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Welcome to Wales Today. Tonight's headlines.


The leader of the Conservatives in Wales denies he suspended


the party's rules in the Assembly to allow the former Ukip AM,


This isn't an argument between MPs and AMs.


This is argument between the volunteers and the voluntary


party of the Conservative Party, and it is their party.


The Champions League final will be the biggest sporting event


The man in charge of policing it says there'll be a


Nice and Berlin are still at the forefront of our


planning assumptions and considerations when we're talking


about the policing and security and safety.


Three women are cleared of force-feeding and manhandling


young children at a nursery in Port Talbot.


And it's being called Wales' largest living art installation


and it's part of a project to encourage us all to Get Creative.


The leader of the Conservatives in Wales has denied


that he suspended the party's rules in the Assembly to allow the former


Andrew RT Davies has told us it "wasn't in his gift" to do so.


It comes after UK Conservative sources told BBC Wales that Tory AMs


have now put their positions in jeopardy and could be deselected.


The latest from our political correspondent, Arwyn Jones.


The leader of the Conservatives in Wales welcoming the


There's no love lost between the Conservatives and


Mark Reckless after he defected to Ukip three years ago.


Conservative Party rules are clear, only party members


It has been made very clear that Mr Reckless


Even his new leader didn't want him two years ago.


I have to say, as you go out today, there will be collection


buckets at the door so that you can give generously so that we can boot


But instead of booting him out, he has welcomed Mr Reckless back in.


The answer we were told was the group in the Assembly


suspended the constitution, bypassing the rule book


to allow Reckless into their ranks and become


But surely, a political party can't just bypass the rule book?


He's got to explain himself and explain what his group are up to.


This is a key ingredient for an elected politician


that represent our party that they are a member.


This isn't an argument between MPs and AMs, this is an


argument between the volunteers and the voluntary party of the


Sources within the UK Conservative Party told BBC Wales


they were furious that any AM who voted to bypass the rules could


be refused the right to stand again at the next election.


But today, during a radio interview, the leader in Wales said they'd


It wouldn't be in our gift to suspend the Conservative Party


Mark Reckless has not applied to be a member of the


Mark Reckless has said that, we have said this.


This is what is confusing a lot of people, that you have got a


nonmember of the party sitting in your group.


It happens in democracies across the world and


council chambers across the world as well.


Last year, they got seven AMs elected to Cardiff Bay.


Mark Reckless wrote the manifesto and is now the second AM to turn


Mark Reckless is a regional Assembly Member for South Wales East,


an area which includes Newport and the theatre where


they launched that manifesto last year.


That means he wasn't voted in as an individual,


How do voters here feel now he has turned his back on that party?


He's gone with what is best for him, hasn't he?


He could be with the Lib Dems or Labour next week.


I don't think he should have done it.


On the one hand he is right in that Ukip was


set up to get us out of Europe and effectively


Ukip really should pack up their bags and cease to exist.


There is an overused saying that a week is a long time in politics,


the past 24 hours have shown that events can move a lot more quickly


Arwyn, where does the party go from here?


They add in a bit of a pickle. As far as they are concerned, they


definitely is the ascent -- Presiding Officer and she is happy


for Mark Reckless to sit as a Tory Assembly Member. The problem comes


with the internal Conservative Party rules. Andrew RT Davies said it


wasn't in his gift to bypass those rules but I'm informed that a vote


was held about precisely that issue. If those rules haven't been bypass,


where does that leave Mark Reckless? He can't set as a Conservative


Assembly Member. Andrew RT Davies this morning taste is language a Mr


Reckless would they -- vote with the Conservative group. I am told that


Conservative Party bosses in London are happy to bide their time but


will not tolerate Mark Reckless on the Conservative benches in here. We


also know Andrew RT Davies isn't a man to shy away from a fight. There


are the ingredients therefore political turmoil ahead.


Cardiff will be at "its busiest ever" when it hosts


the Champions League final on the 3rd June


with a "ring of steel" in the city according to the officers in charge


of policing the biggest sporting event in the world this year.


More than 170,000 fans are expected to travel


to the capital for the match, and it'll be broadcast to


Around 12,000 staff will be working at the event.


It is billed as the best of the best come on the ultimate stage. The


Champions League final at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on


June the 3rd. Today, organisers revealed detailed plans for the


biggest sporting event Wales has ever hosted. A four-day festival of


football starting with the women's final on June the 1st. We're not


shying away from the fact if you are a small city don't have the


infrastructure or the 24 hour were underground or hotel rooms. We knew


that we had to find solutions. We worked with Uefa on that. 100


private jets will transport the APs to Cardiff to watch the match was


that fans will make 60,000 train journeys, that is 15,000 more than


during the Rugby World Cup. 1500 officers from around the UK will


police the event. They say they have never planned for anything like it.


We will be putting in road closures to stop the vehicle attacks we saw


in Westminster, Berlin and Nice and considerations around pedestrians


and also ticket holders coming to the stadium. Wales is no stranger to


hosting global events and the deception they bring. Three years


ago the Nato conference brought the road closures and security fences.


Most of the rows in the city centre will close at midnight on Saturday


June the 3rd and reopen in the early hours of Sunday morning. Cowbridge


Road East between Cathedral Road and Castle Street will be shut from


Thursday the 1st of June, opening again at 6am on Monday. They will be


plenty of closures to in Cardiff Bay where the fan zone will be based,


from Thursday the 1st of June until the Sunday night. This is how the


champions festival with looking Cardiff Bay. It won't actually be


showing the men's final but will host events of the highlights a


floating football pitch. Instead of boats here on the water, they will


be boots, great was at that. The team sheets last year included


Carlos. In Milan, they were 20,000 people to watch the Legends match.


This was Milan last year. There were 65,000 hotel rooms in the city,


Cardiff has 4000. The festival will take up a lot of space. There's


Cardiff park will transform into a campsite and not everyone is happy.


We're going to get thousands of people camping in the parks.


Hundreds of vehicles parking, tents, toilets refreshments, all of the


paraphernalia that go on. We're talking about taking the away from


the people for weeks. Organisers say this is an event for the whole of


Wales with bilingual branding for the first time ever. But to be seen


around the world by a reported 1.3 billion people. The journey to the


final four teams, fans and planners is well and away. From now until


June, all roads lead to Cardiff. Cardiff Crown Court has heard a man


had taken cocaine at some point before crashing a car in Cardiff


which resulted in the death Joseph Smith was travelling


in the car driven by The jury was told it wasn't possible


to say how the drug would have He denies causing death


by dangerous driving. The boss of the NHS in Wales has


rejected the idea that patients could end up waiting longer


for planned treatment as a "trade-off" for quicker


emergency and cancer care. The suggestion was made last week


by the head of the English NHS. But Andrew Goodall says the health


service here should keep making "steady and sustained improvements,


across the board". It comes as his annual


report is published. The owner of a Port Talbot nursery


and two other staff members have been found not guilty of causing


cruelty to children. It took a jury at Swansea Crown


Court just over eight hours to acquit Katie Davies,


Christina Pinchess and Shelbie Forgan of allegations of


force feeding and manhandling young children at the Bright


Sparks nursery. Innocent of any wrongdoing, these


three nursery workers wept as a jury of five men and seven women


acquitted them of causing Outside court, a statement read


on behalf of the Bright Sparks owner, Katie Davis,


and two of her colleagues, Christina Pinchess and Shelbie


Forgan, described the impact the allegations have


had on their lives. It has been a very sad and emotive


case for all concerned. Three women who stand next to me


here have completely unblemished characters and have


had their lives turned upside down. The nursery Bright Sparks is


a wonderful environment for children and that business was set up first


and foremost to care for children The Bright Sparks nursery opened


in 2014 after its owner Katie Davies It closed last year


after Miss Davies voluntarily suspended her registration in light


of claims that some of the children there were


being ill treated. South Wales Police that


investigation after allegations were made by four students


who were on work experience placements at the nursery


in the latter half of 2015. During the course of the trial


the jury heard these students, who had very little or no previous


experience working in child care, had either misinterpreted


or exaggerated what they had seen. It's not yet clear whether


the nursery will reopen. The three women say they hope


to move on and continue to It's part of a project to encourage


us all to try something And some places are in


for the warmest weekend But how long will the warm,


sunny weather last? It's crucial Wales has access


to the EU digital single market after Brexit,


according to a leading voice The sector is growing more quickly


here than anywhere else Now, in the third report


in our special series, Jordan Davies looks at how Wales


could tap into this Not silicon valley, an allotment


in the Rhondda Valley. It's a place you may not


ordinarily find Mark Thomas, He is here to sell


the idea of farm bot. If you could connect


technology which could plant and water and weed and harvest food,


it could be a really good way of utilising the green space


in, say, South Wales. Farm bot is an example


of the digital economy You could order your veg


online from places like The potential is phenomenal,


isn't it, really. Mark is willing to spread


the word far and wide. He knows how transformative


the digital world could be. His Wales-based online survey


company operates in 500 cities. The digital economy will allow


us to create a number of jobs which could far


outgrow the number of spaces within Additionally, it'd be


great to see people stop going down to Cardiff and more


people going up to Tylorstown. But what about selling to places


like Toulouse or Turin, Europe? The EU's looking to introduce one


set of rules for digital products It is called the EU


Digital Single Market. It hasn't happened yet


and may not happen But David here, a former director


for Digital Wales at the Welsh Government, who is now


creating successful digital businesses, believes


access to it is key. I think it's pretty crucial,


I think we need to be part of it. If we are not, we've got to get


on with exporting elsewhere. As I said, in many ways,


for digital businesses, proximity is actually slightly less important


than it is for some. The Economy Secretary also


believes access is vital. If we don't have access


to the digital single market, the single market for goods


and services, then we do face huge challenges in terms


of our competitiveness. But at IQE, where their


semiconductors are used in close to every smartphone in the world,


Brexit isn't a concern. They are aiming to attract more


global businesses to create a Welsh semiconductor kingdom


known as a cluster. I suspect Brexit will not


have a strong impact on the cluster because compounds and


conductor technologies are global so we could certainly start


to build a cluster that would attract the size of,


in the region of 5000 Will Wales become a small


clever nation like this Those working in the digital


and tech economies are convinced. Much like the endless


possibilities for this device, the potential for Wales' digital


future is almost limitless. S4C has called for major changes


to its finances and its remit if it's to avoid becoming


a second class service. The channel's chief executive


has outlined his vision for the next ten years


but says a radical shake-up is needed to ensure it can meet up


with the changing demands He's been speaking to our arts


and media correspondent Huw Thomas. The new face of S4C,


online only as part of the channel's early efforts


to reach new audiences. S4C wants to do more of this


in future to ensure its content reaches everyone no matter


where or how they watch. But the man in charge


of the channel says it will need millions of pounds in


new investment at a time when it is still dealing with years


of cuts to its budget. We don't have a choice,


we have to target those viewers on the platforms of their choice


and the platforms they want to use. That costs and therefore we need


sufficient finance to do that. If we can't, then S4C might


turn into a second-class There is a warning that


programmes will suffer There is only one place we can find


that finance and that is to Now, I don't think that would be


fair, it would mean cutting part of Most of S4C's budget


comes from public funds. Around 75 million from the TV


licence fee and almost It wants 6 million more to pay for


the technology to reach every new digital device and an unspecified


sum to spend on new programmes. Its future will be considered


by an independent review later this year but securing more money seems


far from certain. It could be a struggle


to get the money. The government has laid down


cuts over the years. One thing that is important


is to get some sort of stability because there are a number


of reports that we are expecting on S4C including the government's


independent report on S4C which may come later this year and maybe


at that point we will have an answer to the financial situation.


Who knows? The vision S4C outlined


today will be part of the evidence it submits


to the independent review. The UK Government has struggled


to find someone to chair the review which has delayed the start but S4C


hopes the work will be completed by the autumn and at least


some of the conclusions will support its own


vision for the next ten years. It's been a dramatic start


to the cricket season, here's Tomos. First day of the season and yes,


the wickets have been tumbling. Glamorgan endured a terrible


start to their In a nightmare first


morning against Northants, In reply, Northants lost three early


wickets but ended the day Swansea City have just seven games


to maintain their status The Swans, who've picked-up


just a point in the last four league games, travel


to West Ham United. They're on an even worse run of form


with five straight defeats. The Swans are two


points from safety. Head coach Paul Clement


thinks their relegation fight will go to the last game


of the season. There's going to be some


tense moments ahead, Every game is really important,


every game has got a lot at stake. It's not going to surprise me now,


I think, if we have that right up until West Brom on the last day


of the season. Elsewhere, Cardiff City


are home to Brentford. Wales' women have beaten


Northern Ireland 3-1 in a friendly Elsewhere, Cardiff City


are home to Brentford. Striker Ricky Lambert faces


an uncertain future. Manager Neil Warnock says he does


not feature in his plans. The England international has only


scored four goals since August. It's another massive


game for Newport County. They're five points from safety


at the bottom of League 2 Wrexham travel to Bromley


in the National League. After crashing out of


the European Challenge Cup last weekend, the Blues are hoping


to bounce back in the Pro12 tonight. Coach Danny Wilson says he was left


frustrated after their second half He's called on his players


to "toughen up" ahead of tonight's Liam Williams' fight


for the interim WBO super welterweight title


is still on despite his opponent Williams, who's from Clydach Vale,


can still win for the title but his opponent Liam Smith can no


longer win it and will be fined. You know, when you are tied


to the weight it is hell. Liam Williams has to be strict


in order to make the weight. He took a bit of weight off this


morning and so it wasn't easy So, obviously Liam Smith struggled


that little bit more, didn't he. Three Cardiff Devils players


have been named in ice Hockey's Elite League All Star Team


- they are Ben Bowns, After winning the Elite League


and Challenge Cup the Devils could clinch


the treble this weekend They face Dundee Stars


tomorrow in the semis Win that and they'll play


in the final on sunday. And finally good luck to welsh


trainers, Rebecca Curtis and Nigel Twiston Davies with horses


running in tomorrow's It's being called Wales' largest


living art installation. Around a hundred people gathered


in the Brecon Beacons earlier - to outline a map of of the country,


and other shapes on the It's part of a project


called Get Creative encouraging people to


try something new. There are more than 200 events


happening across Wales over the next three days and it


all started on Pen y Fan What better way to spend a glorious


Friday by hiking up one of Wales's most beautiful mountain ranges. This


group is heading for this, a 2-D map of Wales outlined in nature friendly


red hessian. All in the name of being creative. Thousands of people


climb the peaks of the Brecon Beacons every year but today it is


unjust hikers who are here, the mountain has never seen anything


quite like this. Named in the heart of us, the volunteers transformed


the slope into a living art installation. The shifting series of


images. Spelling out the words Get Creative, moving to the centre to


throw some shapes to mimic a beating heart and outlining Wales's main


artery, the 8470. All in the days work for these participants. I'm


glad it isn't right at the top! It is getting people together, it


getting people out. I am extremely concerned we are losing our


creativity. It is lovely to see young people here. It is really fun.


There was a bit of waving your arms around and a bit of dancing or


movement. Arms up. This art installation has been thrown


together, it has been carefully planned by this man. Phil Williams


has teamed up with the local theatre. He directed all from this


little amount at the foot of the mountain. What I wanted to do was do


something around blood and the beating heart of creativity that


Wales has. Creativity is often seen as something elitist and we want to


open that out everybody. Today's installation kick start a whole


weekend of creative activities as part of the BBC Wales and Arts


Council of Wales project. More than 200 events are being held across


Wales from tailoring in Llandudno to young rapping in Llantrisant.


Whatever you fancy trying, it is about celebrating Wales's creative


side whatever shape it takes. Perfect weather to get creative


today. It is looking like a beautiful weekend.


There's more lovely weather to come this weekend.


Saturday the best day for a picnic but there's a fly


The sky clear and it will turn chilly again.


Cold enough in some rural spots for a touch of frost.


One or two fog patches forming as well.


Tomorrow high pressure will be centred just to the east of the UK.


The wind will turn more into the south and warmer air


A few mist and fog patches in the south and Powys.


Fine and sunny with a clear, blue sky.


During the morning any mist and fog will soon burn off.


The whole country then dry and sunny.


A gorgeous afternoon and it will end-up warmer than today.


Temperatures soaring into the mid to high teens.


A cracking day tomorrow for climbing Snowdon.


A cool breeze on the summit and don't forget your hat and suncream.


And lovely tomorrow for a trip to the seaside.


17 in New Quay with a breeze off the land.


Cooler in Colwyn Bay with a light breeze off the sea.


The sky clear and it will turn cool again,


Fine and sunny for a while but cloud will spread from the west


Warm in mid and east Wales but cooler in the north west.


Cooler too on the south and west coast with an onshore breeze.


Next week, Monday and Tuesday dry but cool


Later in the week drier and more settled again.


In the meantime, enjoy the sunny and warmer weather this weekend.


A reminder of the top stories from the BBC.


Russia has promised to strengthen Syria's anti-aircraft defences


after the US bombarded a Syrian air base with missiles.


American officials say the base was used to launch


a chemical weapons attack that left dozens of people dead.


Russia, which backs the Syrian president, condemned the US strike.


And the leader of the Conservatives in Wales has denied


that he suspended the party's rules in the Assembly to allow the former


Andrew RT Davies has told us it "wasn't in his gift" to do so.


It comes after UK Conservative sources told BBC Wales that Tory AMs


We will have a quick update at eight in jeopardy and could be deselected.


We will have a quick update at eight o'clock. More after the news at ten.


Goodbye. CHILD: This is


a major scientific breakthrough.


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