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Torfaen's the latest council planning to scrap high school


Ffion's one of hundreds of pupils, parents and teachers


If there aren't enough people choosing certain courses then they


won't be able to run or if they have difficulty getting staff in the


first few years, then they won't be able to run the courses either.


A union says the Welsh Government's strategy to fund


as 60 staff who help people find jobs risk losing theirs.


Storm Doris caused more damage to Colwyn Bay pier.


The call now for it to be dismantled completely.


ahead of tomorrow's clash with Scotland.


Wales have to win to have any hope of being crowned champions.


And the million pound project hoping to double Wales' shellfish industry.


Hundreds of parents, pupils and teachers are calling


on the Welsh Government to block plans to remove sixth forms


from English-medium high schools in Torfaen.


Schools in Cwmbran, Croesyceiliog and Pontypool would be affected.


The council says plans to move post-16 provision


to a new ?20 million site in Cwmbran from 2019


Performing well, Saint Alden's high school in Pontypool. Sounds, lights


and much more, all the responsibility of sixth form


students. Without them, this show simply couldn't go on as often. Some


disappointed at the prospect of losing the sixth form. We have a lot


of schools coming from further up the valley and if we close down our


strict form and we have a college built down in Cwmbran, that creates


more barriers for disadvantaged students to access further


education. We are asking the question, could that money be spent


improving and enhancing education that we have here rather than a new


facility? There are three in this medium sixth forms in Torfaen. The


council wants to merge them, creating a ?20 million college at


this former industrial site near Cwmbran town centre. No one from


Torfaen council was available for interview today but officials have


told me in the longer term the authority expects to get less money


from the Welsh government, in part because fewer pupils will be coming


through the system here. Leave sixth forms as they are, they say, and


there's a chance that not all topics available now will be available in


future. They simply might not be the student numbers to make some of


those courses buyable. Get everyone on one site here, and you may create


a critical mass and get a better chance of offering that wide range


of courses. 14-year-old Ffion and others in her eurogroup would be the


first not to be able to stay in high school beyond their GCSEs. It would


have a lot of facilities, but if they have difficulty getting staff


in the first few years, then they wouldn't be able to run the courses


either, so new facilities are nothing without promises of great


teachers. And a promise of good outcomes and grades. The merger of


high school sixth forms has already happened elsewhere. Some in Gwinnett


years ago. Merthyr Tydfil did the same in 2013, against the wishes of


many at the time. Controversy back then, but now staff here say there


are more students, better links with industry and grades have improved.


The critical aspect for us has been the partnerships we have built up at


the local scholars to ensure that it is seamless transition from year 11


into the college. B show goes on in Torfaen. The schools watchdog says


sixth forms here are likely to at least maintain current standards. It


warning to, more assessment is needed on the effects on those from


low income backgrounds. The curtain isn't down yet. The proposal now


with the Welsh government for final approval on.


The trade union Unison is branding the Welsh government's approach


to the funding of its jobs advice service as "a mess" and wants


an urgent meeting to discuss plans to cut 10% of the workforce


The organisation says it's looking at all the options


Our business correspondent, Brian Meechan, joins us now.


Brian, what else is the union been saying? Careers Wales offers advice


to people going into work and training and apprenticeships. And it


is in the running at the moment to get a new contract to deliver this


scheme in future by the Bush government. It is fully owned and


funded by the Welsh government, but it has had budget cuts in recent


years. It has had gone from a staff of 1200 down to a staff of 600 and


it is now looking for a further 60 voluntary redundancies and Unison


say that frankly be current funding arrangement is a mess.


It doesn't make sense to us to plan a multi-million pound apprenticeship


programme next year where our careers members will be needed


and yet at the same time, they're downsizing their own service now.


We won't be in a position to deliver what the Welsh government want.


So what has been the response from the Welsh government and from


Careers Wales? Careers Wales say they have a budget shortfall and


they have to look at all the options on the table to try to deal with


that. The Welsh government has said that ultimately this organisation


has got to be more efficient and it's got to be on a longer-term


fitting with the funding that it is able to have and I think ultimately


we have seen budgets being cut. The Welsh government's budget has been


cut and Careers Wales is not the only organisation that is


experiencing that squeeze and the difficulties that they face so this


will be a 30 consultation period. As I say, it will be looking for


voluntary redundancies to start off with but it hasn't ruled out any


thing so we will have to see what happens next but Unison say there is


a real concern about the long-term future. Thinking.


A man from Cardiff has appeared in court accused of murdering his


31-year-old Matthew Scully Hicks denies killing


Elsie Scully Hicks, on the 29th of May last year.


He was released on bail, following a hearing


Two Cardiff men, including one seen here,


who unknowingly sold more than ?100,000 worth


of stolen cars to the police, during a six-month sting,


41-year-old Dean Cronin, and 28-year-old Daniel Gordon,


were behind a campaign to steal luxury vehicles


Both admitted conspiring to handle stolen goods.


Police in Llangennech say they don't believe the slashing of tyres


in the village is linked to a row over changing the local


primary school to Welsh-medium education only.


Dyfed-Powys Police confirmed they were investigating


reports of damage, but said the car owners didn't believe


they had been targeted because of the issue.


Around 1,000 homes across north Wales


are still without power, following Storm Doris.


Gusts of up to 94 miles per hour were recorded yesterday.


ScottishPower say they've drafted in extra engineers,


The storm caused further damage to the pier in Colwyn Bay


just weeks after a section collapsed into the sea.


The local Assembly Member, Darren Millar, is calling


on the council to dismantle the pier as soon as possible.


Take a look at the pier as it was in early February


and look again now that Storm Doris has been to visit.


Another sizeable section of the structure


Fortunately, it had already been fenced off and Conwy Council


engineers are preparing to inspect the damage and begin


I asked a retired civil engineer to give me his personal assessment


I seem to remember there was a lot of


cross bracing on the piece that has fallen, so that stability,


whatever it was in the condition it was, has now been lost, so the rest


There are ambitious plans being drawn up by a local trust


to salvage and restore what they can and give the pier


They admit it won't be cheap and will require


A long running legal fight between Conwy Council and the pier's


former owner was bitter at times but is now over.


We want to draw a line under the past.


We have a good working relationship with the council at the moment and


Without them, we won't succeed and they won't succeed either


without us, so it's a symbiotic relationship.


So hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will have


The pier trust says the storm damage hasn't


affected its plans or its timescale but there are those who feel that


it's now urgently necessary for work to begin to stop what's left


of the pier from coming to any more harm.


There's a lot of nostalgia in people's memories about the pier,


but at the end of the day, you know, at the moment,


it's not an asset for the town in its current state


so let's take it down, let's have a look at


whether there can be a creative solution found


to give it a future where it can be put back together again


and if that can't happen, then perhaps it may be the end


The latest proposals for the pier will go before


councillors next month, while the pressure to act


Neil Warnock says he'll stay at the club as long


The 68-year-old will sign a new contract in the next 24 hours.


Angling clubs say pollution incidents affecting rivers


in West Wales are becoming more frequent and could cause


It follows a slurry leak which has killed hundreds of fish


in the Gwili river in Carmarthenshire.


It's the third large scale pollution incident in recent months


It was described as one of the worst cases of pollution to hit in a


generation. More than 1000 fish were wiped out on a six mile stretch of


the river by a slurry like substance. It killed salmon, and


brown trout. Now, just a month later, another agricultural


pollution incident has killed hundreds of fish. Around 200 trout


and 40 lap rape and hundreds of small bullhead fish have been killed


in the river Gwili in Carmarthenshire following a slurry


week. Alex Young from the Angling club believes our rivers have to be


managed better. The impact it's having on the local rivers I think


is devastating, to be honest. This is our third one within


Carmarthenshire. Any slurry becomes downstream is going to end up in


here, end up in the river, and that is going to have an effect not just


on the fish but all the vertebrates and everything in the river. Now,


the hundreds of dead fish might have been washed away or cleared away,


but there is still evidence of a slurry week. You can see it here


with this form on the water. The concern is the frequency of these


pollution incidents and the effects that will have on the environment


and also the economy because angling tourism is a multi-million pound


industry for West Wales. Following the incident on the TV, the oil


leaked into the waterways in October last year, and now the slurry per


listen in the Gwili, it is worried visiting anglers by stayaway. She


says they are trying to tackle agricultural pollution and the cases


are following. Although we have had three high-profile cases recently


that have made the news, overall the number of significant pollution


incidents we have been dealing with has dropped tremendously since last


year. It's just that we have had three with in quick succession. I


think the reason for that is a changed the way we are working in


terms of our proactive campaigns but also the weather has had a big


impact on that. The environmental might still be visible after this


most recent incident but the economic impact is still to be felt.


Former Wales captain, Sam Warburton says he's braced


to face the toughest Scottish side of his rugby career.


Wales run out at Murrayfield tomorrow, looking for their tenth


consecutive win but the 28-year-old flanker says Scotland


look a complete side and will provide a stern test.


The stakes are high with both camps knowing the loser can almost


certainly give up any hopes of being crowned


The streets of Edinburgh today passed in winter sunshine,


the thousands of Welsh fans who braved yesterday's stormy weather


to get there looking forward to an encounter that should see


We've beaten Scotland nine times in a row now...


So, you know, it'll be number ten tomorrow.


Scotland have been playing well this year,


but they're not going to play well enough to beat us.


I think it will be a very close game, but I think we


might just catch it by a point or two.


I think if we kick the ball to Stuart Hogg,


Wales will run out at Murrayfield looking for their


tenth consecutive victory but they're not taking


Sam Warburton says he is braced to face


the toughest Scottish side of his career.


the Scots are now difficult opposition.


You know, they've got a really good front five,


They're physical in the contact area, they've got a back line


to match all that as well, so it's definitely going to be the


toughest Scottish team we've played against and it's going to be at


Murrayfield as well which makes it tougher, so...


I imagine it's going to be the toughest Scottish fixture


Scotland's win over Ireland on the opening weekend has certainly


given rugby north of the border the feel-good factor.


They may have been outmuscled by France last time out,


but make no mistake, come tomorrow afternoon,


Their new captain, Scarlets back rower John Barclay,


says he knows Wales will be under pressure.


Living in Wales, what rugby league is there, and I know


the pressures they're under, so probably for me, I think there's


If you don't win, then people talk about that,


and I kind of thought it was kind of half in jest,


but if you walk down the street, people will talk to you every time.


And I'm a Scottish person living in a part of Wales


And it is full on rugby there, so I think there,


And one former Wales captain and current Scotland forwards coach,


Jonathan Humphreys, says the pressure on Wales


So the things that can hang in the back of your mind as that


game is coming to a close, if you don't win,


Yeah, takes a bit of getting used to.


With Scotland having injuries and Wales


close to full strength, the stats to point to a Welsh win.


They were much improved against England and if


they reach those levels again, it's set to be a successful


Wales Women's match against their Scottish


The latest from Cumbernauld is


The first try being scored by Wales and they have converted that too and


are winning 7-0 at the moment. The game is live on the BBC Sport


Wales website and the red button. That match is also


on the BBC red button. And if that wasn't enough,


Scrum V will have the Blues away Coverage starts at seven


on BBC Two Wales. Football and Neil Warnock says


he will be Cardiff City manager next season following positive talks


with his bosses. The 68-year-old is expecting to sign


a new deal in the next 24 hours. I'm pleased to say that, you know,


we've agreed everything. Other than I've not


put pen to paper, but we've agreed an extension


for next season. We're all singing from


the same hymn sheet. Like I said, Vincent


and them have been nothing Let's talk to our football


correspondent Rob Phillips. You were the man asking the


questions today. Cardiff city have got their man and to be fair, Rob,


he has delivered. He has delivered. If you think they are in the bottom


three when he arrived in October and since then, he has delivered a brand


of football bad the fans like to see. It is up and at them, in your


face, and he has got results and that means that really the


negotiations were made fairly easy so he stays along with Kevin


Blackwell, his assistant, the coach and the goalkeeping coach. He has


done more than that, he has galvanised the fans. There was a big


disconnect between the fans and clubs over the rebrand but they sort


that Neal wore knickers patching up that and there are smiles on the


faces of Cardiff city supporters. They fit each other very well. He


has made no secret told that he wants to win another promotion in


his career. I think it might be his eighth if I am correct. Wally back


him? Financially, they will need to get right behind him. They have to


tiptoe around the financial fair play roles but he is confident he


will have the backing. That is what the meeting was about with chairman


members last Monday, positive noises came from that. To date Neill


Warnock revealed he would be staying and he loves the job, he loves the


club, but at his age, he doesn't want to be in a struggling clubs so


yes, they will find the money for him. He will have to work off the


field as well to sort out contracts and to bring them in line so that


they don't offend financial fair play roles but all that is good for


them now. It's working. Thank you very much indeed.


Swansea City boosted by news today that defender Federico Fernandez


has signed a new three-year contract at the club.


The 28-year-old's previous deal was set to expire


The Swans travel to Stamford Bridge on Sunday to face Chelsea.


Swans boss Paul Clement, who began his coaching career


at the club says the league leaders are clear favourites.


They've got themselves in a very strong position.


Excellent run recently where they were winning game


And they deserve to be in the position they're in


based on the way they've been playing.


Everyone's going to have to play well on Saturday if


we're going to get something out of this game.


Welsh skeleton racer, Laura Deas, is targeting a medal at


And despite a good second run, that heat had to be abandoned due


to snow, meaning the 28-year-old remains in 13th place


It'll now be just a three-run race and Deas will compete again


Now could Wales' shellfish industry double in size thanks to help


A unique project involving academics and shellfishers here and in Ireland


It will investigate the movement of shellfish in the Irish Sea


with the aim of boosting production but at the same time


ensuring shellfish numbers remain sustainable.


Today in Bangor, the mussel boats were tied up alongside the dock.


What we're doing is just getting the live product


and cleaning it up ready for wholesale market.


Trevor Jones is a partner in one of the boats.


He told me it is used not just to harvest mussels,


but also to collect young shellfish and move them


Our biggest constraint, if you like, to increasing


production is that irregular supply of natural


sea mussels and sometimes getting the permission to go and fetch it.


We rely on finding seen mussels in Morecambe Bay, south Wales,


These pictures show one of the Bangor boats at work.


They go out in all weathers and have a very


short season in which to find the young mussels.


That's where Dr Sheila Malham comes in.


She's a scientist at Bangor University's


So, these mussels are about three years old.


At the moment, they're obviously going off to be sold.


Dr Malham is now working with the shellfish industry


to discover where the mussel larvae go,


We know a little bit about what they like to settle on,


but we don't know the exact Skuse and what they are happy on,


so some of the things that we might be doing


is putting out long lines out offshore and these, we hope,


the mussels will sit on and stay on because we know that


And we will be able to capture far more mussels


The scientists will use what is known about currents


in the Irish Sea to track the mussel larvae.


At your local fishmonger or supermarket, you'll pick up a bag of


mussels for anything between ?4 and ?5 per kilo depending on the


quality, but here in Bangor, this is already multi-million pound industry


and it's one here they say could easily double in size.


And they already sell 7000-10,000 tonnes of


Science and business working together.


Prince Charles has been visiting various projects and sites


On a visit to Llandeilo this afternoon, he donated money


towards saving White Park Cattle from extinction, after learning


about the National Trust's efforts to protect the species.


They're so rare some experts say more giant pandas exist in the


world, but Dinefwr Park in Llandeilo has been home to White Park Cattle


And visiting this afternoon, Prince Charles showed his backing


to save the species from extinction by making a donation


It will go towards buying a new bull.


A campaign launched last autumn to save the herd.


As well as Caernarfonshire, the prince visited


several other sites in South and West Wales.


This morning, ex-service personnel, who make up 10% of the workforce,


at Alculus greeted him at the company's new office


The organisation has donated an IT system to the


Prince's own charity, The Prince's Trust,


which supports young people to secure jobs,


It's been a varied visit for the Prince of Wales.


A busy day in and out of the office


Time for a look at the weather forecast now.


After a calmer day, what's in store this weekend?


It will be wet and windy at times over the weekend but nothing as


extreme as Storm Doris. With some dry spells, feeling fairly mild as


well. There's even coloured cloud thickening and outbreaks of light


rain and drizzle will push in. Moving eastwards, drier spells


developing. Winds will pick up overnight and cloud holding up the


temperatures between six and eight Celsius. Tonight's front clears


allowing just a few drier spells in early Saturday but then these two


will follow bringing heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon. Early on


tomorrow in the south and east, the best chance of any dry weather.


Turning quite wet and windy form the north and west with heavy rain at


times especially on higher ground, often misty, murky and overcast with


hype south-westerly winds which could lease deal forced along


exposed coasts but when is also drawing up mild air so top


temperatures between nine Celsius in Swansea and 11 in French and Conwy.


For the six Nations match in Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon, breezy


with some rain and showers but some dry weather tomorrow, around seven


Celsius. Back in Wales tomorrow night, the rain turned patchy,


easing overnight. Misty and murky with just the odd spot of drizzle


but cloudy and not too cold at 4-8 C. The pressure chart shows this


easing eastwards over Sunday allowing clearer conditions for a


time until another system pushes for the Atlantic later in the day. On


Sunday, early brightness, dry for a time but winds picking up again and


gale force south-westerly is developing along Cardigan Bay with


some rain pushing in from the north-west in the afternoon. Patchy


at first, then turning heavier with top temperatures of ten or 11


Celsius. Turning wet and very windy at times through Saturday, the best


of any dry and bright weather on Sunday morning with further rain and


stronger winds in the afternoon and then next week, looking a bit cold


and breezy with sunshine and blustery showers which could turn


wintry in hills. Finally, today's picture. Shower clouds developing.


We are likely to see a lot of clout over the weekend and just a


reminder, if you have any photos to help tell the weather story, you can


become a weather watcher and check out all the latest detail of the


weather for the weekend online. A reminder of our top story. The


Conservative Party has won a historic by-election victory in


Copland. Is the first time a party in government has taken a seat in a


by-election for 35 years. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn describes their


defeat is very disappointing but he said he wouldn't be standing down.


And hundreds of parents, pupils and teachers are calling on the Welsh


government to block plans to remove six forms from high schools in


Torfaen. The council say plans to move post 16 provision to a new 20


million pounds site with benefit students.


I'll be back with a quick update at eight and a full round up


But for now, from everyone on the programme,


Cake-a-bake? Yeah. What is that?


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