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Tonight's headlines: The teacher from Swansea stopped from entering


Tonight, there s still no explanation.


She said I could not go on the plane. I said I had every documents


needed. They could not give me an explanation and I asked the question


more than once. A jealous man who murdered his


girlfriend after getting "paranoid" about her being unfaithful


is jailed for life. This is one of the most dangerous


jobs in the country. Tonight, the new film


to highlight safety at sea. Generations have


holidayed in Porthcawl. Now the resort is being reinvented


with a new multi-million And in tonight's sport: The


countdown to the Champions League. A hundred days until the women s


final, part of the biggest A teacher from Swansea says he's


still waiting for answers after he was removed from a flight


to New York while on a school trip. 25-year-old Juhel Miah who teaches


at Llangatwg Community School in Neath was flying from Reykjavik


in Iceland to the United States when The First Minister Carwyn Jones has


written to the Foreign Secretary, asking him to pursue the matter


urgently with US authorities. I can't believe this is happening.


Honestly, I feel like a criminal. The thoughts of Juhel Miah recorded


on its phones moment after he was excluded off a plane bound for New


York without any explanation. It was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime


trip to Iceland and the US but for maths teacher Juhel Miah he will


remember it for the wrong reasons. Having spent a few days with pupils


and staff in Reykjavik he made his way through passport control to fly


to the US. As he did so he was told he had been randomly selected for a


security check. They took me into this room. Two of the people were


checking me. I took my jacket off and my bag offer. Then I had to take


my jumper of. They checked me and made me take my shoes off. Then they


rubbed the swab all of my back. As collected pupils passport it was


then a US Homeland Security official approached him and asked him to


leave the plane and return to the airport terminal. I have just been


kicked off the plane. I'm not going to New York. My bag is already off


the plane. Juhel Miah was eventually told he would not be travelling to


New York. As soon as she said I'm not allowed on the plane I asked her


on what grounds because I had my Visa and every document needed and


they could not give me an explanation and they asked the


question more than once. After he was taken off the flight Juhel Miah


returned to the UK the following day alone. He has since told me he's had


no answers as to why he was removed from the flight to New York. They've


put the council says it is written to the US to express its dismay at


the treatment of Juhel Miah. The First Minister Carwyn Jones has also


written to Boris Johnson urging the Foreign Secretary to pursue the


matter with the US authorities. In his letter Mr John states that it is


passport holders should not be affected by the US government 's


travel ban which has been suspended. Adding it appears that both the UK


Government 's travel advice and the UK's agreement with the US


government have been disregarded in this instance. He goes on to say I


should be grateful for your urgent consideration on this matter. We


have had Donald Trump's decision in the UK -- and the US and that policy


has been suspended but it seems to be pretty likely this may be a


consequence of that. Both the US Embassy and the White House have


been asked to comment. I kept the school Juhel Miah said he would like


to travel to the US one day but for now continues to wait for answers as


to why on this occasion he was treated differently to everyone


else. A barman has been jailed for life


for murdering his wealthy Chinese girlfriend who moved to Britain


to improve her education. Cardiff Crown Court heard how


24-year-old Xixi Bi was killed by Jordan Matthews in a vicious


and prolonged attack. Judge Nicola Davies said


it was the "tragic culmination" of a course of physical and verbal


abuse over a number of months. Clever, beautiful and much loved


by her family back in China, Xixi Bi was studying for a Masters


degree in the Welsh capital. The 24-year-old had


started a relationship She showered him with gifts,


bought him a car and paid the rent on their flat


in the Llandaffdistrict of the city. But the relationship became abusive


and the court heard he regularly beat her until one attack in August


last year resulted in her murder. Cardiff Crown Court heard that


Xixi Bi suffered 41 injuries including broken ribs


and a broken jaw. She also had healing fractures


from alleged previous attacks. The court heard how a weapon similar


to a steel rod was used. Xixi Bi's death is the latest case


in an ever-increasing problem here. In the year ending March 2016


there were 18 murders resulting In total more than 36,000


incidents were recorded here. However, just over 6000 cases


resulted in a prosecution. Across the UK, the British Crime


Survey revealed 1.2 million women were victims of domestic abuse


and the vast majority Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed


to directly oversee the creation The government is now consulting


with experts about what should be included in any new domestic


violence and abuse act. We don't know yet what this act


will be and we don't know yet whether it will cover


Wales within that. From our perspective


what we would like to see is a lot of work being done around preventing


domestic abuse and sexual violence to begin with so we work in schools


and in education with young people and children, but also work


within the community to enable women to access support


where and when they need it. In the case of Xixi Bi


there was evidence of previous attacks and hospital visits


for months before she died. Matthews had pleaded guilty


to manslaughter but the jury decided Sentencing Matthews to life


the judge told him, over a period of months you regularly


subjected her to abuse. The murder, she said,


was the tragic culmination of physical and verbal conduct,


and violence to which She said he should serve


a minimum of 18 years before A couple from south Wales have been


found murdered in South Africa. The bodies of Christine Solik,


who was originally from Mountain Ash, and her husband,


Roger, were found 50 miles from their home


in the Kwazulu-Natal Police in South Africa believe


they were kidnapped from their home Labour is investigating complaints


about Carmarthenshire party members involved in a row over changing


Llangenech Primary School Councillor Tegwen Devichand


allegedly shared material with far On Sunday it emerged


Councillor Michaela Beddows had been suspended from the party


temporarily, but Labour didn't reveal the reason


behind the decision. A ?15 million discount travel scheme


for young people that was axed by the Welsh Government


has been reinstated. Ministers had been criticised


for scrapping My Travel Pass, which gives sixteen to eighteen year


olds a third off bus travel. More TV dramas, comedy programmes


and entertainment shows will be coming to your screen after the BBC


announced it s increasing the amount But the total falls short


of what some politicians Let's talk to our arts and media


correspondent Huw Thomas. What will this mean


for television viewers in Wales? Think of the dramas like satellite


city and comedies, these are the kinds of programmes BBC Wales says


there will be more of once this investment kicks in. By 2020 there


will be an extra ?8.5 million a year to spend from the BBC in London on


in this language TV programmes. That will be added to the 21 million or


so which is already spent on programmes here. Making TV


programmes is expensive but BBC Wales says there will be noticeable


impact on the from this new investment. The ambition is that the


BBC will just be showing these programmes on BBC One Wales or on


the BBC Wales services, that at least half of them will make it onto


the network which means they will be seen I BBC audiences across the UK.


Why this announcement? Three years ago the head of the BBC came to


Cardiff and said he felt English-language programming had


been eroded over the previous ten years. It started a debate with


everyone from the First Minister through to the Institute of Welsh


Affairs contributing to say that what was needed was more money and


that actually about ?30 million would have meaningful impact. So


there has been some criticism that the ?8.5 million has not come close


to match the levels that were spent on in this language programming a


decade ago. Bethan Jenkins from the Culture Committee called for the ?30


million figure and this was her reaction. I think it has been a long


time coming. We do welcome any investment. If 50% increase is


something we will look forward to but we would see it falls short of


the ?30 million a year increase we wanted to see. The first fruits of


this announcement will be revealed in the next few days. BBC Wales has


commissioned two new dramas and they will be revealing a few more details


about those in the days to come. The seaside and funfair


have entertained holiday And some nasty conditions on the way


on Thursday thanks to storm Doris. South Wales Fire and Rescue service


says it hopes the conviction of a former safety consultant


who gave "valueless advice" will help bring in new rules


to regulate the industry. 59-year-old Brian Fakir was given


a six month suspended sentence for failing to carry out proper risk


assessment for charity shops in Aberdare, Bargoed,


Blackwood and Caldicot. Cardiff Crown Court heard anyone


can set themselves up as a fire safety expert,


something the fire Fire crews were amazed no one was


killed here in Pontypool in 2014. A charity shop gutted and the flat


above destroyed. Just months later another Saint Davids Hospice shop


was also destroyed by fire in Newbridge. Nobody was prosecuted but


a wider investigation began. This is Brian Fakir. Lives depended on his


reports being suitable and sufficient but they weren't. He


failed in his duty 13 times. This was a shop he assessed in Aberdare.


Escape routes blocked, no appropriate fire alarm fitted. He


didn't even record that this basement existed as part of a shop


he assessed in Blackwood. The judge handed Brian Fakir a six month


suspended jail sentence and ordered that the complete 180 hours


committee service. He told in your assessments failed to address the


most obvious risks. It seems to me they were valueless. He also told


the court it was jaw-dropping that anyone could set themselves up as a


consultant and give fire safety advice without having any formal


quotations. South Wales Fire and rescue hope this case will help them


in their campaign to change the rules. It is a vital piece of


legislation. The skill sets and require -- requires to identify this


and we're talking about potential loss of life and serious injury, we


have to have people qualified and experienced to undertake that work.


Saint Davids Hospice has furnished this shop that has had to spend tens


of thousands of pounds reassessing all its properties. The Fire Service


is now urging other customers to get in touch.


The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales says he's "disappointed"


that Bridgend Council has rejected his recommendation


to compensate a man who grew up in foster care for failing


In December, Nick Bennett said the council should pay Rob Johnson


more than ?3,000 by January but the payment has not been made.


Rob Johnson was two-years-old when he was fostered but having


turned 18 he's starting to stand on his own two feet.


His carers had put money aside for him.


However, when Rob asked the council for his savings when he left care,


there was substantially less than he was expecting.


He still hopes that he'll receive the full amount.


It would make my life better. It's my money and it's not been given to


me. I feel a bit let down by the council. I want you to get justice.


Following an investigation, the Ombudsman agreed some


of the savings were wrongly used by the council.


He'll meet with officials tomorrow to discuss the case.


I hope I can persuade the council leader that it would be a very


disappointing message to the people of Bridgend and further afield if


they cannot see they have a responsibility to put this wrong


right. The Ombudsman says he will issue


a further special report if the authority doesn t


change its stance Bridgend council said it takes its


role as a corporate parent seriously and the council goes on to explain


that as the ombudsman has recognised this case raises issues at the


national level and that it would be inappropriate to seek a deal with


them at a local level. The thing about an individual case like this


is that it highlights a crack in the system and once this case is


resolved the Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government


Association will look at the consistency of rights to savings and


pocket money are being applied right across Wales to make sure it is


consistent and fair. This case may have wider


implications in the long run but the focus will now be


on tomorrow's meeting, and whether Rob Johnson


will get his money or not. The sister of a Welsh fisherman


who died in an accident on his boat is helping to lead a new campaign


to improve safety at sea. In a film produced by the RNLI,


Yona Hughes, from the Lleyn peninsular, speaks movingly


about her brother. Gareth Jones died after getting


caught up in deck machinery while he was fishing alone


on his boat. He was my younger brother, two years


between us. We were great friends. Yona Hughes was close to her


brother. He knew everyone in the village and the area and because of


his work he knew various fishermen from across the country. Dafydd


Jones grew up with the sea and boats. He was 36 when he died in


March 20 14. He was fishing alone when his clothing got caught up in a


deck winch. Because he was on his own he wasn't able to free himself.


Complete and utter shock. It was just awful. I couldn't believe such


a thing happened. But it did happen and all too frequently. The RNLI


said it launched 450 times to commercial fishing related incidents


last year. Sean Williams 's secretary of the pot fishermen 's


Association. I want to make it as safe as possible to work


single-handedly. Half the fishermen work single-handedly and it is a


dangerous occupation. I try now to think about everything I do


carefully. With problems often caused by older equipment the RNLI


is now urging operators to take advantage of an EU fund to improve


safety. You need to come home their families at the end of the day and


you need to keep yourself safe and your boat well equipped.


Tonight's sport now. Here's Tomos.


It's the biggest sporting event of the year with 200 million people


expected to watch on TV around the world.


For the first time Wales will host the Champions League


Before the men's final, the women will take centre stage


at the Cardiff City Stadium 100 days from now.


It kicked off with a quiet staging a flash mob. Previously quiet corner


of this Cardiff library as confused at first. Organisers hope the


women's game will be given a go because staging both finals has its


advantages. It gives the spectators a chance to see both finals. For the


national team manager and ambassador for the finals it's a chance to grow


the game here. Jayne Ludlow was forced away from the sport as a


teenager. Too few opportunities free and girls. I went back to track and


field for a few years because they weren't many female clubs in Wales.


It has grown and we want to push down any boundaries. Events like


this can only help us do that. This singer got his hands on the first


ticket. Organisers are hoping to sell 15,000. At ?6 for adults and


three times the children they are a fraction of the cost of the men's


final with top tickets are ?390. They will be hoping for better


weather in June when both the finals will take place. Part of a four-day


festival of football. Large parts of Cardiff will be transformed to cater


for tens of thousands of fans. The only British side left in the


competition, Manchester City, have just signed Carli Lloyd, the player


who won the World Cup for the USA. The lights of Barcelona are also


aiming to make it to Cardiff. Whichever teams contest the final


there is no doubt it will be a massive that is to security


challenge, staging the biggest sporting event of 2017.


Newport County, four points adrift at the bottom of League Two,


County are expected to have Mitch Rose available after appealing


the midfielder's red card in the defeat at Cambridge


To rugby and George North is on course to return from injury


for Wales' Six Nations game against Scotland on Saturday.


The wing missed the defeat to England with a leg injury,


but defence coach Shaun Edwards says he's trained today and there


We are looking very healthy at the moment. Healthier than we were in


the England week. We are going to be selecting from strength. We are


aware of the threat from Scotland. The games are won and lost upfront


and the forward battle will be pivotal.


The team is announced on Thursday. Back to you, Jamie.


Generations of holiday by the seaside in Porthcawl the visitors


have declined. Now they will be multi-million pound maritime centre


will. Riding high above Porthcawl in its


heyday. For decades tourists have flocked to this town attracted by


its caravan parks and beaches. But in recent years although visitors


have continued to come here some argue it's a shadow of what it once


was. There was a massive building here which was a cinema. Victor


Davis is Porthcawl born and bred and has lived here for 82 years


witnessing its ups and downs. Growing up here in the 30s and 40s


he and his friends would take advantage of the high volume of


people coming into the town. We would be the train and we would take


the cases to trickle Bay. There was a train every hour so you couldn't


walk when you add on the beach without stepping on someone it was a


backpack. How have you seen exchange? It's not the same as it


was. It's lost something. Porthcawl has a lot to offer but it's days


like this that let it down. There is little to do here which is within


new development over here comes into play. Cosy corner as it's known next


to the harbour was named after the former cosy cinema which was once


year along with the skating rink. The plan for the space now is


Porthcawl Marathon Centre including watersports and exercise facilities,


a science centre and an outdoor theatre. Those behind it say


although figures show close to ?1 million -- close to a million people


visit the area some only visits per day. Most people will come for a day


to walk along the seaside and have an ice cream. Then they go home.


What we are trying to create is somewhere people can feel with a


want to come and stay and spend money. It's a chance to have an


all-weather attraction, somewhere that might be thought of as a


seaside holiday destination. It is a way of getting people to see the


fantastic coastline in all its majesty. Work could begin as early


as this year with the building expected to open by 2019. A place


for tourists to go when the weather is not so kind to this seaside town.


The weather now and Doris is heading our way.


Heavy rain and strong winds likely on Thursday and an amber warning in


place. Not as bad tonight. We have some patchy rain to deal with. A


little bit windy out and about. Overnight we will see more


persistent rain coming in from the north-west but still some dry


weather as well. Temperatures not dropping too much thanks to the


wind. As we head into tomorrow we have this cold weather front


lingering and bringing a lot of cloud and rain from the word go. Not


a very nice for the rush hour tomorrow morning. Strong winds from


the West. Poor visibility and we will hang on to the rain as we head


into the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow still pretty mild for the


time of year. Tomorrow night we do have that rain for a time. We will


hang on to the cloud and overnight another band of rain will push in


from the south-west. Starting to get a bit chilly tomorrow night.


Temperatures down to four Celsius. Then stormed Doris and a deep area


of low pressure as we head into Thursday bringing with it the rain


and then the wind. We do have an amber warning across North Wales for


Thursday. Guests of 70 or 80 mph could cause some problems with


travel. For the rest of the country we have the yellow be aware warning.


The good news is once the rain clears through it will brighten up


and temperatures ranging between eight and 10 Celsius. Once the rain


clears on Thursday night it is looking to try and turning colder as


we head into the end of the week. Chilly but bright on Friday and


looking unsettled for the weekend. The headlines. They heterosexual


couple have lost a court battle to have a civil partnership rather than


be married. Civil partnerships are currently only available to same-sex


couples. A teacher from Swansea says he is still waiting for answers


after he was removed from a flight to New York while on a school trip.


25-year-old Juhel Miah who teaches in Neath was flying from Iceland to


the United States when he was asked to leave the plane.


I'll have an update for you here at 8:00pm and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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