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And that's all from the BBC News at Six.


An inquest hears police tasered Matthew Williams four times


as they were called to the Bed and Breakfast where Cerys Yemm


Also tonight, Labour tells the UK Government to 'get moving' and give


the Swansea Tidal Lagoon the go ahead.


Swansea needs to see the benefits in terms of energy infrastructure,


long-term infrastructure that the project will leave after it's gone,


and the tool is it will bring. after it's gone, and the tool


is it will bring. Arson attacks on Welsh holiday


cottages in the 70s, new documents on how authorities


responded are revealed We've decided to report on social


media and mental health. As part of the BBC's School Report


day, pupils take their concerns And in tonight's sport,


the manager says he's 17 year-old Ben Woodburn


gets his first senior call-up ahead of Wales's crucial World Cup


qualifier next week. "I have never been more scared


in my entire life" , the words of the police officer


called to the Bed and Breakfast Cerys Yemm was killed


by a resident, 34-year-old He died shortly after his arrest in


Argoed during which he was tasered You may find parts of


Caroline Evans report disturbing. Today the inquest heard from one of


the first police officers to enter the room at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel.


PC Alan Cotterell told how, with the help of the owner's husband, he


pushed the bedroom door open. Matthew Williams was on the floors


snarling and growling. He looked possessed, he said.


His eyes almost black. He told the jewellery he'd never been more


scared in his entire life, and said this was by far the most a


horrendous thing he'd ever seen. He said he used his Taser, praying it


would work. He quickly realised from the severity of her injuries that


Cerys Yemm was dead. But felt Matthew Williams was such a threat


he feared for his own life. He described how he tasered Williams


once, and managed to get the handcuffs on him. But as officers


tried to hold him down, he was lifting them up with such ease they


had to use the Taser again. He told the court, I feel if that Taser


hadn't worked I wouldn't be such today. He used it three more times


within a minute. Before Matthew Williams stopped trying to get up.


At that point PC Cotterell told the court he formally arrested him for


murder, around 20 minutes after being placed on ambulance he died.


The inquest into the death of Matthew Williams on Cerys Yemm


Labour says the UK government should "get moving" and give the Swansea


A report commissioned by the government that backed


the technology was published two months ago.


But ministers are yet to agree to guarantee how much money


the company will get for the electricity the lagoon


will feed into the National Grid, known as the strike price.


Seven square miles of water that could generate enough energy to


power 150,000 homes a year. The Swansea tidal lagoon project got the


thumbs up in a report by former energy minister Charles Hendry, two


months ago. The company wants to start building in one year's time.


That the future is uncertain. The people behind this project started


developing the idea to harness the energy generated underwater here


seven years ago. But with investors to keep happy, they are still


waiting for further backing from the UK Government. That backing boils


down to a decision on how high a price the UK Government will


guarantee the company would get for energy. Trying to put pressure on


the UK Government Labour's Shadow energy sector came to Swansea today


to meet the company and see the site. She didn't say how how the


price should be, but she urged Mr 's in Whitehall to get on board.


We want them to get moving on this as quickly as possible. Swansea


needs to see benefits in two rooms infrastructure, long-term and


structure that the project will leave in Swansea after it's gone and


the tourism it will bring to Swansea. You can see how beautiful


it is. The tidal lagoon will be here, and the benefits are going to


be amazing. The company didn't want to do an


interview saying, perhaps to dramatically, they are looking


forward to the UK Government's decision. If the lagoon happens it


could lead to a network of others around Wales and the UK. Including


in Cardiff. On another boat in Cardiff Bay Welsh Conservative


leader and Wattie Davis played down Rebecca Long baby's demand. I


wouldn't put a lot of stalled by what she said today.


This is virtually over the line. There's still a little bit more work


to do on it. It's really important that the strike price for the energy


it generates is competitive. Because jobs relied on a competitive energy


price. It's the eve of the Conservative


Spring conference which happens to be in South Wales. Executives from


tidal lagoon power armour 's business leaders meeting the


Business Secretary in Cardiff tonight. -- are amongst business


leaders. But speculation about a big spot announcement seems to be


premature. The UK Government says it is considering the report, but with


the side of energy bill that state it is unsurprising it's not speeding


Our political editor Nick Servini joins me now, Nick,


how much pressure is being put on the UK government?


There will be a lot of pressure. Theresa May will be in Wales


tomorrow, and they will be pressure from within her own party. The


context is that this is a government that says it does not want to be


consumed by Brexit. So in that sense you'd have thought things like


infrastructure projects only way of avoiding that accusation. What I'm


hearing about, and Paul touched on it, is that the UK Government is not


in a position to make a call. But a call is imminent on another project,


the Swansea city deal. This is a plan for local authorities, UK and


Welsh governments, to come together for major projects. I don't know how


we'll play into that tomorrow. We know that Prime Minister is, when


they come to Wales, liked to have announcements to make. But we know


there have been issues with the Swansea city deal and it made teak


longer. What can we expect that the


conference than? It is an extraordinary time in


British politics. Theresa May has this enormous job of holding the UK


together and negotiating a breakdown in the relationship with the EU. We


have seen this tit-for-tat with Nicola Sturgeon today, and I think


the expectation tomorrow in her speech and speeches from senior


Conservatives is to talk about the strength of the union of the United


Kingdom. If you think about it, whereas can she do that? It's


difficult in England, counter-productive in Scotland when


there's an SNP conference. Political turmoil in Northern Ireland. So it


comes to be relatively benign conditions of the devolved country


like Wales. These are warm words but people say it needs commitment. That


is where the pressure for things like infrastructure improvements and


major projects will come from tomorrow.


We will hear more on this tomorrow. I give.


Fewer people had to spend 12 hours or more in A departments


in February compared to January, with the number of patients left


The latest figures also show an improvement against the four-hour


wait target, with just over 80% of patients seen.


But the Welsh Government's 95 % target has never been met.


An inquiry has been launched into how a teenager


from Denbighshire fell to her death on a luxury yacht in Jamaica.


Bethany Smith fell from the 196 foot mast of the yacht


The 18-year-old left Wales ten years ago


to sail around the world with her family.


The UK government's attempts to respond to the Meibion Glyndwr


holiday home arson campaign, which began in the late 1970s, have


Secret papers obtained by BBC Wales have re-ignited claims that


elements of the security services were involved.


They also detail concerns that the police couldn't distinguish


between legitimate Welsh nationalists and extremists.


It was a turbulent period in our history, it will be a long-lasting


campaign, and we still don't know who was behind it.


it knew, Radio Cymru's Manylu programme used a Freedom of


information request to see these documents.


For a year that request was denied, the BBC made a string of


Then, finally, these documents, many marked secret, and


But they do give a unique insight into


thinking at the highest levels of government.


One document suggests the police didn't understand the


distinction between legitimate political nationalists, and criminal


One Chief Constable and says, seems to think the


presence of nationalists in positions of influence in


broadcasting and education was a matter for the police.


The first attacks came on December 13 1979.


The attacks intensified, by the end there had


And they seem to be a high level of organisation.


On one night alone and estate agents in


In Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill.


The actor Bryn Fon was picked up at his home.


He was later released without charge, and it's accepted he was


The secret papers reveal the Chief Constable of North


Wales was sent greeting cards, naming actors and musicians as fire


I turned out to be the reverse of what they expected.


The fact that I hadn't been a member of


Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, I wasn't a card-carrying Welsh nationalist,


But then they tried to turn that on its head by saying


The attacks went on and army disposal team was brought in to show


journalists the damage the incendiary devices were capable of


In the early 1990s Sean Aubrey Roberts was part of a


self-styled Meibon Glyndwr colour party which took part in parades.


In 1993, following a surveillance operation involving MI5 officers, he


But he clearly could not have been involved in arson attacks more than


As a folk singer and politician Dafydd Iwan has


been involved in nationalist politics for more than half a


century, he's long believed the security services played a part.


It's been worrying me for many years.


Was it a genuine campaign by Welsh nationalist sympathisers,


or was it in fact engineered by agent provacateurs?


You know that you give the impression that Welsh


nationalism was going along a similar route to Northern Ireland


There was a real concern about the potential


But the idea that the security forces were somehow


complicit in doing things which could have endangered life is so


fanciful it's frankly to be beyond any belief.


We never had any hint of that, in the Welsh office, and I do


not give any credence to its whatsoever.


And so the debate continues, the holiday home arson


campaign never escalated as some of the secret papers suggest UK


Even with these newly released documents,


And you can hear more on this story on BBC Radio Cymru's Manylu


programme which is available on iPlayer radio.


A heroin addict has been jailed for 13 and a half years for killing


38-year-old Dean Jones assaulted former solicitor


Alison Farr-Davies at their flat where she was left to die.


From a privileged background 42-year-old Alison Farr Davis grew


up in Kidwelly. She entered the legal profession working around the


UK. But in the years that followed her


life was blighted by an addiction to class a drugs. During a period of


homelessness she met this man, Dean Jones, himself a heroin user he


became his boyfriend -- her boyfriend. Today he was jailed for


killing her. I tell my girls that monsters don't exist, but they do.


He is a monster for what he did to Ali. He robbed us of a beautiful


person and we miss her so much. The couple had been living in this


house in Swansea was withdrawing from drug abuse. It was also at this


property Ms Farr Davis was found dead in September last year. The


court heard Dean Jones had been seen running from this house into the


street shouting for help to save Alison. He claimed she'd taken an


overdose, but in truth, she'd been assaulted and suffered injuries to


her head and chest. Possibly 12 to 18 hours before her death. According


to a pathologist missed Farr Davis had 63 external injuries, and some


significant internal injuries including 19 broken ribs. This


punctured her heart and lungs. The judge, Keith Thomas, said she was


incapacitated by who withdraw from drugs which made her entirely


defenceless. He described it as an uncorrupt and senseless attack.


Jones will serve two thirds of his 13.5 year sentence in prison before


being considered for parole. Still to come in the


programme tonight. Strike a selfie pose,


but for School Report day these pupils investigate how social media


can affect young people. And he could be lining up


against Bale and Ramsey next week, the 17-year-old set to make his


Wales debut in Dublin. Senior representatives of the Church


in Wales have been meeting Last month an electoral


college of 47 people failed to agree on a candidate,


so now responsibility lies Our reporter Nick Palit has been


following their progress, and joins us now from


Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff. Thank you. Today was the last day of


a three-day meeting of the bench of bishops who decide who will be the


next Bishop of Llandaff. This is important for the Church in Wales,


because the dieses based biscuit the job behind me serves nearly half the


population of Wales. -- the diocese based behind me. Barry Morgan served


as Bishop of Llandaff and Archbishop of Wales. Why is it taking so long?


As you may remember last month an electoral College of 47 officials


failed to agree who would be the 72nd Bishop of Llandaff. After


voting on a confidential list of candidates they failed to come up


with a two thirds majority for anyone. It's been reported that a


leading gay cleric, the very Reverend Jeffrey John, narrowly


missed out. Because nobody was appointed the constitution says the


bench of bishops must decide. They've been meeting. That ended at


lunchtime today. In the last hour the Church in Wales issued a press


statement saying they have drawn up a new short list and the process


will continue. There is no fixed timetable for this process but added


the bishops wish to announce their choice as soon as all formalities


The choir Only Boys Aloud was turned down for Arts Council of Wales


funding because it did not provide enough opportunities for girls,


Creator Tim Rhys-Evans told an inquiry on public funding


for music in schools that the lack of public sector support


was "galling" and their bid being rejected was difficult.


When I was on the youth choir of Wales, they were 70s Pranab 's, and


ten tenors. -- 70 Sopranos. It was our intention to do something about


We have experience on success, so I find that difficult.


A spokesperson from the Arts Council of Wales says its extremely proud


to have been able to provide over ?70,000 to the Aloud Charity


since its inception but its revenue funding decisions were affected


by several years of reduction in funding.


Young journalists from 44 schools across Wales have been taking part


in the BBC School Report Project learning how to make


With social media a big part of modern life,


school reporters Holly, Halley, Isabel and Molly,


from Porth County Community School have looked at the effect it's


Wales' Children's Commissioner told them it's something


Today we've decided to do a report on the effects of social media on


the mental health of young people. We've becoming pleasingly alarmed


the impact of social media is having on our friends. People are rage are


overly concerned with social media. -- people are age.


These are images we see everyday. We enjoy keeping up with what our


favourite celebrities are doing. But young together some young people


feel they are underachieving if they don't have all the possessions of


Dodi activities these people do. Some are going as far as buying


themselves likes to look more popular. Do you think people create


unrealistic images on social media? They look up to social media stars


and think that is perfect. They try to make themselves or change


themselves. An social media websites like Facebook and snap trap they do


certain things like heart or not and categorise people by locks. It's not


just the pressure to be popular but causes low self-esteem. Hurtful


comments can cause problems. Figures show this is a growing problem. The


NSPCC says the number of children or young people targeted by online


bullies in the UK has increased the 88% in five years. Make-up Tip 's on


you to have turned this girl into a social media star, but despite


millions of fans even she has admitted she's been upset by nasty


comments. The children's Commissioner, Sally Holland, says


there is an important role for parents and teachers. Could parents


and schools do more to stop these things happening on social media? I


know as a parent of teenagers it's quite hard because teenagers want to


keep that aspect of their life private. It's important to develop


an open atmosphere in the household. Adults, teachers or parents, they


need to educate themselves. Students become wrapped up in how they are


seen by others and chase likes. They are concerned about status updates.


That can damage their sense of identity and self confidence. We are


keen to educate students in how to, perhaps, combat and deal with social


media. Social media is here to stay, for our generation it is the way we


contact and stay in touch with friends. But it's up to us to make


sure we use it responsibly. That report from our


School Reporters from He's not a household name yet


but teenager Ben Woodburn's international football career


is about to lift off. The 17-year-old, who plays


for Liverpool, has been named in the Wales squad for the first


time ahead of their crucial World Cup qualifier


against Republic of Ireland. Manager Chris Coleman has rejected


any suggestions the call-up is designed to keep the teenager out


of England's clutches. He became Liverpool's youngest ever


scorer earlier this season. Many acknowledged his talent. But for


Chris Coleman it's no surprise. Then would burn has been on the radar


scoring like this since he was 13. It makes me laugh, don't tell me


about this kid I've been looking out for five years. We know what about


Ben, we know he's a good player. If I thought it was too early we


wouldn't call him up. This game is massive for us. With all due respect


to Ben Woodburn this is a good game for me to get him in. This is the


big one. And he's done enough. He's earned his place with us. Born in


Nottingham he is eligible to play for England, but the forward


qualifies for Wales through his maternal grandfather, and has


already played under 16, under 18 and under 19 level. Coleman says he


never feared he'd choose to representing and over Wales.


You can sit down as much as you like with players like Sirhowy Arms Hotel


and they come and play for Wales, and timidly, they make their own


mind up. He hasn't played for England or Scotland, use played for


Wales. -- players like Ben Woodburn. It's a natural progression. Wales


had to Dublin with a job to do. They are boosted by the return of Gareth


Bale and Aaron Ramsey. They are four points behind the Republic of


Ireland. The side finishing top qualifies automatically with eight


of the nine second-place teams facing play-offs.


People about the phone go this is do or die. I don't see that. All I see


is huge challenge, we've always wanted to be involved with games


like this. The pressure is on. For all the right reasons. I'm looking


forward to it. A week Friday it's D-Day in Dublin for the game that


could decide Wales's World Cup ambitions.


And you can see the squad in full on the BBC website.


Turning to Rugby and Wales have arrived in Paris, as they look


to end their Six Nations campaign on a high with victory over France.


Interim Coach Rob Howley says securing a top four world ranking


Victory for Wales, and an England win over Ireland, would lift Wales


into fourth spot ahead of May's 2019 World Cup draw.


I spoke to the players this morning about motivation. Things motivate as


in different ways, there or ambition, music, everyone is so


different. Ultimately, this is an opportunity to go into the next


Rugby World Cup ranked fourth. That's a large incentive for this


That's a large incentive for this group of players.


And it wasn't quite the fairytale story at Cheltenham for


the syndicate from Pembrokeshire, who we featured on last


Tobefair which is owned by seventeen people from Cresswell Quay,


My money's on a change in the weather.


Colder tonight with rain and stronger winds on the way tomorrow.


North East Wales enjoyed some sunshine today but generally much


cloudier compared to yesterday with a little rain in Llanbedr.


This evening patches of rain will clear.


Overnight dry bar the odd shower in the north and colder


Ground frost in some sheltered spots by dawn.


Here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


A bit chilly but much of the country dry.


More cloud for mid and north west Wales.


During the day the weather will go downhill.


Rain in the north late morning will spread further south


The wind increasing as well and feeling cool.


Dry for a while but turning wet and windier.


In Caerphilly, dry and bright for a while but rain


Tomorrow night breezy with outbreaks of rain.


Some heavy, persistent rain in mid, west and northwest Wales.


If you're heading to Paris for the rugby.


Although parts of the north and east should be drier and bright at times.


Highest temperatures in the North East, 14C.


So much more unsettled over the next few days.


A reminder of our top story, an officer who tasered a man he found


killing Cerys Yemm in a hostel told an inquest he has never been more


scared. The officer says he tasered Matthew Williams four times. He died


shortly after his arrest. More after the news at ten. That is


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