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Mark Reckless, once a high profile defection from the Tories to Ukip.


Now he ditches them to become a Conservative Assembly Member.


Melo there is no personal animosity, I just want to see the Conservatives


as the official opposition. Ukip's leader in the Assembly,


Neil Hamilto,n says he's betrayed the trust


of their supporters. Next generation communications


for the military. More than 100 jobs


created near Blackwood. A call for the Welsh Government


to try to improve public perceptions The manager says his side


are running out of time. Heartbreak for Swansea City -


they lose in the dying minutes to go Glamorgan launch their season


with plenty of wheel spin It's been described by his former


party as a "betrayal". Assembly member Mark Reckless has


confirmed tonight that he's left The Tories are now the second


largest group in Cardiff Bay, and say it makes them the official


opposition in the Senedd. However the news has not been


welcomed by everyone in the party, as our political editor


Nick Servini now reports. He left the Conservatives for Ukip


in dramatic and, for the Tories at least, painful circumstances two


years ago. Now Mark reckless as back in a very different manner will stop


this snatched photo in a corridor of the Assembly with the leader in


Wales tells its own story about how both sides wanted a distinct lack of


ceremony. He will now vote with the Conservative group at the Senedd. In


the Assembly he will even become a Conservative AM. But he's not


looking to try and rejoin his own party. Even Mark Reckless knows the


star still run too deep within the ranks of Tories because of the


defection. It is not only to what's back into the party with any sense


of entitlement. Many people in the Tories are still upset that I stood


against them previously. I think there is still bad blood and some of


the wounds are a bit sore and I want to focus my efforts here with some


humility in the worst Assembly and the knuckling down. He allowed


plenty of work to do to persuade many sceptical voices in the party.


It speaks volumes for him and his lack of integrity that he's done it


twice. I don't do diddly think it is a good idea, certainly not myself,


my colleagues at Westminster, but the group led by Davis has accepted


him back. I do that it is a good idea. Mark Reckless is leaving Ukip


because he wants to support the UK Government taking us out of the EU,


and he believes he can have more impact working with the


Conservatives in Wales. Ukip has reacted furiously. The leader of the


group at the Assembly, another former Tory MP, near Hamilton, has


called on him to resign. He has betrayed the trust of all those who


selected him in the first place as a candidate, and those who work for


him to be elected to the Assembly. He has got no mandate is it in the


Assembly. As a member of the Conservatives. I regret his


departure, because he is not about ability but I think he has shown a


weakness of character. Mark Reckless has never been far from head lice is


being elected for the Conservatives in the 2010 election. I want him to


do what he said in December which is to stop using the EU is the


juices... Fiercely Eurosceptic, his reputation grew as one of the more


rebellious MPs on the Tory benches. I would like you please to give a


warm welcome to somebody who is not a member of our party. Honey Ivar


the Conservative conference in 2014, his defection to Ukip was announced.


And too much later, he won the Rochester by-election. This is your


victory, savour it. APPLAUSE


He lost the seat in the 2015 general election. But a year later, he was


back in front line politics, one of the seven new Ukip AM 's elected to


the National Assembly. Crossing the floor to defect to another party is


always difficult for a politician. They risked charges of hypocrisy.


Four Reckless it is difficult because he is going back as well.


Away from the personalities, the move has implications for the way


politics is done in Cardiff with the Conservatives overtaking Clyde Cymru


become the main opposition to Labour.


Nick, Mark Reckless is a Conservative AM now,


How much of a risk is this for the Conservatives? First of all, if you


look at the actual status that surrounds this, Mark Reckless is a


senior Conservative politician and yet he is not a member of the party.


What's more, the senior brass within the party don't want him to become a


member, the Conservatives here at the Assembly knew this would be


criticised by senior figures within the party. They got that today, but


behind the scenes they say that it wasn't as harsh as they were


expecting. In other words, they feel they can cut this out and persuade


the party of the merits of what they're trying to achieve which is


to bring Mark Reckless in getting the status they need as the official


opposition here. The real gamble is that he becomes alienated from the


rest of the party. For example, under the rules as we've got them,


about Mark Reckless, will he be able to call himself a conservative


Assembly member? But one Conservative MP I spoke to felt that


was delusional when there is no way that he can become an actual member


of the party. That anger isn't going to go away. Any unhappiness from the


conservative side is completely overshadowed by the huge anger that


has been dealt with in Ukip. 125 skilled jobs will be created


in Oakdale near Blackwood after a defence company was awarded


a ?330 million contract General Dynamics will design


and develop the next generation of communications systems


for the Armed Forces. Our Business Correspondent Brian


Meechan has the details. Arriving in a military helicopter,


the Defence Secretary came to General dynamics and Oakdale to get


a taste of what did the hundred ?30 million contract will buy and to


make the team behind the new technology. He also met troops who


will be using the equipment. Gana we spent a lot. Last year we spent over


?800 million in Wales, that sustained around 5000 jobs. Defence


expenditure is important for Wales, and I'm determined to make sure that


Wells gets its fair share. The best tank is the next generation of


armoured vehicle for the British military, it's being assembled and


tested at General dynamics site in Wales. We know how it will be


sending visual information back to headquarters and beyond. This is the


Bowman system which is currently used for the medication is between


the Armed Forces. It was designed and developed here at General


dynamics site in Oakdale. The ?330 million contract with the Ministry


of Defence will see this replaced with the Next Generation,


communication system. It is to ensure that the information is


conveyed to the right people in a timely manner securely, in order for


the mission to be a success. General Dynamics says this is next chapter


for the company who has been operating in South Wales since 2001.


It sustained over 125 jobs, highly skilled individuals in the area, it


creates another 125 jobs right here, and it creates a number of jobs in


the wider region, largely in South Wales. The new contract means those


working on Bowman like this apprentice who is from the local


area will be able to develop their skills on the new system. They give


me support and responsibility. You get to go to college one day a week


and then you come here to learn on the job, so you get paid to work and


you get paid to learn. It is an ideal opportunity. This deal is the


first of its kind, a new way of operating for the Ministry of


Defence and businesses. It means companies both cooperating and


competing, as they bid for further medication is contract. This could


give ministers more control to ensure work is delivered on time and


in budget, up avoiding previous criticisms of major defence


contracts. Aston Martin 'supply contracts'


worth over ?60 million have gone on offer to


businesses across Wales. They're detailed on


the Welsh Government's It comes as the luxury car company


gained official access to three Ministry of Defence super hangars


in St Athan, in the Vale They'll be used to manufacture


their new DBX model from 2020. A 26-year-old man has


been remanded in custody accused of murdering a father of two


who was found unconscious outside 27-year-old Esinkumo Ayabowei,


also known as Henry, Kieren Roberts appeared


at Caernarfon Crown Court, and will enter a plea


at the end of June. Pembrokeshire Council has approved


plans to re-organise English language secondary


schools in Haverfordwest. Sir Thomas Picton School and Tasker


Millward School will merge with sixth form provision


from the 1st of September next year. Previous plans to move the sixth


forms to Pembrokeshire College were rejected after protests


by pupils and parents. The Welsh Government should


try to improve people's views That's according to a group


of Assembly Members who are calling for a publicity


campaign, like one in Scotland. which encourages people


to get to know refugees. The total number of refugees


of all nationalities settled in Wales is estimated to be


between 6,000 and 10,000. Our political reporter


Bethan Lewis has more. At this centre in Cardiff,


refugees and asylum seekers are offered advice, support


and a place to socialise. The Assembly report being launched


here today highlights challenges they face in accessing


good housing and mental But during its enquiry,


they also heard one of the biggest problems is the way


they are perceived. This 22-year-old says he's had


a positive experience since fleeing war in Sudan to come


to Cardiff two years ago. When I arrived here,


maybe my life was meaningless until I arrived here in


Britain, in Cardiff. I feel so different, and there


is so much I wouldn't have. They talk to you as their friend


or their family or their people. But this woman from Iran, now


a British citizen, says housing can sometimes be a problem


for those arriving. Sometimes when they arrive here,


unfortunately, like when you are staying in a hostel,


the hostel is not good, so you know, a lot of people and the small rooms


and things like that. An attack by a gang


on an asylum seeker in south London last week brought attention


to the question of how asylum That sort of crime is rare,


but the committee says that negative perceptions do exist and better


integration can help address it. In Scotland, this


campaign focuses on getting people from different


backgrounds together over a cuppa.. It has been suggested something


similar could work in Wales. People are fleeing extreme


circumstances and taking great risks because they have to flee those


circumstances, and once people understand that, then they do


want to provide a warm welcome. The report also calls


for the Government to look at giving greater help to


refugees and asylum seekers with transport and better


access to English lessons. But one committee member,


Ukip AM Gareth Bennett, He produced his own


document and says the committee didn't recognise


the difficulties of establishing He says he is reflecting


the views of a The Welsh Government will be


publishing its new plan for refugees At the centre of that it says


will be a commitment to help people rebuild their lives and make a full


contribution to society. a showing with a difference to help


people with dementia enjoy And Cardiff was the warmest place


in the UK yesterday. The weekend will be even warmer


and keep the suncream handy! An epilepsy sufferer from Skewen


near Neath has become the first person in Wales to undergo


pioneering robotic surgery. A mechanical arm, built here,


implanted probes into It's one of many new Welsh


innovations hoping to change lives for the better,


as Jordan Davies finds out in 3-D printed teeth. Let that sink in.


Perfectly formed, precision made gnashers. And other body parts. They


show Judy implies that we use, and these are selective laser melted


implants made of titanium. Here they are producing made-to-measure body


part that are used in real-life operations. Its is one of the few


places in the world it is happening. Goes like how innovative is this? I


can say with reasonable certainty that it is at the cutting edge of


this innovation. This is how they are made. Laser-guided layers built


on top of each other. Health accounts for 8% of the business, but


it is a growth area. No the accuracy of this system is phenomenal. This


robotic arm is truly life changing. It implants probes into the brain of


epilepsy sufferers. We had a patient who had been turned on for surgery


elsewhere because it was felt that are Caesar's become even more than


one place, so with this technology we were able to very aptly locate


where her Caesar's coming from, which was the same place, so just


this Tuesday we did the operation and she's doing Motherwell. And she


was treated because of this machine? No it couldn't have been done about


it. Denise Casey is the first patient. It has been remarkable. And


did they say they've got this new technology? They said it was a


robot. Something like that in the films. So far I know it has early


been a couple of weeks, but so far it has been wonderful. This site is


testament to the change in industry in Wales. It it was previously when


they made car parts, people working here now make body parts. The


conflict in Ukraine. And I liked the place to find the footprint of


another Welsh digital business. But it was a company in Cardiff that


allowed others to work out exactly who was fighting who. The company


share this very modern office in the capital. This software can focus on


anywhere in the world and find out who is saying what on social media.


It was used by others to view the pictures posted by a Russian soldier


who was taking photos of his tank full, including when it crossed the


border into Ukraine. At the time Russia said it had no soldiers in


the country. And that is not all. There was an event being held by one


of our clients, and doing it the system had identified a bomb threat


50 minister for the police were alerted, so we were out able to


intervene in that situation. People haven't noticed yet the calibre that


we have here, many people in Wales haven't heard of them and even


outside of Wales, but they will have heard of the work they are doing.


This is what digital and tech businesses are doing in Wales right.


Those within it say we've only just just scratched the surface. It has


huge potential for the future. And tomorrow we'll be finding


out how Wales can tap into the global digital market,


that's at 6:30. Football and Swansea City,


coach Paul Clement says his side are running out of time in their bid


to avoid Premier League relegation. The Swans slipped into the bottom


three, after losing 3-1 to Tottenham last night -


they were leading After a disappointing run, Swansea


fans at the Liberty only had to wait 11 minutes for at last a reason to


smile. They went ahead and do some quick feet from Jordan. These ones


were stubborn and looked set to earn a first league win over Spurs since


1982, until the 88th minute and an equaliser, other it wasn't quite


enough to silence the home crowd. The visitors were not finished


there, they scored to keep their title hopes alive. Absolute


devastation for Swansea. Then insult was added in injury time, the 94th


minute, the Swans third defeat in the last four games. At a result


that is they have to take, for me and the players and fans. We got off


to a good start. Gave the team a lot of belief. The fact that we have


come out of the game at nothing is pretty heartbreaking. The misery was


compounded for a win by relegation rivals Hull, which leaves them 18th


in the Premier League table and two points adrift of safety. Swansea now


face two big Premier League away games starting this Saturday with


West Ham, who are five points ahead will stop the clock is now taking on


their own late comeback. Cricket - the County Championship


starts tomorrow and Glamorgan are hoping to make great strides


forward this season. Coach Robert Croft says


it's all about playing to their strengths, as they aim


to end 13 years without a trophy. They also unveiled


a new sponsor today that will put them firmly


in the driving seat. It is normally off spin and leg


spin, but this year Kakadu National Park cricket season has been lodged


with wheel spins. Austin Martin Adi County byes new sponsor and that the


MoD facility this morning the squad of players got the chance to get up


close and personal with the cars. Firmly in the driving seat is


Glamorgan's coach Robert Croft. He is clear about what he wants this


season. I play cricket on the front foot, I like playing an aggressive


style of game, but also seen the change in mentality to was not


worrying about the result but finding how to get to the result.


These players want to win. There is no doubt about that. I hope to bribe


the pliers with a season... With an Aston Martin, but are not tell how


big it will be. Get the side are also boosted by the return to


fitness of Chris Cook and Colin Ingram, over the likes of youngsters


like David Lloyd showing glances of what they can do, the captain says


it all bodes well. Their county champion ship starts tomorrow night.


Last year season's site was frustrating and the captain said


there will be no stalling this time round. It was one of the most


disappointing thing is, because the start of last year we had a good


squad and then after the first three or four games we lost three of them,


which was difficult to come back from. There is a lot of lessons we


can learn from last year. Have labels start off with a little


better momentum. With Aston Martin now based at Saint Athan, the


car-maker has announced a three-year deal with wealth cricket that covers


not just a county side but also the age great teams from cricket Wales.


It is a dream come true for me. It is very exciting. Cardiff itself is


one of the great sporting capitals of Europe, and to be involved in the


great stadium at Glamorgan, gives us a great opportunity. I have said to


Jack Rudolph that if he scores a double century in the county chapter


ship this year than I will arrange for a long-term loan of a car. With


fat content, Glamorgan are hopeful to be in top gear from the start.


A speical season of films for people with dementia,


and their carers is underway, to encourage them to enjoy the arts


This afternoon a dementia friendly screening of the musical singing


in the rain was held in Colwyn Bay, and Matthew Richards


83-year-old Iris Davis originally from... Is actually to call before a


family cinema trip. Having because the calamity Jane Hadley domains


that friendly screen last one, she's back to watch the Gene Kelly


classic. First thing is to have family members around together to do


things that normal families do. And opposite gives them stimulation and


excitement and a break from their routine. That is the reason we think


it is a good idea. Hazard full of toe-tapping choose an incredible


dance numbers, this is the perfect choice for film fans of any age. Lo


APs of music I classic Fountain transported back to a memory of a


particular time and place. It is especially important for people with


dementia. The organisers have relaxed the usual rules of cinema


etiquette like keeping quiet or staying still the good people at


ease. There are no restrictions, some people get a little bit


unsettled, so there is no problem said they want to go out and have a


little walk around, maybe have a drink for five minutes. It is not as


restricted as it is for a normal screening. With added extras like


live singing and the freedom to come and go, Iris and her fellow


cinemagoers seem to have enjoyed the experience and created some more


happy memories to share with their loved ones.


Derek is here. Is this sunny weather going to stay?


There's more fine weather and sunshine to come over the weekend.


Mixed fortunes today on the sunshine front.


Beautiful with blue sky in Blaenavon.


Temperatures in a few rural spots falling low


Tomorrow's chart shows high pressure right over us


and that's the reason for the dry, settled weather.


So here's the picture for eight in the morning.


Cloudy in places but bright in others.


Some decent holes in the cloud allowing some sunshine through.


Temperatures on the cool side but in the sunshine it will feel


pleasant with hardly a breath of wind.


Cloud will come and go but most of us will enjoy some sunshine.


A better chance of sunshine in the north compared to today.


Top temperatures ten to 14 Celisus, 15 or 16 in the south east.


Feel pleasant in the sunshine with light winds.


Clear spells and another chilly night for the time of year.


On Saturday the wind will turn more into the south.


Drawing in some warmer air from France and Spain.


A little cooler on some coasts with an onshore breeze.


Sunday more dry weather and sunshine.


20 Celsius in a few spots but clouding over


By the way, the RHS Flower Show in Cardiff gets under way tomorrow.


The weather will be blooming lovely and that goes for the weekend.


Mind you, there is a change on the way.


Mark reckless has left you get to commit Conservative AM meaning the


Tories are now the second-largest group Cardiff Bay.


I'll have an update for you here at 8pm and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


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