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Welcome to Wales Today - our headlines tonight:


The house near Carmarthen searched after the London Terror attacks


belongs to the mother of the man responsible.


To have the Metropolitan Police here is something unheard


of and something we hopefully won't have too see again


but sympathy is the main word and the main feeling


Carwyn Jones warns Labour may not deliver the results hoped


for in the party's big test - May's council elections.


The businesses who work along the M4 make their case


Ukele lessons for year six and more money for councils


Will it make up for all the cuts to music services?


It's a sell-out stadium for a crucial World Cup qualifier.


Can Wales beat the Republic of Ireland and close the gap


It's emerged that a house near Carmarthen searched


after the London terror attacks belongs to the mother


Police say the search in Trelech is now over and the mother and step


father of Khalid Masood, are not being treated as suspects.


Tonight a candlelight vigil is being held outside the Senedd


Officers have been guarding the property of Janet


and Philip Ajoa in Trelech since the search by the Wales


counterterrorism unit, alongside Dyfed-Powys Police.


It is understood specialist officers went to the rural


farmhouse in the early hours of yesterday morning.


There were also raids in London and Birmingham.


I would like to appeal specifically to the public, we remain keen


Anybody who understands all his associates were,


anyone who can provide information about the places he has


It is believed that Janet Ajao is the mother of Khaled Masood,


born as Adrian Russell Elms, later Adrian Russell Ajoa, the man


responsible for the terrorist attack in Westminster on Wednesday


afternoon, which killed five people and 50 people injured.


Janet and Philip Ajoa have lived at this property on the outskirts


We have been told that they moved to the area from Tunbridge Wells


and were private people who lived a quiet life here.


It is understood Janet kept a rare breed of sheep and sold meat


We have been told that Philip Ajoa is being treated for cancer.


Local people have told us they weren't in contact


with their son and he had not been seen in the area.


Officers from Dyfed-Powys Police have been at this isolated


They say that the search has now been completed and the occupants


They also say they are receiving the appropriate support.


We were initially made aware of the situation late


yesterday afternoon, that the Metropolitan Police


were investigating some wearing Carmarthenshire.


However, little did we know then that it was right on our doorsteps.


We found out late last night that it was just actually outside


the village of Trelech where the investigation


At first it was a great shock, but as the day has gone on today,


I think there is a great feeling of sympathy amongst the


neighbourhood and the surrounding area towards Mr and Mrs Ajoa.


Dyfed-Powys Police have emphasised that there is no threat to the local


area and nobody has been arrested following the search.


Tonight, a candlelit vigil was held outside the Senedd to remember those


who died in the attack, the effects of which have been felt


First Minister Carwyn Jones has admitted that Labour will find it


tough to avoid losses in May's local elections.


The party now leads 12 out of Wales' 22 councils.


But speaking ahead of Welsh Labour's conference in Llandudno,


he admitted it would not be sensible to pretend things are good


Here's our political editor, Nick Servini.


The foundations of the ancient fortress of Flint Castle dominates


this corner of the DS Jimmy. Fast forward to modern-day politics and


the foundations for so many parties is local government and that applies


to Labour more than anyone else in Wales. The modern-day castles are


the town halls up and down the country. Just down the road from


here is the headquarters of Flintshire County Council. It is the


only one currently controlled by Labour in North Wales. Nearby Flint


is traditionally rock-solid Labour territory, so what do people here


think of the state of the party as we approach the council elections?


Yes, they get my vote every time, I am a trade unionist. But even you


think it is not great as the mine. No, I don't think it is great at the


moment. They have the wrong leader. Not happy with them at all. I just


don't think... They are not like they used to be. Do you think they


will get voted back in? I think they will around year because it has


always been Labour around here. It has been a roller-coaster few years


for Labour. Beginning with the outsider Jeremy Corbyn winning the


leadership contest nearly two years ago. Then Welsh Labour did better


than many expected in the assembly election last year. But failed to


persuade many voters in traditional Labour areas to vote to remain in


the European Union. And all that before Jeremy Corbyn won yet another


leadership contest in the summer. All eyes now turn to the local


authority elections were Labour dominates, particularly along the M4


corridor and in the South Wales valleys, when it is still in control


of every council. Ahead of the conference, the First Minister


Carwyn Jones toured a sealed off pharmaceutical lab on the Deeside


Industrial Park taken Flintshire. The question is whether Welsh Labour


can seal itself from more -- so many of the deep divisions on show within


the party elsewhere. I am not going to pretend things are good at


Westminster. It would not be sensible for me to say that. But


this is not an election at Westminster. This is Welsh Labour


fighting local elections for the people of Wales, same way as we did


last year. Look at what is being delivered on your doorstep, good


delivery from Labour councils. It is important to vote in more Labour


councillors. Last-minute checks are taken out -- carried out at the


conference venue as labour affairs for another big test at the ballot


box. Nick, how do party figures


in Llandudno tonight think the council elections will go


for them? Well, Jamie, there is clearly some


expectation management going on. 2012 was a really good result. The


Welsh football team is looking to continue with the success of the


European Championships and Carwyn Jones likened Labour today... They


are control in 12 out of the 22 councils. If they come away still in


the driving seat in eight or nine, it will have been a good night for


the party. Be that as it may, the strategy for the party here this


weekend will be to signify the message. Fairness seems to be the


one that is breaking through. The difficulty is that last year in the


assembly campaign, they made it all about Carwyn Jones and the


personality of the First Minister. They cannot do that when there are


22 local battles going on across the country. A final thought, it is


often said that the power base of Welsh Labour resides in town halls


up and down the country. At such a divisive moment for the party, I


think we will soon find out how strong that power base for the party


really is. The man who killed Cerys Yemm


at the Sirhowy Arms in Argoed in 2014 had, months earlier,


allegedly sent letters from prison, threatening to kill people,


an inquest has heard. A police officer told the court,


the letters gave him serious concern for the mental wellbeing


of Matthew Williams, and were sent to the crown


prosecution service. But it was decided not to prosecute


because there was not enough evidence to prove the letters


were from him. An inquest has heard that north


Wales businesswoman Stephanie Booth was crushed to death by a tractor


she was using to cut grass at her The 70-year-old was well known


for the TV series "Hotel Stephanie", as well as an unsuccessful bid


to take over Wrexham Football Club. The coroner recorded a conclusion


of accidental death. Businesses are giving evidence


to the public inquiry into plans This week, supporters of the route


favoured by the Welsh government, including the employers


organisation, the CBI, said it was essential


for the project to get the go ahead Next week, businesses


against the plan will explain their objections


to the billion pound scheme. Here's our business


correspondent, Brian Meechan. Two different businesses operating


around Newport, two very different views of what should happen with the


M4. The Welsh Government prefers the Black route to relieve congestion


around the Brynglas tunnels. It is a ?1.1 billion six lane motorway. This


development will see 4000 new homes, office and factory space, shops and


a school. It is evidence to the public enquiry that the black route


is the preferred option. It causes congestion for all those vehicles


going through there and around Cardiff. Any opportunity to allow


movement I think will help business. The CBI favours the black route,


saying the current problems on the M4 cost businesses, including hours


lost in traffic jams. The port of Newport has raised objections to the


black route cutting right across the docks.


One company says it would damage its business. It handles 700,000 tonnes


of steel every year and that means 200 trucks coming in and out of here


every day. This imported steel lies in one of the warehouses at the


docks before being transported to its final destination. If we are


restricted the number of births we can operate, then our competitive


methods could suffer, the board could suffer. A ship can go to any


port. It doesn't have to come to Newport. It is a debate that has


been going on for over 20 years. Whatever the outcome of the enquiry,


it is sure to have an impact on businesses across South Wales.


There's a call for the Welsh Government to give more money


towards projects that integrate refugees and asylum seekers


The Oasis charity in Cardiff has grown considerably


since it opened in 2008 - and offers support and training


for people from all over the world as they settle here.


This year it's received money from Comic Relief.


Eight and a half years ago, the Oasis Centre in Cardiff


40 refugees and asylum seekers would visit each week.


Now, it's a maze of rooms, based in a former church.


But it's a different kind of faith the 140 people who visit here every


Making them feel safe, part of the community,


understanding the laws, understanding the cultural norms is


Getting funding is very difficult and that's why I'm so grateful


for Comic Relief for giving us core funding because it has taken


But getting funding for what to me are core


services is very difficult and very challenging.


And I would hope that the Welsh Government will consider that.


With long waiting lists for classes at nearby colleges,


accredited lessons were introduced here six months ago.


Marion came to Cardiff ten years ago.


Now settled in the capital, she is giving back to the people


who helped her and volunteers at Oasis' clothing store,


where those who have just arrived choose clothes that


I just came from Islam to Christianity and because I have


difficulty in Iran and I couldn't live in Iran.


When I came here, it was very, very hard time for me.


They helped me a lot, learn the most important things,


The Welsh Government doesn't fund Oasis but says it values the hard


work of charities to support refugees and asylum seekers and says


it is investing ?1 million in an advice and advocacy service


For the next two years, ?40,000 from Comic Relief will help


with the day to day running of a centre that's proved a place


We are in Dublin, so too are thousands of fans for a crucial


Wales haven't beaten the Republic of Ireland


And the community in Pembrokeshire founded by Flemish invaders 900


years ago charts its extraordinary tale in tapestry.


?10,000 is being given to each local council across Wales to buy musical


The money from the Welsh government will be targeted


at areas where children are currently missing out.


It comes after years of cuts to music budgets by local councils.


Here's our arts and media correspondent, Huw Thomas.


At Grangetown primary School in Cardiff, the UK -- the lesson is a


fun and focused affair. It is the only chance many of these children


get to hold an instrument and play along with their friends. Every time


I am playing, I learned something different. Music is really fun to


learn also and easy to play. I constantly like to use the ukelele


but we don't constantly have them in class. I wish we would have more


music lessons. The money available for music in schools had been cut


right back in recent years with lessons and instruments forced lower


down the list of priorities for cash-strapped councils and


headteachers. This funding is meant to improve access to music and will


be targeted areas where parents cannot always afford to buy


instruments for children keen to play. This will ensure that they all


have that opportunity to partake in and play an instrument. The ?10,000


per council announced today will also help set up a database to


assess the stock that is held in schools already and plug the gaps.


We want children to have a broad-based experience in school so


not just obviously focusing on core subjects like maths and English but


we do know that developing children's creativity can have an


important impact on how well they do in other subjects. One of those in


charge of music services hopes the money will be a catalyst for further


investment. We have always been a bit of a Cinderella outfit. Never


invited to the ball. People have realised that without this


investment, we will never find Wales' most talented musicians and


we could miss somebody. There is more investment to come with a fund


to be launched soon by the Welsh Government aiming to give better


access to musical activity. In the meantime, these children will keep


practising the ukelele with the prospect of more instruments to


come. Welsh football fans will be


hoping there's plenty Yes, Dublin is the place to be,


as Wales look to topple the Republic Manager Chris Coleman says his side


go into the World Cup qualifier confident and has urged his players


to seize the moment. We'll be live in Dublin


in just a minute. First, Tomos Dafydd has been


soaking up the atmosphere Dublin's cultural quarter,


Temple Bar, taken over tonight. This maze of cobbled streets filled


with travelling fans in red. European semifinalists last summer,


but Wales have recorded just one So, are the players


suffering a Euro hangover? We drew at home with Georgia,


drew at home with Serbia. So I think it's really important


to note that we pick I think Gareth Bale is going


to score and Joe Ledley. Wales say they are desperate


to succeed, desperate to repeat But hopes of getting


to next year's World Cup They have had a better


campaign than us so far. But we feel that if we play our best


game, like we have done on many Wales' star players have been


singled out for criticism here. The former Republic manager


Johnny Giles said Aaron Ramsey And without Gareth Bale,


Wales would be very average. Chris Coleman wasn't


taking the bait. Well, I must be a hell


of a manager then. I'm happy with Johnny


Giles' comments. The last and only competitive away


match between the sides happened Katherine Jenkins belted out


the anthem, Wales lost 1-nil. And playing in defence that day,


a 17-year-old Gareth Bale. He is now Wales' biggest


asset in attack. To stop him, Ireland


will have to hit him fairly. That is what Assistant Manager Roy


Keane has suggested. He is a world-class player


and we will have to be careful and get tight to him in certain


areas, but we can't just fully Tonight's match is not only


significant for Wales' hopes of reaching the World Cup,


but for the manager's Chris Coleman has previously said


he would consider his position if Wales were out of contention


after five games. It is important as a team,


we need to get the three points. If we don't get the three points,


it will be very, very As for Chris Coleman, I mean,


he could have to reconsider what he is going to be doing


with Wales in the future because he did say after the five


games, judge him on that. It has been a quarter of a century


since Wales last celebrated a win over the Republic of Ireland


and while their hosts have been plagued by injuries,


Wales are at full strength and possibly won't have a better


opportunity to beat their hosts. Tomos is outside the Aviva Stadium


for us tonight, where Yes, Chris Coleman has just named


his side to face the Republic of Ireland. Let me just run Bob Crow


run through the site. The defences as you would expect.


The central defence... And then Joe Ledley and Joe Allen. Aaron Ramsey


is back. Gareth Bale is indeed team. Hal Robson-Kanu plays up front. This


is the first time Chris Coleman has had the chance to play his strongest


sides is that memorable win over Belgium in the quarterfinals of Euro


2016. There is another important match taking place in the group


tonight. Georgia are taking on Serbia. Wales could do with a favour


from Georgia. The home side started well. But Serbia hit back. A penalty


just before half-time. They then took the lead in the second half.


Within the last few minutes, Serbia have scored a third goal. If that


result stays the same, the Serbia were moved to the top of the


qualifying group and of course Wales face Serbia in June. But before


that, it is the Republic of Ireland tonight. Every qualifier is


important but I get the feeling this is pivotal if Wales are to make it


to the World Cup in Russia next year.


You can watch the game - it's live on S4C.


The build up starts at 7:15 and there's full commentary


We'll have a full match report in our late bulletin.


Away from the football there's also rugby tonight.


The Newport Gwent Dragons host Ulster in the Pro12,


while the Scarlets face Edinburgh, in tonight's live game on Scrum V.


The Dragons have confirmed their final fixture of the Pro12


season against the Cardiff Blues won't be played at Rodney Parade


It avoids a clash with Newport County's last game in League 2.


Six Nations Rugby has begun a misconduct complaint


against France's vice-captain, Yohann Maestri, for comments he made


about referee Wayne Barnes after their dramatic


The Toulouse lock allegedly criticised Barnes' decisions,


following the chaotic end to the game.


An investigation, into the replacements made by France


in the latter stages, is also continuing.


It's known as Little England Beyond Wales,


but should South Pembrokeshire be referred to as Little


Tomorrow, a ceremony will be held in the the village of Llangwm


to celebrate the completion of a huge project, detailing


the history of its Flemish founders 900 years ago.


Five years ago, St Jerome's Church in Llangwm in


A local heritage group received ?400,000 worth of funding


But they also decided to enlist the support of the Church's


I said, well, we don't know who they are, why don't


we incorporate within the project a massive research into the family


and the Flemish settlement of South Pembrokeshire?


That story is now told in a new tapestry.


At five metres long, it is based on illustrations by local children,


drawn by a local artist and stitched by 30 local people.


It tells of invaders from Flanders in modern-day northern


Belgium sent to Wales by King Henry I in


Flemings and the Normans finished up with a whole string of castles...


The tapestry also features in a new digital app.


Key to the Flemish connection in Llangwm is this knight...


Or Godbert the Fleming, as he was known.


The father of the De La Roche family.


This man is Godbert's direct descendant.


Villager Norman Roche took part in a DNA study of local men,


which proved a genetic link to the Flemish invaders.


It transpired that I am of noble blood, a Flemish knight that came


over and as a reward, he was he was granted this area.


A representative from the Flemish government will be at the church


tomorrow to unveil the tapestry and celebrate the


Yes, keep the sun glasses handy. Beautiful today. And there's plenty


more fine weather to come over the weekend. More sunshine. The Knights


will be cold. If you are a gardener, watch out for the frost.


Temperatures falling close to freezing. Breezy and slightly less


cold in the south. Here is the picture for eight o'clock on


Saturday morning. A little bit cold first thing. Maybe some low cloud


and mist and fog patches in parts of Powys. Otherwise, it is lovely. Much


of the country fine and bright and sunny. Still a bit breezy in the


south. A lovely day tomorrow. Lots of super spring sunshine. A few


cirrus clouds in the afternoon and it will turn out warmer than today.


Tom temperature in the low teens. Maybe 16 in Porthmadog. In


temperature tomorrow, sometime from dawn until dusk and it will turn out


pleasantly warm. -- Pembrokeshire. In Radnorshire, morning mist and low


cloud will disappear, leaving sunshine. Another dry story tomorrow


night. It will turn chilly again. Pockets of ground frost in mid and


North Wales. The reason for the settled weather is this large area


of high pressure. Sunday another dry day. More sunshine but some cloud


will spread from the east during the afternoon. Top temperature 14


Celsius. Next week, Monday, dry but beyond that, signs of a change.


Turning more unsettled. Don't forget the clocks go forward by one hour on


Saturday night. I'll have an update


for you after the BBC News at Ten. Thank you for watching,


have a great weekend. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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