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A reminder of the day's main story... The


Welcome to Wales Today, our top stories tonight -


Christine and Roger Solik from the Cynon Valley were brutally


Their family tell us of their devastation.


Described as wonderful parents to their four children, relatives are


dealing with the shock of the news and I getting used -- ready to fly


out to South Africa. Are BBC license fee payers in Wales


being short-changed? BBC Scotland is today given more


money and a brand new channel. If Debra Poole re-marries she'll


lose her police widow's pension, she tells us why she's campaigning


for the rules to be changed. I'm being made to choose


between love and money. The Duchess of Cornwall is right


on cue during a visit to And he's back in the starting line


up, can George North repeat last season's performance


against Scotland this Saturday? The family of a couple found


brutally murdered in South Africa say they are "devastated"


by the news of their deaths. The bodies of Christine


and Roger Solik, originally from the Cynon Valley,


were found in a river around James Williams has spent


the day in Mountain Ash where some of their family members


still live, he sent us this report. Inseparable and a relationship to


aspire to. It is to be used from four loving children to their


parents. Christine and Roger Solik. Born and bred in the mountain ash


area of the Cynon Valley. I have spoken to Christine's brother and


sister where they are consoling their mother and they are devastated


by the news and finding it difficult to comprehend it was only last month


they saw Christine who had returned home to bury her father. A tight


knit community mourns. People are shocked by the news we have heard,


the brutality and the senselessness of the killings and the thoughts the


community out with the family. My office managers know the family and


she's has spoken to them already and they said they are devastated which


is understandable. Married in the Valleys, it was however South Africa


where the need their life. Moving there in 1981. Work, family and


retirements would follow before enjoying their final days in the can


to's Kwazulu-Natal province. In a town not far from the mountains.


Police suspect they were kidnapped from their home last Friday.


Christine's body was found later that day in a river, bound and


murdered 50 miles from their home in a gated community. Later, the couple


's car was found abandoned in another area. Roger, 66 and


suffering from Parkinson's disease, would not be found until Monday.


Over a mile from where Christine's body was discovered. With around 51


murders a day in South Africa violence is not uncommon. But


elements of this case seem unusual. There is a lot of shock and the


police are taking it seriously because it isn't normal in these


kind of cases the people would be taken away from their home,


kidnapped, and then killed somewhere else. That is unusual and so the


police are focusing on trying to find out what the motive is here


because it is not normal that happens. There is an awful lot of


detail in this case to come out that hopefully will make things a bit


more clear because people are not only frightened but very baffled by


how this has happened. From a small town in South Africa to a small town


in the South Wales Valleys. That shock at the murder of Christine and


Roger Solik continues to reverberate.


The Foreign Office has said tonight that they'll support the family


Yes, they have. A spokeswoman at the heart of the Foreign Office has said


they are working closely with the local police and are happy to assist


the family. The local police have said they are working around the


clock to try to catch the killers. I have been here all day and I've been


talking to Christine's family. They are devastated. Earlier this evening


had an opportunity to speak to her mother. She told me Christine and


Roger had been wonderful parents to their four lovely children and I


asked what was Christine like? She says she was chatty, just like her.


Members of both families are going to leave the UK and fly to South


Africa on Saturday ahead of Tuesday's funeral service in Cape


Town. In South Africa they will meet Christine and Roger's children who


released their statement saying please keep them in force and


prayers. -- thoughts. The BBC has been accused


of insulting Wales after it announced a new Television


channel and funding for Scotland It comes a day AFTER it


confirmed an ?8.5 million Our Arts and Media Correspondent,


Huw Thomas, has been taking a look This is an argument


about the BBC's priorities This morning, in Glasgow,


the BBC revealed it's investing ?19 million of new money in Scotland


recruiting 80 journalists, and launching a brand new channel


with a nightly news programme featuring local and world news


from a Scottish perspective. It'll also spend ?20 million


to increase the number of programmes that are made in Scotland and shown


across the UK. Now this has proved controversial


today because it comes just a day after the announcement that


an extra ?8.5 million would be coming to Wales,


mainly for new dramas, Not all good news for those who'd


been calling for an extra And politicians from different


parties are saying it's unfair. It is clear to me, whatever Scotland


wants to do and how it wants to arrange its programming,


that is fine for the BBC. But as one of the devolved


nations, license payers in Wales should get the same deal as


licence payers in Scotland. The BBC denies that accusation,


saying the new money it's spending in Wales will be


"transformational". It says spending on programmes made


in Wales like Doctor Who and Casualty meant it was already way


ahead of Scotland in making There's also the money the BBC


spends on Welsh language output, including much


of the budget for S4C. At the end of the day, this boils


down to what the audience wants. Viewers in Scotland have different


needs to those in Wales, and the different choices being made


require different levels of funding. Bosses at Aberthaw power station


in the Vale of Glamorgan say cleaner coal from overseas will be used


in future to ensure emissions EU judges ruled the plant


was pumping out illegal levels of air pollution,


and had to change Our environment correspondent


Steffan Messenger has had rare access to see what the future holds


for one of Wales's This is the route we are


putting new investment on. This huge site capable of powering


three million UK homes is at a By 1967 this industrial wilderness


will begin to look like this. At the time it was built,


it was hailed as one of the most advanced power stations in the world


designed to use Welsh coal which takes longer to


burn than alternatives. But as well as carbon emissions that


process produces toxic nitrogen oxide gases


which can harm people's health. In September last year


the European Court of Justice ruled that Aberthaw was pumping out double


the legal amount. Several years ago this stockroom


would probably have held With the introduction


of new legislation we have to change our diet


across from low volatile coal, the indigenous Welsh coals


across to highly volatile coal which, unfortunately,


is only available outside of the UK. The plant operator, RWE is investing


?5 million in upgrading its boilers and conveyor belts


to handle coal from places It is also cutting its


operating hours focusing on supplying electricity only at times


of peak demand, It means that from the end


of the month the vast majority of deliveries from Welsh


opencast mines will end. For the people who work this


is a really poignant scene, the penultimate delivery of coal


from Tower Colliery here to It is happening because the UK


is shifting its energy mix away from burning fossil fuels like


coal towards more low carbon energy generation, renewable


energy and new nuclear power plants like the one


that is planned on Anglesey. The Westminster government wants


to see all coal fired power stations But that is still eight years away


and in the meantime, Aberthaw's manager believes it has


an important role to play. Although there has been


periods this year when coal generation has fallen


to zero in the summer, when the margins are tight the UK


very much needs the capability That is where we see our future


for the next few years. Not everyone agrees


as this protest at It is going to close as a result of


government policy and the fact it is very old. Isn't it time to start


thinking beyond that rather than eking out a few little bits of extra


profit from an ageing asset? For the 200 or so staff


it is a challenging time. But Aberthaw's managment team say


the changes being put in place will mean they can keep generating


power here until at least 2021. A man from Pontypridd


been jailed for 28 days for filming and livestreaming


a court case on Facebook. 39-year-old David Davies,


from Llantwit Fardre, broadcast the footage on Monday


as a witness gave evidence He was arrested when he returned


yesterday and sentenced Cameras are not allowed in courts


in Wales and England. The number of cancer cases in Wales


has risen by nearly ten percent There were just over


19,000 diagnoses in 2015, Public Health Wales says the main


reason for the increase The Charity Commission has


launched an investigation Capricorn Animal Rescue


near Mold looks after injured But welfare and financial concerns


were highlighted by a BBC Wales The Charity Commission


says it decided to act following complaints from the public


and former volunteers. It is a relief really,


I think that is the main feeling, relief that someone is being looked


into and hopefully changes will It is quite concerning they have


frozen their bank account knowing the animals


are still in that rescue. But we know there is a lot of people


there ready to come in We are just grateful somebody has


paid attention and done something. The commissioner who advises Welsh


ministers on sustainability says plans for a new M4 relief road


should not go ahead. Sophie Howe, the Future


Generations Commissioner, believes the plan is "ill


conceived" and not the most The Welsh Government wants to build


the new motorway south of Newport to ease congestion,


at a cost of ?1.1 billion. A public inquiry on the project


starts next week. There are calls tonight for police


widows to be granted a pension for life even if they


re-marry or live with a new partner. New legislation from the Home Office


means only the spouses of officers Debra Poole moved from Cardiff


to Ceredigion with her husband Russell when he retired


from the police service. It was their dream to have a quieter


life so bought this smallholding in Sarnau near Cardigan


after he finished working. Russell had been a hard-working


and decorated officer Debra was just 47 when he died


from cancer nearly 15 years ago and was left to bring up


three young children. She receives a widow's


pension of around ?900 each month which is vital


for her with her younger But if she remarried or lived


with a new partner Debra would I will be made to choose


between love and money. He quite often put his life


on the line for the job, and I'm not saying he never thought


anything about it, that was his job. But he also paid 11% of his pay


every month for his pension Debra wants the regulations


to change and on this More than a 115,000 people


have signed a petition. They want the rules to be


brought into line with Northern Ireland which grants all


police widows a pension for life. The Home Office says new legislation


brought in last year means the spouses or partners of officers


who die on duty will retain their The system changed a little bit


for England and Wales from the 1st of April 2015 but there is no


retrospective change in it. There is a retrospective change


in Northern Ireland where, if widows or widowers have remarried


they have been able to get Clearly, people get into a situation


where is it going to be a future happiness for them or is it


going to be how much money they have That is an unfair decision


for people to make. That is where Debra finds herself,


unable to do what her husband wanted after his death and move


on with her life. You're watching Wales


Today from the BBC. He's the only change in the starting


line up on Saturday, can George North repeat last year's


success against Scotland? It was against the rules,


why more Welsh will now be The Duchess of Cambridge has been


in Torfaen visiting a project which helps young people in care


with mental health problems. It's her first visit to Wales


as the official patron Is not as you might expect on a


royal visit. But this mental health project in Pontypool is aligned with


a caused the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to champion. Children's


mental health. Foster carers and pen is told about the expert support


they received from staff here. The charity Action for Children has been


commissioned for the past 12 years to provide the service by Torfaen


council and the local health board. Lots of our children from difficult


his studies and backgrounds and for them to have the pitches come and


celebrate with them the changes they have made to their lives is


important. Craig was one of the first people to meet the Duchess of


Cambridge today. He was taken into care. He told me he used to get


angry at school and storm out of class. I was getting into trouble


loads of times but now I am just settling down really well. I have


been doing anger management. It means you don't go out of class? You


do more work in school. What was of like meeting the Duchess of


Cambridge? Really good but nervous. Nerve wracking. Is she any good that


Paul? A bit. Not as good as you. Things have improved so much he is


considering going back to his birth family, proof the life changing


event of been taking into care doesn't have to affect life chances.


They were a fair few questions from these 80 roles. A quick hug and then


onto next engagement. The Queen Mother charity's Payton and her last


year, the Duchess of Cambridge picking up today where she left off.


Some MPs have tried it but it's been against the rules until now.


Last year the government said the translation


costs would be too high, but now the rules are changing


to allow Welsh to be spoken in some debates.


It's a campaign that's gone on for years,


as our parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock reports.


Can I tell the member of the House, there are standards of dress


Ond mae'r heniaith yn y tir ac alawon hen yn fyw.


The honourable gentleman will do the Hansard writers the great


courtesy of providing them with the text of which


he has just eloquently read to the House.


Nearly every rule that Parliament has is broken in some way


Theoretically, the rule is the language of Parliament is


English but, of course, when Her Majesty signs off bills


Last year, the government said allowing MPs to speak Welsh


at Westminster would be too expensive so why


Every single penny of the additional cost incurred will be


within the current budget of the House.


The fact that we have been sensible about our approach, we have


looked at what this actually means from a fiscal point of view, means


we can reflect the legal status of the Welsh language


without bearing any further cost to the taxpayer.


The change will apply only to the Welsh grand committee,


a forum for the 40 Welsh MPs that has few powers and rarely meets.


In fact, the Welsh grand hasn't met for a year


but the next time its members gather here at Westminster their


debates will, for the first time, be bilingual.


The change of heart has been widely welcomed.


Often, I have been in Welsh grand debates where


the majority of people attending the debate would be Welsh speakers.


Late on a Thursday afternoon in Westminster Hall, the majority of


people you'd speak Welsh to if conversing in private.


It will be natural for most of us to have a chance to debate in Wales


and I think it is a welcome step forward.


But don't expect to hear Welsh used much of the chamber of


either the Commons or the House of Lords.


There, Norman French remains the language of choice for special


Rugby and George North will return to Wales' starting line-up


for Saturday's Six Nations clash against Scotland at Murrayfield.


He's recovered from a leg injury, that sidelined him for Wales' 21-16


loss to England earlier this month and replaces Alex Cuthbert.


It's the only change, with Wales boss Rob Howley retaining


a back row of Sam Warburton, Justin Tipuric and Ross Moriarty.


Taulupe Faletau is on the bench again.


Ross, how much of an impact could George North have on the weekend?


Pretty big. He was a world-class player and Wales looked like a


different team with him in their starting line-up. The way he took


that try against Italy. He had that leg injury and it didn't stop him


running from 70 yards. A good record against Scotland. He scored a try


against them last year. He has scored a try in his last 56 Nations


game. It is a record. If he's goes this weekend come he will be the


only player out to score six consecutive tries. He is worth a try


and stop he will have to be on his defensive mettle is because


Scotland's back three are potent. You got Tommy Seymour,. Wales have


had a long winding streets against Scotland, do you think you can make


-- they can make it ten in a row? The bookies have them as favourites.


People thought they were the dark horses after they win against


Ireland. But they have been brought back down to earth with that defeat


against France in Paris. Wales have bullied them over the years, they


have not lost the Scotland since Warren Gatland took over in 2008.


They have bullied them up front which is what France did last week.


Those victories, there have been nine in a row, an average 15 points.


They normally win quite healthily against Scotland. They have got the


psychological edge. Scotland suffering with some key injuries.


Greig Laidlaw is out. He is their goalkicker. Strauss, their biggest


ball-carriers missing. The bookies have a marginal favourites but both


teams of the best bits of victories because having lost one each come if


they lose another, they are out of contention for the Six Nations. It


is win or bust for both Wales and Scotland.


There are weather warnings in place ahead of that game on saturday.


Wet and windy overnight into tomorrow. The Met office has issued


the warning is for Doris. A warning that ghosts could reach 70 to 80 mph


along the North Wales coast. This is the rapidly deepening area of low


pressure will stop Storm bodies -- storm Doris arriving overnight. Rain


heavy at times. Overnight turning windy with another band of rain


spreading in from the north-west in the early hours. Strengthening


of 4-9 C. The brain is at its of 4-9 C. The brain is at its


heaviest first thing tomorrow. Easing through the morning don't


wind picks up. Deals as well. Reuters buzz developing later.


Remaining very windy. Most of Wales covered by well a yellow warning.


The white arrows are the average wind speeds. It will feel colder.


Tomorrow night, the storm clears eastwards and a chance of a few


wintry showers. Turning cold overnight with winds slowly easing,


drier and quietly but called with a frost risk early Friday. Generally


fine, bright and breezy on Friday. Cloud thickening and rain starting


to arrive from the north-west later in the day. After a wet and very


windy Thursday with storm Doris, fine for a time on Friday and then


drain and strengthening winds spread eastwards overnight Friday into


Saturday. Some dry spells is fully time on Saturday before another


friend arise from the west bringing rain later Saturday and Sunday could


be fine at first with rain later. There is a smartphone app where you


can have an explain the forecast online.


The family of a couple found brutally murdered in South Africa


say they are "devastated" by the news of their deaths.


The bodies of Christine and Roger Solik, originally


from the Cynon Valley, were found in a river around


That is Wales today. I would have a quick update at eight o'clock. They


will be a full round-up after BBC News at ten.


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