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On a visit to Cardiff, the Prime Minister attacks


"divisive, obsessive nationalism" as she sets out her vision


Theresa May has been batting away calls for a Scottish independence


referendum, insisting all the members of the UK are, at heart, one


people. Why has number of black bin


bags dumped illegally around the country nearly


doubled in the last three years? You can't believe that people


just don't take care It is always disappointing


when you see rubbish which has been Weeks in a back brace,


after visiting a trampoline park. Ceri Jones is lucky not


to have been paralysed. A family from Cardiff tell us


of their heart-stopping rescue And there's still


plenty to play for. Can Wales end their Six


Nations in second spot The Prime Minister Theresa May has


attacked what she called the "divisive and obsessive


nationalism of Plaid In a speech at the Welsh


Conservatives' spring conference, she defended what she called


"the precious union" in response to criticism that she was standing


in the way of another independence Mrs May also insisted she would take


account of the interests of the devolved nations


when the official Brexit negotiations get underway


in less than a fortnight. From the conference in Cardiff,


our political editor Nick Servini. The big story may have been about


Scotland all week, but Theresa May was in Wales today to push the case


for the United Kingdom to stay together.


And the gloves came off for the first time in response to Nicola


Sturgeon's calls for another independence referendum as Theresa


May set out her plan for all corners of the UK.


To aspire to represent all of the country, and all the people, and


today, our goal must be nothing less. Because we are now the party


of the new centre ground of politics, rejecting the extremes of


Labour socialist left comment Ukip's libertarian right and the divisive


and obsessive nationalisms of Plaid Cymru and the SNP.


APPLAUSE Theresa May has just addressed a hall full of the Welsh


Tory Party faithful and they are lapping it up particularly the


message about the strength of the union.


But in truth much of her message was directed in particular to the


Scottish public who are considering the prospects of another


independence referendum. As the Welsh party gears up for


council elections, there was little from the Prime Minister specifically


related to Wales. How did the speech go down with these party figures?


It is what we should be hearing, having a United Kingdom fighting on


the same side. We need to ensure in negotiations we are a one United


Kingdom, imported -- important from a conservative point of view.


Plenty to chew over and Brexit wasn't far from everyone's lips.


A waiting game before Article 50 is triggered.


There is less than a fortnight ago. In the meantime, there was little


detail other than saying the referendum result was an instruction


to change the way the country works forever.


Good morning, conference. The leader of the Welsh Conservatives set the


tone at the beginning of the conference, to use his speech to


warn of the dangers of tearing the union apart.


I have got a message for the SNP and other separatist parties across our


idols, the United Kingdom, we cherish it, it is not a thing of the


past, it remains as ever the world's greatest family of nations. Nicola


Sturgeon, take note. The great union you see here today is here to stay.


APPLAUSE You could say it has been a tough


batting surface for the Tories this week with trouble over expenses and


budget U-turns. So appropriately at an event at the


stadium, they tried to move from defence to attack.


Nick, strong words from the Prime Minister today.


How significant is this speech? Interestingly, a few weeks ago, the


feeling was this would be her first big speech after triggering Article


50. The timeline got pushed back, this face-off between her and Nicola


Sturgeon has developed so this became the strength of the union


speech, probably once she knew she would have to make but maybe not so


early in her premiership. You have to say, after a workmanlike


speech, she visibly became more animated as she launched into


criticisms, and a sense of Friday release after a tough week in the


office for the UK Government. Not a particularly Welsh speech. Put


that to the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, he became angry, he


said this was a speech about the union of the UK, and Wales is part


of that. Nevertheless, no big set piece Welsh


announcements. The whispers of the Swansea City deal, investment


project, are still there. I suspect the calculation is it may have got


lost today and the Government may want to push it into next week when


they can get on the front foot rather than in a week


where they have largely been reacting to events regarding the


twin battles they are facing, the Scottish independence question, and


of course those Brexit negotiations. Thank you.


The mother of a 22-year-old woman who was killed at a bed


and breakfast by one of the residents


is said to be tormented by the idea that the first police officer


at the scene delayed going in, and that might have resulted


Cerys Yemm was killed by Matthew Williams at


He was tasered by police, and died shortly after.


Cerys' mother Paula Yemm, seen here on the right,


arrived this morning to hear from the first officer at the scene.


Tormented, the court was told, by the idea that had the woman PC


the woman PC gone in sooner, her daughter may have been saved.


22-year-old Cerys was found dead at the Sirhowy Arms,


killed by Matthew Williams, a man released from


It was put to PC Kelda Griffiths she had sat outside the Sirhowy Arms


for three minutes in her car and had been ordered to go in


She agreed she had refused but said she still believed


She said she knew Matthew Williams had previously threatened


he would kill police officers and their children.


That on previous occasions he had been tasered,


She said the nature of the call was so surreal she wondered


whether he had staged it to get as many police officers


there as possible, and she did not know what weapons he had.


Later, the barrister for the police said her instruction was in fact


to rendezvous with another Taser officer before going in.


PC Griffiths was second up the stairs, and she said


when she went into the room she did not know if she


She fully expected to use her Taser but she didn't.


She stepped into the room and said she saw Cerys was dead


and another officer had already used his Taser on Williams.


Despite being hit by the Taser, she said Matthew Williams


There was no stopping him, he had unbelievable strength.


Once handcuffed, his legs strapped, she said she moved to his head,


she tried to apply pressure behind his ears to control him


After he was tasered for the last time, she said


She feared he would bite her but she said she checked his breathing


by putting her forearm against his mouth.


Matthew Williams died in an ambulance later that night.


A North Wales Police officer, who raped a woman as she slept,


A special misconduct hearing was held


into PC Iain Clarke who was jailed for


Mold Crown Court heard he had shown no remorse.


A man from Anglesey, travelling across Europe has been


Thomas Llyr Parry hasn't contacted his family


The grey van he was travelling in was found on Tuesday in Andalucia,


The infantry battle school in Brecon school will remain open,


a commitment made by the UK Defence Secretary today.


The decision follows the UK Government's


announcement in November that the barracks in the town


Sir Michael Fallon also announced that


the Regimental Museum Of The Royal Welsh is likely to stay


The number of black bin bags dumped illegally around the country has


nearly doubled in the last three years, and is at a five-year high.


Latest figures suggest in Cardiff it's even higher,


The council has doubled the number of waste enforcement officers


but critics blame the closure of rubbish tips and changes


As would-be councillors begin campaigning ahead


of May's council elections, rubbish, and what we do with it,


Crossing a river by boat is usually a leisure activity.


But these are volunteers and they are on a mission.


It is sometimes called the jewel in Cardiff's crown


but in places the River Taff is strewn with rubbish.


The litter in and around the Taff presents a real threat to aquatic


life as well as detracting from its beauty.


So hundreds of litter pickers of all ages have been out in force,


armed with goodwill, gloves and grabbers.


You can't believe that people just don't take care


It is always disappointing when you see rubbish that has been


The Great Taff Tidy is part of a wider campaign


Since Cardiff Council launched Love Where You Live in September,


waste teams and local volunteers have gathered an additional 100


tonnes of waste off the streets of eight inner-city wards.


The council says the majority of Cardiff's street litter spills


So, meet Robert and Steve, they are among the city's 30


uniformed waste enforcement officers.


That's double the number from two years ago.


They help educate residents about waste disposal


and have the power to issue ?80 penalty notices to people


This is classed as fly-tipping, illegally presented waste.


In less than an hour, I am shown residential waste,


commercial waste and a fly-tip all of which they believe need


According to the latest figures, the number of fly-tipping incidents


across Wales involving household black bags has jumped by nearly 40%


In Cardiff, the increase has been five-fold.


That could be the result of better waste monitoring by waste officers.


They have changed the collection regimes.


Brought in silly rules, wheelie bin lids need


Because of those changes and the cuts we are seeing to waste


collection sites across Cardiff, it's a ridiculous situation


I asked the counsellor with responsibility


for the environment whether that has contributed to the rubbish problem.


No, I don't think it does because what we are doing with that


campaign is about recycling more because we have statutory targets


What is important nowadays is people have a shared responsibility


Where there is litter, people helping the council to clear


it and make it a nicer place to live in.


By the banks of the Taff, bags of waste are wheeled away


but the cycle of littering and litter picking continues.


It's become a bit of a craze - trampoline parks have popped up


all over the country and are proving popular for keep fit -


But for a student nurse from Gwynedd, her visit to the Flip


Out attraction in Chester ended in misery when she


Medics told Ceri Jones from Beddgelert she could


She's one of four people hurt there within four weeks.


A few minutes in a trampoline park led to five weeks in a back


The 21-year-old went to Flip Out in Chester with two friends


at the end of January when she jumped from a platform


Landing on her backside, as instructed, she immediately knew


I jumped off the 12-foot platform into the foam pit,


and as I landed I heard a crunch in my back.


Instantly I had a shooting pain up my spine.


It came all around my hips and down my legs.


She shattered a vertebra at the base of her spine


and hospital staff told her she's lucky not to have been paralysed.


She's now taking legal action, saying she's been left in pain


Flip Out Chester says it's had a quarter of a million visitors


since it opened in December, and has an excellent safety record.


It's investigating and has replaced the tower jump


Here at Jump2It on Deeside, there aren't any high drops,


but safety is still the top priority for staff.


We follow a strict operating procedure.


The staff undergo intense training before they are allowed allowed on.


We do months of training where they go back over it.


It reassures ourselves we know we are doing everything we can


Visitors must watch a safety video and stick to the rules.


If you know your own limits, it is safe enough.


If you watch the safety briefings, you know what to expect.


The guys here are on point in my opinion.


A BBC Freedom Of Information request found a high level of incidents


among the 140 trampoline parks which have opened since 2014.


315 ambulance call-outs were made from April 2015-2016.


Broken legs were the most common injury, followed


Ceri Jones is on the road to recovery and still plans to visit


Jump2It is also hoping that the recent high-profile


incidents elsewhere haven't put people off.


Staff here say there is an element of risk in almost


But with proper briefing, close supervision and sensible behaviour,


there is no reason why people of all ages can't enjoy


Much more to come before seven o'clock.


No other player has reached the milestone.


In Paris tomorrow, Alun Wyn Jones will become the first


It won't be a great weekend here weather-wise.


A family from Cardiff is recovering from a terrifying experience,


stuck in a cable-car dangling above a Spanish volcano.


Berwyn Jones, wife Jennifer and six-year-old twins Kai and Erin


eventually had to absail 250 metres to safety, before spending the night


They're now back in their Tenerife hotel, but say it's a holiday


The cable car to the summit is popular with tourists


Among the people in this stricken gondola dangling


above the volcano on Wednesday were the Jones from Cardiff.


Over three times the size of Snowdon.


That must've been terrifying, you have young children as well.


We have twins and one of the twins, my daughter, she is disabled.


After four hours, authorities radioed through on how to get out.


They opened the floor of the cable car.


Seeing your six-year-old children and your wife abseil


A major rescue operation swung into action to help


For some of those higher up like the Jones,


when they reached ground their ordeal was far from over.


They still had to hike miles downhill to a concrete shelter


as temperatures dropped down to minus ten.


The mountain rescue guys carried my daughter all the way down.


I helped my son all the way down the mountain.


Eventually, 15 hours later, they were winched away.


An investigation has begun into what caused


We've reported on poor broadband speed many times.


But imagine signing up for superfast broadband,


only to find your internet speeds gets slower.


That's what happened to Paul Manning who lives near Abergele.


BT has now admitted it was wrong to sell it


Roger Pinney has been speaking to him.


One of the downsides of living in rural Wales can be


Paul Manning thought he was OK at his home


He runs an Internet retail business from home.


Once I found the website, it just states, "Begin task."


When we were told it was available, we said, yes, please,


But the first warning signs were when the Openreach engineer


came on the day and issued the immortal words, "I am surprised


He did his homework, put his telephone number


They were hinting at 17 megabytes which would have


been twice the speed as I was getting previously.


When you first tried it, what did you get?


These are the junction boxes which serve Paul Manning's home.


The problem is they are two or three miles away.


BT says they sold the Internet package in good faith.


The problem was their data was wrong, they say.


Distance matters because in most cases broadband gets to the home


The further the signal travels, the poorer it gets.


Paul Manning's speed has now improved a bit.


Apparently his case is unusual but not unique.


It is about buyer beware, he says, and don't always


The final weekend of the Six Nations, but still plenty


Wales are in Paris looking to end their campaign


with a sixth successive win over France.


And while title hopes have gone, they can still finish second.


There's also the chance to become the fourth best side in the world,


and a last chance to impress Lions coach Warren Gatland


So, plenty still to play for, as Tomos Dafydd reports.


Where better to finish the Six Nations?


The title may have gone, but Wales arrive in Paris


with morale restored after an exhilarating win


We lost it basically against England, we do it there. We could


have had the championship wrapped up. We would have kept confidence


going to the Scotland game. Their hosts are preparing


for a fixture that has been France have lost the last five


against Wales and avoiding a sixth will require them to find a way


through the meanest Wales have conceded five tries


in their four matches. The French team have always


played with physicality It is a difficult ask


but we are coming off the back of a positive display and we need


to back it up. The captain will make history


tomorrow, Alun Wyn Jones will start No other Welshman has


reached that milestone. There are far more pressing


things this weekend. The focus will soon


shift to the Lions. Tomorrow's game will be the last


chance for these players They will discover if they have


done enough on April 19 But the coach insists Lions


selection has not been talked about. The motivation putting


on a national jersey They are well aware of the Lions


and there is a need for us Tomorrow's results could


have a bearing on Wales's chances Victory in Paris and an England win


in Dublin would see Wales replace Ireland among the top seeds,


giving Rob Howley's men a potentially easier draw


as they will avoid New Zealand, England and Australia


in the group stages. It is a consequence


of the performance. And if we get the victory,


we would be happy for that. But we are not


concentrating on that. For us it is making sure


we get that W on the board That would see the Welsh celebrate


in Paris once again, and guarantee the runner's-up place


for the second consecutive season. And the under-20s can secure


the runners-up spot with victory The game is live


on Scrum V from 7.50pm Wales' women play their final


match, tomorrow night. And Swansea City's manager


Paul Clement says points are vital tomorrow as they travel


to Bournemouth who are just three points ahead


of them in the table. Swansea are boosted by the return


of Fernando Llorente who's been passed fit ahead


of tomorrow's key clash. The manager says lessons have been


learnt following the defeat The players have responded


well to the feedback. It was very clear, this


is what we've not done right, The players know what we've


done in the last weeks, we have picked up 15 points


from the turn of the There's ten games to go,


if we can pick up the same amount Newport County, who are home


to Blackpool tomorrow, have revealed that former Arsenal


striker Thierry Henry has lent his support to the Exiles' bid


for League Two survival. Caretaker manager Mike


Flynn is on the same FAW coaching course as Thierry,


and says he was over the moon to receive a text message


from the World Cup winner, And finally,


the very best of luck to Nantgaredig RFC who


are playing the Swedish national side tomorrow


as part of celebrations, to mark the Carmathenshire's


club 50th anniversary. Will Wales be playing


in spring sunshine? A sunny weekend in Paris would be


lovely, but not tomorrow. A little rain, but hopefully Wales


will shine on the pitch! Now, it was bright in south


Cornelly this morning. But the sunshine soon


disappeared with thick clouds, Heaviest in mid, west


and north-west Wales. Drier in the east and


a mild, breezy night. Lowest temperatures


six to nine Celsius. Here's the picture


for 8am in the morning. Heavy rain on the Cambrian


mountains, but not wet everywhere. Wrexham, Welshpool,


the north-east and eastern Powys, Low cloud and hill fog,


but the rain will ease Turning drier but still


a little rain and drizzle, In Snowdonia tomorrow,


the waterproofs will come in handy. Heavy rain easing off


in the afternoon. In the Marches, a little


rain or drizzle. The odd glimpse of sunshine,


but some rain as well, 13 in Rhyl with a brisk


and gusty wind. So, a stronger jet stream and fronts


will bring pulses of rain and drizzle in from the Atlantic


over the weekend. The highest rainfall


totals in Snowdonia, Next week, rain


on Monday will clear. Followed by brighter,


colder weather. Some wintry showers,


with sleet and snow, especially I'll have an update


for you here at eight o'clock, From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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