit what happens


outside of England, I think that is his greatest advantage


because he knows the game in England as well.


Paul Clement clearly is not getting carried away,


but he will head to Stamford Bridge with a quiet confidence


that they can get something against the league leaders.


The Wales manager was at the Liberty Stadium yesterday


to watch Swansea's win and he's been boosted by news that


Gareth Bale has returned to training with Real Madrid.


The 27-year-old has been out of action since damaging


Coleman - who's heading out to Madrid to see his star player


in the next few days - is hoping he's fit in time


for Wales' crucial World Cup qualifier against the Republic


A lack of composure let Wales down, according to interim


head coach Rob Howley, after losing late


Many pundits have questioned Howley's substitutions,


arguing Ross Moriarty shouldn't have been replaced with


Wales will head to Murrayfield in less than a fortnight


They haven't lost against them since 2007.


Well done, referee. Jones, he knocks it on. Dan Biggar... So close, but


several opportunities were converted. For some, this was an


avoidable defeat. Well, it is one that unfortunately just got away.


The iman, played exceptionally well, it went right down to the wire, one


lapse of concentration, England capitalised and scored and brought 3


million well Shapps. Scotland could be a different entity, they lost in


Paris, they will be seeding, they will be wanting to take this. Wales


were much improved and played with more intensity. This was their only


try. Long periods of pressure did not yield enough points. The timing


of the winning try was tough to take. England capitalised on a poor


clearance. Winning the game any final attack. When Elliot Daly


crossed in the corner, Wales had made seven substitutions, this man


was brought on for Ross Moriarty. The decision that baffled some. Ross


Moriarty, that kid is phenomenal, if I had to be critical of anything,


why did they take him off? He has an aura about him. After two round of


games, England's top of the table, the only team unbeaten. Wales are


third and have the best part of the prepare for a trip to Murrayfield


defeated Scotland team who beat Ireland, and Ireland team that --


the Scots lost narrowly in Paris. They are facing an improved Scottish


side. They are playing an open brand of rugby and it will be hardest


match we have had up there for a long time. We will have to play


equally well to win because Scotland are dangerous. Another tough task


ahead, wheels have to win all of their remaining games to have any


chance of taking the title, while England are the only side that can


the Grand Slam. -- that can achieve the Grand Slam.


At just 15 years old, Jackson Page has made it


through to the second round at the Welsh Open Snooker.


Elsewhere, Matthew Stevens was knocked out against


Better news for Dominic Dale - he's through after winning 4-0.


Thank you. It has been a very windy day across Wales, especially across


the west course. Gusts of 46 miles an hour recorded on some occasions,


even 40 in Cardiff. Over the next four days the winds will ease and it


will turn milder. Tonight, the lighter winds but remaining just be


Cardigan Bay. Mist and for developing but remaining largely


dry. Overnight lows of 2 degrees to 5 degrees in towns and cities. Could


be cold enough for frost in rural areas. High pressure over


Scandinavia has been keeping things by and cold but as it breaks down,


this boat to the South West starts to move them, so turning more and


settled but as it breaks down, this boat to the South West starts to


move them, so turning more unsettled later tomorrow. Early mist and fog


patches, some sunny spells but turning increasingly cloudy as a


band of mainly light and patchy drizzle will spread and from the


South West later. Still quite blustery but strong winds easing,


greyer than today and the temperature is suppressed by that


cloud, Izale six Celsius in Wrexham and nine in Swansea. Tomorrow night,


that first cold front moves North eastwards, dry for a time, early


Wednesday, and then another trough bushing from the South West,


bringing thicker cloud and rain. As a wind is South-Westerly, also


slightly milder. Could be some brightness early on Wednesday, Mr


and murky as well. Some are really pushing up from the South, mainly


patchy, with winds turning more southernly, much milder than recent


days. Temperatures at 2 degrees or three degrees over the weekend, by


Wednesday up to ten or 11. Later in the week, that more unsettled at Van


Dijk influence but remaining relatively mild.


The headlines again - the sister of murdered 5 year


old April Jones has told this programme her family feel they've


taken a step towards tougher sentenced for sex offender.


Jazmin Jones' petition for what's been called "April's Law" will be


debated in Parliament after reaching more than 100,000 signatures...


Even if we do manage to save one child, it has done its job.


You know, it has done a lot more than what happened for us.


For me, it could save another sibling.


So it's really important for me, yeah.


I'll have an update for you here at 8pm and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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