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plans for children as young as four to be taught about


Our headlines this evening: Over 1,000 jobs could go over the next


Unions say they'll fight "with all their might".


We are not hearing anything from the unions, only these leaked documents.


Ford is the biggest company in the area.


We assess how job losses would hit the local economy.


In this leaked document managers say more contracts are needed to sustain


the current workforce, but there's no more


And who should be allowed to work here after Brexit?


Marsyn from Poland is worried what the future holds for him.


Two year old Sol lost his arm when he was a baby.


Now he has a new one, designed by his dad.


And celebrating a footballing fairytale.


The heroes of Euro 2016 immortalised in a new film,


given a special St David's Day premiere.


Unions say they'll fight against a potential 1,000 jobs


losses at the Ford engine plant in Bridgend "with all their might .


The plant currently employs 1,760 workers, but a leaked document seen


by BBC Wales says this could be cut to 600 if the company's unable


The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, said it's not a foregone conclusion


that the jobs will go, adding that the Welsh Government


will do all it can to prevent major job losses.


With the first of our reports tonight, here's our Business


Workers arrived for the afternoon shift at Ford Bridgend plant to hear


details of what the future could look like just as others left from


the morning shift having heard the news from unions. Very


disappointing. A lot of people are down. We are not hearing anything


from the union, only these leaked documents. What do you think will


happen? A lot of men are going to finish. They will keep it to the


bare minimum and Ford will run it down and shut the plant. The Ford


Bridgend plant opened in 1980 and fought fierce global competition. It


currently makes 655,000 engines are you but those contracts are coming


to an end and there is only guaranteed work for 125,000 in


future. The union says it will continue to fight to win work. I am


making a clear call to this company, stop attacking my members and the


workers at Bridgend. They are not responsible for what's going on.


It's the company under management who have controlled this the many


years. Our determination now and we are in the process of consulting


with our members about what options we've got, our determination is to


make certain we keep this plant open. Ford argues more work will


only be one of the plant becomes more efficient. The leaked document


says that this plant is underperforming in comparison to


other similar sites such as Ford in Dagenham. Over time levels are more


than double what they are at Dagenham and that adds 6% of the


cost of the engines produced. The company blames absence,


nonperformance and unusual work purposes including paying staff


allowances they are not entitled to. The First Minister voiced his


concerns during a trip to Washington. What has been outlined


as the out as the worst case scenario is that if no new projects


coming by 2021. We need to make sure Bridgend attracts those new


projects. There are calls for the UK Government to do more and the future


of Ford in Bridgend came by prime ministers questions. Can I have an


assured and is from the Prime Minister that she will arrange for


her ministers to meet with Ford and with the union to see what can be


done to support Ford to ensure continuity of engine production in


the Bridgend plant. We have had dialogue with Ford and we will have


regular dialogue with Ford about the ways in which government can help to


make sure this success continues. This plant has provided the Bridgend


community and beyond with well-paid jobs for almost 40 years. The


company, unions and workers have problems that need to be fixed if


it's to do the same for 40 more. Ford is the biggest company


in the Bridgend area and it's one of the largest


manufacturers in Wales. So there's much concern in the town


about the impact any job losses Our reporter, James Williams,


has spent the day there. Top stories this morning, the Unite


union says it expects more than 1100 jobs to be lost in the Ford plant in


Bridgend. Breaking news just after break of day. Have you heard the


news? There was a rumour a few months ago which is a shame because


jobs are so scarce. A friend and I used to come every Friday and we


would be down here for three hours, have lunch, they were so many shops


to going to but it's not like that today. Have you heard about the news


about the Ford plant? Yes, I just read about it in the paper.


Concerned? Yes for Bridgend in general. It is a worry. The Ford


plant does not dominate the Bridgend skyline in the same way as Tata


steel does in Port Talbot but as Bridgend's biggest employer the


economic ramifications of significant job losses at the engine


plant would cast a very long shadow over this town. It's almost 12 years


since the last big blow. 650 jobs lost from Sony factories in the area


with the Bridgend plant closing its doors completely. Today, although


far from unique to Bridgend, empty shops and empty stores give a sense


of the town's economic story. We try our best and we do OK but it could


be better. There are empty shops. The council doesn't do enough. And


all these jobs going, it will get worse. Are you worried about the


impact it will have on your stall? Of course. A thousand jobs is a lot


of jobs. How much of a loss to Bridgend would it be if Ford does go


ahead and cut all of these jobs? It would be devastating for a lot of


people. You need all the jobs you can get. Do you worry about the


future for Bridgend? Yes. It is becoming a bit of a ghost town. And


if hundreds of jobs to leave in the next few years things are certainly


not going to get better. Let's return to Brian


Meechan who's at Ford. Brian, a significant


day for workers there. It is a big day for workers. For the


last 18 months unions have been calling for more information from


Ford about what is going to happen when these engines go out and away


from production. There has been a real concern about that and it has


been building. Today is a very significant step in finding out what


the future of Ford Bridgend is going to be. Unions are looking at what


happened at Tata steel in terms of the threat to that company and to


the workforce there. The unions they were able to mobilise their workers


and crucially get public opinion behind the workforce. They hope that


ultimately they will be able to do that here. However, Ford is a


company that is operating in an environment that is performing well


in the UK. But Tata steel, it was the end of an industry if it went


under, so I don't think people will cut it in the same way. What happens


next? There are five options that are being discussed among the


workforce and unions. The unions say they will be led by what workers you


think and that could be up to and including strike action if they


don't get more information and the potential for more contracts.


Staying with manufacturing and Wales has been chosen by GE Aviation


to provide maintenance and repairs for the world's largest and most


The work will take place at the firm's Nantgarw site,


which already employs 1,400 people, with extra jobs likely to come.


An inquiry into plans for a ?1 billion M4 relief road


around Newport has heard rush hour traffic around the city can


The inquiry will consider up to 22 different proposals


to ease congestion around the Brynglas Tunnels,


including one of the world's longest underground road tunnels.


Work has begun to dismantle part of Colwyn Bay's damaged pier.


More of the Grade II listed Victoria pier collapsed


into the sea last week, following Storm Doris.


It's thought the work will take around three weeks.


Nearly three-quarters of Welsh voters think only EU citizens


with the right skills should live and work in the UK after Brexit.


That's according to BBC Cymru Wales' St David's day poll.


It found 74% of people think only skilled workers


But 19% think nothing should change at all.


With some sectors like hospitality and agriculture heavily relying


on unskilled European workers, there are concerns for the future.


Our political editor, Nick Servini, has spent the day on a dairy farm


in Pembrokeshire getting some reaction.


It is dirty work milking these cows but someone has to do it and that


this farm near Tenby it's the ten Polish workers who do most of it.


Among them is this man, 23 old who came here with no formal


qualifications or skills to years ago. Do you think it will be more


difficult for you in the future to work in the UK? Yes. How do you feel


about that? Not good. I don't know what will happen in the next months.


Today's poll suggests most people believe the system that allowed him


to come here should change. No doubt there will be a change. The owner of


the farm also agrees that the changes on its way. But with


reservations. How do we marry these two things, the need for foreign


workers and the views of the public that want to see the system changed.


The public may be need to be at more educated on the needs of us wanting


these people. There is no point in saying these people are coming in


and taking the jobs of other people because they're not many other


people locally on these jobs. If the jobs I hear that other people don't


want then why not let some European people come in and take them.


Elsewhere in the poll, 57% said the referendum results should be fully


respected and that politicians should support the Brexit process


even if they voted against it in the referendum. 44% thought Brexit would


have a negative impact on the Welsh economy while 33% thought it would


be positive and 18% said it would make no difference. These poll


results are a reflection of the dire warnings summon people received last


year so when it comes to the unrestricted free movement of labour


across the EU it appears that opposition is hardening. But at the


same time significantly more people who were questioned were concerned


about the economic impact of Brexit than those who were positive. We


didn't just focus on Brexit in the poll. On Donald Trump's visit to


Britain, 60% of Welsh voters believed the UK Government should


not withdraw the invite with only 38% wanting to see it withdrawn. The


rolling hills of Pembrokeshire seem a long way from the intense to Bates


on immigration that these issues will affect all corners of the


country. You're watching Wales


Today from the BBC. Still to come on the programme:


From the football pitch to the silver screen,


the film that charts Wales' Euro 2016 journey


is premiered in Pontypridd. And this Carmarthenshire


parkland is to be restored to its former regency glory,


thanks to a ?6 million grant. Two-year-old Sol Ryan from Anglesey


lost his arm in an operation just To help him live as full a life


as possible, his father Ben designed an innovative prosthetic arm


for him, and now hopes other


children can benefit too. It's every parent's nightmare,


being told your baby needs At just ten days old young Sol Ryan


from Anglesey had his left arm amputated just below the elbow


after developing a blood clot. But today Sol is playing


like any ordinary young toddler after his father,


Ben, took the extraordinary step With the help of Bangor University's


new innovation lab he was able to use the latest 3-D technology


to come up with a ground-breaking new design that can be made


in days rather than months. When I started to talk to Ben


and he is a likeable person as well, about what he wanted to do and why


he wanted to come here I was quite humbled really to be honest


and I thought what better way to put this new equipment we have just


moved into this building to use Ben has now quit his job


as a psychology teacher and set up is known company to develop


the arm full-time. Everybody I speak to just shows


passion and they can see it coming through from me and


the story with Sol. The technology itself


is cool as well. 3-D printing, hydraulics,


supple components. If you can help someone


you are morally obliged to do so and I can't think of a better way


of spending my working career than developing and distributing


these to the kids that need them. Today Ben and his backers


are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise ?150,000 to win


medical approval for the new arms. It will mean children around


the world could soon benefit from what the doting dad hopes


will be a revolution It's the cinema event football fans


have been waiting for. The movie that transforms


Gareth Bale and his teammates Tonight, a documentary that


immortalises Wales' football fairytale of reaching


the semi-finals of Euro 2016 is given its Welsh premiere


and Tomos Dafydd is there. It's called Don't Take Me Home


after the anthem became popular The film had its London


premiere on Monday. Far from the glitz and glamour


of Leicester Square, the official premiere is happening


here on an industrial park at Nantgarw near


Pontypridd on St Davids Day. It charts Wales' remarkable


journey at Euro 2016, That first game was talked about for


months and you could sense the excite one. I knew we would not get


heat. The whole stadium erupted. Gareth Bale! That was the moment we


had all been waiting for. Unbelievable! I have never seen a


Welsh team play so well. Wales have surely pulled it off. To experience


it with Wales was an amazing thing. If you could press pause. The


director of the film and the Wales manager Chris Coleman have joined


me. Why did you want to make this film? I am a Wales fan and I was out


there as a porter and the FAW asked me if I was interested in doing a


film. I was in Lanzarote at the time and I wanted to tell the story


because we were brilliant in France, found on pitch. There was a saying,


together stronger, and everything came together beautifully. We played


some scintillating foot tall and of the fan -- off the field the fans


embraced it. And it's worth pointing out there is a sombre start of the


film reflecting on Gary speed's achievements. Why was it important


to include him? I wanted to start with that and treated sensitively.


Chris was a childhood friend of Gary 's and what he had to go through an


old and tree had to go through was incredible. They talk about the


England game in the film and they said it was not difficult because


they had been through more difficult times than that. The way they


recovered and bonded since is remarkable story. It was great for


me to do it. I was brought up a Welsh fan by my father and he is


watching now and would like to dedicate the film to him. And is it


a fair reflection of last summer? It is spot on. I have done a few


interviews since watching it. I am absolutely delighted with it. I


think the nation will love it. It's real. There is no icing on it.


Exactly what you see is what happened and how it happened. All


the reactions. You can get different clips about what happened but to


have it all on one film and the way the story is told I thought was


perfect. Johnny should be proud of himself because he has nailed it. I


wonder whether there will be a sequel in a few years' time. The


World Cup in Russia. The game against Republic of Ireland has


become a must win game. The game was a must win and the next one is a


must win. They are all the same because you are playing for Wales


and that is how the identity of this team has grown. It doesn't matter


whether we are playing against the Republic of Ireland in a game where


we have to get a result. The film is about to start. Thank you both for


your time. I'm off to find my seat.


The film is released on Friday. Staying with football


and the Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan says he's in no rush


to sell the club. But the Malaysian businessman


says he would listen to offers for the Welsh club,


which he took over in 2010. His statement follows a report


claiming he was planning to sell his football interests


around the world. More than ?6 million will be spent


on restoring a 'regency water park' in the grounds


of the National Botanic Garden The work, funded by a Lottery grant,


is the biggest investment since the garden opened at the turn


of the century. These late 18th-century paintings


show the dramatic Regency parkland that Sir William Paxton spent three


decades creating in the heart The MP and former East India Company


man who developed Tenby as a seaside resort built a complex system


of interconnecting lakes, Just three lakes survive


but that is about to change. It's the largest project


since the Garden opened back in 2000 so we will be restoring the lakes


around the garden that were first So we will be restoring the lakes,


the wears, the cascades that will form a picturesque landscape


here for people to come and enjoy. Sir William Paxton bought this


estate in 1789 the ?40,000. Restoring this Regency parkland


will cost more than ?6 million. Some of the finance has been


in place for a couple of years but today the National Lottery Heritage


fund has awarded it With this particular investment


in the National botanic Gardens, it's going to add to the economy


of Carmarthenshire and also to wider Wales and the use


of the Gardens in this area It's hoped the restored water


gardens will increase visitor But it's an ambitious project


and will need around 300 volunteers. What do you think Paxton


himself would make of it? I am sure he would be delighted


because it would be something that he envisaged all those years


ago and it's coming back It took Sir William Paxton three


decades to create his masterpiece. The first phase of its restoration


should take three years. Events have been held across


the country to mark St David's Day. Hundreds of school children


took part in parades in Wrexham and Caernarfon,


where a pair of enormous dragons named Dewi and Dwynwen have been


installed outside the town's castle. Celebrations have also been held


at the Senedd in Cardiff, which has been lit up in the colours


of the Welsh flag. Let's take get the


weather forecast now. The 1st of March, Saint Davids Day,


also the start of meteorological spring, but we're not quite done


with winter yet with strong winds, outbreaks of rain, even some snow


over higher ground overnight. The rain will continue


to spread in from the west. As it hits the cold air


across North and Mid Wales it will fall as snow for some,


mainly on high ground, Dry in the South but


increasingly windy. Gale force westerly


winds along the coast. Tomorrow, a cold windy start


with rain and hill snow clearing further north to leave drier


and brighter conditions. Across the UK that weakening


band of wintry showers moving from West to East,


otherwise drier than recent days and brighter with sunny spells


and remaining very blustery and starting to cloud over


from the Southwest again later. Highs of 6C in north-east Scotland


and 11C in south-east England. Highs of 7C in Gwynedd,


10C in Newport. And it deteriorates later Thursday


as this occlusion arrives overnight into Friday,


bringing further wet So outbreaks of rain on Friday


spreading out from the south, moving northwards, heavy bursts


at times, brisk winds, And we keep this mobile westerly


flow for the end of the week into the weekend with fronts coming


in off the Atlantic bringing Strong winds, heavy rain on Friday,


some dry spells over the weekend, The main news again. Unions say they


will fight against the potential thousand job losses at the Ford


engine plant in Bridgend with all their might. A leaked document says


the workforce could be kept if the company is unable to bring in any


new work to the site. I am making a clear call to this company must stop


attacking my members and the workers here at Bridgend, they are not


responsible for what's going on. It's the company under management


who have controlled this the many years. Our determination now and we


are in the process of consulting with our members, our determination


is to make certain that we keep this plant open. This is the worst case


scenario. What would happen if no further project in by 2021. So we


need to work with Ford and the union to make sure Bridgend that attract


those new projects to make sure those jobs are kept in Bridgend.


I'll be back with a full roundup after the BBC 10:00pm news.


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