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Our headlines tonight: The first prisoners arrive


at the new jail in Wrexham, now Britain's biggest prison.


This is the first section of the prison to be opened. I will have a


look around to see Howard Webb prisoners will spend their


sentences. It opens as the prison service


is under pressure like never before. How can Berwyn avoid


the problems facing jails up Andrew Saunders, who murdered his


ex-girlfriend and her new partner outside the Matalan store in Cardiff


where they worked, Wales has the highest proportion


of crashes involving Is it time to stop them driving


at night and carrying passengers? And Day 1 of the M4 public inquiry,


why going underground maybe the solution to


the daily congestion. It's Britain's biggest jail,


and tonight the first prisoners have It has the capacity to house


more than 2,000 inmates, There's been a long campaign to get


a prison in North Wales, but the opening comes at a time


when the Prison Service is under increasing pressure,


and will the new site bring the economic benefits


that it promised? The first of our reports tonight


is from Matthew Richards, who spent In here this is a double room, you


can obviously see there are two beds. Staff say that this is


different prisons you have imagined. The living conditions were going to


be superb here because it is brand-new but a lot of things have


been thought out. There are advantages to a new build in that we


can put Internet ports and so they can do education and things like


that so it is a great tool to have if we want to rehabilitate someone


rather than label them as being a prison. It opens at a time the


prison service is under tremendous pressure. The majority of prisoners


who come here will be category say, they have a lower locally good of


escaping. They will be encouraged to work and gain qualifications and the


design is meant to reduce tension. There are four flaws in this block


divided by ceilings, which gives the men in a sense of a smaller


community instead of the big imposing spaces you find in a


Victorian jail. The government says the focus is setting prisoners of


our positive future. It will be a readability of culture where the men


here will have every opportunity to live law-abiding lives when


released. Our staff understand their role is making sure we have that


environment of rehabilitation and we will lead the men to have ambition


and have a desire to lead their families in the future. The campaign


to have a prison in Wales has been a long one with people arguing


prisoner should be closer to their families.


Michael Goldsmith from Menai Bridge was jailed for fraud in 2013


and spent a year in Altcourse prison on Merseyside.


He says family contact is crucial but not always easy to get.


At the moment you can go anywhere in the country, they don't care. You


get sentenced and you have done the crime and then you and your family


are punished even more because they move you further away.


The Welsh Secretary says there will be benefits


It is about giving them opportunities when they leave they


will have better skills and be more employable and if that can be


delivered through the medium of the Welsh language them because it is in


Wales and of course we will deliver on that and we are keen to answer


the needs of every part of the United Kingdom and of course Wales


is fundamental to that. But this protest by penal reform


campaigners yesterday was designed to highlight the flaws they see


in prisons like this. Building a way out of the current


prison crisis is not the way forward. We actually need a


full-scale programme of the castle Roshan and a reduction in the prison


population because we know the vast majority of people in prison are not


a danger to the community. The building work won't be


completed until the summer. But the Ministry of Justice hopes it


will play a key role In the last few hours the Ministry


of Justice has won a High Court injunction blocking industrial


action by prison staff, including those in Wrexham, which was due


to begin tomorrow morning. It's the latest in a long list


of issues to dog the prison service. post is part of the UK Government 's


plan to update the prison estate because many prison date back to the


Victorian era. Today's prison system is undoubtedly under pressure. What


difference will this make? Well, complaints about


overcrowding are widespread. Since 1991 the prison population


in England and Wales has almost doubled from 45,000


to more than 85,000. The vast majority of prisoners


are housed in what the Ministry of Justice define as a good,


decent standard of accommodation. There are more than 6,000


inmates who aren't in such And, so Berwyn prison's more-than


2,000 places isn't going to address We don't need new prisons, we need


fewer prisoners. This is not going to help reduce crime, in fact it


will probably make it worse. In the long run, in years to come, I will


be talking to people in Wales to say that this prison is a disaster


because it is overcrowded, under resourced and is infested with


crime. Now, government ministers dispute


that claim, but they can't argue with some of the problems seen


in our prisons in recent months. These were the scenes


at Birmingham Prison They were the worst prison


riots seen for more Last year a record number of people


killed themselves in Welsh and English prisons,


self-harm incidents also reached a record high and assaults on staff


were up 40% since the previous year. There is a correlation between


reduce staffing levels and increasing violence and that


combined with the introduction of psychoactive substances that get


smuggled into Vales creates a tsunami of violence, drugs, weapons


and instability. The positive thing is that this is on-time and on


budget with a forward-thinking governor with ideas.


And he'll need those fresh ideas if this new so-called super-prison


Later we'll be looking at whether the building


of the prison has delivered the economic benefits


A man who murdered his ex-girlfriend and her new partner on Cardiff's


main shopping street has been told he'll spend at least


Andrew Saunders repeatedly stabbed 21-year-old Zoe Morgan


and 33-year-old Lee Simmons outside the Matalan store where they worked


The families of his victims say they feel the sentence is too lenient.


Driven by jealousy, he spent days planning the attack. This CCTV shows


Andrew Saunders making his way along Queen Street, intent on murder. The


attack on the young couple was described by the judge today as a


savage, senseless and sustained. This was a brutal, unprovoked and


premeditated attack. Saunders attended the location well before


Zoe Morgan and Lee Simmons that day, and ambushed them. The plastic bag


conceals two knives bought from a supermarket. After days spent on the


Internet researching how to kill. His actions left family is


devastated. As a family we will never be able to express how we feel


inside and the disappointment we feel at the leniency of the sentence


passed day. We are all totally heartbroken and will miss our


beautiful and intelligent governor rest of our lives. The whole family


has been left devastated by this horrific and unprovoked crime. We


have been deeply shocked by the violence of it. It has left a huge


effect on both families. So we tried to protect a Liang Wen-chong failed


she was chased by Saunders. She was a joy, a real joy. She was pretty


with it. A terrible waste of life. On arrest Saunders told police he


was sorry and he had stacked. His lawyers told police that at the time


of the killings he was suicidal. The judge described his actions as


savagely violent, telling him whatever your mental state, you took


the lives of two people, you robbed the families of Lee Simmons and Zoe


Morgan of a much loved son and a much loved daughter. Saunders was


sentenced life and told he would serve a minimum of 23 years. The


families say it is not enough. Friends of Trudy Jones


from Blackwood, killed when a gunman open fire on a beach in Tunisia,


have told BBC Wales more should have An inquest concluded today


that she was unlawfully killed, along with 29 other


British tourists. The court heard the Tunisian police


response was shambolic at best. There was nothing to dislike about


her because she was always just so lovely. You struggle all your life,


bring your children up, have a little break, and sadly she didn't


come back. Friends say more should have been done to try and save Trudy


Jones, as a lone gunmen opened fire, trying to kill as many people as he


could. The hotel she stayed at in a Tunisian resort was not ruled to


have been neglectful today. The police response was described in


court as shambolic at best and worst cowardly. The police have got a lot


to answer for, the Tunisian police. Trudy 's family will never, ever


come to terms with what has happened. Her friends, nobody. Some


members of Trudy Jones family followed proceedings in London at a


special private hearing here in Cardiff today, they told me they


didn't want to comment. This is the nursing home where she used to work.


She was remembered for bringing happiness and excitement to people's


day. It is a lovely memory and it will always live on here. The


residents to speak of her everyday. There is not one day she isn't


mentioned here. By somebody. Matthew James was also shot that day, trying


to protect his partner. Physical wounds may have healed but many are


still suffering trauma. Trudy Jones was identified by distinctive nail


varnish and dental records. It is not clear if her family will look to


join others in pursuing further legal action against the holiday


company. On this bench, her married name, just one reminder of a woman


A Bangor University student who was threatened with deportation


has been told she can remain in the UK temporarily.


Shiromini Satkunarajah, who was born in Sri Lanka,


She's been released from detention, but hasn't been given formal


The Welsh Conservatives are calling for fundamental reform of the way


the General Medical Council handles disciplinary and negligence cases.


Five-year-old Ellie-May Clark from Newport died of an asthma


attack two years ago, hours after a GP refused


to see her because she was minutes late for an emergency appointment.


Dr Joanna Rowe was given a warning by the GMC,


which dealt with the case behind closed doors.


The number of young people being killed or seriously injured


on our roads has risen by 15% over the last three years.


Wales has the highest proportion of crashes involving


284 people between 16 and 24 have died or been injured since 2012


It wants to introduce restrictions on new drivers until they build up


This is Joe 's room. Pretty much untouched since it all happened.


David and Andrea 's son Joe spent a month in a coma before he died


following a car crash in Merthyr Tydfil in October 20 15. Two of his


best friends were also killed in the crash, 18-year-old Rhys Jones at


20-year-old Ryan Gibbons. The drive of their car, John Graham, was


sentenced to ten months in jail, reduced to five, after admitting


three counts of death by careless driving. The families are now


campaigning for restrictions on new drivers as well as tougher


guidelines and punishments. Whatever happens there has to be a deterrent


to stop people doing it. I want my son to be remembered as a person, as


with his friends, they were three fun loving kids with the whole world


ahead of them. John Graham says he was deeply sorry but he didn't have


any control over his sentence. The Welsh government wants to cut the


numbers of people killed or seriously injured on the roads by


40% by 2020. Good progress is being made but the latest figures show


that 284 young people died or were seriously injured in 2015, and


increasing 15% compared with 2012. The secretary responsible now wants


to introduce graduated driver licenses to build up experience on


the road before they carry passengers or drive at night.


Graduated licences are the next big opportunity to drive down the number


of young people that are killed or seriously injured, and we will be


pressing, the UK Government, to enable us to introduce such a


scheme. The UK Government is looking at changing the penalties for


drivers who kill or injure but there are no plans to introduce graduated


driver licenses at the moment. Any changes will come too late for the


families of these boys but they still hope that something will be


done to stop other young people being killed on the roads.


Week In Week Out: Too Young, Too Fast, Too Soon?'


Much more to come before 7.00pm: It's the biggest change


The OECD says stick with the new curriculum.


And the weather is looking pretty unsettled over the coming days,


with a series of weather systems bringing rain in from the west.


The M4 around Newport is not fit for purpose


and problems will get worse, that's according to evidence heard


at the opening of the public inquiry into the M4 relief road.


It will consider a range of proposals to relieve congestion


around the Brynglas Tunnels, including the Welsh Government's


Our reporter Jordan Davies has been at the inquiry.


Well, the inspector outlined the scale of the enquiry into this


stretch of road behind me. There are now 22 separate proposals and the


enquiry may take seven months -- five months, and it may take six


months instead of five months. Some of these proposals are well


publicised and others not so much, including a 40 mile tunnel which the


inspector likened to the Channel Tunnel and the motorway would pass


through that. The enquiry begins by looking at the Welsh government


argument for the ?1 billion black crew, the new motorway that would


run to the south of Newport. The Welsh government says the stretch of


road behind me is not fit for purpose and the problems will only


get worse. One witness for the Welsh government said they had already


looked at 100 proposals over the years and none of those proposals


before this have addressed the problem. The Welsh government says


that the Black route will provide value for money and it will be


essential to improving the Welsh economy and it will also improve the


air quality in this area. What else do we expect to hear in


the coming months? We expect to hear the many and


varied opinions opposing the so-called black route, including


from environmental and nature groups and large organisations like


associated British Po -- port to own Newport docks. The black route will


cross four sites of special scientific interest and nature


groups are concerned that it will devastate the area. There is concern


over the ?1 billion price tag and the sustainability of these


so-called black route. The enquiry has begun a report in five or six


months and it will be up to the Welsh government to make a decision


based on that report. The organisation behind the PISA


international school rankings says Wales should continue its radical


reform of the school curriculum, but it needs to be supported


by sustained investment in raising Our Education Correspondent


Colette Hume reports. This is the new curriculum in


action. It is a science lesson with a dash of maths and a side order of


education in healthy eating added for good measure. This school is


piloting the new curriculum. From 2021 this is what learning could


look like across Wales. Education won't just be about what children


know, it will also be about what they can do with what they know, and


digital skills will take centre stage. The curriculum here in Wales


is undergoing the biggest change in a generation, the way teachers teach


and pupils learn is undergoing an massive overhaul. It is a massive


change and a change that we are hoping will have positive effects on


the students and allow them to develop skills which will be useful


for employment in the future. Is the right thing to do? Last December the


organisation for economic corporation and development unveiled


the world School report, known as PISA. Every three years it ranks


children from 60 cities and countries in reading, maths and


science. For the past decade Wales has performed poorly, covering last


out of the four home nations and below countries including Slovenia,


Vietnam and Singapore. The Education Secretary asked the OECD to come to


Wales and report on the changes in education, including the reform of


the curriculum, plans to drive up teaching standards, and the creation


of a new national academy to foster the next generation of headteachers.


Today the OECD revealed its findings at a conference of headteachers from


across the country. It says Wales is on the right track. The roof -- the


move to a curriculum that is built around 21st-century skills, that is


ambition, we don't see yet in the classroom but I think it is the


right ambition to Wales to add to move forward. The OECD say our


reforms and curriculum are exciting and exactly what our children need


to do so our job now is to ensure the successful implementation.


The planning phase. In a note of warning the OECD Council 's


government ministers against trying to introduce yet more new education


policies. You just four years' time learning in Wales could look very


different. The office of Wales' best-selling


daily newspaper, the Daily Post, will move from Llandudno Junction


to Colwyn Bay after 16 years. Staff, who hadn't officially


been told of the move, found out when the supermarket Lidl


issued a press release earlier saying it would be


taking over the site. Rugby, and the Ospreys have moved


their European Rugby Challenge Cup quarterfinal against Stade Francais


to the Principality Stadium. The switch to


Cardiff comes after Swansea City's game against Middlesbrough was moved


to the same day, 2nd April, meaning the Liberty Stadium


is no longer available. Back to our top story: HMP Berwyn


in Wrexham has taken It's Britain biggest prison,


but will it provide the sizeable boost to the local economy that has


long been promised? Here's our Economics


Correspondent, Sarah Dickins. New cement lorries, ?1 million worth


of them, paid for by the contract this firm wants to supply concrete


to build the present. It doubled its employees here to 24 when the prison


work began and it is managing to keep them on because more work has


followed. Paul Dunne has been buying vast amounts of concrete from here.


He has had the job of making the concrete floors for the massive


prison. This big job will come once so we wanted to keep it local and we


have done with all the materials. We have kept everything local. Said the


money goes round and round. The cement and sand and stone to make


the concrete has all come from nearby businesses in North Wales. It


has taken 2.5 years to build on a site big enough to house 65 football


pitches. From the start the developers of this prison promised


that they would spend as much of the ?200 million as possible in the


local economy and that is within 50 miles or one hour 's drive, anywhere


between Stoke-on-Trent, Llandudno, Liverpool or Newtown. In reality


more third -- more than a third of their spending has been with local


businesses and in terms of small and medium-sized businesses they have


spent ?80 million, not ?50 million. The challenge is to do that similar


kind of spending when the prison is open. It seems very difficult at the


moment to know how much the prison will be buying from local firms once


it is fully up and running. This cafe was opened in the middle of


town in September and she expects to be welcoming more customers. All


those prisoners will have families coming through to see them, they


will not come through just to the prison, the train station is the top


end of the town so they will travel through town to get to the train


station on the bus station is around the corner so it has to benefit us,


doesn't it? This firm has gained a reputation for supplying the prison


and gained contracts on other projects but others may struggle to


find similar work when the building is complete. The challenge for us as


a region is to take the construction workforce and supply chain answers


signpost them to other projects now in the region. Obviously we are


seeing things like the new bypassing Caernarfon Underground work starting


shortly and obviously if the tidal lagoon at Colwyn Bay comes off we


have to programme is a region where these opportunities underlie within


the supply chain. There will no doubt be some who think not enough


money has been spent with businesses in North Wales but among those who


have won contracts there seems to be a determination to keep as much of


the work as possible with local Welsh businesses.


Thank you. It has been out and we started the day on and we started


the day on an icy note with frost and even snow at places. Tonight we


have wintry showers to deal with but gradually they will clear and we can


look forward to dry conditions overnight but it will be another


cold night ahead. A few showers still lurking around, some heavy and


wintry, but already something dry conditions overnight but it will be


another cold night ahead. A few showers still lurking around, some


heavy and wintry, but already something driver Anglesey. As we go


through the night we will see frost forming and the potential for icy


stretches. You will need to take care, especially on untreated


services and it is a cold night but it shouldn't be as cold as the night


just gone. Tomorrow is St David's Day and a dry start to the day and


we look forward to sunshine but grab the umbrella as you had out because


we have a weather front which will bring rain with it from the South as


we head into the afternoon. It is also the first day of meteorological


spring but it won't feel like it. It is chilly first thing and we have


frost to deal with and some sunshine and then the rain pushes up from the


south. Across parts of Wrexham and Denbighshire and Flintshire there I


is the best of the day and temperatures are nothing to write


home about. The winds are lighter than today. Tomorrow night we have


heavy rain to deal with and the potential for snow, especially on


higher ground. Further south it is dry and the sky is clear and it will


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potential for frost form. Overnight lows get down about one. Towards the


end of the week it is a messy picture. A series of weather systems


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A blustery day as well and if that wasn't enough by the time we headed


to Friday we have another band of rain coming in and this one is even


heavier with the potential we could see some warnings released by the


time we get to the end of the week. A mixture of sunshine and showers


for the weekend. Back to you. The coroner at the inquest


into the deaths of 30 British tourists who were killed in a gun


attack on a beach in Tunisia has described the local security


response as at best shambolic, Trudy Jones from Blackwood


was among those killed. Her friends say more should have


been done to prevent her death. I'll have an update


for you here at 8.00pm, From all of us on the


programme, good evening. So, apparently Red Nose Day


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