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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Four health boards, ?146 million in the red -


tonight, Welsh Government says no more bailouts,


We can't have a position that the Health Service gets an additional


sum of money at great expense to the rest of public funding in the rest


of Wales and we don't deliver properly acceptable level of


performance and also financial performance is part of that. So


could that mean waiting lists for some surgery will get longer?


The mother of the Westminster attacker Khalid Masood -


says she is "shocked, saddened, and numbed" by his actions.


more than 100 grassfires across the country since the weekend.


Here in Rhondda, now the fire is out, we can see the destruction it


has caused. The call for schools


to record all incidents Health spending accounts for around


half of the Welsh Government's ?15 billion annual budget,


but, tonight, a warning that there is no blank cheque


to bail out overspending in the NHS. With four health boards


here seeing their overspend treble in the past year,


it's prompted the Health Secretary to tell them to do more


to live within their means. Here's our political


editor Nick Servini. We knew the NHS in Wales was under


intense pressure. We now know what the impact has been on the budgets


of some of our largest health boards. The deficit forecast for how


old are University health board, which covers West Wales, is ?50


million. Bridgend and Swansea, it is 35 million. Cardiff and Vale, 31


million and Betsy Cadwallader, which covers North Wales, ?30 million for


the financial year coming to an end. Overall, that is three times higher


than the previous year. Smiles all round as the Health Secretary born


Gethin meets staff at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, one of


the trust that fail to balance the books. As a result, the message was


a serious one. There will be no bailout. Every health board itself,


their independent members should be challenging and looking at the


financial plans that are coming forward, because we can't have a


position where the help service gets an additional sum of money at great


expense to the rest of public funding and the rest of Wales and we


don't deliver properly acceptable level of performance and also


financial performance as part of that as well. The director of


nursing at ABM you Rory Farrelly catches up after the weekend at


Morriston Hospital in Swansea. This is part of ABMU where deterioration


has been start, going from a break even position to ?35 million


overspend, a figure that is enough to run the entire health board for


nearly fortnight. It has responded to the problems by focusing on


recruitment, and cut down on the cost of taking on agency staff. If


you are using premium agency, that will have a drain on the financial


resources but it is really important that we utilise and keep the staff


we have got and keep our ongoing recruitment going and getting more


staff to work for us on the health board and we have seen that over the


last few years. Up until this point, the Welsh Government has had and we


are all in this together sort of approach but that Minister causing


the finances are acceptable is a reflection of the frustration felt


very senior levels of the Welsh Government at the way some of these


are being run, and from the health board's perspective, they have the


big job now are trying to introduce savings in the next year without


affecting services. The think tank the health foundation analysed a


potential back hole in the NHS in Wales in a report last year --


Blackall. We have been going around needing to make continual savings


every year. We need a real system look at how we can really work


together as an NHS, as a combined Health Service, to really release


the savings. At a time of rising demand, these figures reflect the


ever-growing problem for help bosses and Government ministers are coping


with the spiralling costs within the NHS.


Our Health Correspondent, Owain Clarke is here.


We've heard there about the effect on the health boards,


Well, day-to-day individuals might not notice any difference, but this


is the truth, but the health boards that have overspent in this


financial year will need to try to find even bigger financial savings


in the next. So what do they do? They can't, hospitals can't tell


emergency patients, for example, comeback in a couple of weeks, we


are a little bit short. Expectant mothers will still need to deliver


their babies. What we have seen in the past when things have been


squeezed and really tight financially is that waiting time for


planned, scheduled have lengthened. Also waiting times for certain types


of tests. The Welsh Government won't want to see that happening, they


have taken a fair bit of flak that in the past. Perhaps the biggest


concern is for recruitment and Nick mentioned it in his piece, health


boards paying over the odds because of too many vacancies. We know there


has been a Wales wide recruitment campaign, I'm told it's beginning to


work, but the effects will take awhile to feed through.


Nevertheless, the Welsh Government will argue that it three health


boards can live within their means, why can't the other four? Thank you.


Now the rest of the day's news. The mother of the Westminster


attacker Khaled Masood - says she's shocked, saddened


and numbed by his actions. Four people were killed


when the 52-year-old drove a car into pedestrians


on Westminster Bridge and stabbed a police officer,


before being shot dead. Our reporter Kate Morgan


is in the newsroom. Well, Jamie, it emerged last week


that the mother of the attacker Callard Massoud lived in a small


village in Carmarthenshire. Since then, there has been a police


presence outside Janet Ajao's home in the village of Trelech. Tonight,


we have heard from her the first anchormen in a statement she said


she was deeply shocked, saddened and numbed by the actions of her son.


She said that on the discovery that it was her son responsible, she shed


many tears for the people caught up in that horrendous incident. She say


she does not in any way condone his actions or support the believes that


led to him committing that atrocity. Finally, she thanked her family,


friends and the community their love and support. Her home in


Carmarthenshire was one of a number across the UK searched in an


extensive police operation. Police didn't arrest anyone at that address


and they are keen to stress that they are not suspects in this


ongoing investigation. The Met police, who are leading the


investigation, said there is no threat to the area and Janet Ajao


now wants privacy in what is an extremely difficult time. Kate


Morgan, thank you. After a weekend where firefighters


were called to more than 100 most of them started


deliberately, and the emergency services are warning that lives


are being put in danger. One of the worst hit areas


was Rhondda Cynon Taf, where Caroline Evans


is for us this evening. Jamie, on a day like today, it is


glorious appear in Penrhys, but if you take a look at my feet, you can


see the damage that has been done in just a few short hours. The land


here is going to take months to recover and tonight, fires in other


parts of Wales are still burning. Flames creeping ever closer to


houses in the kill Bay Hill area of Swansea. Firefighters are trying to


put out the blaze before it spreads any further down the mountain. The


latest in a series of grass fires across the country since the


beginning of the weekend. This was Penrhys Mountain in the Rhondda at


the height of the blaze on Saturday night. Dramatic and dangerous. The


flames leaping, powered by the strong east wind. As you can see


from the scorch marks, a relatively small fire, but with the windy


conditions, spread quite quickly across the mountainside. As you can


see behind us there. Up to the roadway, a lot of spectators there,


so we had to go back with the roadway but more worryingly, burned


down towards the side of the mountain towards the houses and


going right close to the backs of some of the houses. Eileen is part


of a team who rescues animals, but there aren't any to rescue from


scene like this. The animals don't survive. Now is the start breeding


season, so we have got baby animals, maybe undercover, which aren't going


to survive those kinds of fires the adults may be run away from the


scene, but if they are injured, they are not found, they just crawl off


and die and that is re-heartbreaking. We can use the


Polaris on a lot of this. The fire services adopting new approaches and


as Craig explained to me, this vehicle is not only helping them get


water to the scene, it also means they can fight fire with fire. So we


have drip torches. This contains a mixture of petrol and diesel and we


actually put it together and we have along with coming out with a burning


torch on the and that we can walk along and actually light fires. We


have a tool box of tools, we have water, a leaf blower, with no flames


with a leaf blower. And exacerbating the problem is the sheer amount of


dry Bracken now covering the hillside. Harris is involved in a


project looking at what can be done from an environmental perspective.


By reintroducing traditional management like this, in the long


term, you will get more varied habitat, the seed bank will build


back up again on the hills, because at the moment, it is getting


devastated by these fires. And the problem isn't going away. Near


Llangollen, a blaze which has been extinguished reignited. And in


Swansea, it could be hours before these claims are brought under


control. Well, the fire service tell me that


after this weekend, they are now hoping for rain, but what they want


more than that, they say, is for people to wake up to the mindless


damage that these fires cause and to the potential for loss of life.


Caroline Evans, thank you. who was murdered by her husband 20


years ago - were found tied to a porcelain sink at the bottom


of Wentwood reservoir last month. The reservoir near Newport hadn't


been drained for 100 years. Michael Bowen was jailed


for her murder in 1998, but never The clean-up of the Wylfa


and Trawsfynedd nuclear sites because of the rising


cost of the project. The ?6 billion contract


to decommission 12 redundant was awarded to the Cavendish Fluor


Partnership in 2014. But the UK Government's scrapped


the deal and will investigate A Pembrokeshire man who raped


a stranger at knife-point has been jailed for ten years


at Swansea Crown Court. Andrew Check, who's 30, broke


into the woman's home in Tenby, after he left a footprint


near the scene of the attack. The woman's DNA was also found


on a glove at his house. From Swansea Crown Court,


Aled Scourfield. This is Andrew Edwin Check,


a 30-year-old bar manager who climbed through a woman's


bedroom window in the middle of the night and subjected her


to a terrifying rape at knife-point Swansea Crown Court heard


that the attack in the seaside town of Tenby lasted 15 minutes


and the woman is still suffering In a video that was played


to the court, the victim described She said her life had totally


changed and the sheer horror, fear and terror she felt


was off the scale. Check matched the description


of the attacker during house-to-house enquiries,


but detailed forensic work by Dyfed-Powys Police helped build


the case against him. These prints were left


outside the property Crime scene investigators worked


through the night to process the footprint before it was analysed


by experts back at the Dyfed-Powys Evidence which led to


the defendant being arrested. that was recovered from the scene


and the first thing I do then is to look at the pattern elements


and try and identify those elements by using our footwear


database system. And as you can see from this one,


we got the zigzag type pattern and then I searched


through all our zigzag type patterns on the database to try


and narrow down the one that is most And the one that I came


to was of course the Fred Perry 54. From the house-to-house team


officers that attended his home address and identified him


from an early footwear mark, right through to the forensic team


which identified the victim's DNA on gloves that were recovered


in his home address. In sentencing Check to ten years


in prison with a further seven years on licence,


his honour Judge Keith Thomas said Andrew Check had carried out


the attack in a callous and determined way and he posed


a significant risk to the community. The offence sent shock waves


through the quiet seaside community, An attack that frightened and


horrified people in equal measure. Much more to come before seven


o'clock. No Barry incinerator. Protest at the pervert, they do not


want Westwood turned into electricity. This plant would be the


first in the country -- protest at the power plant. And with


temperatures reaching 19 Celsius over the weekend, more unsettled


weather on the way. More problems tonight the drivers along North


Wales' Maine Road, the A55. Yesterday, there were reports of


drivers taking hours to travel a few miles.


The Welsh Government insists delays are being kept to a minimum -


but some businesses say they've lost thousands of pounds.


Well, at least today, the traffic was moving, most of the time.


There were hold-ups at the rush hours


The A55 continues to crawl eastbound from Dwygyfylchi at 16A


all the way through towards Old Colywn.


It's a bit slow heading west toward Old Colwyn on the 55 as well.


That's what listeners to BBC Wales heard yesterday.


If anything, the situation on the ground was worse.


There were reports some drivers were stuck in the queue several hours.


and at the Mulberry Pub and restaurant on Conwy Marina,


Debbie Taylor, the manager there, says the traffic


disrupted staff, customers and cost the business thousands.


A lot of our tables didn't turn up


or were ringing to say they were going to be


at least an hour, an hour and a half late, which set us back.


We had a lot of empty tables for a time because most


of our tables were booked between one and half two.


Staff, same with staff, coming in to do service,


they were late, stuck in the traffic,


Traffic Wales, the roads arm of Welsh Government,


says work is going on around the clock to clear


At Conwy tunnels, its planned improvements, but further east


of Colwyn Bay, there's what's described a semi-emergency


We do understand that these important maintenance


It is better that they are done in the winter rather


I think we've probably just got to put up with it and hope that


For now, though, it's a case of just grin and bear it.


Schools in Wales should be legally required to record


all incidents of bullying, that's according to


Bullies Out, says a true understanding of what's going on can


only be achieved if there's a consistent approach


The Welsh Government says it's reviewing its anti-bullying policy


It's something that no parent should have to go through, the heartbreak


of losing a child. But the Dominique Williams and her partner Suzanne


from Swansea, the pain is still raw after their daughter took her own


life earlier this year. Her mother claims her 14-year-old daughter's


there was a result of being bullied at school. South Wales police is


investigating the claims but says it is yet to find any evidence of


bullying. It makes us feel as if we have failed as parents because we


weren't there to stop it, because we weren't told, you know? To find out


she was being bullied, she was going through such pain of her own and we


didn't know nothing about it and that kills us every day. Every


day... We feel as if we have failed her. We feel as if we failed her.


This is an anti-bullying film shown in classrooms across the country. In


Wales, schools are required by law to have behaviour policies in place


but there is no legal requirement for schools here to record every


incident of bullying. Now an anti-bullying check back at a


charity please legislation should be introduced in Wales to ensure there


is a consistent approach to tackling the issue. We need to have that


consistent definition of what exactly bullying is and then, again,


maybe by having every incident recorded, will get the true


statistics of what exactly is going on. Last year in Northern Ireland,


and act was passed making it a requirement for schools to record


all reports of bullying after a review was ordered of school


policies across the country. We find that the schools were doing their


best -- we found the schools were doing their best to tackle bullying


but were struggling in some cases, so their anti-bullying policies were


sometimes very mixed qualities, referring to some but not other


forms of bullying. The definitions of bullying were many and varied. In


Wales, however, head teachers' union believes that introducing


legislation isn't the most effective way forward. I have a fear of making


it a legal duty to report that will end up with a compliance model in


terms of addressing bullying in schools. The Welsh Government says


it offers guidance to schools in order to prevent bullying and is


currently reviewing its policy. Back in Swansea, Nyah's family continue


to grieve but they hope will can be done to ensure others don't have to


suffer the same kind of loss. It would be the first power plant


of its kind in Wales, But people living near the planned


Barry Docks biomass project are trying to stop it getting


a permit as they're worried Now Friends of the Earth


is complaining to the European Commission because an environmental


impact assessment hasn't been done. No Barry incinerator! No Barry


incinerator! Unpopular with some people living


here, worried about fire There's even a dispute


about terminology. The company says it's


not an incinerator, It converts it at high


temperatures into gas. Johanna and Kelvin Knight live near


the site and have a baby on the way. Now they feel their dream move


is being undermined. If I had known that there is the


chance of the incinerator, I wouldn't have bought. I think this


being put in the position is just the completely wrong place at the


wrong time. Barry is being regenerated and that being the case,


that is why I moved here, I wanted to be next to the coastal path, next


to nature and now someone has made a decision in the middle of nature to


drop a woodchip incinerator. Complete contrast to the whole


philosophy of green, clean living. The company, Biomass UK Number 2,


wasn't available for interview today, but said in a statement it


understands locals' concerns. The developers say conversion of


waste wood into energy means less landfill and the plant will be able


to power around 20,000 homes a year. The company's already had planning


permission from Vale of Glamorgan Council but before that chimney


behind me can start operating, it needs a permit from


Natural Resources Wales. Now friends of the Earth is


complaining to the European Commission about how the application


is being assessed. We are sure that it requires proper assessment and


the European law. Here is the European Commission, who are


ultimately responsible for taking proceedings against the Welsh


Government if it is not coming at its job properly. Then RW says it


can job does not include an environmental impact assessment and


this was a job for the Council during the planning phase. They will


make a decision on the permit than just over a month.


Welsh Gymnast Maisie Methuen says she's aiming to make it


to the European Championships, having won gold in the floor at the


The 15-year-old from Pontypool beat the Commonwealth Champion


and Strictly Come Dancing Star Claudia Fragipane to the title.


I never expect to beat her, but I guess she is coming back


from Rio, it is hard for your fitness and stuff,


but it is a nice feeling to, you know,


The Cardiff Devils will play Manchester Storm next weekend


The Devils - who lost their last game of the regular season


against Belfast Giants last night - are top seeds.


Having won the Challenge Cup and the Elite League,


It's been confirmed a 12-millimetre-long millipede -


described as the Mardy Monster - is a new species.


Experts say the brown bug - which was found crawling under


stones at the old colliery site in the Rhondda - is completely


new to science and is distinct from other millipedes.


But it's not known how it came to be in South Wales.


What is in store for the rest of the week


with the weather? It was a warm spring like we can across Wales,


temperatures reaching 19 Celsius in Porthmadog and Gwynedd, 18 in


Pembrey in Carmarthenshire. Drive across most of Wales but it will not


last much longer. This week turning more unsettled with rain at times


were still some brightness but becoming blustery. Tonight will


Remain drive with various files and light winds. It will turn chilly in


rural areas, fog forming in the early hours so not as cold as recent


night, loads of 4-9 C. The chart shows we start a season changes


tomorrow as this weather front pushes in from the south-west.


Tomorrow morning, low cloud and fog in mid and North Wales will clear to


live a mix of sunny spells and showers. Showers pushing up from the


south-west could turn heavy in places, still some warm and sunny


spells through the afternoon and winds also turn more south-westerly,


quite gusty along the coast, so not quite as warm as recent days, more


like 12 Celsius in Gwynedd, Porthmadog tomorrow, 15 in


Monmouthshire. Tomorrow, thicker cloud, rain pushing in from the west


would serve the south-westerly winds and a noticeably milder night, mist


and fog forming with overnight lows of nine and 11 Celsius. This big


area of low pressure in the Atlantic influences our weather from mid week


on, more rain and with stronger winds too. So on Wednesday, some


drier spells, often cloudy with showers and bells of rain pushing in


from the west. Heaviest on west facing hills. Temperatures still


above average at 12-15, probably warmest in the is. On Thursday, a


mix of sunshine and showers, brisk southerly winds but temperatures


will still do well in any sunshine. More unsettled from midweek onwards,


often quite windy and relatively mild and frost free. Slightly cooler


but changeable on Friday and looking maybe a bit drier as we head through


next weekend. Finally, the weather watchers pictures show changes


across Wales. Tenby in the sunshine the cold and foggy then went. If you


want to become a weather watcher, you can sign up and join on the


website. Keep up-to-date with the smartphone up and the latest


forecasts online. Jamie. Thank you very much. The headlines


again. The mother of Khaled Masood, the man behind the Westminster


attacks has expressed anguish about the actions of her son. In a


statement tonight, Nichols Canyon, who lives in Carmarthenshire, said


she did not condone what he had done -- Janet Ajao. It has emerged today


that the car used in the attack was driven at more than 70 mph.


Health boards and Wales have been told there will be no blank cheque


to bail them out. It is forecast that four of them will overspend by


?146 million this year. I'll have an update for you here


at eight o'clock and again That's Wales Today


thank you for watching. From all of us on the


programme, good evening.


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