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Kate Barnett from Newtown with daughter Isla.


Her son's death at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital was 'avoidable'.


She speaks of her anger after an investigation is launched


The hospital is not learning. You go into hospital to have a baby, you do


not expect to come out without her baby.


Tonight the Health Trust apologises unreservedly


Lansbury Park in Caerphilly is the most deprived


community in Wales - a report calls for a new approach


All the children are just in trainers and tracksuit bottoms.


Heading into the mountains over the Easter weekend -


a plea from frustrated rescue teams - to make sure you are


Shaping the future of the steel industry - how researchers


at Swansea University have teamed up with TATA to trial new technology.


Newport County's caretaker manager says it would be a dream come true


A couple from Powys whose baby son died at a hospital in Shrewsbury,


have spoken of their anger that infants have continued to die


at the same NHS Trust - which is now at the centre


Jenson Barnett from Newtown died in 20-13 from brain injuries,


two days after a failed attempt to deliver him with forceps.


Tonight - the boss of the health trust has apologised unreservedly


Little Jenson Barnett should have been nearly four years old now.


But he died just two days after he was born


Staff tried to deliver him with forceps but they slipped


off his head causing injuries to his brain.


He was later born by emergency caesarian section but it was too


We spent that night with him but obviously he had tubes all over him.


There were six or seven doctors around him, he was going for scans.


His longest word in difficulty as well. We spent the night with him


and then the next EU got mixed -- move to a different unit with lots


more tubes again but yes, it was not nice.


and Telford NHS Trust over the past eight years.


Seven of those deaths, including Jensons, were said to be avoidable.


Kate, who's since had a daughter Isla, says despite an apology


and assurances that lessons would be learned she's angry that


similar tragedies continued at the trust.


At the time they said they were going to do stuff about it and


things had changed, but obviously they have not. Seeing all this on


the news has really made me quite angry rather than upset. They have


in mid Wales delivers around 4,700 babies each year - around 224


Tonight there chief executive has apologised unreservedly to the


parents involved. It has learned lessons but it must strive to do


more. The UK Health Secretary


Jeremy Hunt has asked for a review into the deaths


and other incidents at the trust. And for the families affected


to be kept informed. There needs to be an investigation


into what happens, there must be full transparency in order for


lessons to be learned. There needs to be a full apology to all the


families who had such tragedies. Kate Barnett


and her husband say that Jenson will always be a big


part of their family - and hope other families will be


spared the pain they've experienced. You go into hospital to have a baby,


you do not expect to come out without a baby. It is not the same.


Nothing will bring him back but our family and friends, we are strong


Many policies aimed at reducing poverty in Wales


That's the damning finding of a major new study


into the poorest place in the country -


Experts spent six months analysing the estate.


Our Economics Correspondent, Sarah Dickins, has


Lansbury Park sits almost in the shadow of Caerphilly's famous


castle but it is a world away from its grandeur.


This is the most deprived community in Wales and although


proud and tight knit, it has complex problems.


It feels like one that is almost hemmed in, turning in on itself.


As a nation we are creating economic policies which are dislocated


from people who live in communities like Lansbury.


We need to talk to them, engage them rather than leave them behind.


With the children in school a group of mothers start their work-out.


These women were brought up in Lansbury Park and are still


It does not mean that is what is going wrong in the community.


Although Lansbury Park is close to jobs in Cardiff and the M4,


I'm told it is hard for young people to get jobs.


I think there are jobs out there and it does not help


when people would like to go for a job that they think, it is not


worth me trying because I do not have the qualifications,


Two thirds of lone parents are not employed, that's 50% higher


Men living in Lansbury Park are more than twice as likely to be


You can see the challenges, more than half of the adults


on the estate have no qualifications and half of no car.


Caerphilly council owns the social housing, not a housing association.


It is making houses warmer and drier as part of a ?10 million


It is also trying to setup work experience for residents


It knows it needs to do things very differently and argues that does


It is about giving those people the confidence and the self belief


It means working with them to make them believe


People say you are not good enough, you believe you are not good enough,


There is a real mix of problems here.


I have been talking to people at community events,


and to community workers as well and what they tell


me is that the group of people who are hardest


One solution in the report is that there should be more


day-to-day or even mundane jobs here on the estate,


Caring for people and providing food.


That way there could be jobs here that people would not need


too many qualifications for and they would not


As the Welsh Government determines its future


anti-poverty policies, the message from Lansbury Park will


The sister of a woman unlawfully killed at a hostel in Argoed has


spoken about how she discovered she'd been murdered -


Cerys Yemm was attacked by Matthew Williams in November 2014.


Police officers stunned him with a Taser, but he later died.


Cerys Yemm's sister, Shannon was speaking on the BBC's


I had seen a post obviously that there had been a murder.


please don't tell me it's true, it's not your sister.


I had to drive home from Cardiff then,


People couldn't tell me, were crying, couldn't


Gwent Police say there was a delay in telling Cerys Yemm's


family about her death, because they wanted her mother to be


told by an officer who'd dealt with her previously.


The former head of a Swansea homeless charity has admitted


forging invoices for ?1.3 million into his own bank account -


Robert Davies was working for Cyrenians Cymru


when he was arrested in December 20-14.


The charity later went into administration.


Davies was remanded in custody, to be sentenced later this month.


The Easter getaway has begun tonight and with it,


volunteer rescuers have expressed their frustration


at the number of people who go into the mountains poorly equipped.


Snowdonia is one of our most popular destinations and Roger Pinney


Yes, near Llanberis and with views like this its no wonder visitors


But this, believe me, pales into insignificance compared


with the view from the top of Snowdon or the other


peaks in North and South Wales for that matter.


The problem is many people tackle them without properly


The sign says it all, car park full and that is a day ahead of the bank


holiday weekends. This is the start of two of the tracks up Snowdon.


Among those getting ready I met two people and they seem to know what


they were doing. You have to be ready for the cold, prepare for


dehydration, basic essentials and know the conditions of the mountain.


At we have been checking the difficulty and the road conditions


every day in the week. Even though we have not been here before, we


always know the route. Not everyone is that appeared, today the cloud


was closing in and it was bitter on the summit, feeling like minus seven


Celsius in the wind but still the those ill-equipped. You notice men


with families, more the children that are just in trainers and jeans


and tracksuit bottoms. It is quite rough up there. I took my gloves off


for a minute and I could not feel my fingers. Some people just have


jumpers on and they will freeze. It is called, definitely. No wonder


volunteers like those in the mountain rescue team get frustrated.


They call this beast. Today members were planning a simulated rescue,


and one of the toughest peaks in Snowdonia. We have had 80 call-outs


already this year. We're some of their busiest rescue teams in the


country year. Certainly between Ogwen Valley and Llanberis. As


volunteers, we are leaving our homes, work and families to carry


out rescues and it is very frustrating when we find people who,


it is almost a self-inflicted injury by going out ill-prepared. It is a


similar story in South and mid Wales. This team has had 81 calls


since New Year, they know Easter will be busy so that is a warning.


We strive to provide a professional service but we are volunteers and


potentially with the increasing trend in calls for help, there


potential for a drain on resources and availability. Mountain rescuers


love the terrain in which they work but warn that maintenance, although


beautiful, they will come back and bite you. Every rescuer I have ever


spoken to have told me they want people to come to the mountains, but


they want them to come well-prepared. Plan ahead, we're the


right clothing, consider that arena and the weather. Always be prepared


to change plans if the weather changes. Thank you very much.


As we saw in Roger's report - plenty of visitors have already


But Professor Brian Garrod - a tourism expert from


Aberystwyth University - says the industry here could miss


out, despite the large increase in overseas visitors to the UK


The Welsh Government says tourism here has been enjoying


With the temperature only a touch above 10 degrees,


that has not stopped holiday-makers heading to the beach in Aberystwyth.


It is part of a tourism boom Wales has been


It is predicted this season will be even busier, especially


Aled who runs Cambria Tours says he has seen overseas bookings treble


We have seen a growth in the last year, huge


growth from North America, Canada, Germany.


It can be 15 or 20% cheaper overnight.


So our main focus are our tour operators overseas.


They were obviously being able to pass on their savings due


A million legends lie, awake and reimagined...


This year the campaign focuses on legends fronted


The idea is to sell our landscape based on thousands


One expert fears we fail to capitalise on the increased


It is one thing getting them to arrive another thing to get them


I think that the facilities we have in Wales, whilst excellent,


We don't have the kind of things they were really after.


We have really good hotels here but not the best.


While we have good theme parks, we don't have the best.


We are always competing against neighbours in England and Scotland.


The Welsh Government said tourism is strong with more than 850,000


people visiting Wales from overseas in the first nine months of 2016.


That's up 12% on the year before with tourists spending more as well.


It is a view backed by Richard Edwards who runs a B


He says visitors are blown away by what Wales has to offer.


We have the quality to attract a high spending


There are few places in the UK or even the world which had such


an amazing mix of man-made, historic, cultural and


These American tourists from Oklahoma were planning


a holiday in Hawaii but the exchange rate and the history of Wales


has seen them book a holiday in Aberystwyth instead.


We thought the weak pound made it more attractive


a holiday that appealed to everybody in my family.


My parents, especially my father, is more interested in history.


So another bumper season is expected for the industry in Wales


with the weak pound proving a strong draw for overseas tourists.


Still to come. Can you port counties stay in the football league. And the


Easter holiday, not a write-off by any means. I will have the latest


for costs -- forecast. The Welsh Conservatives have


launched their campaign for the local government elections


promising strong councils to give Their leader Andrew RT Davies said


the party is "very positive" going to the elections,


despite the row over a Ukip AM joining the Tory


group in the Assembly. From the launch in


the Vale of Gmaorgan - here's our Political Reporter Bethan


Lewis. All smiles at the launch of their


plans for Welsh councils but it comes only days after Andrew RT


Davies's decision to welcome a former Ukip AM into the Assembly


group which prompted a backlash from senior figures in the party. Today


they wanted to focus on the message for voters on May the force. We want


to stop the centralisation of power in Cardiff and let councils give


communities real control. The reality is that on the doorstep


people are more interested in potholes and personalities. The


selection is so much more important than one person. We are focused on


doing the right thing, shouting for you if you have been ignored for


Labour by so long, this is your chance to make a difference. Welsh


Conservatives hold 104 seats in Wales, down from 170 49 years ago.


Monmouthshire is currently the only council run by the Welsh


Conservatives. In order to make gains, they hope the promise of


feeder council tax and revitalising high streets will appeal to voters.


Last year's elections was disappointing for their


Conservatives after an impressive performance in the UK general


election. It will be looking for a gains in places like the Vale of


Glamorgan. In view of tensions over the Ukip am, could there be more at


stake this time? Do you feel the pressure as the leader in view of


the disappointing performance in the Assembly elections last year and the


tensions over what happened last week? We always look positively,


from my point of view I am positive individual which is why we have an


exciting manifesto and if you are in your local community want change and


accountability and good quality local services, then you need to


vote Welsh Conservative and made a fourth. That is omitted all of the


party should be able to agree on, whatever the tensions behind the


scenes. The challenge over the next three weeks is to the voters. -- is


The challenges of the steel industry have been well documented over


the past 18 months - but now scientists in Swansea


say their research is helping it become more efficient.


Two projects at the University have won Royal Society


awards for innovation - which they say can make the UK steel


These days there's less fanfare, but just as much innovation.


They've scanned these large furnaces in Port Talbot


to see exactly how the liquid steel moves -


improving the design - so the lining lasts longer,


and the pipes that blow the air in to mix are more efficient.


the steelworks ?4 million a year.


Production of steel in Port Talbot is important for the local community


and also important to the economy of Wales so we are generating more


value through innovation. This needle barely


looks like its moving - but its checking the new coating


on this piece of steel. They prevent rust


and are not just used in the steel industry but for construction,


cars and planes. as long as what's used now,


because it only releases the chemical that's used


to prevent corrosion - This is what they have currently and


if we can offer something better, it is a market leader.


The current industry coating is toxic and will be banned in 2019.


The research to find a replacement has taken 20 years.


You could put it down to luck as well, we tested it, five days a


week, 24 hours. They have been churned out over time, a student


could the test on and then we did it for a whole month because we could


for the project is to start a business in south Wales -


the market is estimated at around 30 million pounds.


There'll also be a UK Steel Science Centre


in Swansea Bay as part of the City Deal.


It will aim to see even more innovations


in the lab to keep Port Talbot steelworks at the front


Claire is here with tonight's sport now - Claire.


They looked down and out but Newport County could be


on the verge of turning around their season and staying


The Exiles are a side transformed under caretaker Coach Mike Flynn.


He's been speaking about what it would mean to him if his side can


Training with the spring on their step, their season was written off a


few weeks ago but how things have changed. Many are putting their


revival down to this man, caretaker manager Mike Flynn. When he came in


in March, they were bottom of the table, he has been in charge for


seven games and they have 14-mac of them. We have had a good run but


that counts for nothing no, there are five games to go. I want to make


sure that good run continues. We need to stay in the football league,


it is huge. They are still in the relegation zone but just three


points adrift. A home win over struggling Yeovil Town, coupled with


defeat by Hartlepool -- for Hartlepool with see them claim above


the drop zone. Tomorrow is a massive game. If we get a win, we will be in


a good place so hopefully tomorrow is a good game for us and we get the


result. The boss is passionate about this club, it means everything to


him. For fans of the club it is often a roller-coaster ride, the


club return to the football league after a 25 year absence in 2013.


Their performance at Wembley saw them enjoy a homecoming parade. The


manager says it is vital to keep their status, not just for the club


but for the town. Say what it means to everybody, not just me but my


family, my friends, people, you get stopped in the streets, I would say


a dream come true but it would be massive, it would mean so much to me


if I am of -- if I am honest. They are defying logic and expectation,


the momentum is building and the fairy tale ending could be on the


And plans for Rodney Parade, the home the Exiles share


with the Dragons will be discussed at a General Meeting of Newport RFC


They're set to vote on the potential takeover of the Dragons


and the Rodney Parade ground by the WRU, which needs 75 percent


Finally Snooker and the only Welshman at the World


snooker Championship, Ryan Day will play World number 44


It's the first time in 40 years of the event at The Crucible that


How's it looking for the Easter weekend?


The all important question. Good evening.


One or two showers but a fair amount of dry weather as well.


Some bright weather and sunshine in the mix.


During the early hours thicker cloud will bring a little rain


Here's the picture for 8 in the morning.


Damp in mid Wales and the NW with mist and hill fog.


During the day, rain and drizzle will become more widespread.


The rain turning heavier and more persistent in north,


mid and West Wales later in the afternoon.


The rain turning heavier mid to late afternoon.


Monmouthshire mostly dry and cloudy tomorrow.


The temperature reaching 12 or 13 Celsius.


Tomorrow evening rain will spread southeast and clear away.


Dry overnight bar the odd shower and turning cooler.


And then for Saturday, not a bad day overall.


Breaks in the cloud and some sunshine.


There is the risk of some rain in the north for a time.


Elsewhere dry and brightening-up with some sunshine.


Temperatures not that high but out of the breeze it


Bank Holiday Monday, one or two showers here and there.


The cloud breaking with some sunshine.


So a mixed bag this Easter weekend and rather cool but a reasonable


We'll be back with a quick update at eight, more


But that is Wales Today, from all of us on the programme,


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