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Tonight's headlines: After the attack targetting


a German football team - police say everything will be


done to ensure security at the Champions League


South Wales Police are used to the major policing and sporting events.


They will now consider the attack yesterday and closely liaise with


the German police and intelligence. Also tonight: The family who fled


Iraq to find safety in Wales now If they leave, they will be


homeless. The mother is always crying.


Concern about 'many aspects' of the performance


Using the very latest medical scanners -


the pioneering technique aiming to deliver better treatment


And City Road in Cardiff has long been one of


the capital's busiest streets - now people who live and work


there are taking to the stage to share their stories.


South Wales Police say everything is being done to ensure a safe


and secure environment for the Champions League


They've been speaking following three explosions,


targeting the Borussia Dortmund football team before


their quarter-final home match in the same competition


Tonight, police say they've arrested a suspect with Islamic links.


Glass and shrapnel shattered on the floor -


investigators say it's lucky it wasn't much worse, with metal


from the three explosives found in one of the seats


It was attacked ahead of their Champion's League


Spanish International Marc Bartra says he's doing well


Representing UEFA at the game in Germany was the Football Association


He says security has been stepped up.


The stadium has has a sweet, the dogs and everything and there will


be no bags allowed in the stadium and triple searches are being


carried out so... And I think when it comes to Cardiff in June, you can


expect this to be done again. South Wales Police has been


organising a large security operation for the four day


Champion's festival Officers say they've never planned


for anything like this, and will set up a so-called ring


of steel around the city centre. The ring of steel, as it is being


referred to, will mean a cool -- K locations there will be barriers put


up to stop vehicles entering those locations and that is too full, to


ensure the safety of pedestrians and secondly it is to prevent the type


of attacks we saw in Westminster and Sweden. Organisers are closely


studying. Organisers are closely studying


the European Championship final's Around stadiums, and fan zones


there was a heavy police presence. Large bags were banned


from certain areas and everyone South Wales Police say they're


still considering what security measures will be in place


here in Cardiff Bay They said people wouldn't be


searched, but they're considering whether there'll be bag


drops before you get It also shuts before


the final kicks off. There will be various areas that


they will focus on, obviously the safety of fans, into the city centre


where people are staying. Obviously the road behind us will be closed


and pedestrianised on the day and no doubt they already have plans to


score the teams by the coaches as they come to the venue.


The rescheduled match is already underway tonight.


Authorities in Germany say they've arrested


a suspect with Islamic links as their investigations continue.


South Wales Police will no doubt watch closely


for the outcome of that - as they try to keep the focus


on football for the biggest sporting event Cardiff has ever hosted.


The mother of a family from Iraq says they will be left to die


Trifa Sedeeq and her three children live with her brother in Swansea


after surviving a treacherous ordeal before finding refuge in Wales.


Next week they will hear if their appeal to remain in the UK


Our reporter Ben Price has been to meet them.


Safe, happy, and together. It is the life this mother from the Middle


East wanted for her children, but for how much longer?


TRANSLATION: I was so happy when I arrived in Heathrow Airport. I was


so happy I started crying. We were just saying, we have left Bulgaria


and come to the UK. We were just so, so happy. Trifa a writer with her


family almost a year after fleeing Iraq when her husband's life was


threatened by the Kurdish Government. They flew to Turkey


before making their way on foot to Bulgaria, where they ended up in a


migrant camp. They lived in treacherous conditions. It claimed


the life of Trifa's husband, her brother, and sister-in-law. She was


left with seven children. Her brother from Swansea travel to meet


them in Bulgaria before they were granted permission to return with


him to the UK. Six months later, having settled in Swansea, with the


children attending the local schools, Trifa, her sons and


daughter, could soon be deported. They said they have to leave the


country. So if they are leading the country, where are they going? To go


to where? To Iraq? So if they are going to Iraq, they will be


homeless. Soon as they had the refuse, the children cannot sleep in


the night. The mother, she is always crying. Come a final decision will


be made on the future. The Home Office says it has a proud history


of granting asylum to those who genuinely need it, but every case is


carefully considered on its individual merits. Trifa has


considered extreme measures to ensure children remain in the UK.


She has tried to kill herself. That is what she decided. She said she


would tell the court but I know the country is safe for my children but


I know that Iraq is not safe. Send me back to Iraq. I do not want my


children to see me die and I do not want to see my children died. So


basically what you said was she would be willing to lose her own


life to make sure her children are safe. Yes. The family says it is


very grateful for all the support from the local community and they


hope they can continue to make Wales their new home.


A 24-year-old driver who killed his stepson in a car crash -


guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.


Five-year-old Joseph Smith wasn't in a booster seat and suffered


multiple injuries when the car crashed into oncoming traffic


But it will never fetch back my son, will it?


All I do is think about that little boy.


Unemployment in Wales is now higher than the UK average.


statistics show Wales is the only country in the UK to see


an increase in joblessness over the last quarter.


More than 74,000 people are out of work,


A woman from Barry who fraudulently claimed ?22,000


worth of benefits as a single parent was caught after posting


25-year-old Chanice Bowen was given payments for three years


After getting married in 2013, despite telling the Department


of Work and Pensions she and her partner had split up


She's been ordered to pay back the money.


Plans to create a biomass plant, which would create 560


jobs near Milford Haven, have been put on hold for 6 months.


The Cypriot-owned company Egnedol, wants to invest almost 700 million


pounds in a renewable energy facility at former oil refinery


But Planning Inspectorate Wales says it hasn't provided


adequate information on the environmental impact.


The body responsible for assessing police forces in England and Wales


has said there is concern about "many aspects of


Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary, Wendy Williams,


has said there needs to be improvement in all three


Aled Scourfield is at the force headquarters in Carmarthen - Aled -


That is right. The concerns are raised in a report published today


which is essentially an annual health check for police forces in


England and Wales and they are assessed on effectiveness, and


legitimacy and graded on a performance of Constabulary. Wendy


Williams, who is the inspector for Wales and the West, has strongly


questioned the performance of Dfed Powys. She says many aspects of its


overall performance are a cause for concern and in all three areas the


inspectorate says Dfed Powys police requires improvement. South


Yorkshire Police is the only other force that requires improvement in


all three areas. There is concern about how the force deals with


incidents relating to vulnerable people, how it deals with less


visible crimes like internet fraud, concerned about how it deals with


dental issues of corruption within the force, and Wendy Williams says


it needs to improve the way it gets feedback from the police. That is in


stark contrast to the warm praise for South Wales Police and Gwent


Police and Wendy Williams also says she is satisfied on the whole with


the performance of North Wales Police. So how has Dfed Powys police


responded to the criticism? Well, earlier I spoke to Darren Davies,


who is the new Deputy Chief Constable Hugh at Dfed Powys police.


He has been reading the responses do a series of critical reports over


the past two years. He says there is a new leadership team in place here


and changes are being made to improve performance. I think it is


important to note that first of all this helps check was conducted some


point in time ago last year. We have a new chief officer team in place


now and a new commissioner relatively who has set up clearly


the direction for the future together with the new Chief


Constable and I think we will act on the report but also we have strides


we have made and are continuing to make to improve on things. Darren


Davis speaking to me earlier on. He also told me that the force has a


solid financial plan to tackle some of the deficiencies raised in this


report. Thank you very much. A Welsh MP has raised concerns


about a business venture in Carmarthenshire which attracted


millions of pounds of investment from across the world,


but collapsed with huge debts. The Corran Resort and Spa


in Laugharne was bought by one of the previous directors


and continues trading despite owing money to local companies


and global investors. Simon Hart has told BBC Wales


he will ask the UK government to examine the failure


of an expansion project for the hotel which attracted ?19


millions of investment. Laugharne in Carmarthenshire


is a name that is And it is on the marsh


lands nearby that you will find a 4-star


hotel, the Corran. But the failure of a massive


investment programme set up to expand the spa resort has let local


businesses and investors out of Ayles butchers is a fixture


of St Claire's high Street. The Corran was one of several


large contracts they had. For a small family firm,


it is very punishing. It leaves one with


a sense of immense And it might take us six


to 12 months to recover The holy Grail in


business is cash flow. So it really doesn't matter


what the performance of your business is - if you run out


of cash, you haven't got a business. Gemma Wyatt and Andrew Evans started


a baking company in St Claire's just They are still owed ?600


and don't expect to The last time they delivered


was on the day of their Gemma was still in the Labour


ward when I had a call "We've just given birth," and he


congratulated me, but still asked I don't like letting people down


so you just go above and beyond for people and we thought


we would get the same in return. The hotel was backed by two


companies who received ?90 million from investors as part


of a plan to expand and redevelop But those plans fell apart


when planning permission for 200 eco-lodges on nearby


marshland was refused. If this whole thing depended


on a planning consent for quite an adventurous and unusual application


in an area of special scientific interest where planning conditions


are known to be difficult to obtain. If the whole thing was sold or


predicated on that planning consent being in the bag, then actually


there are some big questions to be Administrators say the debts


made the hotel almost worthless and sold for ?150,000


to protect the 60 or so jobs there. It was bought by


Keith Styles, one of the owners of the companies


that had just collapsed. The directors of those


previous companies said they couldn't comment on Simon Hart's


calls for an investigation. They said the refusal


of planning was unexpected and that they would have


met their financial obligations had Gareth Huws can now


toast good health - how pioneering research is hoping


to improve treatment of dry weather over the long weekend


but it's not going to be The leader of the Welsh Liberal


Democrats Mark Williams says local government in Wales is rife


with complacency, He made the comments


in Cardigan at the launch of the party's campaign for next


month's council elections. Our political editor


Nick Servini was there. The liberal flame is very much


alive, not flickering, but is alive, burning at this critical time of


uncertainty. It is a grand claim to make anywhere, but at this theatre


in Cardigan this morning, it was a particularly tough gig to carry off


for Mark Williams. Nevertheless, the party is in high spirits. Labour


divisions under Jeremy Corbyn and the explicit attempt by the Lib Dems


to represent Remain voters mean they have a realistic chance to make


progress next month. And they haven't had a chance to say this


much in recent years. They were left with just one minister after last


year's assembly election. That is down four. In the 2015 general


election, they were left with just one Welsh MP and in the 2012 Council


vote, they went down to 72 councillors after losing 93 seats.


Is it any position now to rebuild after such a devastating few years?


It is rebuilding. Membership is growing. Enthusiastic new members


are standing for election and I am really heartened by that. I am not


going to be to -- delusional in saying that we can suddenly


transform results to where we were five or six years ago. It is going


to take time. The message is that current council administrations were


complacent. There is also more traditional Lib Dem fair to give


councils more powers, student stimulate the local economy. So we


have had if you doesn't party members at the launch. Now a bit of


doorknocking going on. To say there is no razzmatazz would be no


exaggeration. Anyway, small steps for a party that claims to be the


authentic voice of local politics. It may well be a long one, but the


road to recovery for the Lib Dems starts now.


A new technique which hopes to deliver better treatment


for head and neck cancers, is being pioneered by doctors


They're developing new ways of using the very latest medical


scanners to more accurately target cancer cells.


The trial's being funded by donations worth three-quarters


of a million pounds, by two welsh charities.


Our health correspondent Owain Clarke has this exclusive report.


The sun is shining. You never know. We could be doing some business. As


the land lord of one of Cardiff's most popular pubs, he likes to enjoy


life, but a few years ago, he became worried. We were on a cruise, me and


my wife, and one morning I just discovered here that there seem to


be a lump. Soon after he came back on a was diagnosed with lymphoma, a


form of cancer. After two operations, he had radiotherapy,


were doctors used powerful x-rays to destroy the cancer cells. We know


there is a problem. We know the problem is called cancer. And you


know that this is not a question of taking some tablets and it goes


away. But I think in my case I managed to come through those six


weeks probably better and quicker than expected. But for around 10-20%


of patients with head or neck cancer, radiotherapy is


unsuccessful. Deep inside the University Hospital of Wales in


Cardiff ?1.8 million scanner, which is revolutionising how several types


of cancer are detected and treated. This is more sensitive because it is


measuring changes in function within the cells themselves. So you can


detect cancer in what earlier, you can detect spreads were you can't


possibly detect with CT or MIR -- MRI. Before this, patients were made


to eat sugar and because the cancer cells consume more of sugar, they


show up more clearly. But doctors based in Cardiff and Swansea are


trying to detect a new technique of using the scanner to target the


specific parts of tumours that appeared to be resisting


radiotherapy. It is important to be accurate so that we treat all the


tumour cells. If we lead a single tumour cell behind them that


potentially can grow into a new cancer. And also we want to spare


the normal tissues that sit around the tumour because the more normal


tissues we treat the more side effects the patient experiences.


According to cancer research Wales, which call funded the study, it is


an example of Wales punching above its weight. This research, if


successful, can be enrolled for many other different cancer types, such


as lung cancer, which is particularly challenging and


difficult to treat. Do and they couple years on from his treatment,


Gareth Hughes is feeling fine. He is more than happy to raise a glass to


Welsh research, hoping to help others conquer the disease.


News from the World Track Cycling Championships in Hong Kong, where


The 22-year-old from Cardiff, who won Olympic Gold for


Great Britain in the Team Pursuit last year, was edged out


by Italian Rachele Barbieri at the finish and settled for silver.


I guess just not fast enough or maybe pushed a little bit too


much air too early on in the sprint but when I think about Kirsten I


That is the fastest sprinter there is but


obviously it doesn't always stay the same, does it?


I need to watch out for different people all the time


They say you'll hear every language in the world when you walk down


After appearing in a TV series last year, the people who live and work


there are now starring in a stage play to share stories about life


And it's the locals - rather than a cast of actors -


who'll be under the spotlight when the show opens at


Our arts and media correspondent Huw Thomas reports.


City Road has long been one of Cardiff's busiest streets.


Always bustling and now home to dozens of


exotic restaurants and independent shops.


It has already been featured in its own TV series.


There has been plenty of drama here and enough


material to get locals up on stage to talk about the street.


City Road is a stone's throw from the centre


of Cardiff, with a rich cast of characters.


You come here, you find anybody, any language you want


to speak, you will find somebody there who can speak it with you.


Janet runs an African shop on City Road,


as much a meeting point for


the community as a place to stock up, and the source of many of the


City Road was a playground for some, like


He is local and the only professional actor in the play.


Onstage, he will recall how the street used


to house car showrooms and was a dream to explore.


And it is amazing because I have seen the


Every time I drive past, I re-enact everything I used


Because when we were young, this was our street.


behind City Road is a garden run by the growth residents action group.


They are relishing the chance to talk about the softer side of city


Road once the producers have developed their stories into


They can chop it all together and create your


I have never, ever done anything like this in my life and I am


It is a simple stage where this unusual


cast will perform their monologues and where professionals are helping


It is an interesting and enriching process


and it is one very much about listening to the people of Cardiff


and the stories that they feel are relevant to them.


The theatre feels a long way from the bustle of City


Road, but the cast hope they will bring


to life the story of one of


Great idea. Another lovely sunny day for us but will it last?


Hours looking? We can look forward to a fairly settled day on Friday.


Brightness by the time we get into Saturday, it will be dry and bright.


Sunday, a of dry and bright weather to look forward to, but the


potential for some rain across North Wales first thing. That will fizzle


away to the day and by the time we get to bank holiday Monday, a bit of


uncertainty in the forecast at the moment but as it stands, it stands,


it is looking cool and cloudy. Today, we did see a bit of cloud and


some patchy rain with the best of the brightness across the South


East. As we head into tonight, once the sun sets, it will be a rather


chilly night. Variable amounts of cloud and also some clear skies. The


potential for showers into tomorrow morning across North Wales but most


of us getting away with a dry night. of us getting away with a dry night.


5-8 C in towns and cities. Three cell C is in the countryside is, so


we could see a touch of frost, especially in sheltered areas. High


pressure in charge tomorrow which will bring a quiet day. It will not


be wall-to-wall sunshine at all times. First thing tomorrow morning,


just showers across the North East. They will tend to clear. Diane


bright weather, but then through the day they will see the cloud bubbling


up again. An overcast afternoon with some bright stars coming through at


times. When the sun gets through, it will feel pleasant. The temperatures


around average for the time of year. around average for the time of year.


10-12 C. As we head into tomorrow 10-12 C. As we head into tomorrow


night, we will a lot more cloud and also some patchy rain making its way


in from the west, so it is low-level cloud, and fog. It will be a warmer


night compared with the past few nights with laws getting down to


seven Celsius. The wind is light and coming from a westerly direction. As


we head towards the end of the week, we have this week feature bringing


with it quite a bit of cloud and some patchy rain for Good Friday.


Once that goes through, it is looking for more settled. So there


it is. Friday, we will start the day with some patchy rain, becoming


drier and brighter for the North and the West. 10-12 C. Plenty of


beautiful weather over the weekend. Back to you. Thank you very much. In


reminder of our top stories this evening. Avoidable baby deaths at


the Shrewsbury Hospital NHS Trust will be investigated. There were at


least seven of avoidable deaths in less than two years. A failure to


properly monitor baby's heart rates was a contributing factor in some


cases. The trust said improvements have been made. South Wales Police


say everything is being done to ensure a safe and secure environment


for the Champions League final in Cardiff in June. They have been


speaking following the three explosions targeting the brassiere


Dortmund football team before their quarterfinal home match in the same


lead against Monaco. They say they have arrested a suspect with Islamic


links. We will have an update at 8pm and more after the BBC Ten O'Clock


News. That is all. From all of us here, thank you for your company. At


the good evening. Goodbye.


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