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Our top stories this evening - These diamonds may look priceless -


but the man who bought them lost tens of thousands of pounds.


He's among the Welsh victims defrauded out of millions.


If I dwelt on it every day of the week, my life would be an bearable.


Uprooted trees, roads and businesses closed,


and around 13,000 properties without power


tonight - the clean up begins after Storm Doris.


Gareth Bale is aiming to win the Champions League


in his home city - with 100 days to go,


the logistic challenge of staging the World s biggest


Figures show big falls in circulation as more of us go online.


And the Six Nations is back this weekend and Wales had to


Attenborough. Can rob Howley's men continue what's been a decade of


dominance over the Scots? Victims of fraud in Wales have lost


more than ?2.5 million over the past two years -


that's according to the latest But there's a warning tonight


that the TRUE figure could be up to 20 times that -


as MOST victims will In this special report,


Jenny Rees has been speaking to a man who has lost over ?100,000


of his life savings. This was the promise, invest in


diamonds for a higher return than any savings account. This is the


reality, one of five small diamonds the investor bought, paying several


thousand pounds for each of them. They are worth a fraction of that.


It's called a fancy intense paint and it's pretty but will not be


worth anything like the ?18,000 he paid for it. It's worth about ?2000.


This cyber crime reporting Centre suggests more than ?2.6 million has


been lost by individuals in Wales in the last two years, trading


standards say the true figure could be much more as most victims never


come forward. They will do anything to get your money. We have had


people who lost almost everything, they ended up with their homes


belonging to something else because they were persuaded to enter an


equity release scheme, so in their old age they are worried about being


able to stay in their homes. The gentleman who lost the diamonds lost


over ?100,000 to three different scams. He is too embarrassed to


speak openly about how he was conned and has not told his family. One man


told me his wife expected a baby and had a miscarriage. He was crying on


the phone, he told his bosses he would sell this diamond. I said I


couldn't manage all the money he wanted, but I felt I was letting him


down. Imagine being so stupid as to send ?500. I lost my confidence in


myself. If I dwelt on it every day of the week, my life would be


unbearable. Last year Martin Rees Jones from Cardiff was jailed for


six years by a court in America for money laundering and fraud. At the


future mother and -- father-in-law of Gareth Bale, his role attracted


headlines but behind those were 250 victims. Nigel Kent spent money on


shares that turned out to be worthless. Then you get more phone


calls because you have bought one set of shelves and are a soft touch.


I had conversations that went from high-pressure sales to violence


because I wouldn't invest more. They got quite aggressive, at which point


I think these people are bad news. Was it her fault? Of course not.


Trading standards hold a number of events through the year. Today it is


with NatWest bank, to raise awareness of the scams out there


before people fall photo of an offer too good to be true.


More than 13,000 homes are without power tonight


following Storm Doris - the majority in North and Mid Wales.


Gusts of 94 miles per hour were recorded in Capel Curig


in Snowdonia, and there were long delays for people


This evening Arriva Trains Wales says passengers should only travel


As a casualty of Storm Doris it was perhaps predictable that


Colwyn Bay's historic pier should suffer more damage.


It had already been weakened by collapse two weeks ago


but in terms of the effect on everyday lives across Wales,


it was the loss of power to thousands of homes that


In Menai Bridge, businesses were forced to shut.


This restaurant should have been busy at lunchtime.


We had some power, half the building wasn't on and at 10am


the whole lot went off, so we have been waiting,


we have now cancelled customers over lunchtime


so we're twiddling our thumbs until it comes back.


We've seen supplies interrupted in rural areas but also urbanised


areas which for this type of event is not usual but when you're dealing


with wind speeds over 90 mph, it's not an uncommon thing to see,


but it means our task is more difficult as we have to spread


From before first light this morning, the storm


Countless trees and branches were brought down.


In some places they simply caused inconvenience,


in other cases there were some narrow escapes.


At Anglesey the frontage was blown off a shop.


Near Wrexham our camera mans car ended up under a tangled branches.


Aberystwyth has had its share of storm damage in the past,


today the town seems to have got off lightly.


You look at the weather forecast, the high tide, you try to gauge


whether there will be a storm, whether you need to put sandbags


and shutters up or just batten down the hatches,


move everything out, take away garden furniture and put it away,


simple precautions because you don't want things flying around.


The Britannia Bridge was closed for a while,


there were hold-ups on flights from Cardiff airport, including


Ferry traffic to Ireland was disrupted, in Holyhead


We were hoping to go this morning at 8:50am and fortunately that ferry


We were then put onto the lunchtime sailing, which should go out


in about five minutes but I don't think that in at the moment it


that's been delayed on the sea, so we're now going at 8:30pm.


There have been five cancelled departures today with problems


on one service knocking onto those that follow,


but the weather seems to have eased and traffic is moving.


Around Wales today Storm Doris has brought some dramatic images,


some damage and disruption, certainly a deal of inconvenience


Roger Pinney reporting - and Derek will be here with a full


weather forecast later in the programme.


The mother of a 14-year-old girl who was found dead in Milford Haven


says her daughter took her own life after being bullied online.


Megan Evans was found two weeks ago and police


Nicola Harteveld was speaking to ITV's This Morning programme.


Nobody knows what goes on in somebody else's head and I'm


careful because words can't be taken back and words can kill,


it's simple, you've got to try and put yourself in that


person's shoes and think, would you like to receive that text


message, is that something you would like to be sent to you?


The deadline has passed this evening - and there's still no


After three days locked in the Cathedral in Cardiff


the Church in Wales' electroal college was unable to decide


The five other bishops in Wales will now make a final decision.


Our reporter James Williams is at the Cathedral.


So, how unusual is it that they've not been able to make a decision?


This has only ever happened once before back in 2004 when they were


electing the Bishop of Bangor. Bishops littered shows the late


Anthony Crockett, who was seen by some as controversial because it was


the worst and then remarried, so the fact that in this case the 47 strong


electoral College has been unable to choose a Bishop suggests there is a


candidate who is proving controversial. Next the five other


bishops in Wales will conduct a Wales wide consultation before a


final decision. That process took six weeks last time. Until the risk


of full slate of Welsh bishops they cannot choose the next Archbishop of


Wales, so a delay in choosing the next Bishop of Llandaff means a


delay in choosing the next Archbishop. Those rules are vacant


following are more than's retirement last month. This affects this


diocese, the most populous one in Wales, but also has wider


ramifications. A man from Tredegar -


accused of downloading so-called Islamic State manuals -


has been told he'll stand 23-year old Nathan Saunders appeared


at The Old Bailey in London charged with five counts of possessing


a record likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing


an act of terrorism. The number of Syrian refugees


resettled in Wales has reached at least 397,


according to figures All councils here -


apart from Pembrokeshire - had resettled refugees by the end


of December as part of the UK It's the biggest single sporting


event being staged anywhere The final of the Champions League


is 100 days away - and organisers say that it


will be unlike anything Around 200,000 people


are expected to be in Cardiff for the match in June -


Nick Palit reports. Gareth Bale taking centre stage


last year, celebrating Real Madrid's Champions League


victory over Atletico Madrid when they returned to the Bernabeu


to be welcomed by adoring fans. The 2016 final had been staged


in Milan's San Siro Stadium and drew a TV audience of hundreds


of millions across the world. For this city itself,


a colourful festival of football. Cardiff will have


a lot to live up to. Now in 100 days the Uefa Champions


League final will be in Cardiff, the Principality Stadium temporarily


rebranded for this game. When Europe's finest meat


here at the National Stadium on Saturday the 3rd of June,


it will be broadcast to more than 200 countries and seen


by an audience of It will be the largest sporting


event in the world in 2017 but Cardiff is the smallest city ever


to host the Champions League final. It's expected to generate up to ?45


million for the local economy. Cardiff and the city centre


stadium are used to such high-profile sporting events


but First Minister Carwyn Jones In the days before its devolution,


if I said we would host the Champions League final


in Cardiff it would be laughable, we've come a long way since then,


and this is not just for Cardiff but the whole of Wales


and its profile. Organisers acknowledge that such


a high-profile event When we were awarded


the event in 2015 the world The atrocities in Paris,


Brussels, East Berlin, we have to take measures


so there will be levels of security around the stadium but it's


there for a good reason. Moving and accommodating


the number of travelling fans 24 fast trains will run from Cardiff


to London after the match and a cruise ship holding 1200


people will dock in Newport. A second temporary terminal will be


set up at Cardiff airport. Around 170,000 people will be


staying in a hotel on match day but Cardiff has just a fraction


of that number of rooms. This city is very busy


for the Champions League final, it has been booked up for over two


years but as a city we have worked together with neighbours as far


as Bristol, Swansea and beyond, so it will have a major effect not


just in Cardiff but Wales. As well as a capacity


crowd in the stadium, the rest of the city will be able


to enjoy the atmosphere at fan zones similar to those which proved


popular last summer One will be located in Cardiff Bay,


just part of a festival of football to entertain an estimated 200,000


fans who will descend You're watching Wales


Today from the BBC - still to come on the programme,


Talupe Faletau came off the number EIGHT to make a big


impact this weekend.And Doris was the worst storm to hit Wales


so far this winter. But what can we can expect


over the next few days? If you DO, you're among


a dwindling number according There have been BIG


falls in circulation for some Welsh papers -


and despite a growing number of visits to their websites -


publishers are struggling Our Arts and Media Correspondent,


Huw Thomas, has more. This is the newsroom,


where all the hard work At the Abergavenny Chronicle,


a small staff keeps this historic weekly paper in print with a steady


circulation of 6000 copies, it is weathering a long-term storm


in the publishing industry that swept away tens of thousands


of readers and while business has been tough, the Chronicle relies


on a dedicated readership. People tend to trust what they read


in a local newspaper and this works for advertising as well as editing,


people trust what they see and are more likely to retain it,


but you hope to standard is such that we don't go for fake news just


to get the headlines, so hopefully on Thursday people


will have picked up snippets from Facebook and Twitter


and will come to the Chronicle and think, OK,


this is the proper story. Today's headlines make tough


reading for the papers. The Daily Post is Wales's biggest


seller, averaging 22,000 copies, down from over 23,500


a year earlier. Swansea's Evening Post falls


in a circulation of 21,000 compared to more than 24,000 at the previous


counts and a national newspaper of Wales, the western mail,


has a little over 15,500 copies 3000 fewer than the year before,


but the internet is where many of the titles


focus their energies, with Wales Online's audience going to almost


300,000 daily visitors. Our daily habits are


on display at Abergavenny. It's good to have the news


on your doorstep and the paper, I don't know many people who buy


newspapers these days. It tends to be all


over the internet. While online news booms


it is incredibly tough to make money from website adverts compared


to the income newspapers had got used to, but the internet dominates


and it's the focus for the next generation of journalists


at Cardiff University who think The New York Times and Washington


Post are examples of newspapers that are embracing it and traditional


journalism skills are still there, Given world events and the amount


of news online, some argue a strong There will be another Assembly


inquiry into the industry later this year and a man who ran Newport Argus


newspaper says his new year and a man who ran Newport Argus


newspaper says his old The alternative to it is what we're


already seeing in America where President Trump is labelling


anything he doesn't agree with as fake news and basically


saying if you want to know the truth just listen to me,


and that's not healthy. The next generation know they're


entering a disrupted industry but its long-term future will rely


on a dedicated audience and a model A mother from Llanelli


who has a rare bone cancer is hoping to raise ?70,000


to travel abroad for Nicola White - who has been


given two years to live - was first diagnosed with cancer


17 years ago. As a teenager Nicola White was


diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. Having undergone several


rounds of chemotherapy and several operations, Nicola recovered and


started a family but the cancer has returned and her treatment options


on the NHS have come to an end. I finished chemotherapy in August and


was told it still isn't operable or curable and that basically whatever


I have next is to prolong my life or palliative care, to just keep me


going. With a desire to live and see her children grow up, Nicola is


seeking treatment abroad. I've gone through too much to give up now. I


battled through it so many different times in different places, I had an


amputation, I've had to adapt to this way of living and I can't stop


now, for my children's seeks. High-energy proton beam therapy is a


type of radiotherapy that targets cancer cells without harming healthy


ones. Millions of pounds has been spent on researching its effects of


the treatment is not yet available in the UK. There have been limited


studies at its usefulness but these tend to focus on cases where it


occurs in the pelvis and the spine and the skull base, which did have


some facts and some usefulness but there hasn't been wide investigation


looking at its use in osteosarcoma in general. ?70,000 is needed to


help Nicola travel abroad for treatment. After daughter's primary


school they have organised fund-raising events and a page has


been set up. We want to save Nicola, we don't want anything bad to


happen. No one wants that to happen so were helping her. People have


cancer and it's not very nice and we want to be nice to other people.


Unwilling to give up her fight, Nicola hopes to capture many more


happy memories in the years ahead. Now with news from the Wales rugby


camp - here's Claire. of their Six Nations


clash on Saturday. 24 hours on from naming his side,


Rob Howley said today selecting some positions was a welcome headache,


especially with four world class Wales have enjoyed a decade


of dominance over Scotland, but they are expecting a tough


battle at Murrayfield. Rob Howley relaxed and excited today


about a contest with Scotland that could prove to be an epic


Test match. The Wales coach says he is enjoying


the competition for places amongst his squad and he has


stuck with the same back row of Sam Warburton,


Justin Tipuric and Ross Moriarty, with world-class number eight


Taulupe Faletau on the bench. Howley says replacements could be


the key on Saturday but he's expecting winger George North


to have a big game. For me is he's a player that gets


supporters off seats, whenever he gets the ball and he's


very athletic, very powerful and I suppose his trial at Scotland


12 months ago it sums up George, how he can change games


and certainly he'll be looking The team bus has arrived,


ready to take Wales to the airport, and they will head to Murrayfield


having enjoyed a decade of dominance over the Scots


but captain Alun Wyn Jones said today that Scotland are a different


beast this year and Wales Our defence has got better


through the campaign as it usually does but we have seen


the willingness, they have to use the ball, marry that with a few


displays from set pieces, we have to be on our guard


and expect the unexpected. Scotland have made five changes


to the side that lost to France with Greig Laidlaw out,


captaining the Scots for the first time will be scarlets back row


John Barclay and he'll be facing eight of his Scarlets


team-mates in the Wales 23. I might send them a good luck


message but he's a good friend and I look forward


to going up against him. It's a proud record we have


and something we want to keep up so there is pressure for us


to perform, it's a big task to go So Murrayfield a happy hunting


ground for Wales over the last ten years but Scotland will be boosted


by their win over Ireland and will be backing themselves


to come out on top. Storm Doris will have passed


through by then but expect a whirlwind of passion and power


when the sides meet on Saturday. Swansea council has given


permission for formal talks. To take place over the future


of the Liberty Stadium. The council built the 27 million


pound stadium where Swansea City and the Ospreys have


played since 2005. The Swans' owners want to lease


the ground and explore more commercial opportunities out of it -


including stadium naming rights And finally tonight -


spare a thought for Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist,


Owain Doull. Just back in action after emergency


appendix surgery, he suffered a nasty crash which saw a break-disc


cut through his shoe and into his The Team Sky rider, is however


expected to carry on in the race Time for the all-important weather


forecast and after Doris Day today, Doris was the worst storm to hit


Wales so far this winter. The highest gust in the UK


was 94mph near Capel Curig Strong enough to bring down trees


like this one in Colwyn Bay. Less stormy in Gwbert


but blustery with some blue sky Well, it has moved away and is over


Denmark with stormy conditions Here in Wales,


still breezy this evening. Showers in mid and north


Wales heavy in places. And wintry on higher


ground with a little snow. And cold enough for


ground frost inland. Chilly but much drier


and calmer than today. The odd isolated shower


but most places dry. So a window of better


weather tomorrow but make Cloud will increase


during the afternoon with some rain reaching the west and northwest


later in the afternoon. Top temperatures seven to nine


Celsius and with lighter winds The wind lighter with a high


of 6C in Blaenavon. Strong to gale force


in the NW and turning milder. Some heavy rain, especially


in Snowdonia with hill fog. 12 in Flint. For the rugby


in Edinburgh on Saturday. Sunday dry for a while but the wind


will pick-up again with Next week,


turning colder and breezy So after Doris, a much calmer day


tomorrow. Thanks goodness. Our top stories tonight. Victims in Wales


have been different had of more than ?2.6 million over the past two years


according to the latest figures, but trading standards weren't true


number could be 20 times that as most victims never come forward.


More than 13,000 homes are without home tonight, the majority in North


and mid Wales. What's of 90 mph or are corded Ince stood only and train


passengers should only travel if their journey is essential.


I'll have an update at 8pm and a full round-up


From all of us on the programme, hwyl fawr, bye-bye.


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