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Tonight's headlines: Gerhard Kress is German and has lived


He's come to Westminster to ask where should he and thousands


of other EU citizens call home after Brexit.


I don't want my family to break up so what I would like to know is am I


and people like me going to be allowed to carry on living here.


As the President's state visit to the UK is debated,


a Welsh MP leads the call to ban him, and anti-Trump protests


1.8 million people signed a petition opposing Donald Trump's state visit.


Hundreds have taken to the streets here in Cardiff alone.


Surveillance and precision targeting.


A Denbighshire company lands an ?82 million military contract.


Harri's genetic condition makes him social and friendly.


But an expert warns children like him will grow up isolated


And Cardiff City's manager looks to thrash out a deal tonight


And Ryan Giggs coaches youngsters in Fishguard and tells us


He was born in Germany, but he's lived here for 40 years


But will Brexit mean that people like Gerhard Kress


The artist is among more than 70,000 EU nationals living in Wales whose


futures are uncertain after Britain leaves the European Union.


He and his family have been in Westminster today looking


for an assurance from the UK Government that he can stay here.


Our parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock, reports.


We are all immigrants in this valley. Gerhard Kress has lived in


the UK for 40 years but how much longer will the artists be able to


call Pontypridd home? Once Britain leaves the EU he fears he may have


believed the UK and his family. I have had restless sleep. It's the


uncertainty. We do need to know one way or the other which way your life


is going to develop. What is going to happen? He is one of 72,000


people born in the European Union who now live in Wales. There they


are with the highest of EU citizens is Cardiff were around 11,000 live


followed by Wrexham, home to 7000 people from the EU. 23,000 Polish


people live here making it the most common EU country of birth. There


are 11,000 Germans in Wales. And 10,000 people from the Republic of


Ireland. Some of them gathered in Cardiff to protest this lunchtime,


others headed for Westminster where the House of Lords is debating


Brexit. What you want to hear from the government? Personally I have


family and many people in my position have families. I don't want


my family to break up so what I would like to know is am I and


people like me going to be allowed to carry on living here in the place


we consider our home. His wife says it's not only those born abroad who


could be affected. Potentially I am getting on for a quarter of a


million people who are either EU nationals or family members who are


facing the potential fry the family break-up or deportation. That is an


awful lot of people. It is horrible. They have the support of the local


MP. They have lived here for more than 30 years. I met a Frenchwoman


who has lived in Pontypridd the ten years. These are people who consider


themselves to be Welsh these days and they should be allowed to stay


here. The Home Office says that securing the status of EU nationals


living here in the UK will be a priority along with the status of


British nationals living in the EU. But ministers find themselves under


pressure on the issue as the bill to trigger Brexit goes through the


House of Lords. In a packed house of laws the government gave little sign


of any concession. This bill is not the place to try and shape the terms


of our exit, restrict the government's hand before it entered


enters complex negotiations or attempts to rerun the referendum.


Almost 200 years including five former secretaries of state for our


expected to take part in this marathon debate with the Lord Stu to


slip past midnight. David, this debate is likely


to go on until midnight but it's just the latest step


in the Brexit process. It is but it's an important step


because the government does not have a majority in the House of Lords. It


can't always be certain of getting its way. That doesn't mean peers are


going to be able to Brock Brexit or delay it but it does mean when they


get down to the nitty-gritty next week on things like the future of


people I Gerhard Kress and the others who were born elsewhere but


now live in Wales, the government could come under pressure. The House


of Lords could ask the government to think again on that. The government


could be defeated on that although my senses the Lords are not prepared


to dig in for a long fight on it and that means Theresa May will be on


course to trigger those divorced talks with the EU by the end of


March. We have seen some heated debates here over the past days and


weeks even in the House of Lords but there will be nothing compare to


those tough negotiations when Britain starts talking with the


other EU countries. President Donald Trump's state visit


to the UK has also been the centre Newport West MP Paul Flynn opened


proceedings prompted by two petitions, both passing


the 100,000 signature threshold. The one opposing the invitation


has received Meanwhile, the petition


supporting the visit Mr Flynn argued a controversial


character like Trump He should come here on business


or other matters, but he shouldn't be accorded the rare privilege


of a state visit. Only two presidents


of the United States have been It's extraordinary that


that's the situation but here we have a position


where seven days into his presidency he is invited to have the full


panoply of a state visit. There are anti-Trump protests


across South Wales to coincide with that debate in St Davids


in Pembrokeshire and in Swansea. Our reporter Daniel Davies


is in the city centre. Yes. As members of Parliament have


been giving their views on Donald Trump's state visit to the UK


protesters here in Cardiff have been doing the same, waving placards and


making clear what they think of Mr Trump. I am joined by two of them.


What has brought you out onto the street at night? Today I'm here to


make a stance against hate, against bigotry. Donald Trump is a


manifestation of all the social ills you can imagine, of racism,


anti-Semitism and homophobia and misogyny. We are making a stance


that he is not welcome in the UK. We accept the results of the democracy


and we respect that he has been elected as president but he must


apologise for all his comments against Muslims, against black


people, against women, against disabled people and against


homosexuals. So you don't think he has a mandate to do what he said he


would do because that is what he promises voters he would do. That's


the problem. We are here to provide criticism to his approach. The fact


is, what is not acceptable. Although he has been elected as president we


want a wake-up call and for people to question why they have elected


someone like him. You were in America at the time of the election


when Hillary Clinton didn't win. If these policies were sensible and he


has a minority administration, he has also gone ahead with the media


and the press and he should remember the first Amendment. More crucially


he has gone against the law. Two significant legal bodies in the US


have said the ban on Muslims into their countries were unlawful. We


have to stand for each other and say we belong with each other but we


also have to stand for the rule of law and that is one of the most


troubling aspect of the potential of him coming year. Thank you both very


much. They have been chanting here that refugees are welcome here but I


don't -- I doubt Donald Trump would find a warm welcome here tonight.


Neath Port Talbot Council has written to the American Embassy


in London after a teacher who works at Llangatwg Comprehensive


was denied entry to the USA on a school trip last week.


Mr Juhel Miah was escorted off the plane, which was flying


from Reykjavik in Iceland to New York.


The local authority says Mr Miah had a valid visa for travel.


The brother of a Cardiff student, murdered by her boyfriend


at their flat in the Llandaff area, has told of her family's


Cardiff Crown Court heard a statement from 24-year-old


Xixi Bi's brother, explaining how he had "lost a sister"


She died after being attacked by Jordan Matthews


A man who cut his own throat while waiting to be sentenced


in the dock at Haverfordwest magistrates has admitted taking


Paramedics were called to treat Lukasz Robert Pawlowski


Today, he was remanded in custody and his case


at Swansea Crown Court was adjourned for sentencing next month.


They service surveillance equipment like night-vision goggles


for the military and in a six year deal, Qioptiq, based in St Asaph


in Denbighshire has secured an ?82 million government contract.


Soldiers, sailors and pilots with the British armed forces


regularly view combat through lenses made in Wales.


Qioptiq is a world leader in optical electronics -


things like night vision and thermal imaging, particularly for use


The St Asaph based company says the ?82 million contract is a true


reflection of the high quality work it produces.


There are two reasons why we won the contract. First of the people here,


the commitment and ability and dedication. And secondly the support


of the Welsh Government. They have been instrumental in ensuring we


have the facility we need to deliver this contract.


The Welsh Government is to build a ?2.5 million facility next


to Qioptiq's site to support the new work.


The company has come a long way from its roots


Having developed their skills over 51 years this company now has the


expertise to create incredibly complex things like this thermal


weapon in scope. This new contract means they will be able to maintain


and repair them wherever they are being used throughout the world.


In October a ?130 million deal maintaining RAF Sentinel jets


went to Raytheon based at Broughton in Flintshire.


A month later the DECA factory at Sealand in Flintshire was picked


to maintain the electronics and components of the new


It breeds confidence in the region because we have seen the


announcement and this decision again highlights the fact that Wales has


high quality jobs in the field which can compete with the best in the


world. Qioptiq has led the field in optical


electronics but it s part of a cluster of similar firms


in North East Wales Optics and electronics are in


everything he bullies today from your mobile phone to a huge


telescope. Hitachi is pretty much everybody's lives these days. It's


not an industry in itself, it is in enabling technology across


everything. Qioptic lenses are used


in medicine, in the battlefield It's little wonder that the MoD has


set its sights on the work Fishguard Football Club unveils


their most important signing, And the film made by a bunch


of friends from Blaenau Gwent, shot in a language they didn't


understand, scoops a top award. Children born with a rare genetic


condition that makes them social and friendly risk growing up feeling


isolated and depressed because there's a lack


of knowledge of the condition. That's the warning tonight from


an expert at Swansea University. Williams Syndrome affects just a few


hundred people here, including He loves bouncing on a trampoline


and playing with his big yellow It's a rare genetic condition


that affects between 300 It takes around 25,000 genes to make


a human but with Williams Syndrome around 25 genes are randomly deleted


from the middle of chromosome seven. It can cause a catalogue


of health issues, including developmental delays,


mobility problems and But children who are born with it


are also often extremely But there are concerns about how


much support people like Harry get. It's hard because only one


in five GPs have ever come It's typically a case


of you going in and saying he's And you think, did you actually


understand what I've just said. It's not OK because you don't know


what you're doing and the next thing they are putting sticks in his mouth


to see the back of his throat. Texture intolerance,


sick straight away and you think, he didn't really understand


what we said. Harry loves a trip


to his local supermarket. Staff here know Harry but to raise


the profile of Williams Syndrome and other learning conditions,


the Welsh Government has set aside ?20 million,


some of which will go on raising awareness, and there could be more


support at school for things But what concerns experts is how


other people cope with the tactile nature of adults with Williams


Syndrome. Sadly, people aren't always that


kind and it's not always people's fault because if someone rushes up


to you smiling that you've never seen before, you don't


really know how to react. Unless you know that the person


has Williams syndrome you are going to pull back


and the very Welsh and British about That causes a lot of


distress to the individual Harry's parents hope that


if more people just know what William Syndrome


is he won't grow up feeling isolated and lonely because all he wants


is to be your friend. A film written by a group of friends


from Blaenau Gwent has won an award at the prestigious


London International Film Festival. 'The Bench' used first-time actors,


some with special educational needs, a language none of


the writers can speak. It's a story centred on two young


men, one of whom develops a special mental power. An extraordinary tale


both on screen and off. A group of friends worked on the script for


months in this bit sign. The twist came when the director swapped the


South Wales valleys. With Poland. He was filming with a charity when he


was struck by the location and the willingness of the people in the


town to help. They did everything they could to help us. We asked them


what was in it for them and they said we were promoting their town.


The main actors came from the local high school but others came from the


orphanage. Some had special educational needs. The diversity and


casting meant finding volunteer translators was easier than you'd


think. Special needs children and the children from the orphanage


never had any chance like that and possibly they will never ever have


anything like that after this. There is a special type of relationship


now between us and them and they will remember us and we will


remember them. At the weekend it was judged to be the best original


screenplay of the best -- foreign-language film. We were


gobsmacked. But those behind it say they had already won the real award,


being able to bring people together and giving the children with special


needs a real chance. All of tonight's sport now.


Here's Claire. When he became manager


of Cardiff City, Neil Warnock said he wanted to bring the excitement


back to the club. The veteran boss is certainly giving


fans plenty to cheer about with the side enjoying


an incredible revival under him. Neil Warnock will meet with the club


chairman tonight amid calls for an agreement to be thrashed out


to ensure he stays He's turned Cardiff City's fortunes


around but will Neil Warnock The manager who wants


assurances over his summer transfer budget is dining


with the club's chairman tonight. This former captain says the club


should ensure he remains manager. You protect your assets


and the manager is an asset I would like it to be settled


quickly because I would like Neil Warnock to get the targets


he has in mind and of course we talking about Neil Warnock


and theew will be other people in different boardrooms also


talking about Neil Warnock. The win over Rotherham United


at the weekend has helped Neil Warnock's side to the top half


of the table. Not bad for a side who were second


from bottom in October. They scored five goals, the most


they have managed in seven years. This spectacular third


goal from Craig Noone was followed by efforts


from Kenneth support. He made it for and then


five mill with this, ceiling third win in a row


continuing their If the league had started in January


they would be top of the table. Neil Warnock is a vastly


experienced manager. He has overseen 1300 games at 12


different league clubs in a career stretching over


nearly three decades. He has secured promotion seven times


before so surely he is the right The question is is whether


the club's ambitions follow Neil's I think he has made blatantly clear


that he wants to stay. So what guarantees will Warnock


want from the club? First and foremost you can't do


anything without money. I know it's easy to say and I'm not


one of those people who says just get the money out


and the cheque-book out, I understand the predicament


the owner is in. Three years after relegation


from the Premier League multi-million pound parachute


payments come to an end this season. But many hope the deal can be struck


to ensure the manager stays to challenge for promotion next


season and sailor return Gareth Bale made a stunning return


to football this weekend. The 27-year-old came


on for Real Madrid in the 71st minute and showed he was back


with this goal. He's been out of action


since November following ankle surgery and says he's still lacking


fitness, but his return Wales World Cup qualifier


against the Republic of Ireland One bit of rugby news tonight


and the Ospreys have announced they've signed Wales centre


Cory Allen from the Cardiff Blues. The 24-year-old, who's played


four times for Wales, has signed a two year deal


with the region. He's been with the Blues


for six seasons. Jack Marshman's fight in Canada was


stopped over the weekend. He was caught out by his Brazilian opponent


who caused the referee to step in. The defeat ends his seven fight


winning streak. I put a lot into my fight and showed heart. I'm a bit


gutted because I think we would have put on even more of a show because


the fans loved it. It didn't come off a metre night but onto the next


one. Stuart Bingham took the Welsh Open snooker title, surviving a


comeback from Judd Trump to win 9-8. He sealed victory with a break of


55. 15-year-old snooker sensation Jackson Page who made plenty of


headlines last week says he wants to join the professional ranks as soon


as possible. We were hoping to bring you an interview with Ryan Giggs


this evening. He has been in Fishguard talking about football and


you can hear from him in our late bulletin at 10:30pm.


Time for the weather now. Derek's got tonight's forecast.


Not the best of weather for half term week.


Mostly mild but a brief cold snap later in the week.


Now talking of mild, temperatures today have been above average.


A little sunshine, but the air moist.


Some heavy, persistent rain in Mid Wales on the Cambrian Mountains.


Tomorrow's chart shows a warm front lying through Ireland


Here's the picture for 8:00am in the morning.


Cloudy and a few places dry but some damp weather as well.


Parts of the north, including Wrexham and Llandudno, may be dry.


A bit in the north and east but it won't last.


More drizzle and rain is expected during the afternoon.


The wind picking-up with temperatures above average again.


13C or 14C on the north coast and in Flintshire.


Patchy drizzle with some heavier rain spreading into North


Wednesday morning, strong winds and rain.


Drier and brighter in the afternoon but more rain


On Wednesday night into Thursday, a deep low will track across the UK


bringing a spell of wet and windy weather.


And as that low moves away some colder air in its wake.


Temperatures on Friday nearer normal.


One or two showers and lighter winds.


But overnight into Saturday it's all change again.


You can keep up-to-date with the forecast on our website and follow


me on Twitter. The headlines again. People living in Britain who were


born in the European countries have been in Westminster today to lobby


Parliament for the right to stay here after Brexit. I have family and


many people in my position have families. I don't want my family to


break up. What I want to know is am I and people like me going to be


allowed to carry on living here in the place we consider our home. And


anti-Donald Trump protests have taken place tonight in Cardiff,


Swansea and Saint Davids. To coincide with the Parliamentary


debate on the President's land state visit to the UK. Over a million


people have signed a petition against his visit.


I'll have an update for you after the BBC News at 10:00pm.


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