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European Union after 44 years of membership. That's all from


It is the expectation of the government that the devolved


administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will see a


significant increase in their decision-making power as a result of


this process. Wales in line for more powers,


but as Article 50 is triggered, criticism of the Prime Minister


for failing to involve Wales This is unacceptable


and the culmination of a deeply frustrating process


in which the devolved administrations have persistently


been treated with a lack of respect. From farmers and families to workers


and businesses, tonight, with reaction and analysis,


we'll look at what this Its vice-chair and chair are sacked


by the Welsh Government. I think they have handled it pretty


poorly, pretty shockingly, actually. I've had two formal correspondence


in the last seven months. It certainly wouldn't happen


in normal organisations. Injuries suffered on


Pontypridd's 3G pitch. The WRU will now inspect


its condition, amid calls for research into the impact


of artificial playing fields. And Jackie Kennedy at the funeral


of the sixth Lord Harlech. She rejected his marriage proposal,


but letters revealing their close On the day the Prime Minister


triggered Article 50, starting the process of the UK


leaving the European Union, Theresa May has told MPs Brexit


will mean a "significant increase" in the Welsh Government's


decision-making powers. Mrs May said she would consult


on which powers should be transferred from Brussels


to Cardiff, but that no powers currently held by devolved


governments will be taken We will negotiate as one


United Kingdom, taking into account the specific interests of every


nation and region of the UK and when it comes to the powers


that we will take back from Europe, we will consent fully


on which powers should reside in Westminster and which should be


passed onto the devolved But, Mr Speaker, no decision


currently taken by the devolved administrations will be removed


from them and it is the expectation of the government that the devolved


administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will see


a significant increase in their decision-making power


as a result of this process. At the Senedd, the First Minister


said it was "deeply regrettable" the Welsh Government was not allowed


to contribute to the letter sent by Theresa May,


notifying the EU of the UK's If the Prime Minister truly believes


in the union and reflecting the wishes of the UK as a whole then she


needs to adopt a very different approach. I don't see how the Prime


Minister can claim to negotiate on the whole of the UK when she


disregards the rights of this Welsh Government to speak up for the


people of Wales. We should be under no illusions about today's Article


50 notice. It does not fulfil the wishes of the Scottish Government,


nor to my mind the Welsh Government. It certainly doesn't satisfy Plaid


Cymru. The language from the UK Government is that they have an


expectation of a significant increase in devolved powers. Anyone


who takes that at face value needs a reality check. I say to the First


Minister, do cheer up. This is a great opportunity for us. As well as


a challenge. There are challenges and opportunities in life in general


but surely the opportunity to strike free-trade agreements with the 85%


of the global economy which is outside the European Union, given


that the United States clip takes 22% of Welsh export, is there not a


great opportunity there? So what will be the key concerns


for Wales in the upcoming We're more reliant on EU funding


and trade than anywhere else in the UK, so expect both issues


to be high on the Welsh So too agriculture, given the sheer


number of people who farm in Wales. Our Economics Correspondent,


Sarah Dickins, has been to Swansea and the Gower to hear from some


of those likely to be most affected And a new dawn for


the Welsh economy. Ken and Sian hand


rear pedigree pigs. They are among the 84,000 who work


in Welsh agriculture. Food and farming is worth ?6 billion


per year to our economy, so this Brexit deal will affect


many rural livelihoods. Ken thinks it will end


cheap pork imports. When you look at the quantity


that we bring into the country, We produce in Wales 5%


of what we eat in Wales and regulations have gone


to the point where we have got high welfare pork in the country


and what comes into the country We just need to be able to compete


on a level playing field Will Westminster replace the farm


payments Wales has had from the European Union worth almost


?200 million per year? 90% of Welsh red meat goes


to the European Union. A free-trade deal is


what Karen John wants. She runs a glass recycling


company on Swansea docks. Wales exports more goods


to the European Union So, in terms of Brexit,


what do you want to get from it? I would love to have tariff


free-trade and it is highly unlikely that we are going to get that,


I know. But that would be the


best outcome for us. Has the relationship you have


had with your customers They have said that whereas I would


normally get a five - ten year contract,


that is impossible 3% of the Welsh workforce comes


from other countries in the European Union,


a much smaller proportion But for those like Karen,


who has four Polish employees, a priority is to learn


whether they can stay. They have worked for


us for eight years. They have experienced


their neighbours treating And if they could stay


here, they will. At the other end of the docks is the


new Swansea University Bay campus. It cost ?450 million to build,


half from European Union funds. Since 2000, Wales has had more


than ?5 billion from this pot of cash designed


to make us wealthier. But we remain the poorest


part of the UK. Dr Ben Evans is developing


the Bloodhound supersonic car in Swansea's European Union funded


laboratories. He hopes Westminster will replace


the funding but it's Without the access to European


funding we have had over the last two years, the new campus


at the University The research programmes,


our collaborations, the European Union has been


critical for that. So the thing that I would be


asking our British negotiators is to make sure that there


are as few barriers to allow me to continue the partnerships


I already have in Spain, Despite different views of Brexit,


most agree the Welsh economy has been more reliant


on the European Union The battle is for a Brexit deal


that helps us flourish. The Prime Minister said


that her government will 'consult fully' on which powers should reside


in Westminster and which But questions remain


as to whether Wales' voice will be Our political reporter,


James Williams, has been A Welsh composer's work mixing


the European classical Revised relationships,


new partnerships. The Brexit process


changes everything. Wales will be fully engaged,


according to the Prime Minister, who says she wants a Brexit that


will work for the whole Theresa May knows she faces


monumental task, not only in negotiating Brexit but also


in trying to keep the UK together. So, in this context,


does the voice of Wales, a Brexit supporting nation,


fall on deaf ears? Do you trust the UK Government


to reflect the Welsh opinion From what I have seen


of the Prime Minister, I think they should be


reflected, yes, but I don't Four nations but ultimately only


one negotiating team. Ministers from Cardiff, Edinburgh,


Belfast and Westminster are already engaged in a Brexit Forum


but anxieties have been expressed about the effectiveness


of the so-called joint ministerial The United Kingdom is not


the place it was in 1972 It is a very different place


and the four nations that make up the United Kingdom have an equal


stake in these negotiations, so we are not bit players,


none of the devolved administrations We expect that our voice will be


heard throughout the negotiations. But hasn't Wales' voice


already been heard? Although the whole country didn't


sing from the same hymn sheet, a slight majority of Welsh voters


did back Brexit. The form it takes,


however, is less clear. I don't know why people


call it a hard Brexit, it just seems like a sensible


Brexit. They wanted competition, they wanted


an end to EU regulations, they wanted an end to EU free


migration from anybody in the EU to come here


without any sort of control. For the future shape of the country,


there could hardly be The Scottish Parliament


has called for a second And in Cardiff today,


leading Labour politicians held the first meeting of a devolution


task force with one principal aim, more powers to the nations,


in order to save the UK. This constitutional debate


we are having now is not one that we have chosen to have,


it is one that has been forced The United Kingdom is leaving


the European Union. And the result of that means


powers are coming back This isn't a debate


we can opt out of. It is happening and


it is happening now. But the people of Wales and the UK


didn't speak with one Harmonising those differing opinions


over the next two years poses Let's go to Westminster now


and join our parliamentary Thank you. Historic is a word that


is sometimes overused in Welsh politics but today certainly feels


like a momentous day for Wales and the UK and the European Union. Let's


try and make some sense of it now with someone who was around that


Cabinet table with trees in May this morning, Alun Cairns, the Welsh


Secretary. Theresa May talks of more powers going to Wales. What powers


is she talking about? We have got to recognise a significance of this


letter. It talks about a deep and special partnership that we want


with the European Union. It also recognises Wales within the letter


and that she will be negotiating for the whole of the United Kingdom and


of course it is my role to ensure that Wales is represented in those


negotiations. Which powers is she talking about? It is meaningless if


she won't set out what powers she will get going to Wales. We will


have more to say about that tomorrow in the white Paper when that is


published but today is about the sort of relationship we want with


the European Union, it is about the opportunities it provides for Europe


as well as for the UK. For Europe because they can pursue the


direction they want to pursue may be without the UK stopping them when we


will full members but it is also about the new opportunities for


businesses in Wales to look globally, made in too deep the


relationships with some of the nations that we have not maybe


fostered. Forgive me, it was the Prime Minister who talk about powers


and will the money follow the powers? Powers without money again


would be meaningless. Again, even if we were remaining members of the


European Union, we wouldn't be talking about money post 2020 at


this early stage. But what the Chancellor has done is he... The


Chancellor has guaranteed that money from the UK Government taxpayer, in


addition to that, those projects that will run beyond that time when


we have left the European Union will also be guaranteed. The Prime


Minister is absolutely delivering on what she said when she went into


Downing Street. We are acting on the structure on the Welsh and British


people and we have a process in place and we are following it in a


calm and measured way to seize those new opportunities. The First


Minister says you have treated the Welsh Government with a complete


lack of respect from the word go. I am disappointed in that. The Prime


Minister has been in Wales three times in the last six weeks. We have


been talking about the contents of this letter for many months.


Ultimately, the UK Government needs to act in the interests of the whole


of the UK and that is what we are doing, specifically with Wales being


mentioned. The leader of Ukip in


the Welsh Assembly, Neil Hamilton, has apologised after AMs said


they heard him say "suicide is an option"


while Labour Assembly Member, Eluned Morgan said the triggering


of Article 50 was a sad day. After being asked repeatedly by


the Presiding Officer to say sorry - Mr Hamilton said he apologised


for whatever remark Let's move to other news now,


and the chair and vice-chair of Sport Wales have been sacked


by the Welsh Government. Paul Thomas and Adele Baumgardt


were suspended in November, along with the entire Sport Wales


board, following concerns that the organisation had


become dysfunctional. Tonight Mr Thomas says he's shocked


by how poorly he's been treated. From Olympic and Paralympic gold to


training the next generation of athletes. There is no doubting Sport


Wales' success in promoting elite and grass-roots sport but over the


last six months, there has been turmoil at the top of the


organisations which gets over ?20 million of public money every year.


Last November, the activities of the entire board were suspended after


infighting which led to a vote of no confidence in its chair. A few weeks


ago, the other board members were reinstated but the chair and


vice-chair remain suspended. Today the Minister overseeing the work of


Sport Wales said she decided new leadership was needed for the


organisation to move on. Both the chair and the vice-chair have always


had the interests of Sport Wales at heart. They have both exhibited


considerable energy and dedication over the period of time and I do


consider though the need to secure fresh leadership. In a letter to


Paul Thomas, the public health minister says your conduct and


behaviour is that you adopted which she fought you felt to be necessary


change were counter-productive. But Doctor Thomas has hit back at how he


has been treated by the Welsh Government. It is really


disappointing that they have not backed me at a point of time where


really what we need is just change. We need to move it on but I think


they have handled it pretty poorly, pretty shocking actually. I have had


to formal correspondence in the last seven months and I am shocked by


that. But would not happen in business and it would not happen in


normal organisations. But the vice-chair, Adele Baumgardt, also


sacked today says regrettably the behaviour of Mr Thomas says 's


appointment as chairing April 2016 quickly evidence that he was not in


her opinion fit to hold senior public office but Paul Thomas has


defended his work. Is Sport Wales fit for purpose? It is not. I think


the staff are. I think the chief executives that supported and


support sport in Wales are. I just think the body itself needs to


become more efficient, effective and it needs to become 21st century in


the way it leads itself. One of the Ames were Sport Wales is to secure


success for swimmers. That work wouldn't tip -- continue with a new


chair but many questions remain about what went wrong at the top of


Sport Wales. 126 aerospace jobs are under threat


in north east Wales. Marshall Aviation Services has said


it wants to close down its engineering and maintenance site


at Broughton in Flintshire. The company is now to start


consulting with unions. A new executive jet roles off


the production line at Broughton. Then what is now marshalling


the was called Hawker Siddeley, a string of takeovers brought


changes of name, the end of production and the shift to small


aircraft engineering Now, the company is confined


to a corner of a site it shares with Airbus


and other aviation businesses. Marshall Aviation Services the small


component in the massive aerospace complex at Broughton,


dominated of course by Airbus. But these jobs will be


missed in this area. They are well paid


and highly skilled. The company says the Broughton


business has been losing money. It has tried to find


a buyer and failed. The Unite union hopes


it can still save jobs. The area itself is highly skilled


with high employment opportunities and that is why I am hopeful


that the number of people on the redundancy notice today


will have an opportunity to move There are great opportunities


with Airbus and other companies. The investments that we have made


from the government are something we hope will enable them


into new skilled jobs. These pictures were taken


inside the site six years ago. Before Marshall Aviation


Services took it over. There have been job


losses since then. The company says it is consulting


but insists the site will close unless an alternative


comes to light. A 25-year-old man has been arrested


after a disabled man's body 67-year-old Anthony Churton


was found dead at his home North Wales Police says


he was a vulnerable Three other people have also been


arrested on suspicion A decision on whether to back


the ?425 million Circuit of Wales with public money won't be taken


until after May's local elections. Developers behind the plans to build


a motor racing track near Ebbw Vale want the Welsh Government


to guarantee half the cost. But the Economy Secretary,


Ken Skates says he's yet to receive BBC Wales understands


the Welsh Rugby Union will inspect Pontypridd's Sardis Road pitch


tomorrow, following burns suffered by Merthyr RFC players


on the artificial 3G surface, during their cup semifinal


there on the weekend. There are now calls for more


research into the pitches, Merthyr RFC back in training


after a painful weekend. Well, most of them, the medical


room, or the burns unit, as some of the club have nicknamed


it, busier than normal. Coach Lee Jarvis put these photos


on Twitter after the club's cup semifinal defeat against RGC 1404


at Pontypridd Sardis Road on Sunday. Whenever you land on it,


you could feel how hard it was and how dry it was and it was


an instant burn on your skin. Whenever you play on the pitch,


it hurts your heels, It feels like you are


running on tarmac. The club doctor wants rugby's


governing bodies to do more research into injuries caused


by artificial pitches. We ourselves as a club are learning


every week about what pitches are doing to our players


and the wider rugby community both locally and the WRU,


and the IRB have a responsibility now to help us as doctors,


physios and players to understand exactly what these pitches


are going to do in the RGC won Sunday's match


with this late try. They haven't commented


on the injuries but a source at the club say they have no issue


with the Sardis Road pitch. BBC Wales understands the WRU


will inspect it tomorrow. The game's international


governing body, world rugby, says research into artificial


pitches will continue but studies indicate the risk of injury is not


greater compared to grass. Merthyr officials,


who have their own artificial pitch, say there's no hard


feelings towards Pontypridd. They play them in the league


at home this weekend. Private letters between Lord Harlech


and Jackie Kennedy were among items from his family home in Gwynedd


auctioned in London today. Mrs Kennedy rejected Lord Harlech's


proposal after the death of JFK. Secluded and elegant, Glyn Cywarch


has been home to generations The current Lord Harlech,


Jassett has decided to fund major renovations here with the sale


of many of its contents. Among the hundreds of paintings,


vehicles and pieces of furniture was a red dispatch box belonging


to Jassett's grandfather, David filled with correspondence


to and from the Kennedys. David Ormsby Gore was


the British ambassador Already friends with John F Kennedy


he worked closely with the president David Ormsby Gore's own wife


was killed in a car crash in 1967. Jackie Kennedy flew from the states


to London and to North Wales to attend my grandmother 's funeral. I


think that was the level of the deep ties. These two couples suddenly


became to people who shared a terrible grief and these letters


that we have shown an insight into that relationship they had.


reveals how Jackie Kennedy rejected her friend's proposal,


saying "If ever I can find some healing and some comfort,


it has to be with somebody who is not part of all my


In the end, she married Aristotle Onassis.


The Kennedys left the churchyard obviously moved by the simple


service in a Welsh church. She remained close and attended


Lord Harlech's funeral But the depth of their feeling would


remain private until their letters Let's return to our main story, the


triggering of Article 50 and the formal beginning of Britain's


departure from the European Union. What is your assessment then of


today's events? Hugely symbolic. I think anecdotally, Wales voted to


leave, there is a strong sense out there of people wanting the process


to get underway and will be very pleased as a result of what they


have seen. Nevertheless, real concern that we cannot ignore in


areas like agriculture and industrial sectors. Interesting


response from the Welsh Government, quite bad-tempered at the start,


saying they had been persistently ignored but then after that, if you


really look at the substance, looking for a trade free deal, the


conciliatory tone of the letter, even saying the Welsh Government


will get further powers, I am not sure that the two sides are that far


apart. Inevitably, a big part of this will be the intergovernmental


relations but really we shouldn't lose sight of the wider picture


here, huge questions in Wales on trade, on immigration, and of course


the phoney war has come to an end and the real process is about to


start. And you can join Nick and Andrew


Neil for a special programme, with interviews with Theresa May,


Carwyn Jones and other That's in a few minutes,


at 7 o'clock, here on BBC 1 Wales. There is more rain and showers on


the way but some sunshine in the mix as well. And that goes for the


weekend. No Sunshine in Pembrokeshire today. Wet his


afternoon near Tenby. Cloudy in Rhuthun in Denbighshire. This


evening, this heavy rain will clear away, dry overnight but still a few


pockets of rain and showers about which may be heavy in places. A mild


night, temperatures staying in double figures. Here is the picture


for eight o'clock tomorrow morning. The north coast may be dry and


bright. Elsewhere though it is a cloudy picture. There will be patchy


rain. Misty in places. Parisi in the West. Top temperature 11 Celsius in


Caernarfon. Rain will spread northwards. Some of this rain could


be on the heavy side. Most of the country should dry and brighten up


through the afternoon. Some hazy sunshine and quite warm. More rain


for Pembrokeshire and Anglesey. Temperatures rising as high as 18


Celsius. On Anglesey tomorrow, outbreaks of rain. Some of it heavy.


In Monmouthshire, dry and bright in the afternoon and warm. Tomorrow


evening, much of the country dried grain in the West will spread


eastwards overnight. The wind picking up as well. On Friday, rain


will clear. Some sunshine and it will turn fresher. As for the


weekend, sunshine and April showers on Saturday. Heavy showers in


places. Sunday, dry and bright with sunny spells and feeling a little


warmer with lighter winds. We will have a quick update at 8pm and more


after the BBC News at ten. Good evening.


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