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Welcome to Wales Today, tonight's headlines.


A 16% increase in junior doctors choosing Wales to train as GPs


but is it enough to fix the shortages?


It's not something that can be just, we can sit back and say,


So will this ease those long waits for a sugery appointment


or help those communities who have seen their GPs surgery shut?


A burglar's ?40,000 mobile phone bill,


why did North Wales Police pick up the tab?


I'm 16, I want to be a football coach.


I'm 15 and I want to be the next Doctor Who.


I'm 14 and I will keep my options open.


These boys have plenty of ambition so why fewer opportunities


Jaco loves going to the rugby with his dad, actor Richard Mylan.


Tonight how the game has been a big part of dealing with his autism.


Preparing for the Commonwealth Games a year today.


Team Wales aim to win more medals than every before


There's been a 16% increase in the number


of junior doctors coming to Wales to train as GPs.


It follows a decision by the Welsh Government


to offer cash incentives to encourage junior doctors


to train in areas where there are shortages.


Our health correspondent, Owain Clarke, reports.


In the north, the west, in valley communities and beyond


a common complaint has been heard in recnet years.


Some surgeries have closed, others have been taken over


because family doctors are quitting or retiring, and nobody


The aim of this campaign, launched in the autumn


was to try to plug some of those gaps.


To sell Wales to doctors who might never have considered coming.


But this wasn't just an ad, the Welsh Government was also


offering hard cash, including ?20,000 to train to be GPs


And according to the Health Secretary its working.


The new figures show it has been a successful campaign highlighting


the profile of Wales and a career here in general practice.


The specific financial incentives are having a real impact as well


both in areas where it has been difficult to recruit


but also exam fees for new entrants as well.


If they want to become GPs, junior doctors can apply


The Welsh NHs has 136 training places available.


Last year, after the first of three aplication rounds,


But this year at the same stage 114 of the 136 are full


with no vacancies left in Pembrokeshire, North East Wales


Last year at the end of the process there were 29


This year the Welsh Government hopes it might be zero.


I think it is an improving picture but of course


there are significant concerns with the issue


of GPs facing retirement, with also GPs coming through the


profession that are getting fed up and leaving.


It isn't something that can be just, we can sit back and say,


well that is it, we have tackled the problem.


With the day to day job getting ever more stressful,


GP leaders insist the Welsh Government should also do keep


Tracey left Hampshire to become a GP in Mid Wales.


An avid bird watcher, being close to these,


the Dyfi Valley ospreys, was the biggest draw.


I'm not working in a chaotic over busy environment.


I feel better in myself that I can deal with things appropriately


and then I can whizz off to the osprey centre


Local GP surgeries are the front-line of the NHS


with staff in Wales dealing with around 20 million cases a year.


But with demand set to go up even further, meeting it


Owain, this isn't going to fix the problem of GP


If you had to spent weeks for an appointment, spent ages on the phone


booking on in the first one, if you have waited too long to see a GP out


of hours all thief you live in Blaenau Gwent where surgeries have


closed, two dozen extra trainees who will be fully qualified in three


years' time obviously want to make an immediate difference. But saying


that, had the figures today showed a drop in applications or no change


then I think it is fair to say the Welsh Government would have been


facing very tricky questions. They are the question we can't answer


tonight is to what extent could this be a blip? Junior doctors coming to


Wales because they are unhappy about the friction between their groups,


groups representing them and the government in England. Regardless of


motive, the Health Secretary says if they come, patients in Wales will


benefit. The question is, will they keep coming?


North Wales Police paid a phone bill of more than ?44,000 for a mobile


The phone was given to help the offender re-integrate


But because it wasn't a pay-as-you-go,


Our reporter Matthew Richards is at the force's headquarters.


How on earth did this happen? We don't know a lot about the


details but essentially North Wales Police became aware of this in early


2014. The reason we know about it now is because there was a Freedom


of Information request which the police have addressed. This person


was a burglar from Llangefni in Anglesey, they were out on bail and


was given this inexpensive phone. But this card was not a


pay-as-you-go, it is on a contract. They can be taken out and put into


the devices to download films. We think ?250 a day over several


months, eventually reaching ?44,000. Whatever the police have to say?


They said they made an arrest of two people when they became aware of


this but there was insufficient evidence to charge them. They said


they will be no disciplinary action against anyone involved here but


they explained why this phone was given out in the first place. They


do this to help people going through the criminal justice system to keep


in contact with them and two of remind them of appointments. They


said they have tightened up their procedures now to make sure this


does not happen again. Only pay-as-you-go Sim cards are handed


out. This does have the benefit to both the individuals concerned, who


can be vulnerable and to wider society but they want to make sure


this does not happen again. There are people including local


politicians who have written to the police to ask why this public money


has been spent on a big phone bill. A man was found dead outside a


nightclub in the early hours of Saturday. A 26-year-old man will


appear before Llandudno Magistrates' Court tomorrow.


A group which helps victims of abuse is calling


on the Football Association of Wales to hold an inquiry


into historical child sex abuse allegations in the sport.


Wrexham-based Stepping Stones' comments come


after a number of former players based in Wales have come


Both the English and Scottish FAs are holding inquiries.


The FAW says it's committed to safeguarding


A large amount of slurry has spilled into a stream near Abergavenny,


causing a "major pollution incident" affecting the river Honddu.


Natural Resources Wales says it's working to minimise


the impact of the spill and is monitoring the nearby


There are calls tonight for an investigation into a


Welsh council because of the way it treated a girl they took into care.


Her mother says that her daughter is at more risk in care


She's had 17 foster placements over the last four years


and hasn't been to school regularly for two years.


The council says the girl is now in a therapeutic residential unit.


The man who led the Victoria Climbie inquiry says


more needs to be done for children in care.


Too often when things go wrong it can seem like a self fulfilling


prophecy, like, what do you expect from children in care?


We must never, never allow children in care to be written off.


You can see more on this story on BBC One Wales at 10:40pm tonight.


Campaigners are calling for urgent action after


a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission


said disabled people are still being treated


It says that although laws were introduced 20 years ago


banning discrimination, life chances for disabled people


remain very poor and public attitudes haven't changed enough.


Setting up an exhibition ready to launch their new charity book,


there was no shortage of ambition for pupils of Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn this


afternoon at Swansea's Waterfront Museum.


I am James, I am 18 and I want to be a plumber, electrician or carpenter.


I am 15 and I want to be the next Doctor Who.


My name is Cameron and I am 16. I want to be a football coach.


I am Matthew, I am 14 and I will keep my options open.


There are many hurdles and barriers which we will try to embrace and


challenge head-on. Our pupils have got specific skills that they can


bring to employment and be valuable members of the wider community.


Sarah Beer has scoliosis, a spinal condition,


and Sarah-Jane Waters has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome,


The details of the report which highlights the inequality


faced by disabled people is disappointing.


It is very frustrating and I think if we are not careful we could end


up going back to was more Victorian kind of values when it comes to


disability and how we describe disability. That is wrong, that is


inherently wrong. We can contribute to society and you have as much to


offer as an able bodied member of staff.


It is sad that so many things have improved in the last 20 years for


employment and awareness but it is still... We are still going


backwards when it comes to a lot of attitudes around disability.


The report is the most comprehensive analysis. It shows disabled people


here are less likely to have qualifications in a job but in some


aspects of life the city Wei Xin is even getting worse.


The proportion of disabled adults in work you stand at just 40%. Compared


to nearly 80% of non-disabled people. That gap has widened since


2010. It is differences in the amount of money earned. Disabled


people have seen their wages fall by 9% but there wasn't any change from


non-disabled workers. Even getting into work in the first place is


tougher as well. When we look at qualifications, disabled people at


three times more likely to have no qualifications.


The Welsh Government recognises these are long term issues which it


It also says its working with disabled people to review


the framework with the aim of publishing a refreshed action


We want them to realise the impact that has not just on disabled people


themselves but on their families, their communities on the economy.


And to take practical steps to do something about it.


Back in Swansea, while the pupils learn about the past,


change is needed if they're to have a brighter future


Sorry about the sound problems in that report.


Much more to come before seven o'clock.


Jaco braves the rugby crowds with his dad,


Why does he find it so challenging with his autism?


And we've seen the last of the rain for a while.


High pressure means quiet, settled weather but will it


It's the organisation which develops grassroots and elite sport here


and tonight the row over the running of Sport Wales has intensified.


It's been claimed that its sacked chairman, Paul Thomas,


was told by the Welsh Government he was entering a


"toxic environment" and a "dysfunctional"


organisation when he started the job.


Let's talk to our political editor Nick Servini.


We know there has been civil war in this organisation. Paul Thomas was


sacked, the vice chair was fired last week. Paul Thomas's line was he


was sent into this organisation to sort it out by the Welsh Government


and you did not get the support he was expecting. He was hung out to


dry by ministers. The counter view from Adele Baumgardner was he wasn't


up to the job. Problem is only really emerged when he arrived at


Sport Wales. We already knew that the Welsh Government felt it had


gone past the point of no return. That is why both of them were sacked


last week. What we did not know is what the Welsh Government thought


about Sport Wales before these personality clashes erupted. That is


what Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said during


First Minister's Questions. He twice asked Carwyn Jones about this claim


Paul Thomas said he was told by someone within the Welsh Government


before he started the job that it was a toxic environment, it was an


insular organisation and a dysfunctional organisation. Twice


Carwyn Jones failed to answer the question directly. Instead, he


talked more generically about real difficulties the organisation was


facing and the problems because of the personality clash. This is a


central question which is to strip away the personalities, what is the


Welsh Government think of this organisation that spends over ?20


million a year? What does Sport Wales do next?


There is no way back for these two personalities, a temporary chair and


vice-chair are in place. Why do review into the role of Sport Wales


is being carried out now. I suspect it won't be until that review is


finished when we will know the future direction of Sport Wales in


the months ahead. The father of a young boy diagnosed


with autism when he was four, has spoken about how their lives


were thrown into turmoil. The Waterloo Road actor


Richard Mylan and his son Jaco, who's now 11, appear in a BBC


documentary exploring how families adjust to life


and the support available. For Jaco, rugby has played a huge


part in his journey. One of the things they most


like to do is visit Cardiff market just before it


shuts at five o'clock. Jaco likes the order


and routine, they have Jaco has autism,


a neurological condition that means he sees,


feels and hears the world Jaco films his world and watches it


again ad again, helping him to make Like most young Welsh


boys, Jaco loves rugby. Going to a busy, noisy match has


been a massive step forward. From the first time I took him


to a stadium to now is a I never actually thought


we would be able to do this. Jaco struggles with noise and often


wears protective headphones. Rugby games can be a bit


intimidating and Jaco When he was smaller


I couldn't even laugh. I couldn't show any kind of emotion,


whether it be laughing, If I laughed at a friend


who was telling me a story he would have that kind


of reaction you saw today. I kind of stopped laughing for about


three, four years of my life. You know, it is weird


when I think back on it, I didn't laugh for


that length of time. But he's all right


with laughing now. Why do you think about


Wales losing today? Jaco also loves washing


machines and wind farms. When he grows up he was to be


a security guard but with only 15% of Welsh autistic


adults in employment, his dad worries he may not get


the chance to have the job At the moment there are many


unknowns for Jaco but he has an In tonight's documentary his dad is


determined to find out more about his future prospects,


options and support. And Richard and Jaco: Life with


Autism is here on BBC One Wales, With a year to go before


the Commonwealth Games in Australia, Wales are aiming for their most


successful overseas Games that's the target set by the head


of the team. Tomos is with some of those


hoping to compete at We're with some of the best


gymnasts in the country. Last time round, gymnastics


contributed ten medals to In exactly one year, around 300


Welsh athletes along with coaches, managers and officials


will be at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, the start of 11


days of competition. # On the bonnie, bonnie


banks of Loch Lomond. Three years ago and Glasgow welcomed


athletes from all over the Commonwealth, helped


by John Barrowman, dancing teacakes 228 Welsh athletes took part,


they went on to become Fewer athletes will travel


to the Gold Coast, around 150, meaning the record 36 medals won


in Scotland will be tough to match. The most medals Wales has won


in an overseas Games is 25. The head of Team Wales


says beating that tally Cyclist Lewis Oliva has


competed in two, now The 24-year-old is studying medicine


at Cardiff University alongside his Ask any Welsh athlete how does it


feel to ride for Wales and it is just massively inspiring


and hugely motivating. Jess Sims and Laura Daniels


are Wales's first world bowls When you go to the Commonwealth


you're Team Wales, you are part Even though you are playing


bowls you are still part of a bigger Welsh team and that is


what is so special about the Women's rugby sevens is being


included for the first time. An opportunity for Jasmine Joyce


from St David's who competed Obviously, the pinnacle of rugby


sevens is the Olympics and you won't ever be able to go


and do that as Wales. It is fine, you get to bond


with other nations. For rugby sevens Commonwealth,


as a Welsh nation, Hoping to walk it to


gold, Bethan Davies. She's Britain's top


female race walker. For someone, a Welsh athlete,


you very rarely get the Commonwealth Games will


be really special me. I am actually ranked quite


highly in it as well so I think it was going to be


an interesting competition. From the Empire Games


to the Commonwealths, Wales is one of six nations to have


competed since they began in 1930. Questions though have been raised


about its long-term future with Durban, South Africa pulling out


of hosting the games in 2022. A Welsh gymnasts delivered ten


medals last time. A part of that success was Frankie Jones. You now


coach young athletes. What is the secret? To the hard work and the


work done in the background. Welsh athletics has put a lot into it. I


have been very lucky to have been doing it. Now the girls are also


stepping into that and are doing full-time training. It is fabulous.


You are very busy because you are advising board members on how to


improve the experience for athletes. What have you told them? It has been


amazing to work out how much goes on behind the scenes of the actual


games. I have been involved with teamwork and the different clothes


we hat going to be wearing an places in the village.


It has been interesting. Chris Jenkins from Commonwealth Games


council, a year to go, preparations have already started.


It is very exciting. We got a member down Coast at the moment. She will


have access to the village so we will be able to see where see where


Wales will be staying. The velodrome is beautiful. We think all the


venues will be in fantastic shape. Let's look at the long-term future


of the Commonwealth Games. South Africa pulled out of hosting the


next games in five years' time is, after the Gold Coast. But this is


Terry about the future of the Commonwealth Games? Does it have a


future. It has a very big and bright future. We were disappointed that


Durbin lost the right to host the games. Since then, a lot of other


cities have put their hands up. Three in Britain, couple in


Australia, Toronto and Malaysia. There is a rush of enthusiasm. The


future looks good indeed. All the best to you.


Let's me bring you some other news and to football first


League this season according to former manager John Toshack.


He's been opening the club's new multi million pound training


facility at Fairwood today and believes they will


survive but that it'll "go down to the wire".


The Swans are one place and one point above the Premier League


I think it will go right to the wire, as they say.


There is usually one of the teams that look comfortable drops into it


The next match now with Tottenham is a difficult one.


Before I go, some cricket news for you.


Glamorgan have signed 26-year-old South African fast bowler


Marchant de Lange to play in all competitions.


De Lange has played in two Tests, four one-day internationals and six


March was the wettest in Wales since 2008 but we've seen the last


The next few days pretty much dry and settled thanks to high pressure.


Cloud amounts and sunshine tricky to gauge.


Cloudy in Mountain Ash this afternoon.


Sunny in Blaenau Ffestiniog with a high of 11 Celsius.


Overnight some cloud in the north and west.


Parts of mid and south Wales staying clear and chilly.


A touch of ground frost in rural parts.


Here's the picture for eight in the morning.


Cloud in the north maybe thick enough for the odd spot of light


rain or drizzle but no more than that.


The best of the sunshine in the west and south.


During the day, cloud will gradually spread south.


The odd light shower possible but most places dry.


The southwest hanging onto the sunshine for longest.


Highest temperatures in the southeast.


A few degrees cooler in the north and west


In Gwynedd tomorrow, cloudy and cool.


13 Celsius in Sully with a light breeze.


The odd spot of light rain or drizzle in mid and N Wales.


Otherwise dry with lows of four to eight Celsius.


On Thursday, the odd light shower perhaps in the north and west


Friday dry with more in the way of sunshine.


A little warmer as well with light or gentle breeze.


That's the reason for the dry weather.


Over the weekend it will start to drift away but will still


So in summary, largely dry and settled.


Saturday the nicest day of the weekend.


There's been a 16% increase in the number of junior doctors


It follows a decision by the Welsh Government


to offer cash incentives to encourage junior doctors to train


I'll have an update for you here at eight o'clock and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme good evening.


Can you imagine what an estate agent would make of this?


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