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Our headlines tonight: It was like a scene out of a horror


film, the inquest hears - repeat offender Matthew Williams


Sport Wales,and the controversy over how it hands out tens of thousands


Why are parents having to pay out for signing lessons to communicate


It's not just infuriating, it's upsetting to think, I come as a


parent, and failing my child. The system is failing my child. Failing


in providing people the opportunity to communicate with my child. I


can't my blessings. Former speaker of the House


of Commons and Cardiff MP George Thomas, no further police


action into allegations This firm employs a hundred EU


staff, who will they And all routes from Pembrokeshire


lead to Cheltenham for these regulars who own a share of a horse,


who's been doing rather well. That's how the owner


of a Bed and Breakfast, where a 22-year-old woman


was killed, has described the moment Mandy Miles told an inquest


there was blood everywhere when prison leaver Matthew Williams


was found attacking Cerys Yemm at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed


near Blackwood, in 2014. Williams was tasered


by police and later died. You may find some of the details in


Caroline Evans' report distressing. It was that this bed and breakfast


in November 20 14th that 22-year-old Cerys Yemm was killed by Matthew


Williams. This morning the Julie was played on a 999 call made by Iona,


Mandy Miles, telling police Matthew Williams was attacking Cerys Yemm


with a screwdriver and it looked to her as if he was eating her. She


said she's been told that was not the case. Breaking down she told the


court how, for the last two years, she's tried to forget what she saw


that night. She says she's been told that the reality of the situation


was not as she had thought, but the image in her head remains the same.


She told how she opened the door and spoke to Matthew Williams, asked


him, do you know what you're doing? Her son had shouted to him, that's a


girl. He said Matthew Williams looked up and said, that's no girl,


and carried on the attack. Cerys Yemm, she believes, was already dead


when she opened the door. The Julie heard from a friend of Matthew


Williams about, how in the days leading up to the deaths he and


Matthew Williams had been partying. Matthew Williams taking drugs, on


the night it happened, Cerys Yemm and Matthew had been at his house,


and they fail to get Cerys Yemm a taxi home, she left with Matthew


Williams. He knew that Matthew Williams had mental health problems,


he'd told him that he had loosely did. On that night, he said, Matthew


Williams was not right, but not aggressive. The owner of the hotel


so she knew nothing of any mental health issues, Sherwood not have


agreed to house him if she had. She's at Caerphilly Council, whose


she says failed to inform her. In her statement Cerys Yemm's mother,


Paula, said two weeks after her death she learned about Cerys Yemm


had been warned to stay away from Matthew Williams.


Sport Wales, the body that looks after grassroots and elite sport,


risked damaging its reputation in the way it awarded contracts.


That's according to an internal audit report leaked to BBC Wales.


It found that one consultant was given the details of a tender


Our political editor Nick Servini reports.


Wales former world champion sprinter Jamie Baulch says he's


concerned at the current turmoil at sport Wales, the body that funds


grass-roots and elite sport, could have an impact on the next


The crisis at the top of the organisation that develops


grass-roots and elite sport in Wales has intensified tonight.


Sport Wales has not been far from the headlines


Mainly because of this month, the chair, Paul Thomas, seen


here in a BBC Wales programme as a business troubleshooter.


In February his activities, as well as those of


the entire board were suspended over concerns from the Welsh government


The board has since been reinstated, but Mr Thomas B vice-chair remain


Now the focus has shifted to the day today running of the


The internal audit report found that the


Chief Executive, Sara Powell, gave the tender details for a surge


contract mentoring staff to a consultant called Sam Wail.


The managing director of a business called Unforgiving Minutes.


This happened two days before rival bidders received information.


The report said this meant there may be


a perception of some bidders being given


tender process, which may be perceived as undermining the spirit


of transparency for public procurement.


I've also seen a copy of an e-mail Trail, between Sarah


In which they discuss things like where Sam Wail


will be based for work, the terms of reference


and even payments of up to


And this exchange took place a full month before other companies were


invited to bid for the work. Then, two days before, Sarah Powell sent


an e-mail to Mr whale. I'm not sure how we're going to finalise


In the end there was only one tender from Unforgiving Minute the report


says know whether companies were unable to respond in the time frame.


Sam whale has not responded to an attempt to contact him.


Nick Servini is at Sport Wales' headquarters in Cardiff tonight.


Nick, what, if anything have they said tonight?


Well, Wail Sport Wales saying there is no attempt and have responded to


the report with a series of recommendations. It says these have


been accepted and, crucially, by the committee here at Sport Wales last


week. I think it sends from Sport Wales that any fallout from the


report can be contained. An interesting question is what the


Welsh government think about it. A short statement from them today


saying it is a matter for Sport Wales. Behind-the-scenes some raised


eyebrows about the contents of the e-mail that I reported. That,


despite that, I don't detect an appetite to get involved here. And,


you know, let's not forget. They are already investigating the chair and


vice-chair will remain suspended, so I'm sure, unless they can really


help it, they don't want to cause any other activities to further


unsettle his organisation. As for Sport Wales itself, I suspect it


would likely quiet life for the next few months, the question is whether


it will be allowed to do that. Mind you.


There are calls to improve support and sign language provision


Around 90% of children that are deaf have hearing parents.


And families are paying hundreds of pounds for British Sign Language


lessons which many are unable to afford.


The Welsh Government says policies and programmes


are in place which recognise the importance of communication.


Oliver is a happy-go-lucky three-year-old from Cardiff who


loves to play with toy trucks. He is also profoundly deaf. It had a


massive impact on myself and our family. We struggled to come to


terms with Oliver's hearing loss. Oliver's cochlear implants help him


to hear and speak. Without them he can't. His mother has recently


completed a beginner 's British sign language course. But that the cost


of more than ?350 they can't afford to pay for Oliver's father and


sister to have the same lessons. It's upsetting. It feels like my


child is being failed. I'm failing my child. The system is failing my


child. And really we are ostracising deaf children on a daily basis,


because we are not allowing people to communicate with them.


The children's Commissioner for Wales says children who are deaf


have the same right of anyone else to communicate in their own


language. They are only between two and 3000


deaf children up to the age of 19 in Wales, we are not talking enormous


numbers here. I don't think they are getting help they need and we should


be providing more. At Cardiff's deaf club they've


started a programme which brings hearing and deaf families together


and provides opportunity to learn BSL for free.


One of the difficulties is that that key moment BSL was recognised by the


Welsh government, back in 2007. But it's not an official language, which


means there is no legislation actually linked to the BSL act.


Really, it is the third language in Wales. It's difficult for parents to


access the correct teaching, the support linked to BSL.


The Welsh government has increased the number of qualified interpreters


and says it spent ?20 million improving support for those with


additional learning needs. Oliver hasn't started school yet, but his


family hope you'll get the right support to ensure he has every


opportunity to flourish. Police in South Africa investigating


the murder of a couple originally from the Cynon Valley are searching


for a second man. Roger and Christine Solik were found


dead in a river last month. Xolani Brian Ndlovu is wanted


on suspicion of murder, robbery, A bid to protect historic


place names will not Plaid Cymru's Dai Lloyd failed


to get a majority of AMs to back a bill that would protect the names


of houses, farms, fields, The Welsh Government said


the proposals were not feasible. The director of BBC Cymru Wales has


warned that the Welsh representative on the UK's new BBC board will need


to be appointed quickly if they're to influence the way


the organisation works. Rhodri Talfan Davies' comments come


after the Welsh government vetoed the UK government's choice


for the position. The recruitment process


will be reopened. The investigation into allegations


of child sexual abuse against the former Speaker


of the House of Commons, Viscount Tonypandy has


endedwith no further action. South Wales Police say


the complainants have been told. George Thomas, a former


Cardiff MP died in 1997. George Thomas was an MP in Cardiff


for nearly 40 years. He became a well known public figure


for this, his role as Speaker But four years ago allegations


of historical child sexual abuse A man now in his fifties,


living in Australia, alleges George Thomas sexually


assaulted him when he was nine-years-old, when he was staying


at his parents' home in Cardiff. He claims George Thomas


sexually assaulted him George Thomas died from


cancer in 1997, aged 88. A former Secretary of State


for Wales, he was later given There were other allegations


against him, that he sexually assaulted a 16 or 17-year-old boy


on a train between Newport and London in the 60s.And


that he inappropriately touched someone on a train from London


to Aberystwyth in 1959. South Wales Police now


say the investigation has now come to an end,


and that the allegations were investigated in line


with national guidance and that no The force says all three


complainants have been informed. Officers say Operation Hydrant,


which co-ordinates allegations into high profile people,


has been told. It's already been reported that


friends of George Thomas found these The investigation into these


claims is now over. These are our brightest


and best sixth formers. But why do so few make it


to Oxford or Cambridge? And we'll be finding out why


all roads from Pembrokeshire lead to Cheltenham, at least


for the regulars at this pub The latest unemployment figures


for Wales show joblessness here remains below the UK average,


but how might the labour There are thought to be almost


50,000 EU migrants working here earning an average salary


of almost ?22,500. That's a thousand pounds or so less


than UK born workers. In the latest in our series


of special reports looking at the impact of Brexit here,


Paul Martin has been to meet one business owner


reliant on EU workers. Loosening up ahead of the new


cricket season. It's not just on the pitch at the Morgan's stage where


work is going on. A quality service has had the contract to clean the


stadium for the last six years. Robin's company employs nearly 300


staff, more than 100 from the EU. The people I work for a kind with


us. Everything is good for us here. It's a good job for us. I can hear


for work and I want to apply for university. This job offers me the


opportunity to go there. It's a good thing for me, you know. I want to


stay here because I love everything here. Robbins says recruitment used


to be difficult until the upsurge in EU immigration midway through the


last decade. So how will his business cope after Brexit with days


of free movement of labour from the EU almost certainly coming to an


end? Ukip Assembly Member Dave Rowlands has come to listen to


Robin's concerns. When we recruit we advertise for


cleaners. In whatever form they are. We don't get the amount of local


people apply for those jobs that we want. Why is that? What can be done?


You're going to take away that was all three have now. We must make it


worthwhile for people... In what respect? From an income point of


view. Not that you have to pay them more. Perhaps it is better to remain


unemployed with all the benefits available.


What can I do about that? That's out of our. Absolutely


nothing. But the ethos of what's going on has to change. Dave


Rowlands says he doesn't want to pull up the drawbridge on foreign


labour. This was done and a Visa system.


People came in and visas. But Robin could also apply for those people to


stay because he could prove that they were necessary for the


expansion of his work. He thinks the emphasis should be on


getting more unemployed locals into work.


Robin pays good salaries and good wages. Why wouldn't Welsh people, or


Welsh youngsters, want to take up those jobs?


Is he right, Robin? I hope so. We have expansion plans. We are


probably one of the fastest-growing businesses in South Wales. We hope,


but as David said, they will make sure businesses like ours are looked


after and we will have the resources we need within south Wales and the


West to expand as our plans want us to.


There is currently a work permit system in place for non-EU citizens,


limiting entry to skilled workers in professions where there are


shortages. But we don't yet know if that is Theresa May's preferred


option, nor the impact that would have on a business like Robin's.


Downing Street says a letter sent by the secretary of state/ in his


delight that the sacked government adviser Lord Heseltine was advising


ministers was a clerical error. Alun Cairns rushed to all Welsh MPs


yesterday saying with the expertise of Lord has the time they would soon


be in a position to come to an agreement on the Swansea -based city


deal. Lord Heseltine was sacked last week after rebelling in the House of


What's stopping more Welsh teenagers getting


It's a question that has been asked for years,


today some of the brightest and best A level students in Wales gathered


in Newtown alongside representatives from some of those colleges.


Our Education correspondent Colette Hume joined them.


Oxford, the University of choice for 27 British Prime ministers. And a


byword for academic excellence. But latest figures show that less than


2% of first-year undergraduates and at Cambridge University come from


Wales. Rafael is one of the success stories. The 18-year-old from fringe


has a place at Harvard University in America.


Even if you think you can't make it, give it a go. I never thought I


would get into Harvard, but they did.


The network was set up by the Welsh government two years ago following


concerns that too few Welsh teenagers were replying to the


world's best universities. At this conference today some of the


country's brightest and best are talking to those universities. In


August Oxford University will hold its first ever summer school


specifically for Welsh students. We want to demystify Oxford and we want


them to realise we encourage applications from all people, we are


looking for the brightest comet doesn't matter where you from.


Oxford is a place they can see as part of their futures.


Ministers have admitted they need to do more to push the most able


pupils. What this is about is providing the


brightest and most able students with a platform that enables them to


achieve and fulfil their potential in the best universities in the UK,


Wales and across the world. This was Jacob Lew was getting his


A-level results in Nantgarw last summer.


For a start of! He's now in his first year and Cambridge and is the


first member of his family to go to university. Today his advice was


simple, aim high. Honestly, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and


potentially a place at the best university in the UK to gain.


So do it? Do it! These students are some of the brightest and best in


the country. It's helped even more of them will apply to the best


Rugby, and Wales have named an unchanged side for the third


consecutive game when they play France in the Six Nations


Coach Rob Howley is sticking with the 23 man squad that beat


Ireland last Friday as they play for a possible second


Hooker Ken Owens will win his 50th cap.


Racegoers from Pembrokeshire will be flocking to the Cheltenham Fesitval


tomorrow to follow the latest installment in the amazing


The horse is owned by a syndicate of seventeen people who drink


at the Cresselly Arms in Cresswell Quay.


Aled Scourfield went to meet them as they prepare for To be


This is normally a quiet corner of South premature. Cresswell key is


firmly in the grip of horse racing fever. This is why. To be fair, a


seven-year-old with seven winds in seven races. Claimed in


Carmarthenshire but owned by a syndicate of seven 17 local people


who follow him all the way to Cheltenham. It's been such a


roller-coaster ride. I've never, ever expected him to win a race. I


keep saying he can't win, then he does it again and again. He loves


racing. He comes from the back, you can see he enjoys it. When he goes


around the paddock his head is bouncing. What do you think the


party would be like if he winds? See that roof? It will be raised about


five foot in the year I think. The Cheltenham Festival is the highlight


of the country scene calendar. To be fair is writing to be favoured in


one of the most competitive races on Thursday's racecard. They will be


some party here To be fair continues his winning streak at Cheltenham. If


he does win, the prize money is over ?50,000. To be fair was gifted to


Michael Cole at he agreed to look after two foals. He is hopeful he


can stay the pace at Cheltenham. Can he do it at the festival?


I'd like to think he'll have a good race. I still think if he can come


in the first 60s had a good race. He stays well. I think we've got a


chance. He's just a brilliant horse. He just keeps going. This pub is


normally the meeting place for the local hunt, but horse racing has


captured the hearts of the locals. We've won already. We are at


Cheltenham. Let's hope the horse and jockey come around safely. Members


of the syndicate will make their way bright and early down the M4 in the


hope of more of this as the fairy tale story of To be fair continues.


The last person to leave the Preseli Arms, would be please turn off the


lights? Good luck to them. It's very nice outside, Derek? Much


of Wales sunny and warm. Beach weather. Look at this picture here.


Almost a clear blue sky, but not everywhere. Barry was grey with low


cloud and mist rolling in from the sea. Only 9000 babies afternoon. But


when she exceeded 17 Celsius making it the warmest day of the year so


far -- only 9 degrees in Barry this afternoon.


Much of Wales turned out sunny and warm today.


Mist and fog patches and the odd spot of drizzle.


Monmoutshire, most of Powys and the North East cloudy


Some dry weather but with spots of drizzle and some light rain


will spread South Eastwards during the afternoon.


Temperatures similar to today on the south and west coast


Cloudy with a little rain and drizzle.


In Wrexham tomorrow not as nice as today and cooler.


The morning dry but expect a little rain in the afternoon.


Tomorrow evening light rain will clear.


Dry overnight and colder than recent nights.


Friday will start dry and bright but it won't last.


Rain will spread across the country during the day.


So the weather going downhill on Friday.


Over the weekend fronts will move in from the Atlantic.


Bringing some heavy rain, drizzle and strong winds.


The headlines again. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has been forced in


it a U-turn to increase national insurance conclusions were


self-employed people. It follows backlash inside and outside


Parliament. That latter contributions. The owner of a B


when a 22-year-old was killed has told an inquest at the moment she


walked in on the attack was like a horror film. Matthew Williams


attacked a girl in her room. He later died.


I'll have an update for you here at 8 o'clock and again


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


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