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Tonight's headlines: The operation to recover five bodies


from the helicopter crash in Snowdonia is hampered by the poor


It is very very sad. It is a shock to this little community here.


The defence begins of a a consultant psychiatrist accused of rape


More job losses at another Welsh university?


Trinity St David confirms it's asking staff to consider


With salmon stocks approaching crisis point on the River Teifi,


coracle fisherman take the unprecedented step


In tonight's sport: Back from Wales duty and aiming to get


to a European final, can the Ospreys and Blues get


And she's the tiny table tennis star, at just ten Anna becomes


the youngest player ever to represent Wales at senior level.


Five bodies have been recovered from a helicopter


The operation had been hampered by poor weather


Married couple Kevin and Ruth Burke owned the helicopter.


They were on board with three other members of their family,


named tonight as Donald, Sharon and Barry Burke.


They were travelling from near Milton Keynes on Wednesday


en route to Dublin when they crashed in the Rhinog mountains.


More than 80 people have been involved in the recovery


and investigation, as Roger Pinney reports.


A break in the weather and under lifting the sky is a search and


rescue helicopter was able to fly over the crash scene. It is an area


known to hill walkers out of the Celtic Badlands, so tough is the


terrain there. At last the recovery operation could get underway. Con


bays of vehicles making the tortuous journey to the site, carrying


members of teams drafted in to help. This is as close as we are allowed


to get to the crash site. From here it is a 30 minute Drive and then a


steep to our climb on the foot, scrambling places, to more than 700


metres above sea level. This evening the police confirmed that the five


bodies have now been recovered. More than 80 people have been involved in


the operation, from the military, police, coastguard and civilian


mountain rescue teams. This photo released at the request of the


family of those who died shows where the crash happened and the


indication of the conditions, that is something the North Wales Police


spoke about earlier in the day. We have very skilled individuals up


there at the moment and even they are finding it very difficult. The


slopes are very slippery and treacherous and the recent rains


have not made the underfoot particularly easy either. Heather is


making it slippery as well. It is particularly challenging up there.


Those who died included Kevin and Ruth Burke from near Milton Keynes


and the helicopter was registered to them. The others were members of


their family who were all travelling to a family baptism in Ireland. At


their home live was this reaction. Very, very sad and of course a


terrible shock to the people who live in this little community here.


You can see it is a very small one and Kevin and Ruth had only just


moved into this magnificent new house that they had been building


for the last couple of years. For the aviation authorities the main


task now to discover what went wrong. A team is already at work.


Once recovered, the wreckage will be minutely examined at the air


Accident Investigation branch headquarters at Farnborough in


Hampshire. If it is a fairly straightforward accident the


investigators will have a reasonable idea of what happened fairly soon


on. However, they had to cover all possibilities and the investigation


will follow the same processes, as it would if they weren't certain of


what happened. But nothing will happen quickly. The and weather


conspired to make this all an exacting arduous operation.


A Wrexham council binman has pleaded guilty to three terror offences.


49-year-old Aabid Ali from Yale Park in Wrexham was known


as Darren Glennon before he converted to Islam.


He was found in possession of two terror manuals,


and also published a statement on YouTube encouraging others


He'll be sentenced next month in Manchester.


A man from Newport has been arrested on suspicion of murder


after a 66-year-old man was found dead at a house in Caerleon.


Police were called to the property in Cambria Close in the early hours


of yesterday morning, after reports of a disturbance.


The 38-year-old man has been bailed pending further enquiries.


The defence case has begun in the trial of Dr Brian Harris,


a consultant psychiatrist accused of rape and assaulting patients.


Dr Harris denies 13 counts of sexual assault, indecent assault


and rape against five men between 1991 and 2011.


From Merthyr Crown Court, Caroline Evans.


Doctor Brian Harris worked for the NHS and in private practice


Now aged 77, the jury at Merthyr Crown Court was told


he will not give evidence to the trial.


His legal team told the court that he'd been assessed by a clinical


psychologist last summer, who'd concluded that Doctor Harris


was likely to have experienced significant cognitive decline,


more than would be expected as part of the normal ageing process.


There was strong evidence, the court was told, of significant


decline in his intellectual ability and his ability to recall.


The trial has heard that Dr Harris was arrested in 2013


He's accused of sexually abusing five of his patients


who he was treating for mental health issues.


On arrest Doctor Harris denied any wrongdoing and described


Today his defence team opened their case, reading a series


of letters documenting the medical history of two of the men


One man, a patient in Sully Hospital, who was diagnosed


with paranoid schizophrenia was said to be suffering hallucinations.


Another patient who suffered a brain injury complained that he had been


wrongly diagnosed by Mr Harris and spent 20 years taking


a powerful drug which he believed he did not need.


He told his GP he had lots of grievances with the system.


Brian Harris has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him


One of Britain's best known endurance cyclists has been killed


35-year-old Mike Hall lived in Monmouthshire,


He was competing in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race south of Canberra


The race, from Perth to Sydney, was cancelled after the crash.


The Church in Wales has decided three complaints


following allegations of homophobia in its selection process


for the new Bishop of Llandaff are without merit.


The Dean of St Albans, Jeffrey John, made the allegations


The Church has denied it, and says the Bishops will proceed


On last night's programme we told you about the University


of South Wales' plans to cut more than 100 jobs.


Well, tonight it's emerged a second university could be following suit.


The University of Wales, Trinity Saint David,


which has three campuses across mid and west Wales has written to staff,


asking them to consider voluntary redundancy.


No, specific numbers haven't been released.


They say they regularly review their staffing costs,


comparing them to others in the industry, and at the moment,


their costs are above sector benchmark comparisons.


So a review of their staffing levels is being carried out.


As a result, they've launched a voluntary redundancy scheme


They've met with the Trade Unions, but it's a process that's


going to continue over the next few weeks.


Now Unison, one of the unions involved, say this affects both


To give you an idea of the numbers involved at the university,


it employs around 1,500 staff, roughly similar numbers


They're spread over three sites, Carmarthen, Swansea and Lampeter.


This comes after yesterday's news of job losses at the University of


south Wales. The University of South Wales


announced as many as 139 They put that down to rising costs,


they're going up by 3% every year, and an anticipation that student


numbers are going to fall. Now the fall in numbers


they blame partly on Brexit. There's certainly a lot


of uncertainty across the higher education sector about


whether students from the EU will still want to come here,


whether tighter immigration controls post-Brexit might mean


fewer can come here, and the same applies


to university staff too. But the other factor at play


is demographics here in the UK, there are fewer 18 year


olds to apply. But given institutions rely


on students paying for their course, if there are fewer of them it has


a big impact on funding Coracle fishermen on the River Teifi


are taking the unprecedented step of returning any salmon they catch


because of increasing Natural Resources Wales says


the situation is approaching crisis point, as Aled Scourfield now


reports. These fishermen are the guardians


of a tradition that's been practised on the rivers of Wales


since pre-Roman times. The Teifi coracle men


still use their ancient craft The River Teifi is often described


as the Queen of the Welsh game fishing rivers but there is mounting


concern about salmon numbers. These coracle men say they have


taken the difficult decision From 1st April to 1st June we have


to release any salmon that we catch anyway,


it's just part of the However, from that time


on through to the end of season we have made the decision now


to actually release all salmon we catch, and put them back


into the system so they can follow Is it purely witnessing this decline


in the past few years? Yes, there was definitely a decline


in the fish we are catching and want to make sure this fishing


style is kept for our children to be able to be done


in generations to come. Latest figures from Natural


Resources Wales show there has been a steep decline in the number


of salmon caught on the Teifi. There were 115 declared net


catches of salmon in 2014. That more than halved


to around 45 in 2015. Declared rod catches


of salmon are also down, from 300 in 014 to around 210


the following year. But what's responsible


for the decline? There have been very well-publicised


pollution incidents on other More than 1,000 fish were killed


in December by a slurry leak. There is also concern that global


warming may be having an impact on the temperature of our rivers,


which may in turn affect spawning. Coracle men on the Teifi say


they have no option but to take We'd like the river to thrive,


it wouldn't be good holding a consultation in May


on whether to make catch and release compulsory across the country


to help protect fish stocks. They admit that salmon


stocks on the Teifi Generally the numbers of salmon


stocks in particular have been declining in the last few years


and we picked it up through the ongoing monitoring work


we undertake, so it is coming to a fairly critical position,


especially in light of salmon We're getting very close to a crisis


situation so it is time that something's done to try


and address this matter. These coracle men hope the decision


to return their catches of salmon will be followed by other fishermen


on the Teifi to help protect this Still to come in the programme:


You'd need a head for heights. The challenge of maintenance work


on one of the tallest And we're in for a mixture


of sunshine and showers this weekend, with high pressure


on the way. I'll have the forecast


for the start of April. How do you increase


the number of Welsh speakers? Figures show the number of people


speaking the language has As the government's five year Welsh


language strategy comes to an end, and a new one is expected


in the summer, James Williams has been to Carmarthenshire,


an area that has seen a drop in Welsh speakers, to look


at some of the issues. It's more than just a numbers game,


but for many years the amount of people speaking Welsh has been


in steady decline. We didn't speak much


Welsh at school. Most of us speak Welsh, well,


my friends and relatives. I don't think the younger generation


speak so much Welsh. At 65%, this area of Llanelli


is the area of Carmarthenshire with the highest percentage


of people who have no grasp Census results have shown the number


of people who can speak Welsh has fallen from 582,000 to 562,000,


a drop in the proportion of Welsh My aunties and grannie


all spoke Welsh. And not one of us was


brought up to speak Welsh. Welsh lessons in rural Llanelli,


a Welsh speaking heartland. But now fewer than half


the population of Carmarthenshire Well, I moved to Carmarthenshire


about 15 years ago with lots of my family and so my boys went


into a Welsh speaking education. I decided that it was better to put


them in because they were so young and I was just told they would soak


it up and they have. Launched last summer the Welsh


government set itself a new target to almost double the number of Welsh


speakers to one million by 2015. These are four pupils who have


chosen a Welsh language education. How much Welsh is spoken


in the corridors? It seems to be if teacher is in


earshot you will jump into Welsh. Personally I think there


is a mentality in young people now that English is the way forward


in life, that is a complete misconception, you know,


by having bilingual skills we have two windows on the


world, not just one. I think people are quite ready


to say that they are proud of being Welsh, they're proud


of being able to speak Welsh, but what people don't do is actually


use the Welsh language. Back in 2003 the Welsh


government aimed to increase They did not just missed that


target, the numbers actually fell backwards, not just hearing


Carmarthenshire but right across Wales. It gives a sense of how hard


it will be to achieve their new target of reaching 1 million


speakers in the next 30 years, which ministers admit is a deliberately


ambitious target, but without radical change it may well be an


radical change it may well be an unrealistic one as well.


We're talking table tennis in a minute but first we have rugby.


After the Six Nations the Wales internationals return this weekend


as both the Ospreys and the Blues aim to make it into the semifinals


The Cardiff Blues travel to Gloucester tomorrow,


while the Ospreys' take on Stade Francais on Sunday.


That match at the Principality Stadium.


The bodies being given a bit of a break and Sam Warburton is refreshed


and relieved that there is still something to say -- play for this


season. The target of finishing the top six in the pro 12 now unlikely


Warburton is happy with the chance to pick up European silverware. It


is seven years since they last won this competition. Leigh Halfpenny


among the try scorers that day, beating Jonny Wilkinson 's side.


When we won in 2010 it was probably one of my top three club experiences


that I have had the Blues, so that was an amazing day and an experience


in the club. If we can win this competition it would be massive for


us and I get a lot of satisfaction out of that so it is a massive


target, yes. The second tier of European competition might not be


the player 's first choice but the Ospreys Dan Baker says that when


they are in it it is important to win it. His side is the favourite


lift the cup. The Ospreys had the perfect start to the cup this season


and they made history by becoming the first to pick up maximum points


at the pool stages in any European competition. They recorded six bonus


points victories. A week on from their embarrassing defeat against


Treviso, which was a serious blow to their ambitions of winning the


title, the Ospreys face the French side in flux. Earlier this month


start Francais players and fans demonstrated against a shock merger


with their rivals. With livelihoods on the line the players went on


strike and the merger was called off. Speaking to a few of them after


the French game, they were saying it is back on and things and they were


having a bit of banter that everything is back to normal now so


it has probably given them a bit of a fillip as well in terms of


standing in the own two feet as well. Their home form has been


exceptional but their away form, I didn't they have won on the road yet


so we I've been to keep it that way. The Ospreys will also be away from


home as their match has been moved to the principality stadium where it


is likely to be only one quarter full.


And that match moved from the Liberty Stadium


because Swansea City are playing a crucial Premier League match


Manager Paul Clement says the club are in a relegation fight


and his players must embrace the pressure of the situation.


With nine games left to ensure their survival,


he's hoping their home form will ensure points this weekend.


Nine games to go, as you have said, and the fact that we don't pick up


any points in the last two, it is important to get points back on the


board again and we are going to use our home form momentum to do our


very best to get points in this one. It is a very important game and we


are going out to win it. Anna Hursey is the best


in Wales at under-18, and it's believed after competing


in a European Championship qualifier this week,


she's now the youngest player ever to represent Wales in any


sport at senior level. The thing is, she's


still only 10 years old. She's quite simply a revelation


with bat and ball. At just ten she may be lacking


in height up against her older opponents but she's not lacking


in power and determination. Anna is a fierce competitor and most


adults don't want to play her. Making her debut for Wales this week


has been a dream come true. This was her match against her


opponent from Kosovo that She may have won with ease,


but she's very humble I played well but I think I could've


done a little bit better Anna's victory saw Wales


smash their opponents 3-0 overall and the result sees them finish


second in their qualifying group and they'll now


play Belarus next month. The rest of the Wales team


aren't exactly old either. Beth Roberts, who's only 19,


made her debut and Captain I know, 20 years old and I'm


the oldest one in the team. I think we must have


the youngest team average It was nice to get the match done


quickly and easily get a good start for the girls and they were feeling


more confident going The girls have done a brilliant job


and they showed good talent and it was really impressive to see


them win so easily. Anna is totally


focused on the sport. She trains five days a week


and is showing such enormous potential at this young age she's


been tipped by many How good is she at ten? Definitely


one to watch. She is amazing, isn't she?


I don't know if you have a head for heights. You might want to look


away! A team of workers in Chepstow has


been scaling one of the tallest electricity pylons in the UK


to replace vital parts last touched At almost 500 feet tall,


the pylon carries electricity It's so tall it often


touches the clouds. This, however, is just a bit of fog


and it's not going to delay work to replace parts of this pylon


in Chepstow for the first Even if you look closely,


you can't really make out This is the view from 500


feet, the top of one Stretching across the River Severn


for a mile it carries 275,000 This team are finally


replacing the insulators. They carry the weight


of the 30 tonnes cables. It's quite a difference from 1969,


when those insulators Working up here has taken


six months of planning, and plenty of ladders,


platforms and winches. They collect the whole country to


the power stations and we have a grid network so we can divert power


all over the country and the distribution networks.


It's quite a difference from 1969, when those insulators


That was also filmed, and the technology,


as well as the approach to health and safety, have definitely evolved.


The team finish the work tonight which should keep the electricity


flowing from south Wales for another 50 years.


Well, with our feet firmly on the ground, O the weather forecast. How


does the weekend look, Derek? It is a bit of a mixed bag but good


news. Sunshine and April showers will sum it up tomorrow and you may


be lucky to see a rainbow like this one that was spotted this morning.


Sunday is certainly the better day of the weekend. If you have any


outdoor plans, more sunshine, and drive thanks to reach of high


pressure. In the meantime pressure is quite low so we are in for some


more rain and showers which could be heavy in places. Later tonight it


dries up at the South West and a cooler and fresher feeling that than


recently. Temperatures dropping into single figures. Here is the picture


for tomorrow morning. A few showers dotted around, as you can see, if


you catch one could be on the heavy side but not wet everywhere. There


will be some dry and bright weather. Sunshine on offer as when the wind


is light. The temperature around nine. A mixture of sunshine and


showers tomorrow, showers heavy in places and hail as possible and even


a rumble of thunder but parts of the north and west should end up nice


and sunny late afternoon. Temperature wise 11 degrees on the


Cardigan Bay coast and elsewhere 12 or 14, with a light or moderate


breeze. Tomorrow evening showers in mid and South wales will fade away


and then the rest of the night dry and clear and turning Chile.


Gardeners, watch out for a ground frost in the countryside. On news is


a nice day in prospect and sunnier than Saturday and drive. Some clouds


building up in land which is typical at this time of year with the strong


sun and it will turn up pleasantly warm. On Sunday a good day for a


walk in the mountains. Cold on the top. It will be dry with good


visibility. How about a trip to the seaside on Sunday? Temperature is


not that high, 11th in Llandudno and new key but in the sunshine it will


feel warm with light winds. The sea temperature, if you fancy a paddle,


be warned it is still quite cold at this time of year. More dry weather


to come on Monday but this reign over Ireland behind me will reach


Wales on Monday evening, spreading across the country overnight. Beyond


that we have high pressure, a big high over the Atlantic. It looks set


to build across the UK by the middle of next week. That means a few days


of finance settled weather so sunshine and April showers tomorrow.


Sunday is the best day of the weekend. Enjoy it if you can.


Thank you. A reminder of tonight 's headlines. The EU has asserted its


control over the Brexit negotiations by publishing its draft guidelines


for the talks ahead. It has rejected the government plan to begin


negotiating a trade deal at the same time the price to be paid for


leaving the EU. Five bodies have been recovered from


the site of a helicopter crash in Snowdonia. Police have confirmed


tonight that all of those who died were from the same family.


I'm back with a quick update at 8.00pm, and more


From all of us on the programme, have a good evening.


Rhod Gilbert's facing up to flower power.


Do you know any of these flowers? Don't know, don't know,


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