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Our headlines tonight: Music therapy.


Who should pick up the bill for residential care?


From today, you keep more of your savings, so what


do those providing social care make of it?


It is a positive step but like everything else, it masks a much


deeper problem. Teaching others about


Parkinson's, Sharon Martin was The row over where


electicity pylons should A High Court judge


and the granddaughter In tonight's sport,


Swansea's slipping closer The warning tonight


from the head coach. History has been made. What a


tremendous moment for the scholars. tributes to David Parry Jones


who has died at the age of 83. Who should pay for us if we go


into care and how much of our savings should


we have to spend? It's expensive and for some,


care costs mean selling your home and emptying


bank accounts. Today the limit on the amount


of savings that can be kept has been lifted from ?24,000


and will eventually rise to 50. Local authorities will be


for funding the difference. The Minister for social services


visiting a care home. She says the changes announced by the government


today it will enable more people to keep more of their money. Until now


people have only been able to keep ?24,000 silk on the day that goes up


to ?30,000 but over the course of this assembly, we will take extra


steps to take that up to ?50,000 that people can keep before starting


the paper residential care. The most recent census shows that 16,500


people over the age of 65 are in residential care homes in Wales.


1,000 should benefit one is the limit is lifted to ?50,000. There


are worries about the pressure it will put on cancelled. I only


concern is the fact there is going to be enough money in the local


authorities budgets to be able to fund people properly and not the


spread their limited resources to thinly and then providers find they


haven't got a viable business and have the close and the distress that


causes the people. Residential care can cost ?30,000 a year, forcing


some people to sell their homes were depleted a lifetime of savings.


Cynthia's mother is in a care home in Wrexham after developing


dementia. She says the increase in it will take some of the worry away


from those arranging Kevin Rudd once. That is a big consideration


for families when looking for care homes and looking at these. The fact


it is likely to go up again will be good news for them. Using therapy is


part of the timetable at this home in Wrexham but some in the industry


have concerns about things like this could be at risk. It is a ?49 a year


in funding gap and eager steps are needed. It is a positive step but


like everything else, it masks a much deeper problem. Social care is,


as the government rightly stresses, a sector of national strategic


importance. It currently is in something of a dysfunctional state


even though it underpins the NHS in Wales and what we need to do is see


a much better planned approach. In improvements to social services have


been promised with an extra ?55 million in the next year. Today's


Welsh government announcement is music to the ears of many residents


and their relatives. There are those in the social care sector and local


government who feared a less than major financial shortfall was


addressed, it could ring hollow. 8,000 people in Wales


live with Parkinson's disease and there is


warning tonight that unless more investment


is found for research and


treatment, it is unlikely a cure will be found.


Parkinson's UK said urgent action is needed to help


Sometimes people with Parkinson's have this problem with their hands.


Sharon was just 39 when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.


It started with a small tremor in her arm. She wants people to


understand that now tasks that look simple but difficult for her and


there's no escape. I can't ever take my club of. It ensure world upside


down. It is a feeling of grief. It sudden grief. Parkinson's disease is


a progressive neurological condition. The nerve cells a


messages to the price of the brain that coordinate movement die.


Currently it cannot be prevented or cured. The main drug people with the


disease rely on has not changed in over 50 years. The charity


Parkinson's UK say there are many misunderstandings about the disease.


45% are unsure or wrongly think it is to prevent Parkinson's disease.


77% think there is no limit to the amount of time medication works for


and 60% incorrectly believe medication does more than mask


symptoms. The starting point for researchers at Cardiff University is


to find out more about the disease itself. Parkinson's disease is a


complex genetic disorder but we hope that the work we're doing at Cardiff


University will integrate the understanding into the biology that


is underpinning this disease that will be useful for future research.


There is ground-breaking research already underway. Sharon is part of


a study which sees 41 patients have for magnitudes paste into their


brains. A protein known to support the survival of brain cells,


including the ones most in Parkinson's, I pumped into the brain


with pinpoint accuracy. The results are not yet known. Detailed medical


research costs money and those supporting the charity want more.


What we all want is to find a cure for a lot more research needs to be


going in and trying to get all different bodies to put money into


research so we can find a cure. Sharon says she will continue to


fight while she waits for the next is very medical advances but even


being part of trials in these early stages has given her help. I'm very


optimistic for the future. I'm 47 and I need to live my life and I


need to live my life Parkinson's free.


A driver has told Cardiff Crown Court he doesn't remember the crash


which killed his five-year-old stepson.


Five-year-old Joseph Smith suffered multiple injuries when the


car he was travelling in hit oncoming traffic on Western Avenue


The court was told he was not using a booster seat.


Dean Collins denies causing death by dangerous driving.


Official figures show an increasing number of Welsh children are seeking


help for depression and suicidal thoughts.


Welsh government figures suggest more than 11,000 children


were referred for counselling last year and the number of counselling


sessions for suicide concerns increased by 25%.


A High Court judge is being asked to overturn a decision to allow 12.5


miles of electricity pylons in North Wales because of


their impact on an historic Tudor farmhouse.


The cables would run close to the birthplace of Katherine


of Berain, granddaughter of King Henry Tudor


who is also known as the


Lawyers for the UK Government insist the link to two


wind farms is of strategic importance.


The Queen 's High Court sitting in Anglesey, the setting for this


challenge to the UK Government's Secretary of State for energy. It's


a grade two start listed building and Katheryn of Berain used to live


here in the 16th century. John is the one funding the case, owner and


former at the farmstead in the hills north of Denbigh. He has been told


by his lawyer is not to talk about the dispute but he was happy to tell


me about his home and its place in the history of Tudor Wales. There is


and historical boundary that has been here for 500 years and there


are still the same, all the hedgerows are in the same place as


they wear 500 years ago. Here as custodians and as generations have


been here before us and it will be generations after us and we are only


here for a period and then we have the work with a grade two story


listed building and we got to look after what we've got. The line of


pylons running from two wind farms would pass close to the place, close


enough it is claimed to have a significant effect on the farmstead


and its setting. The project has faced opposition. This is beautiful


countryside, there is no argument about that. Not on a door here and


you often get this response. It should be underground, that's what I


think. You don't have to go underground on the way but when


accountabilities. That is the nub of it, should or could the cables be


put underground here? Developers say the pylons will look something like


these, wooden poles up to 15 metres tall and spaced 100 metres apart.


Insist putting them underground would be too costly and also argued


they have considered all the options. This case is what is called


a edition review, a questioning of the procedure which led the


progression of the pylons being given the priceless. In a nutshell,


the government are being challenged about how much weight they gave to


the historic significance of the place and whether they fully


considered putting these cables underground. The judge has said he


will reserve his judgment. A 55-year-old man has been jailed


for five years after he burned down his farmhouse in Whitland


in Carmarthenshire. Charles Chestnut set his


?250,000 home on fire after Swansea Crown Court


heard how firefighters found him having a barbecue


after he started the blaze. Workers at the Wrexham-based Dee


Valley water company are in consultation with its new owners,


Severn Trent Water, over job losses. Bosses say there are areas


of duplication and they haven't been able to find alternative roles


for 14 Concerns were raised before


the takeover in February. The First Minister has attacked


the record of Independent council candidates in Wales,


accusing them of not having any principles


or He was speaking at the Labour


campaign launch for next month's council elections in which


he also admitted that there were problems caused by the party's


divisions at Westminster. They may be enthusiastic but are the


voters keen to keep Labour in control in more than half of Wales


Ceredigion County Council? It was more cappuccino and croissants and


beer and somebody's but Carwyn Jones insisted Labour is still a party for


working people before turning his fight on the threats from rival


parties and the many hundreds of independent candidates that are such


a feature of Welsh council elections. We know that in some


parts of Wales there will be a ragbag of independence, they have


been members of other parties humming together without a coherent


programme and no principles. Labour-controlled 12 out of 22 Welsh


local authorities. These are heavily concentrated on the M4 M corridor


and in the South Wales valleys. Results in Ceredigion County Council


collections can swing dramatically. In 1995 for example, Labour had 725


councillors elected. In 2008, it went down to just 345. Then it


bounced back up to 577 in the last Ceredigion County Council but in


2012. It's all very pleasant here in Newport but no one pretends within


Labour ranks they got anything other than a tough fight ahead. The


combination of the high water mark five years ago and troubles at


Westminster will all contribute but what the party is holding on to is


that many predicted substantial losses in the assembly election last


year and those losses never came. Because of the current backdrop,


Carwyn Jones has admitted it will be difficult to avoid losses. I don't


think there's been a huge amount of excitement, it seems to be more


damage limitation than anything else. I don't think that's right,


given we have 944 candidates, by far the biggest number of candidates of


any party. It's going to be tough. Not as it was in 2012, a lot of work


to do. We've got good candidates, a good track record and people are on


the street listening to people and through that hard work, we want to


do well in May. Whether it's glass half-full or empty for Labour, it's


going to be a busy month ahead. Still to come, are Swansea running


out of time to stay in the Premier After the warmest weekend


of the year so far, what is in store There's been a boom in books that


you can read online and these days all the information you need can be


found at your fingertips but it seems young people haven't been put


off using local libraries. that number has been growing over


the last five years. But on the whole,


regular library use has Libraries gave us power, so say the


manic Street preachers. This library in that respect is a powerhouse.


Around half a million items were in the last year, is one of the best


performing library is in the UK. It's about as far removed from a


dusty old library as you can get. After major renovations in 2012.


There are plenty of young users here. I like the facilities because


there's so much variation for different people and there's


computers so if I need to look something up quickly, I can do that


and it all with books! I've been brought up using the library. The


type of work I do, the library has become quite vital for my type of


work. I think it's about taking advantage of what's available.


Research shows there's been an increase in library usage across


Wales. Up from 45% in 2011 to 46% last year. But there has been a


sharp decline in frequent use, down from 57% 2011 to 41% last year. In


the last seven years, one in six library is across Wales has closed.


Tumble used to have a library but there are now just empty shelves


here at the village hall. The library workers just sat here. There


were a couple of computers to the side. Volunteers like Pat tried to


run the service but ultimately, there were not enough users. We just


didn't get the footfall. We tried very hard. I used to do a Friday


afternoon myself. We were open twice a week as the original library had


been. Tuesdays and Fridays. We just didn't get the footfall. It had


closed so to reopen in Italy difficult. Over the border in


Pembrokeshire, a new county library is being built at the old market.


The aim is to attract more new breeds users by providing more


services under one roof. In order to get more visitors to libraries, they


talk about having more services under one roof and that is what we


are doing here so as well as a county library will also have a copy


shop, it will have a national quality gallery with their


collections on display. The truce information Centre or under one


roof. With the squeeze on Ceredigion budgets set to continue, if slightly


more robust revisiting bigger libraries in future to get lost in a


good book. Swansea City's boss has


warned his players they will be playing championship football next


season unless they vastly


improve their performance. Paul Clement says his side


is finding it difficult to perform due to anxiety over


the club's predicament. They have just six games


left to ensure their Just a few weeks ago, it looks like


Swansea City would escape a relegation fight. They were scoring


goals, sitting five points clear of the drop zone and celebrations like


this by the manager should the Passion and belief he had brought to


the club but things have changed. Swansea are back in trouble and now


find themselves in a situation where they need teams above them the slip


up. The table shows just how tight things are. Swansea said two points


behind how and Crystal Palace Campolo six points clear from them


the night if they beat Arsenal. The defeated the West Ham on Saturday


was their whisper form and is under Paul Clement. He says the side are


playing with fear. They are clearly anxious. That showed in the way that


they played. The rhythm of our football, a conference with the


ball. We made a massive amount of mistakes, but we have to deal with


that. Otherwise we're going to be playing in championship next year.


There is still, I believe, a lot that can happen. Time is running out


on the road to survival won't be easy. There are six games left


Swansea City to ensure their Premier League pitcher. That's 18 points


left to play for the teams around them of course could decide fate.


But these other matches Swansea have left. Watford away their Saturday,


followed by Stoke at home and then Manchester United away at next


month, their last three games of the season see them play Everton at


home, followed by bottom of the table Sunderland away and could all


come down to the very last game of season, West Brom will be the final


game at Liberty Stadium. Could that 90 minutes decide their destiny?


Paul Clement has spoken about his players feeling the pressure and at


the ground today, many supporters were despondent although some feel


the job can still be done. After that performance at West Ham, I


don't know if we have, I don't know if the fight is there. They are


feeling the pressure at the moment. I can see them staying up. I hope


they do but were up against it. It's going to be close. Hopefully they


have enough to get through. Swansea now they have a huge fight on our


hands and training this week will undoubtedly be intense but football


is a funny old game and it's not over yet.


With just ten days to go until the Lions


squad was announced, Sam


Warburton has had a scan on his knee.


The 28-year-old scored his side 's first try but came off during


Ospreys fly-half Dan Biggar is still being assessed


following a knock to the head during Saturday's Pro12


The Olympian and two-time world triathlon champion Helen Jenkins has


ruled herself out of the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast


The 33-year-old is expecting a baby at the end of July.


The Cardiff Devils will have to settle for just the two trophies


They lost to rivals Sheffield Steelers yesterday in the


After securing the regular-season title


and the Challenge Cup, they were hoping to


become the first team to


He was known as the voice of Welsh rugby.


Tributes have been paid tonight to the broadcaster David


In a career spanning many decades, he


famously commentated on Llanelli's historic win over


He also presented this programme for many years.


He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease


eight years ago and died in a hospice in Penarth this morning.


But the breath. Assured, authoritative, is married. David


Parry Jones, a distinctive voice during the golden age of Welsh


rugby. He was in the commentary box for that match, the day Llanelli


humbled the mighty all Blacks. He was equally as proud of commentating


the game as I was as a player to have played in the game. He was so


kind because I didn't have a clue. I was a novice. He was knowledgeable


about rugby, he loved the game he was a gentleman. His contribution to


Rugby Union football is incredible. His contribution to the BBC,


outstanding. He loved Wales. He spoke fairly about Wales. When he


did a game, he was 50 50 and believe that, he was a proud Welshman. He


was proud of his education at Merton College, Oxford, and started out as


a journalist with the times before working intelligent. -- in


television. A familiar face on BBC Wales today in the 60s, 70s and 80s,


David Parry Jones Oglaigh na hEireann elegance and charm made him


popular with colleagues and the occasional celebrity. He was a


wordsmith and David was always looking for new ways of describing


things, even describing a simple thing like a catch in cricket or a


punt in rugby. He lived life to the full. He loved people generally. He


was really a very special guy, a very class act. In later years, he


was cared for at his home in Cardiff by his long-term partner, Betty


George, after being diagnosed with hot summers. The couple filmed a


documentary together, raising awareness of the challenges of


living with the condition. It prompted a public debate about


dementia care. Betty George described him as a kind, gentle and


handsome man. David Parry Jones who has


died at the age of 83. The weather is next.


We enjoyed a taste of summer over the weekend. A few places recorded


21 Celsius. It's going to be a while before we see temperatures that high


again. Cool and cloudy this afternoon. Some lovely sunshine,


ideal for a walk around the lakes. This evening, fine and dry the most


of us, just the odd isolated shower. Generally dry overnight. A cool


night to with temperatures in a brawl sports dipping low enough for


a ground frost. Tomorrow, France will bring rain to the north and


west of Scotland, further south high pressure will keep things drive.


Here's the picture for eight in the morning. Quite pleasant. Cool but


dry and bright. Some sunshine and light winds. More cloud in the north


and breezy on the coast. The temperature around 9 degrees. Not a


bad day tomorrow. Dry with bright or sunny spells. It may cloud over in


the North later in the afternoon. Some cloud spelling in from the


Irish Sea. Temperatures up to 14 Celsius. The best of the sunshine in


the morning. 11 degrees. Tomorrow evening, cloud will spread down from


the north. Dry overnight but rain not too far from the north coast by


the end of the night. Then on Wednesday, a cold front will slide


its way southwards so Wednesday, a little more unsettled, breezy and a


few showers. Some dry weather glimpses of sunshine as well. On


Thursday, we may see spots of light rain in parts of mid and North


Wales. Elsewhere, dry with sunny intervals. Good Friday, a little


rain, most of it in the north-west. Very little rain in the South East.


Eastern weekend, a little bit mixed. A few showers, a cold breeze but


some reasonable weather as well. But is caught your but it could be a lot


worse. The headlines: funeral of PC Keith


Palmer who was killed in last month Westminster attack has been held at


London. Thousands of police officers from all over the country lined the


route as the funeral cortege set out from the Palace of Westminster. He


was guarding the Houses of Parliament when he was stabbed by


Khalid Masood. I will have an update


for you here at 8:00 and again That's all for today,


thank you for watching.


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