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Welcome to Wales Today - our headlines tonight:


More than a billion pounds of investment


as Prime Minister Theresa May signs off the City Region deal.


Tonight in an interview with this programme,


the Prime Minister also sets out her vision for Wales in a post


I want to see Welsh businesses able to look outside the European Union.


This clergyman says he wasn't made Bishop


Now there's a call to halt the selection process.


It was an extraordinary end to the Six Nations for Wales.


After that chaotic defeat in Paris, who s done enough to grab a spot


It's been described as the biggest ever investment


in South West Wales - with the aim of transforming


the area over the next decade and a half.


The Swansea Bay City Region - which was signed off


by the Prime Minister today - is according to its backers -


They claim it'll create 9,000 jobs, stretching


across four counties - from Pembrokeshire


The reason they swept into the liberty Stadium to sign of the


agreement that will deliver the Swansea Bay city deal. It focuses on


creating highly skilled well-paid jobs across as West Wales in sectors


like sciences, energy and advanced Manufacturing. Is city region bill


that we will find today, is a very good example of working together, a


partnership that can deliver prosperity and growth. There are 11


projects across the four counties including ?40 million free health


care and well-being village and ?5 million for a new creative hub that


will be home to S4 C. The company behind this building will be one of


the beneficiaries of the city deal. They build homes and offices that


power themselves. This could be an example of one of the buildings of


the future. Electricity comes from the integrated solar roofs and it is


able to operate even on overcast days like this one. The walls have


been designed to provide the heating of the building. This has massive


potential. If you were to build 1 million buildings like this, you


would get in the order of three gigawatts of capacity. This game


will unlock a further 60 then pounds investment, making it a business


that can deliver not just for the UK, but internationally. The city


deal was originally built as creating the Internet coast by an


Internet billionaire who was the driving force behind it. Central to


it was a cable under the Sea delivering the fastest but then


speeds from New York to Swansea. I am talking about a great big hype.


If you don't have that, you can have the longest M4 you've ever dreamt


about and it will mean nothing. That's not part of the latest city


deal. It was never reported the deal. The fifth about mutations


developments are because they are the things that will allow us to do


things like during deliveries and all of the Internet of things


connectivity. The cable is a private sector development that is a line to


the city bay. There are changes to this deal from what was first


proposed by Sir Terry Matthews. Much more emphasis on building projects.


On the one hand, some see that this has made the city deal much more


concrete. On the other hand, there are those who believe that it has


lost of part of what has made it unique. This is the strategy, if you


build it, they will come. It has been described like this around the


world so the question is, why are they doing is here? Critics point to


this other project. They were centres targeted at supporting


businesses and creating science and ecology jobs. More than half close


down with questions over whether they provided value for money. What


is important is the impact this will have on people in the region


including here on the streets. It is important it comes this far West and


they think even if it stays in Swansea, it will benefit this area.


I think we want to concentrate on shops that they are closing here.


This is the vision for what the region will look like in the future.


The real work starts now in making that a reality.


Let s have a word with our economics correspondent Sarah Dickins.


Why is this so significant? One thing is interesting is how much


private sector money has been put into this, more than twice the


amount from the UK Government and the Welsh government together. This


five G mobile technology they are talking about can really affect, if


it happens, people's lives. The instance, if you have homes they


generate their own power, that helps to tackle fuel poverty as well as


developing a new industry making those parts. Five G would mean we


could really compete in the drive towards driver less cars because the


software but that really needs about five G technology so our automotive


sector which is vulnerable at the moment, could get a new lease of


life and also in terms of health care delivery, being able to do


things through virtual reality and our life sciences sector with the


many well-paid jobs. We have also heard that the economy secretary is


changing strategy, what does that mean? It really is quite a change.


It is a nuance of words but in terms of how they will do things come it


is a big change. All most governments want to grow the economy


so you're still going to be doing that but since 2010 we had nine


charity sectors, nine industry areas that have been particularly helped


by government. That is going and instead, they are wanting to Gilles


Muller local communities that have got left behind by the policy we


have had since 2010. What does that mean in real terms? It means


spending much more money within the local community server instance, a


college would be encouraged to buy things much more from its locality,


the instance of the security, rather than going to an international firm,


going somewhere locally. His buzzword is better jobs, closer to


home, anti-things that is the answer to lifting those communities that


have got left behind as the committees along the M4 might have


prospered. There's much more for


you on the Swansea City Region Deal and what it could mean on the BBC


Wales news website. The Prime Minister also


used her visit to Swansea to urge Welsh companies to strike deals


around the world, as she insisted she would try to negotiate a free


trade deal with the rest of the EU. She also held talks


with the First Minister Carwyn Jones after he said Welsh support


for the UK could be in doubt if she did not listen


to concerns about devolution. Our political editor


Nick Servini has been speaking With eight days to go before the


official Brexit talks get underway, the Prime Minister began the Welsh


leg of a mini tour of the UK. At Swansea University, she met business


leaders to find out what they want from the process. The chip is


designed to make all of the devolved governments feel engaged as well. As


it stands, is the reason a's political position strong enough


with some speculation from within her party for an early General


Election? Clearly, huge decisions about to be made. I wonder for all


of those in Wales who have been wondering about this, are you


considering strengthening your mandate by holding a snap General


Election? Last year on the 23rd of June, the people of the UK gave the


government a mandate to go and negotiate on leaving the EU. That is


what we will deliver on and our focus is on ensuring that the


trigger Article 50 on the 29th of March, we started those negotiations


and we deliver on the mandate the British people get to the government


to leave the European Union. Will be aware that the Welsh economy is very


reliant on exports to the EU. To what extent is tariff free trade a


priority for your team now as they start the negotiating process? I


have been very clear in the objectives I have already set out


for our negotiations. We want to see a good brands of free-trade deal


with the European Union. It is something that the worst government


paper proposed, we believe we want that the whole of the United


Kingdom. We will be out there that, that's going to be the benefit of


Wales and the whole of the UK but it is not just about trading with the


EU, about trading with the rest of the world as well. I don't want to


see whilst companies, whilst businesses able to look outside the


European Union, to look to trade agreements at you will be


negotiating with other parts of the world. The Prime Minister also met


the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, in Swansea, to discuss Brexit. Some


strains have been showing in the relationship after he accused her of


having a 10-year to devolution. Today's meeting was better and more


constructive, we had a longer discussion on the issues facing the


internal structure of the UK. The public is, in Whitehall, they see


things from their perspective and they don't think about what it means


for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Today was the easiest leg,


not only did Wales propose to leave but they also want to remain in the


UK as well. There will be greater challenges ahead for her as the


Prime Minister Singh heads to Scotland to try to keep the UK


together. Companies which provide care


for thousands of people living at home in Wales say they're


desperately trying Tonight's Week In Week Out programme


reveals the increasing pressures companies are under -


including a recruitment crisis. Early-morning and Amanda is


beginning her shift as a home care. Amanda health care for former


teacher, William, who has MS. She is paid ?7 55 an hour, just above the


national living wage, and struggles to make ends meet. It is hard. You


get to see all your friends out every weekend or going for supper


with each other and you see, no, I cannot come. Amanda is one of 200


staff employed by a private care company near Bangor. They help


elderly and vulnerable people across Anglesey. The company boss wishes he


could pay staff more but insists his hands are tied because of the amount


he receives from local councils. He says his company is not in danger of


going bust, profits have been falling. We have to stop this crisis


in social care and we have to make these professional carers feel


valued. But only valued members of society, but also the bee numeration


that they deserve. Last year, they stopped providing care in Conway,


saying the money the council was prepared to pay was not enough. We


didn't think we could provide this level of service that amount of


money the company was offering. We were very, very reluctant to leave


but we had to leave. It was as simple as that. Conway Council says


it is committed to supporting vulnerable people in committees


despite facing financial challenges. The body which represents home-care


providers here is a more contract could be handed back I care


companies in Wales. What we here in Wales is a real sense of desperation


from some providers, really trying to work out how they can remain in


business on the swords of rates that they are being paid by local


councils. We asked all 22 local authorities in Wales if they had


contracts handed back and 13 of them told us they had. The Welsh Local


Government Association which represents councils recognises that


rates are being squeezed but says local authorities need further


investment. The budget earlier this month promised an extra ?200 million


for Wales. At the same time, the Chancellor announced an additional


?2 billion for social care in England. The Welsh government has


not yet decided how the extra money will be spent. In Wales, we


prioritise it as an area of national strategic importance but we are


working to put in a package of measures to be able to do with those


challenges. Amanda's working day is drawing to a close. She is among


20,000 care workers in Wales, helping people like William stay in


their home loans. But the current shortage of people like her means


there are others still waiting for home-care.


And you can see more on this story on Week in Week Out:


The Real Cost of Caring, here on BBC One Wales at 8:30pm.


A man from Cardiff who's admitted five terrorism charges was an active


member of so-called Islamic State, helping people prepare for acts


Samata Ullah, stored extremist information on a memory device -


Samata Ullah, an active and committed member of one of the most


dangerous Islamic groups in the world, so-called Islamic State. He


operated out of his house in Cardiff. Police raided the address


last year after information from Kenyan authorities. They discovered


he had been helping a secret website to help people prepare acts of


terrorism. We have to understand the dark web more because that is where


these people operate. I think we have not done a great job of


securing that area. Russia and China are better at that than we are in


the UK and America. Samata Ullah used in memory stick like this,


disguised as a cuff link, the store extremist information. It has been


described as a James Bond style device that can be bought in shops.


Police found instructional videos on how to secure a sensitive data and a


document called advances in missile guidance for terrorist purposes. At


the Old Bailey, he admitted five terrorist charges including


membership of so-called Islamic State, preparation of terrorist acts


and terrorist training. Member of his family in Cardiff didn't want to


talk about him today but police say they have been shocked by his


actions. Officers have described this conviction as a result. Samata


Ullah is due to be sentenced at the end of next month.


Lunch is good here but hospital food across the country gets


the thumbs down from a group of assembly members.


And after the Six Nations - who might be on the plane


We look ahead to the Lions tour with former Wales


There's a call tonight for the process of electing


a new bishop of Llandaff to be halted - after one of


the candidates, an openly gay clergyman, accused the Church


The very Reverend Jeffrey John made the allegation in a letter


It's an accusation the Church in Wales strongly denies.


His supporters say he was the best qualified candidate and this weekend


Jeffrey John hit out at those in the church who turned him down


for the role of bishop of Llandaff claiming homophobia played a part


Despite three days of deliberations earlier this month -


the church's electoral college failed to agree on the


When the decision was passed to the bench of bishops,


they too failed to appoint and informed Jeffrey John


he and the other candidates would no longer be considered for the role.


The reverend Martin Reynolds says the Church in Wales is very


positive towards gay people, but the appointment process


should now be stopped for confidence to be restored.


The church in Wales and bishops are not homophobic but they are part of


an Anglican communion which at its core is essentially, phobic and that


is very difficult for a church like ours which is very positive towards


gay people like myself and my husband but when it comes to a


bishop, that is a very public office and Jeffrey John has become


something of a totem to the bishops of Nigeria and Kenny and a figure of


hate and in the way, this rejection of Geoffrey is giving in to that


homophobia. Both the Bishops and Jeffrey John


have declined to be interviewed, but the Church in Wales has issued


a statement in which it strongly denies allegations of homophobia


in the appointment process saying. No time scale has been given


for the appointment, but the bishops have said they plan


to meet with the candidates. Delays in improving hospital food


and nutrition are intolerable, that's according to a group


of Assembly Members. The Public Accounts Committee says -


there's been a lack of leadership and frustratingly slow progress


on the matter. A survey in 2015 found a third


of patients said they'd being given A hospital depends on this, as much


as on this. That was the message in the 1940s and according to patients


in Newport at least, the menu today was living up to it. I got apple


crumble and custard seconds and Italy good. Personally, I would


rather have a plate full of chips that you don't get that option. It's


all healthy orientated food. Get you well and get you out. Apparently the


standard is not as good everywhere. Do you like powdered egg? I am told


on social media that in hospital, powdered egg is served. That is the


chief nursing officer being put on the spot by the Public Accounts


Committee during its inquiry into the standard of food in hospitals.


Nutrition and hydration are one of those things that is almost as


important as the medication that people receive. It is that


essential. There is a constant drive to make sure that the health boards


are doing that. On a visit to the Royal Gwent today, the committee


published its findings. They say the overall standard of hospital food


across Wales is not good enough and they blame a lack of senior


leadership and the Welsh government and within the NHS because


recommendations in a report by the audit Office in 2011 still have not


been acted on. At last report in 2011 commended that there should be


people in place on health boards in the last government to make sure


that nutrition is being improved in hospitals. They have not been put in


place. The last government says over the next few years, but should


happen. Be ten years since the original report and we think these


delays are unacceptable. The last government says it has already put


healthy eating plans in place and is considering how the food served in


hospitals can be improved further. Plenty to talk about in tonight's


sport now - here's Claire. Six Nations officials are reviewing


the alleged bite on George North and the potential breach of head


injury protocol - during that Wales coach Rob Howley,


was left to question the integrity of the game after France


replaced their so called injured prop in the dying minutes,


bringing back on Raba Slimani, one of the best scrummaging


props in the world. The biting incident


surrounding George North, is also being looked


at by an independent He has 48 hours to


decide on any action. Let's get the thoughts


of Former Wales and British Lions That game, the longest six Nations


game in history, did you make of that last 20 minute Keko it was


bizarre, I have never seen anything like it. The props going off and the


tactical substitution, that's happened all the time but never in


such a high-profile situation so things might change in that respect


but ultimately, Gergo Lovrencsics lost that game in the first 20


minutes, not the last 20 minutes. A poor performance at the end of the


day. What have you made of the six Nations and Wales so far? They


finished fifth in the table, only scored six tries? Is difficult to


judge them. Two fantastic performances at home against England


and Ireland. You thought, they have turned a corner but then they


collapsed in Scotland. Again, you're thinking, we've done well against


Ireland and the knock back that up on Saturday was disappointing. The


table doesn't lie. You have learned nothing new from the Welsh team.


We'll they can defend but ultimately, they have come up short


in attacking. They have scored some nice tries but they need to offer


more if they are going to climb up those rankings. In the back of their


minds has been the British and Irish Lions tour, I note you been doing


your homework and looking at everybody. Who, for you, as things


stand, is on that plane to New Zealand with Warren Gatland? As


disappointing as it's been, individually there's been some


standout players and a lot of the players, they went in 2013. Ken


Owens, superb turn it. He has to admit he made it onto the plane.


Leigh Halfpenny robbery sealed his place with his goal-kicking on


Saturday in Paris. But the rest of those guys, they deserve to go. Can


I ask as well about your selection, if we're looking at the Lions


playing in the New Zealand, who is in the starting 15? This will change


once players get on tour, the dynamic will change but for me if


there was a game this weekend, I have for Welsh boys.


England bias, deservedly so, they were the best team, but that team


will change. The six Nations is all about getting on the plane and once


you get on tour, that is on the starting 15 will be chosen. We will


have to see if Warren Gatland appears with you, he names his squad


on the 19th of April. Football - ahead of their crucial


world cup qualifier against the Republic of Ireland


on Friday night, just one Ipswich striker Tom Lawrence is out


with an ankle injury, Liverpool's Harry Wilson


replaces him. The players have assembled


today and will travel The Cardiff Devils were presented


with their first League Trophy in 20 years last night,


having clinched the Elite League title with victory in


Sheffield on Saturday. The Devils celebrated with a 6-1 win


over the Fife Flyers and having already also won the Challenge Cup,


are now chasing a treble. There's a lot of tears in the


stands, many people waited a long time. The club has gone through some


highs and lows, like any sports club doors. We have a special


relationship with our fans and I think it's why we have been


successful, sold out every game and why it is a fun time to be a fan.


The weather is next. Today it might be the screen --


Spring Equinox but we have not seen the last of the cold weather.


Thankfully that heavy rain cleared and turned out lovely for a walk.


Tonight, showers heavy in places but Hale. Wintry on higher ground with


sleet and some snow. Some dry, clear whether as well tonight and much


colder than recently. Temperatures inland bowling low enough for a


touch of Frost and were too icy patches. This is the picture for 8am


on Tuesday morning. Might then today but feeling chilly and breezy. There


will be some dry, bright weather and blue skies and sunshine but showers


and around as well and some of these will be happy and wintry in places.


So, a colder day tomorrow with a mixture of sunshine and showers.


Heavy showers in places. Hailstones, under possible and sleet and snow in


places as well. Not much snow, most of it on high ground. Temperatures


were in today. Chilly tomorrow with some rain and heavy showers.


Tomorrow night, showers followed by a long spell of rain. Some sleet and


snow, two on higher ground. Temperatures dropping low enough for


one too icy patches. Chilly again on Wednesday. Showers in places but


some dry weather and sunshine as well. Temperatures are still below


average. Thursday, breezy with a north-easterly wind will make it


feel cold but apart from the odd shower, it should stay dry. The end


of the week is more settled thanks to high pressure. Next weekend looks


rather nice. Sunshine but gardeners, watch out for overnight frost.


I'll have an update for you here at 8:00 and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


The alternative spirit of 6 Music comes to Glasgow


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