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Welcome to Wales Today - our headlines tonight:


Ukip in the middle of a ferocious row.


The party's assembly member Michelle Brown is to face a vote


of no confidence among party members.


She has only been there since May, and the list of things she has done


is horrendous. So what is it that Ukip's AM


stands accused of? Tonight, she gets the full


support of the party's Matthew Williams killed


Cerys Yemm at this B An inquest hears there was no system


in place between police, Holidays in term time


without the school's permission Should


wild deer like these be slaughtered And in tonight's sport,


who'd be a Premier League manager Paul Clement goes through the


emotions as his Swansea City side pick up just a point to stay just


above the relegation zone. One of Ukip's six Assembly Members


is to face a vote of confidence among party members across north


Wales. Party activists met this


afternoon to discuss a letter referring to concerns about


what they say is Michelle Brown's She declined an invitation


to attend the meeting, and her spokesman described it


as "petty infighting". Here's our political


reporter James Williams. She's only been in the job for less


than a year. It's a great day for Ukip today. We have our first couple


of IMS Mac from north Wales. But to date, Michelle Brown has regularly


hit the headlines. It's a cause of concern for these Ukip members and


supporters. At their meeting today, they passed a vote of no-confidence


in the assembly member for north Wales. There were also be a wider


vote of members in about a month's time to see if they share the


concerns raised at the meeting. Where do I start? Bringing the party


into disrepute by various actions that she's done over the last


months. She has only been there since May and the list of things she


has done is horrendous. She is not engaging with the population across


north Wales, which she should be doing as an AM. In a letter sent to


Michelle Brown ahead of today's meeting, local party members listed


18 concerns. It mentions claims that she smoked recreational drugs in her


hotel room, something likely to bring the party into disrepute, they


say. She denied the accusation. It also mentions an e-mail exchange


discussing how an advert for a job in her office could be changed to


help her brother get an interview for the post. Not behaviour becoming


of an upstanding member of the community, they say. Michelle Brown


says she acted with complete propriety. There is concern that she


least this shop to act as her regional office, but it has never


been opened, despite the Welsh assembly having paid over ?2000 for


the rent up to much of this year. And the allegation that we have not


seen you attend one single surgery since being elected. Michel Barnier


was invited in this letter to today's meeting so that she would


begin what members say was a fair opportunity to answer the


criticisms. She declined via e-mail this morning, while her spokesman


said that this letter represents nothing more than petty infighting.


But with the Ukip AM now facing a vote of no confidence among party


members in north Wales, it also represents another headache for Ukip


in the Senate. Not so, says the party's leader in Cardiff Bay. This


meeting has no cottage regional significance. It was almost largely


by people who are not members of Ukip. It was chaired by somebody who


is not a member of Ukip, and most of the people there are long term


opponents of Michelle Brown because they wanted somebody asked to be


selected as one of the lead candidates in north Wales. It is a


culmination of a long and bitter personal campaign against her, and


she has my full support. Comforting words for Michelle Brown, who


couldn't attend the party meeting because she was working in the


Senedd this afternoon. We will see shortly if there is as much support


for her amongst her local party members.


James Williams is in Cardiff Bay for us tonight.


Yes. And despite Neil Hamilton's attempts to dismiss the relevance of


this meeting, the fact that party members in north Wales are going to


vote on a motion of confidence in one of the party's assembly members


is hardly good news for Ukip. And as you said, it is yet another headache


on top of the bitter infighting we have seen among the party members


here in Cardiff Bay since the end of the Senedd for the first time --


since they entered the Senedd after last May's election. They entered as


a group of seven but are already down to six following Nathan Gill,


the forming part lead it in Wales' decision to sit down following


clashes between himself and Neil Hamilton. The wider context is that


questions have long surfaced about what point there is now to Ukip as


we negotiate our exit from the European Union. What kind of role


can they play in our politics? Headlines like these make it a


little harder for them to answer that question.


Tributes have been paid to five people who died after a helicopter


crashed on a mountainside in southern Snowdonia.


Donald and Sharon Burke were two of those killed


Their daughter said the family had changed


Kevin and Ruth and Barry Burke also died in the crash.


Their bodies were recovered on Friday.


A housing officer at Caerphilly council


has told the inquest into the deaths of a young woman and her killer


at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed near Blackwood


that there was a possible weakness in the way information on former


Matthew Williams killed Cerys Yemm in 2014, two weeks


From Newport Coroner's Court, Caroline Evans.


Today, the inquest into the deaths of Cerys Yemm and Matthew Williams


at the Sirhowy Arms in Argoed heard from Caerphilly council,


the authority which housed Matthew Williams when he was


At that time, the court was told, a prison leaver was considered


So when Matthew Williams turned up at his local authority,


But the housing officer called to give evidence said that back then


when someone was released not on licence, but having


served their entire sentence, the probation service would not


automatically share information with the council, and the council


wouldn't share information on the background of


offenders with the B where individuals were placed.


22-year-old Cerys Yemm was killed by Matthew Williams just two weeks


He died shortly after being tasered by police at the scene.


Since that time, the court was told there has been a significant change


in the way information about possible risk is shared,


brought about by the new Wales Housing Act.


A jury has now heard all the evidence and


The Crimestoppers charity has launched an appeal to help stop


the supply of "dangerous drugs" in North Wales.


It follows a number of cases reported in towns such as Wrexham.


A thousand pound reward is being offered for information


on the supply of the psychoactive substances known as Mamba and Spice.


73 jobs are being created after a life sciences company


announced it's relocating its base from Powys to the


Sharp Clinical Services says its Crickhowell site


is at full capacity, so it's moving to a larger


The company says it'll also safeguard a further 70 jobs.


Firefighters are tackling a large blaze tonight at a hotel in Powys.


Five fire crews were called to the Severn Arms Hotel


in Penybont, near Llandrindod Wells, at 3.30 this afternoon.


Everyone who was inside the hotel has been accounted for.


The A44 in Penybont is closed in both directions.


There's been a big increase in the number of primary school


pupils going on unauthorised holidays during term-time.


Last year, 10.5% of all absences were down


Over the same period, authorised holidays fell significantly.


The Welsh Government says it's reviewing councils' use


of fines to punish parents who break the rules.


Enjoying the sun in Greece. This family from church village have


taken their sons on holiday during term time. Dad Steve says he thinks


is important for them to have a holiday, and it has to be done when


it is affordable. As a travel agent, he knows better than most the price


difference between a tie-break and one during the school holidays. The


4th of August, one week, Cardiff to Majorca, on an all-inclusive


package, three star holiday in the summer holidays, ?2684. If you went


out of season, the second week in September, you are looking at the


same holiday for ?1718. 4-star, you are looking at ?3100. Out of season,


?1929. Steve says his boys' headteacher was happy for them to go


on holiday during term time. Heads are allowed to approve up to ten


days of absence a year, but increasingly, holidays are not being


approved. A school day consists of two sessions, morning and afternoon.


Between 2011-12 and 2015-16, the number of sessions in primary


schools being lost because of children going on holiday has fallen


from more than 920,000 to nearly 780 9000. The number of those that were


authorised fell from more than 862,000 to just over 360 4000. But


unauthorised ones went up from around 58,000 to nearly 420 5000.


That meant more parents were liable for fines. One expert said


inspections and categorisation system mean that schools are under


pressure to improve their attendance rates. It's only fair that


headteachers have an element of autonomy. They know their pupils


better than anybody else, and they know when it is proper to let their


pupils off school for any occasion. Otherwise, it is important that


children are in school to learn. If they are not, they can't learn and


they fall behind their peers. Whilst that is still happening, there is


work to be done in Wales. Headteachers face a balancing act of


trying to decide when a holiday is in the interests of a people, and


when it is damaging to their education, while also having an eye


on the impact any absence will have on the way their school is rated.


The Welsh government says it is pleased that overall attendance


rates are improving and that fines should only be used for regular


nonattendance. Tributes have been paid


to a 27-year-old man who died after an incident in Bangor


over the weekend. Another man has been


arrested on suspicion The police have


appealed for witnesses. Flowers left in the street


near Bangor's Peep nightclub, but a more significant


tribute to Henry Ayabowei, the more than ?2,500


already donated to his partner and two small children


through an online giving site. The police were called


here just before two o'clock They immediately sealed off this


area of Dean Street. In particular, they want to speak


to anyone who has mobile phone or dashcam video of


this part of Bangor. Known to many of his friends as


Romeo, Henry Ayabowei came to north Wales to study at Bangor University


and then stayed on to settle He died in hospital


yesterday morning. A keen footballer, he played


for a number of clubs in Gwynedd and Anglesey,


most recently Llanfairpwll. There, they plan to dedicate


their next game and hold a period He has represented about four


or five teams and he played a lot of Sunday league football prior


to that as well. But our thoughts must


be with the family, about footballers being the main


concern at this moment, but after this event,


obviously the family are the ones, and I knew the family


and our thoughts are very much with the two little children he has


left behind and his partner. People who knew Henry Ayabowei said


they are in deep shock. It was a privilege to know


him, read one tribute. Heartbreaking, I've lost


a friend, said another. They might look magnificent,


but some farmers want deer like these slaughtered over


a possible link with TB. And we had a beautiful day


across much of Wales yesterday, high pressure bringing


a fairly settled week. I'll have the full


details in a few minutes. The deputy manager of a nursery


in Port Talbot who's accused of child cruelty charges,


along with two of her colleagues, has denied ever being cruel


to children in her care. Christina Pinchess told the court


she'd never seen any staff member at the Bright Sparks nursery


being cruel to any child. Our reporter Aled


Scourfield was in court. Aled, remind us of the


background to this case. The allegations relate to a period


in late 2015, when children at the Bright Sparks nursery near Port


Talbot were allegedly wilfully assaulted, according to the


prosecution. It is alleged that children were force-fed, restrained


and picked up by their wrists before being dropped to the floor. The


crowd suggests that these children were traumatised by this treatment.


Katie Davis, the owner, Christina Pinchess and shall four can deny


nine charges relating to cruelty in all. And the deputy manager,


Christina Pinchess, has been giving evidence today. What did she have to


say? Christina Pinchess, who is eight months pregnant, gave evidence


this afternoon. She told the court she had 13 years of experience in


childcare. She started as a nanny to families in England before moving to


South Wales in 2013 with her partner. She was then employed as a


deputy manager at Bright Sparks nursery. She described herself and


the owner Katie Davis as mother bears. The more experienced members


of staff. She said staff would encourage children to eat their


food, but food would be taken away if children didn't cooperate. The


nursery had an open door policy for parents. She was asked directly


whether she had picked up a child by the wrists. She said she had no


recollection of such an event. She was then asked, have you ever been


cruel to a child? Her reply was no. She also said she would never force


feed a child. When asked whether she had seen anybody


at Bright Sparks nursery being cruel, her reply was no, I wouldn't


have had my child there if that was the case. All three deny the charges


against them and the case continues at Swansea Crown Court.


A group of farmers in Ceredigion are calling for


a cull of a herd of up to 35 deer that are living wild in a forest.


They're concerned about a possible link with TB


and are also worried that the deer will become pests


Natural Resources Wales says their officers have already killed


It's the largest land mammal in the UK, but they're


That's because they can be elusive and live in dense forests like this.


But farmer Ian Lloyd explained to me how


the red deer population in this


It's just a place for them, especially in the last winter,


when it's been very mild and there's plenty of fodder


Ian keeps over 60 cattle, and he says there are two farms


in the area that have cases of tuberculosis,


and there's concern that there could be a link with the deer that


I know there are farms that are down in the area with it.


So the farmer's got to test at least once a year, possibly twice.


And we need clean wildlife and clean cattle, it's as simple as that.


And what are the farmers saying to you when they hear


about these deer running loose and the numbers growing?


Nine times out of ten, the comments are that something


This is evidence that deer have been here recently.


They've run through this bank and torn away the soil


It's very rare to see red deer in the day,


They're primarily active between dusk and dawn.


The UK deer population is believed to be at its highest level


for a thousand years, and even conservation groups


recognise that culling is necessary in some areas because of the damage


And with no natural predators left, there is a fear that this could be


Natural Resources Wales says one deer from the herd


in South Ceredigion has been shot in order to carry out


David Jam is from NRW, and says this is a relatively new herd.


I understand from speaking to local people that they escaped


or were released from a private collection of dear only


So they are new to the area and they are a concern,


because they range widely across a large area now.


The deer's mating or rutting season is during October or November,


so the females are due to give birth in the next couple of weeks.


That could see the population grow and even possibly double


More than a million adults in Wales are physically inactive according to


a British Heart Foundation report. It says that risk increase the risk


of coronary heart disease and early death. Women here are 40% more


likely than men to be classified in that way. We have heard every


excuse. Timescales, people say they haven't got the time. Financial


implications, other health causes, injuries. There are a lot of people


who have an excuse. However, there are levels of exercise that


everybody can do. In which case we had better have some sport.


Swansea City are rueing a goalless draw


which did little to enhance their prospects of avoiding


There are just eight games left - eight opportunities left


to pick up valuable points, to ensure they stay


The Swans remain one place and just one point above the bottom three.


Wins for relegation rivals Crystal Palace and Hull


at the weekend increased the pressure on all the sides.


Tomos Dafydd reports from the Liberty Stadium.


It was just one of those days for the head coach.


Paul Clement witnessed a frustrating and nervy encounter.


The players missed the opportunity to extend the gap between themselves


Tonight, attention has turned to the next challenge,


a tough match against in-form Tottenham on Wednesday.


They have been challenging in the last couple of seasons now.


Mauricio Pochettino has done a really good job there.


He's put together a very good, young squad and the type of football


Exciting team, create lots of chances, score lots of goals.


The players are performing to their potential.


They could have done with this man yesterday,


Fernando Llorente, the club's top goal scorer with 11 goals.


He faces a race to be fit for Wednesday after an ankle injury.


The club's American owners are in town and will face questions


from the fans tomorrow for the first time since completing


The supporters' trust, which owns 21%, told me they want


Obviously, some of the questions people around Swansea


and the supporters are asking - if we're relegated,


Would they be happy to invest more in the club to help us


Looking at the positives, we are not going to be relegated.


We are going to stay in the Premier League,


but there are questions along those terms and what happens


With two games in four days, it's a quick turnaround


But will this place host Premier League matches next season?


As long as Llorente is fit, they will have a good chance.


I think they will stay up, because they have the passion


and drive in their team that other players and teams lack.


After six years at the top, their Premier League status


Swansea have not been in as perilous a position as this in all their time


in the Premier League, just a point above safety, with


The Football Association of Wales have more than doubled


their turnover in their latest set of accounts.


This is primarily down to their progress at


The turnover for the year was ?21 million,


an increase of ?10.5 million on the previous year.


Chief executive Jonathan Ford says the FAW will re-invest the profit


to improve facilities and get more people playing football.


Rugby, and there'll be no Welsh representative in the semi-finals


of this year's European Challenge Cup.


The Ospreys lost 25-21 to Stade Francais yesterday,


despite the French outfit playing almost 40 minutes with 14 men.


And the Cardiff Blues were knocked out after they were comprehensively


The Dragons are the only Welsh side to reach the semi-finals


of any European tournament in the last six years.


The Cardiff Devils are through to the final four in


the Elite League Ice Hockey Playoffs after victory over Manchester Storm.


The Devils managed to secure their place,


They face the Dundee Stars next in the playoff final


We saw some lovely sunshine over the weekend. Is there more to come this


week? This was the scene across Pembrokeshire and much of Wales. We


enjoyed glorious sunshine. Blue skies. A bit breezy at times, but it


was a pleasant spring day and today was not bad either. We did see more


clout, but it was a largely dry story. This week, we can look


forward to a largely settled week. Turning a touch cooler. We do have a


cold weather front, which is bringing with it clout the West.


Once we are done with that rain, we can look forward to a largely dry


week. Tonight, that rain band will gradually make its way eastwards. We


were hanging on to quite a lot of cloud, with hill fog forming in the


early hours of tomorrow morning. But temperatures are not dropping too


much. The winds are light, but it will be blustery. First thing


tomorrow morning, we have this weather front to deal with. A rich


of high pressure will build on that will settle things down nicely.


First thing tomorrow morning for the rush hour, we will see quite a bit


of low cloud around. Poor visibility first thing. It is still a largely


dry story. The sunshine will get to work, and it will look much better


by the time we get into the afternoon. Temperatures are


responding to the sunshine, although there is a bit of a contrast.


Through tomorrow night, some evening sunshine. Clear skies, the perfect


recipe for some frost to form. So gardeners, beware. The winds are


light and coming from a north-westerly direction. As we head


into Wednesday, high pressure is still hanging on to bring another


fairly settled day, blocking any weather systems from getting in. So


it is a dry day on Wednesday, but it will be a cloudy start to the day


again. Limited amounts of brightness developing as we head into the


afternoon, with temperatures where they should be for the time of year.


In the sunshine, it will feel pleasant. As we head towards the end


of the week, it is a largely settled story, but we do have quite a bit of


cloud. The winds are light. Some sunshine at times, but it will be


chilly by night. The headlines: an explosion on the


Underground system in St Petersburg is reported to have killed ten


people and injured as many as 50 more. The explosion hit a train


which was travelling between two stations. An explosive device at a


third station was later found and made safe.


One of Ukip's six assembly members is to face a vote of confidence


among party members across north Wales. Party activists met this


afternoon to discuss a letter referring to concerns about what


they say is Michelle Brown's serious misconduct. She declined an


invitation to attend the meeting, and her spokesman described it as


petty infighting. I'll have an update for you here


at 8 o'clock and again From all of us on the


programme, good evening. Can you imagine what an estate


agent would make of this?


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