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Tonight's headlines, it's believed husband and wife,


named locally as Kevin and Ruth Burke, were killed


in the helicopter crash in Snowdonia, alongside three


The wreckage was found following a difficult air and land


Poor weather has been hampering the search with horrendous


conditions reducing visibility to less than ten metres at time.


In the past hour, police have said recovery of the five bodies may be


suspended due to the worsening weather here.


With rising costs and an expected drop in students, almost 140 jobs


are being lost at the University of South Wales.


Sarah Williams from Usk needed specialist care.


Now Cardiff and Swansea both bid to become Wales' first


A warning tonight that a clear decision is needed to help Wales


Hello, in tonight's sport: Move with the times,


or cricket will die, the stark message from Glamorgan.


Why the Welsh County wants Cardiff to be a part


Following a major air and land search for a helicopter that went


missing over north Wales last night, it's been confirmed that a crash


site has been found, along with the bodies


It's understood they were members of the same family, named locally


as Kevin and Ruth Burke and three of their relatives.


The privately-owned helicopter vanished yesterday evening, en route


The wreckage was found in the Rhinog Mountains,


Our reporter, Roger Pinney, is near the crash site.


This is as close as we are allowed to get to that crash site. That is a


few miles up into the hills behind me. The terrain is said to be


extremely hazardous. Last night, the search operation focused on the sea


around Caernarfon Bay. But this morning, that changed. Narrowing the


search to South Snowdonia allowed a concentration of effort.


The military joining civilian volunteer teams.


It must have felt like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Mid-morning, they found the crash site and the five bodies.


The news was given at a police press conference.


Poor weather has been hampering the surge,


with conditions reducing visibility to less than ten metres at times.


I can sadly now confirm that a crash site has been located and that five


people have lost their lives during this incident.


I am sure you will appreciate this is an agonising time


for the families and friends of all involved.


Our thoughts are very much with them at this time.


Carol Jarvis was camping in the area.


Conditions for the search teams were appalling, she told me.


The conditions around the lake have been absolutely shocking.


I've been camping for a couple of weeks and it has been quite nice


but it has just got really, really quite bad the last couple


You can't see the top of any of the hills.


Yes, and the weather doesn't look like it is going to calm down yet.


The helicopter is a twin squirrel, manufactured by Airbus.


It took off from the Luton area yesterday afternoon to make


At some stage, it disappeared from the radar.


I did some of my helicopter flying training in Snowdonia.


It is awesome scenery but you don't go up there lightly


if the cloud is low, you can't see, you don't go


because obviously the higher you get, the more the cloud


is going to be a due can't see forward and there are big lumps


of granite in the way and you don't really want that.


So you have to take the weather very much into account in North Wales.


It does surprise me that an experienced pilot would be


in that position in that weather at that time.


The helicopter was owned by Kevin and Ruth Burke


Mrs Burke is believed to come originally from Dublin.


Conditions on the ground improved marginally during the day.


The investigation into what happened will have already begun.


The wreckage antibodies yet need to be recovered.


-- and the bodies. A flight like this should have been relatively


routine for such an aircraft. Focus will now return to exactly what went


wrong and members of the Department for Transport air accident


investigations Branch are on their way. They will have to do


painstakingly remove the wreckage from the scene. That won't be easy


and then reconstruct as much of the aircraft as possible to try to put


together their picture. Now the police say that members of the


search and rescue teams are still up on the site tonight and they are


asking other people to stay away. 139 jobs are going at


the University of South Wales. It says costs are rising and it


expects student recruitment to fall. The institution was formed four


years ago following a merger of Glamorgan and Newport


universities and has around Our reporter Paul Martin


is at the main campus in Treforest. Well, the University of South Wales


is Wales' second biggest university in terms of numbers and has around


3000 staff and we are told that today's cuts will proportionately


affect senior management more than others but what we don't have is a


breakdown of numbers, how many senior management affected, how many


academic staff and how many support staff. The University is going to


look for voluntary redundancies. One of the trade unions representing


people working here will says it wants a commitment to what it calls


front-line workers. We are aware that yes,


within the number of staff that will be cut, it looks


proportionately like senior managers, however, this


is on the back of year-on-year cuts. Front line staff have


already been affected, so we really don't have any more


space for any more cuts. So, can we put this down to Brexit?


Well, I suppose the day after Article 50 was triggered and given


how vocal universities were in last summer 's referendum campaign, I


guess that is the obvious question and earlier this month we heard the


chair of universities Wales Colin Riordan telling this programme he


expected the numbers of students from the European Union coming to


Wales to fall after Brexit. But we heard prominent leave campaigners


saying this is an opportunity for higher education, not least in terms


of the level of fees it can charge. But in its statement today, it did


reference Brexit and it did say it expected to affect recruitment but


that is not the full story. Costs are increasing year on year and it


feels it has maximised its domestic home student recruitment. I asked a


source at the university this afternoon whether this announcement


would be happening today without Brexit. They said it may not have


been happening today but either way there was some sort of restructure


coming down the track and I suppose the question now is whether other


universities will make similar announcements.


Wales is about to get its first specialist major trauma


unit to treat patients with life threatening injuries.


Senior doctors say the NHS here has fallen behind many developed


countries when it comes to treating the most serious injuries,


describing it as embarrassing that we don't have a dedicated unit.


Our health correspondent, Owain Clarke, has this


This is where my car was actually on its side,


This is where I was cut out of the car.


Sarah Williams can't remember much about the 10th of June 2015.


After her horrific crash, the air ambulance was sent


When I wasn't starting to regain conscious,


that was when the doctor who was the flying doctor,


started to realise that maybe something wasn't quite right and it


The doctor also decided not to take the nearest A,


as would have happened if a road ambulance had turned up.


Instead, she was flown straight to Wales' biggest hospital to have


surgery to relieve pressure on the brain.


The decision is likely to have saved her life,


but it's not always obvious wary seriously injured patient


Major trauma affects everybody but is the leading cause


We do have all of the constituent parts of the major trauma centre


What we don't have is them concentrated on a single site,


where we can manage these patients sufficiently.


In North Wales and part of mid Wales, there is a system which means


patients with life-threatening injuries are taken across


There are around two dozen major trauma centres


At these hospitals specialist teams are on stand-by 24 hours a day.


And survival rates increased dramatically.


It's actually embarrassing to be part of a system that doesn't have


We are falling behind, as you said, the rest of the modern world.


The University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and Morriston in Swansea


want to become dedicated major trauma centres.


But at the moment, neither has all the specialisms.


Each has been making its case and a recommendation is due soon.


Morriston is one of the leading centres in the UK, treating burns,


It has 55 acres of available land to expand and one of its bosses


Because Morriston is sitting on the motorway at the M4,


it means that it is much easier to access and you can get


to the other side of Haverfordwest, the other side of Brecon,


to the other side of Newport, easily within an hour.


But Cardiff argues it would serve a bigger population.


It is home to Wales' Children's Hospital


and the only one in Wales that performs brain surgery.


We aim to provide a fully comprehensive neurological service


and I think one of the examples from the data we submit


to the National registry is that of those patients affected by severe


trauma, 70% of those patients are going to


Southmead Hospital just across the Severn Bridge in Bristol


is one of two major trauma centres in the south-west of England.


Staff here say the benefits of having all the expertise


But we know now that we were OK at it and now we really are excellent.


Swansea and Cardiff in many areas of life have often been fierce


rivals but choosing a major trauma centre, it is argued,


shouldn't be about winners and losers if patients


across South Wales benefiting the end.


The mother of a man who died after he killed a 22-year-old woman


in a hostel has told an inquest the two would still be alive


if a police officer had got the psychiatric appointment promised


for her son when he was released from prison.


Matthew Williams attacked and killed Cerys Yemm in Argoed in 2014.


He died after being tasered by police.


Almost 150 people have lost their jobs after


a Barry-based scaffolding firm went into administration.


SHS Integrated Services also had sites in


Administrator Deloitte blamed poor trading over the past two years.


Three people have been released on bail after being arrested


in connection with a murder investigation in Wrexham.


67-year-old Nicholas Churton was found dead at a house on Monday.


Detectives have been given a further 36 hours to question


Ministers in London say it'll mean more powers


But Plaid Cymru say it's the biggest Westminster power grab since the Act


of Union between Wales and England nearly 500 years ago.


The row is over what happens to powers that currently rest


in Brussels after we leave the European Union.


Our parliamentary correspondent, David Cornock, is in Westminster.


David, what exactly is the UK Government proposing?


Lucy, think of areas like farming, the environment and transport, areas


where the Welsh Government is in charge but operates under a


framework really set at the moment at European level. What happens


after Brexit? Alun Cairns says those powers will be brought back from


Brussels and they will be held at Westminster in a holding pattern


before it is decided how they should be shared out throughout the United


Kingdom. He says that although the Welsh Government will get a


significant increase in powers, there will still be a case for a UK


wide framework in some areas. The Welsh Government accepts the


argument that there will need to be UK wide frameworks but it says if


these are devolved powers, they should come back to Wales and Plaid


Cymru have gone further, Jonathan Edwards, their Brexit spokesman, has


said this is the biggest Westminster power grab since 1536 and he says it


is the first time since devolution that MPs from England will have a


say over devolved areas. You can say that -- you can see that just a day


after the formal process Brexit began, the arguments are already


kicking off. Still to come tonight:


Empty seats at Glamorgan. one of the reason why the county


wants to be a part of the biggest And some heavy rain in parts


of the north and west today. But in Cardiff the warmest


day of the year so far. I'll have the forecast


for the next few days. The number of reported domestic


violence offences in Wales increased by more than 20% between 2013


and 2015, according to new figures. Legislation which encourages victims


and perpetrators to seek support The Welsh Government says campaigns


to raise awareness of it are making good progress but there are calls


for greater awareness Controlling, threatening


or violent behaviour. It can cause emotional,


psychological or physical harm. A couple from Swansea told me


about their own experience. We've agreed to protect


their identity. For Sarah, increasingly regular


arguments with her partner eventually turned violent


and she was assaulted. Things just escalated and, you know,


it would be something little The last time, he grabbed my neck,


it was like the final straw. We could have been arguing


and I could have hit my head and then obviously my daughter


would have been without a mother. Not wanting to get her partner


arrested, the couple sought help. They turned to a local domestic


abuse hub which provided Her partner, Mark, says he deeply


regrets his actions. I feel terrible for the way that


I treated my partner. There are no words to explain how


how bad I felt straight after. I didn't learn from my


mistakes but now I have. Figures from North Wales,


Gwent and Dyfed-Powys Police forces show that in 2015,


more than 10,000 domestic violence crimes were reported,


compared to more than 8000 in 2013. Data from South Wales Police


was not comparable. But the force said it also


saw an increase of 48% Two years ago, a legislation was


introduced by the Welsh Government to improve the prevention


of gender-based abuse and to protect A national framework has since been


published but there are calls for greater awareness


of the guidance. We need the Welsh Government


and we need the local authorities to learn about the act,


understand what their duties are and start using the guidance


as it comes out, so that we know any survivor, anywhere,


or their children, can get that Today, new proposed sentencing


guidelines have been published They say that abuse in a domestic


setting should be regarded as more serious than in a non-domestic


setting, as it's likely to be a repeated offence,


which can have a lasting impact A new hangar where cutting edge spy


planes will be maintained has been Raytheon says the ?1 million


investment at its Broughton site could help to create 200 jobs over


the next three years. Sentinel surveillance


planes are being developed In the last 18 months or so,


we have added 50 jobs Great support from the Welsh


Government to do that. But as we look forward


and as we increase our export opportunities and start to win work


overseas then we'd be adding hundreds of jobs as we start


to fulfil that work. One of the authors of a major review


of our national parks, says the Welsh Government now needs


to make a clear decision Dr Ruth Williams has told this


programme that ministers needed to provide direction at a time


when Wales is trying to promote itself more than ever


on the global stage. Here's our environment


correspondent, Steffan Messenger. It's a row about the future


of our most iconic landscapes. Wales has three national parks -


Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and the Pembrokeshire Coast,


and five areas of Between them, they attract hundreds


of thousands of visitors each year. But back in 2015 a review,


commissioned by the Welsh Government, suggested they needed


to do more to help the people living in them,


attracting green businesses, A working group was set


up to look at how that It included figures


from the parks themselves, as well as environment and business


groups and local councils. Who look after areas


of outstanding natural beauty Their report was due to be


published this month and a debate scheduled to take place


in the Senedd for Assembly Members But then, this week we heard that


wasn't happening any more and the whole thing had been


postponed until the summer. Part of the problem,


BBC Wales has learnt, is that several of the conservation


charities taking part in the process found they couldn't support


the study's findings. We are not happy about the way the


report has been drafted. It is a mess. You can read it anyway you


want. And therefore, it could be interpreted as opening a door to


development in our national parks. Development of the kind that will be


detrimental to what is special about them.


Other charities like the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts Wales


The draft, which has been obtained by BBC Wales,


makes no mention, they say, of a long established principle


that the main purpose of a national park is nature conservation.


It's an omission that also concerns one


of the authors of the original 2015 review of protected landscapes.


Wales is trying to promote itself more than ever on the global stage,


so there are inherent risks. If this isn't done very meticulously to our


nature, to our wildlife, I think there is definitely more work to be


done and certainly in terms of tightening up the next steps. I


mean, there's been review upon review and inevitably, this report


is now recommending certain things have further reviews. I think the


Welsh Government needs now to make a decision.


who chairs the working group in charge of the report, didn't


The Welsh Government told us the report was just a draft


and discussions on the future of our national parks were ongoing.


If cricket doesn't move with the times, it may die,


the stark warning tonight from Glamorgan's chairman.


The counties been outlining why Cardiff should have a team


in the new proposed 20 overs tournament.


The competiton will feature fewer teams, based in cities.


But some traditionalists fear it could threaten


These pupils part of a grassroots programme, the idea,


Growing the game, a key priority for those behind


While Glamorgan won't be playing in it, it set out today


at the Senedd why Cardiff should be represented, With games played


The cricket supporter tends to be somebody


just like me, mid-60s, white, we need to


It will be the sort of cricket that the purist


This is going to be slam bang cricket.


Those behind the tournament want to rival the IPL in India


That's where this man played for the Hobart Hurricanes.


While Test cricket is the purist's favourite, he says, it's T20,


the shortened form of the game, that drives audiences


It has increased interest in general in cricket in Australia.


I think it will only be a positive thing on county cricket.


It has brought in crowds that we've never seen before.


Glamorgan are preparing for a new season but just a few


dozen were watching today's friendly at the stadium.


Blue empty seats is also the norm for County Championship games.


Glamorgan made a loss of more than ?300,000 last year


but will receive 1.3 million if this tournament goes ahead.


We budgeted this year to make a loss, we've actually


So, in that regard, it's a reasonable result.


But, you know, the new competition, as far as the money is concerned,


it's going to be critical not just to Glamorgan but to 17 other


From 2020, there will be eight teams.


We don't know what they'll be called.


It has been suggested that Cardiff could merge with Bristol


and Gloucester to create a south Wales and West team.


The England and Wales Cricket Board has unanimously voted to formally


start a process that will bring about this new 20 overs tournament.


It is undoubtedly a real gamble, a gamble worth taking,


say Glamorgan, while others see it as a real threat to the future


The new tournament should launch by 2020.


It is a new beginning that will change the


World football's governing body, Fifa, has opened proceedings


against Neil Taylor following the Wales full-back's


challenge on Republic of Ireland defender Seamus Coleman.


The Everton player suffered a broken leg in a tackle that saw Taylor sent


off during last Friday's World Cup qualifier in Dublin.


The Welsh Rugby Union says it's held a pitch inspection


at Pontypridd's Sardis Road, with further tests planned


It comes after players from Merthyr suffered friction burns caused


after playing on the the 3G pitch last weekend.


Time for the weather forecast with Derek.


A big contrast in the weather across Wales today. Wedding parts of the


North and west. Heavy rain and low cloud. A different story in the


south-east. Dry and write this afternoon and warm. Temperatures in


Cardiff soaring to 18 Celsius. The warmest day of the year so far in


the capital. This evening, some places dry but rain anime west and


north-west will spread eastwards overnight. Again some heavy rain.


Dry error infringer and another mild night. This is the picture for eight


o'clock tomorrow morning. -- in Flintshire. Further west, some rain


and showers. Heavy in places. I'm feeling mild. A south to


south-westerly breeze. 12 Celsius in Llandudno. The rain and showers will


spread north-eastwards. And then things will start to improve.


Showers coming into the south-west late afternoon. Top temperatures


12-16 C with a south to south-westerly breeze. In Ceredigion


tomorrow, a few showers but drier and brighter than today. Tomorrow


night, showers and more rain will spread across the country. Again,


some heavy rain likely. On Saturday, a mixed bag. Heavy showers, April


showers, hey and thunder. Some dry weather and sunshine as well. Sunday


the best day of the weekend. Feeling pleasantly warm. Next week, most of


Monday dry with a little rain on Monday night and more dry weather to


come. It's believed five people


from the same family were in a helicopter which crashed,


following a major air and land Two have been named locally


as married couple Kevin and Ruth Burke and three


of their relatives, The wreckage was found


in the Rhinog Mountains Pool weather has been hampering the


search with conditions reducing visibility to less than ten metres


at times. A crash site has been located, along with five people, all


of whom are deceased. We are now preserving the scene for a joint


investigation with the area investigation Branch.


We'll be back with a quick update at eight, and more


From all of us on the programme, have a good evening.


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