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Following an inquest into their deaths,


the family of Cerys Yemm - unlawfully killed


by Matthew Williams - say lessons must be learned.


We feel that there is still a risk today that offenders will be housed


together with vulnerable or young people in the same establishments


without the local community around them having any idea of the


Matthew Williams' family say he needed treatment


for mental health issues but was failed by authorities.


Rather than being dropped at school, a ten-year-old -


who's deaf and has autism - was taken back to a


Eight o'clock he goes and it was gone 11 o'clock before they brought


him back. He had been on the bus for three hours. For that time he was on


his own on that bus. through the Gwent Levels


are described as The aim is to help create


a workforce with digital skills but there's a call


for a long-term plan. And supported by family and friends


- Jess Fishlock becomes the first Wales international to ever reach


a century of senior caps. The family of Cerys Yemm


have called for a reform of what happens when offenders


are released from prison. Matthew Williams killed


Cerys Yemm in 2014 at He had recently been released from


jail with a history of drug abuse. Today, an inquest jury decided


she was unlawfully killed. Williams died shortly


after having been repeatedly In his case, the jury returned


a narrative verdict. His family says "lessons


must be learnt". Caroline Evans is outside


Newport Coroners' Court. This inquest has lasted for more


than three weeks but it was clear from the reactions of both the


families of Cerys Yemm and Matthew Williams that it has not answered


all of their questions. Both families are now asking and


demanding actions from the authorities in terms of the way


ex-offenders are monitored and be that people with mental health


issues and drug problems are treated.


Cerys Yemm was just 22, described by her family as kind, caring and


someone who could always see the best in people. She died following a


brutal attack in which he sustained at least 89 injuries. Her killer,


Matthew Williams, a man just out of prison with the history of drug use


and mental health issues, had been given accommodation at this Sirhowy


Arms by the local council. The 34-year-old was still carrying out


the attack when police arrived. He was Tasered four times before he


collapsed and then died. After three weeks of listening to the evidence


of 40 witnesses, the jury found that Cerys Yemm was unlawfully killed. We


feel that there should be reform of the systems of monitoring and


information sharing between agencies when offenders are released from


prison. We have heard that relevant Welsh Government guidance only


housing offenders was not followed, even though Williams has said he


wanted to make a fresh start outside the area. In fact, he was


accommodated in an unsuitable B hostel and Argoed where he resumed


his cycle of drug abuse. Matthew Williams was released from Parc


prison on the 23rd of October 2013, within a short time he had met Cerys


Yemm, the girlfriend of a fellow inmate. The night they died they had


been at a friends house. Postmortem examinations suggest both had taken


drugs. Matthew Williams, the inquest was told, had taken amphetamines all


weekend. They arrived at midnight, around one hour later, screams were


heard coming from Matthew Williams' room. CCTV played to the jury should


that residents gathered on the landing and the owner Mandy Miles


called. She opened the door and saw what she thought was Matthew


Williams cannibalising Cerys Yemm's body. In court, experts said that


was not the case. 30 minutes later release officers entered the room,


one discharged his days are and said Matthew Williams was so strong he


was lifting them up as they tried to restrain him. He then used his Taser


three more times within 30 seconds until Matthew Williams stopped


resisting. 11 minutes later, paramedics were brought into the


room, at which point Matthew Williams was still alive and in the


recovery position. He was taken to an ambulance and at some point


stopped breathing. Efforts to resuscitate him failed and he was


declared dead. Returning a narrative verdict, the jury found that Matthew


Williams' death was sudden and unexpected, a culmination of illicit


drug use and the struggle against restraint. His family, while


offering their condolences to the family of Cerys Yemm, said that he


was let down by the services that should have supported him. In our


view, the evidence exposed clear feelings any mental health Housing


and Criminal Justice System, and we regret that the jury were not given


the opportunity by the coroner to express their views on this issue.


We hope that this case will highlight the need for better mental


health care and the to the effective sharing of information between state


agencies and that another family will not have to go through what


this family have had to suffer. During the inquest, questions were


asked about other police officers responded quickly enough and used


appropriate force in restraining and catering Matthew Williams. The


officers said they had acted in line with procedures. Tonight, Gwent


Police paid tribute to the professionalism of their officers


involved in the incident. The family of Cerys Yemm have called for


Caerphilly Council to work with the owners of the Sirhowy Arms to


demolish the side. They have said it serves as an unbearable reminder of


their loss. Well, tonight a statement from


Caerphilly Council which placed Matthew Williams at Sirhowy Arms,


seeing that legislation has now changed, so there is now a more


co-ordinated approach to resettling prison leaders. In terms of the


demolition of Sirhowy Arms, they have said they are unable to give


any commitment about the future of the premises at this point.


Caroline Evans at Newport Coroners' Court, thank you.


A 24-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion


of manslaughter, following the death of a baby in New Quay, Ceredigion.


Officers were called to an address in the town following reports


He was taken to hospital but later died.


A 26-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder


of Henry Ayabowei in Bangor at the weekend.


The father of two was found collapsed outside a nightclub


in the early hours of Saturday and died in hospital.


Kieron Roberts was remanded in custody and will appear


An investigation is underway after it emerged a ten-year-old


boy from Llanidloes, who's deaf and has autism,


has twice been left alone in a minibus depot, rather


than dropped at his school in Newtown.


Teachers and bus staff didn't realise Reuben Lewis


Our reporter Matt Murray has been to meet Reuben and his parents.


10-year old Reuben is autistic and death, he is at home with his family


after a day at a special school. It is now down to his parents to bring


him back and forward after a series of mistakes by the school and bus


company. On Monday, Reuben was not blocked off at his school. Instead,


he was taken back to the bus company offices, 45 minutes away. Transport


staff realised he was on board. He was left unattended for nearly one


hour. Reuben's family has said it is the dogma state in 12 months. He is


quite a loud child, so I cannot understand how the escort did not


notice him go past or even not notice them at all. He is also quite


a big boy, so, he is not going to be heading away very easily. In this


most recent incident it was only noticed that Reuben was missing when


a family member raised the alarm. His 20-year-old sister Julie works


part-time as a lifeguard here at the leisure centre in Newtown. She ran


her parents when she could not see her brother at the school swimming


lessons. They alerted the school and the police. Reuben was found your


nearly 30 miles away at this car is terrible. The company supplies


minibuses for the school run and Reuben was still on board. Even


though they would have been an escort and the driver, the


requirements for transporting children with special needs, it


seems both staff put the note as he was still in the vehicle. I have


spoken to the owner of this company, Simon Price, he has told me that


contractually he is unable to comment at the moment, but his


website states that he has been trading for 15 years, providing all


types of taxes services and the school transport and also special


needs transport, conveying children safely to their school or drop-off


point, which clearly was not the case for Reuben, as an investigation


has now been launched. The first time Reuben was left on the school


bus was in May last year, after that happened the School apologised and


promised to use the register to check the children in and out.


However, a similar situation happened in September last year when


Reuben was not returned home and left at the school. I cannot


understand how the school and the transport company have allowed it to


happen yet again. Because this is the third instance. There was meant


to be a register on and off the bus, where each child would be ticked off


and also the School office knew that if Reuben was not in school for any


reason and I had not called the school, then they were to phone me


and they failed to do that as well. Palace county council has said that


clearly there has been a breakdown in communication between the


transport provider and the school. The council's passenger transport


unit has spoken to the school and contractors to ensure that you


needed safeguards are put in place to prevent any similar incident


being repeated again. Reuben's family are looking at alternative


transport arrangements or they can get their son back and forward to


school safely. A five-year-old boy


was killed in a car crash Joseph Smith was too short to have


been travelling The jury was told he broke


his neck after a car - driven by his Mother's boyfriend


Dean Collins - ploughed into oncoming traffic


in Cardiff in 2015. He denies causing death


by dangerous driving. A young woman from Swansea,


who claimed she was imprisoned in her father's home in Saudi Arabia


says she's now happy Last year a High Court judge ruled


that 21-year-old Amina Al-Jeffery But she's since met with her


solicitor and said she wants Nature presenter Iolo Williams has


accused the Welsh Government of "ecocide" in a written submission


to the M4 relief He said proposals to alleviate


the billion pound scheme's impact on wildlife were "nothing short


of a joke". Our environment correspondent


Steffan Messenger has more. This landscape would be changed


forever if proposals for a new six-lane M4 relief


road are agreed. Is that acceptable, and how do


you balance hopes of boosting the economy with the damage it


could do to the environment? Those are the questions they are


wrestling with inside this building. It is week six of the public inquiry


into the Welsh Government's plans to build a ?1 billion motorway


across the Gwent Levels. The road would cut across five Sites


of Special Scientific Interest, areas set aside for nature


conservation. Environmentalists describe it


as like building a giant concrete wall across this ancient landscape


of salt marshes and woodland. And the impact on wildlife,


they say, would be devastating. It's a landmark case that ecological


consultants who work with developments large and small


are keeping a close eye on. There are very few projects


of this kind of magnitude. The survey work that has gone


into some of the ecological issues It is all about looking


at what will the direct impacts be, what will the harm be and can that


be mitigated in any way? The Welsh Government plans to build


otter and water vole tunnels The road would be mainly unlit


to avoid light spill, Large numbers of dormice would be


relocated to Bristol Zoo during construction and they will


also replace lost ditches But, in a written submission


received by the inquiry this morning, nature presenter


Iolo Williams said that was nothing short of a joke,


describing the scheme So one of our major


concerns is actually He has given evidence to the inquiry


on behalf of Gwent Wildlife Trust who also believe the mitigation


proposed by the Welsh They want to take all of this


amazing wetland and recreate it, so this amazing complexity from the


Roman times, this ecological and historical complexity and dig a few


holes and put some water and hopefully that will recreate this


2000 -year-old ecology. Effectively you have a massive biodiversity


lawsuit, it will not easily be replicated if not for tens of


hundreds of years. The inquiry city from several environmental objectors


including natural resources Wales over the coming months. The


inspector himself as said that compensation is critical for the


five months process. -- conversation. -- conservation.


Last night, a BBC Wales documentary highlighted a shortage


of appropriate placements for children in care


who have complex needs or challenging behaviour.


The Week In Week Out programme revealed that one girl has had 17


different placements in the last four years and hasn't been to school


There are calls for that case to be investigated.


So what provision is available for children in need and where can


they go if school isn't the right place for them?


It is not your average fashion, these teenagers have gathered wood


to cut, dry and sell to raise money for this farm, run by a charity,


sessions are held here for long people who have suffered --


struggled in mainstream education or hill from a tough background. Last


night's programme revealed the lack of therapeutic provision for


children with complex needs challenging behaviour. It is places


like this that can offer stability for young people, especially those


that have chaotic lives. At this farm in the Vale of Glamorgan,


learning is not about using pen and paper, you can use tools, care for


animals and learn to in a team. We have always existed to support


vulnerable people in our clear fun setting. Karen Turnbull runs the


firm. Often, when people come to us, they feel like society has given up


on them, they feel worthless and they are being pushed around the


system, nobody really cares about them. And so their confidence and


self worth is really, really low. It is the job of staff you to work


around the needs of the individual, the focus is about building


confidence, not just passing exams. How does coming here differ from


going to a normal school? You are not under pressure, or being


challenged, you can take it had to run pace and enjoyed it. Does it


Suju better? Yes. Why is that? It is easier to learn about work. How to


do stop. -- how to do stuff. Jess works with people who are often


referred by schools and councils and referral units. They feel more


grounded year, they know everybody, they get to know it inside out and


vice versa. It is a place that they can come and talk to people,


especially if the environment at home has changed a lot and they come


here and it stays the same. At this farm they concentrate on building


confidence in a caring and nurturing environment, it is clear that places


such as this can help people improve their chances in life. Something


that both the Welsh Government and Children's Commissioner have said is


a priority. India Pollock reporting,


and that Week In Week Out programme is available to watch


on BBC iPlayer. Digital skills even in primary


school, but do we need a longer-term And celebrations as Wales


international Jess Fishlock wins her 100th cap and makes


Welsh football history. There's just a month to go


until the local council elections. There are over 1,200


seats up for grabs in our All the main parties


are fielding hundreds of candidates, other than Ukip,


who are only fielding 80. That's despite them finishing fourth


in the last Assembly Our political editor Nick Servini


has been collating the figures. The nominations have closed, this is


the first time you can see how seriously the parties are taking


this council elections. Labour will have over 900 candidates, the Tories


just over 600, Plaid Cymru just under that and the Lib Dems, just


below 300. Here is an interesting is the suspect, over 700 independent


candidates, very strong tradition, busy, and wheels in particular in


council elections for independents to go for it. That figure of 80 from


Ukip, that will raise eyebrows, there was an expectation,


particularly after the presence they have generated at the assembly that


there would be more candidates from Ukip. The Conservatives are


certainly throwing numbers at this election, once the cystic, they will


have 70 candidates in Swansea alone. A significant figure.


And what do the numbers tell us about the likely role


of the biggest party in Wales - Labour - in the elections?


This is the key question, Labour-controlled 12 out of 22 local


authorities, now struggling in the polls. The question is whether the


dip below, maybe their low point of 2008 and in all sorts of local


authorities come under question, Plaid Cymru would be the party


looking to take advantage of that. A final thought, talking of national


trends, these are local elections and there are 22 separate battles


going on out there, we should not forget that. No, thank you for that,


Nick. Love it or loath it,


digital technology is everywhere. These days, most of us use


computers to pay bills or do some shopping online,


and smart mobile phones and tablets With more and more services moving


online, there's increasing demand for a Welsh workforce that's skilled


in new technology. One computer scientist


thinks a more coherent, In the first of a series of special


reports on the digital future Immersed in virtual reality,


thanks to a mobile phone placed From the First World War


to the great oceans of the world - Crickhowell High School pupils


in Powys also learn about evaluating the information they find online,


using computer code to solve problems, all part


of a new curriculum brought in on the advice of Professor


Tom Crick and others. Can anyone give me examples of how


they have used technology in lessons It is definitely getting into


the lessons a bit more than it was. It really helped us to research


and improve the quality of our work. Digital literacy is as important


as reading and writing. To understand concepts of things


like what is actual fact, what is, to use the word


at the moment, fake news... A visit from the Education Secretary


to Cadoxton Primary A new project helping both pupils


and teachers learn computing skills. But it will be years


before all classrooms have Steve Jones develops price


comparison websites in Cwmbran. He's already looking to provide


other services in the future based on all that data that is now


floating around us. Computers in our cars, our phones


and even our central heating system, perhaps there's room in this digital


marketplace for a product that can prevent your car breaking


down in the first place, or that provides advice


about the driver's health, Do something clever with data


like this and you are part of what is known


as the digital economy. We do have children going


through GCSEs at the moment and we do find that there is a big


disparity between what they are being taught in schools to actually


what they need when they come out of school into businesses


like ourselves. Work is being done in


higher education though. These students in Newport


are testing out a new app that they have built to help find


Welsh-speaking shop assistants. It is part of a new degree course


here which involves real-life commercial projects right


from the off. Students build up a network


of good contacts whilst they are going through their degree


and similarly, companies have the opportunity to come


in and work with the students and identify ones which they


think will be a good Now more than ever we need this


coherent and long-term commitment from the Welsh Government to this


idea of a digital Wales. Yes, we're making this improvement


is the education system, but we need to have these high-value


jobs for people to go into, Other countries have


made this digital pitch, for example, South Korea,


Estonia, Israel and they are doing these innovative things with digital


data and technologies. There is concern


about falling behind. The Welsh Government said


in addition to changes in the classroom, it has invested


heavily in digital infrastructure and is also working


on a new strategy for the digital Paul Heaney reporting,


and tomorrow night we'll be looking at innovative ways some businesses


are already adapting It's quite the sporting achievement


- footballer Jess Fishlock has become the first player ever


to reach 100 caps for Wales. The 30-year-old midfielder earned


the honour in today's friendly against Northern Ireland


in Ystrad Mynach, even scoring to give Wales


the lead in the first half. After more than ten years, and now


100 caps, there is no dying this is Jess Fishlock's moment although she


has chosen to share it with proud nephew will. At 30 years old she is


making history, the first wheels International Male or female to make


100 caps. She is celebrating the team-mates ahead of their friendly


with Northern Ireland. At times the emotion was too much. But after


brief congratulations, her focus it on to the ball. Come on, Jess! Her


family were able to enjoy the celebrations from kick-off, with


home-made T-shirts they were cheering her on proudly and lovely.


Everything she dreamt, I am getting gooey! Everything she dreamt, she


has said she was too small, which ever be able to do it, I used to say


to her, if you believe, you will do it. For her to actually do it, I am


just like, good or new, Jess. It started for Jess not too far from


here at the age of seven at Cardiff City ladies. Since then she has


travelled the world playing for teams in Seattle and Melbourne.


Where ever she is in the world, her dedication to wheels is unwavering.


It takes real hard work to get 100 caps. -- Wales. The first woman to


reach 50 caps knows just how much dedication it takes. She travels the


flights, 5000 miles to come home and play a friendly game of October. She


does not have to do that but playing for Wales is your pride and joy. The


party cannot yet start, Wales play Northern Ireland again on Friday,


with the work ethic like Jess Fishlock, the midfielder is already


looking for her next milestone, perhaps being at the women's World


Cup at France in 2019. Qualifying starts in September.


It's also a big night for Swansea City in their fight


They host title-chasing Tottenham Hotspur at


The Swans are without a win in three games and sit just one point


Top scorer Fernando Llorente is again out through injury. Will there


be sunshine for the Swans? We have the forecast for you.


Good evening. Fine and settled weather to come. And it should be


the same for the next few days, turning warmer by the weekend.


Tonight is mostly dry, with light winds, overnight lows of five to


eight Celsius. A touch of frost also possible. High pressure dominating


across the UK tomorrow, bringing more fine, settled weather. The


chilly start, some cloud, mostly dry, some sunny spells, they are


developing through the day. Another largely bright day, light westerly


breeze, not be sunny but pleasantly warm and any sunshine tomorrow, eyes


of 10 Celsius in Ceredigion. 12 in Newport. Tomorrow night, cloud will


clear, temperatures dropping a touch lower, for 27 Celsius. More dry and


settled weather on Friday, cloudy at times, some bright, sunny spells,


winds will be light, starting to feel a little bit warmer and the


warming trend continues into the weekend, that high is starting to


move towards the East towards Scandinavia and that allows a change


in wind direction. Winds turn southerly, drawing up milder air


from Spain and France, so it should stay settled, but with temperatures


rising. Chilly start on Saturday, the fine and dry weather will


continue, variable cloud with lengthy sunny spells but


temperatures creeping up into the teens. With high pressure


dominating, define and settled into the beat and into the weekend,


slightly warmer by day, but still with some chilly nights to come.


Thank you. A reminder of our top story. The family of women -- Cerys


Yemm have cold for a new approach to monitor offenders after they are


released from prison. Cerys Yemm was killed at a hostel in 2014 by


Matthew Williams. The jury today decided Cerys Yemm was unlawfully


killed. I will have an update for you at 8pm. That is all, join us


later goodbye. Whoo! This is what I call


a proper playground.


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