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Two Welsh charities say they've seen an increase in the number of people


approaching them with addictions to new psycho-active drugs almost


a year since so-called legal highs were banned.


Last month, concerns were raised after police footage from Wrexham


and other cities across the UK showed people seemingly under


Slumped and unresponsive, men in Wrexham earlier this year,


apparently under the influence of new psychoactive substances.


They are designed to imitate traditional


drugs, like cannabis, but they can be more potent and have


This scene is not unique to Wrexham or indeed Wales.


Towns and cities across the UK have had similar


A year ago, they were banned by this new law.


No longer could you buy new psychoactive substances or


But charities say problems with them remain.


Even though there was a bit of a lull, in terms of people using


these drugs for the first few months since the legislation came in,


actually, use has, kind of, started to go up again.


And we are starting to see people presenting


with quite significant effects and issues associated to the strokes.


We are starting to see people coming to


our drop-in, but also people being referred


wanting support around potential deterrent and use


The visible evidence of use of used substances is there for all to see.


You know, that wasn't quite as apparent some months ago.


I think we need a lot more research, both on the ground and perhaps


academically, to see what the effect has been.


Illegal for nearly a year, but addiction to these new


psychoactive substances appears to be a persistent problem with no


21-year-old man has appeared before magistrates charged


with attempted murder, after a woman was seriously


19-year-old Katrina Evemy is in a critical condition in hospital


Dylan Hywel Harries has been remanded in custody.


Police and coastguard searches have been taking place


for for a 90-year-old man, who went missing after taking his


Arthur Roy Taylor, also known as Archie,


Officers have again asked for anyone with photos and video taken along


the coast near Cardigan at the time to come forward.


Mr Taylor was in a small dinghy, which has since been found.


A businessman, arrested in India, in connection with the murder


of a Cardiff teenager is on the run, after


Mohammed Ali Ege was arrested as part of the investigation


into the death of Amir Siddiqi seven years ago.


The stabbing of teenager Amir Siddiqi in a hallway of his family


home in this leafy part of Cardiff shocked the nation.


The 17-year-old schoolboy had opened the door


Instead, he was confronted by two knife wielding hit men high on


Cardiff Crown Court heard the killers had been paid


A third man, Cardiff businessman Mohammed Ali Ege was


charged with conspiracy to commit murder, but he had left the country.


That contract killing was supposed to be


against a businessman in a


Not a teenager studying for his A-levels.


But the killers went the wrong address.


Instead of going the house at the end of the street,


they went to a house at


In 2011, Ben Hope and Jason Richards were jailed for life at


Cardiff Crown Court for the stabbing.


By this time, Mohammed Ali Ege was in India, where EU later he


was arrested by police for passport and identity forgery.


The British authorities were in the process of


extraditing him to the UK for his alleged crimes in Wales, but now


he has escaped and is on the run again.


Indian police say that while being escorted through a


railway station in Delhi, he climbed through the window of the station


South Wales Police say they will continue to liaise with


the authorities in relation to the ongoing extradition proceedings.


Football and Newport County remain in the League Two relegation zone,


after a heavy 6-1 defeat at Plymouth.


Newport are one point from safety, with just three matches


Elsewhere - Cardiff City beat Nottingham Forest 1-0


in the Championship, and Wrexham came back from behind


to beat York 3-1 in the National League.


Rugby and the players of RGC 1404 are back home after they claimed


They beat Pontypridd in the final at the Principality Stadium.


The Premiership side, based in Colwyn Bay,


What we have achieved and what we continue to achieve


is no surprise to us, because as you all have seen


in the last couple of weeks, we have a hugely talented group


of boys, who are hungry for success and hungry to improve.


Let's see what the weather has in store for the week ahead.


It has been a pretty decent weekend. We can look forward to a lots of dry


weather as we go through this week as well. We have seen some sunshine


in places, but also quite a bit of code. Remaining largely dry and it


will be chilly by night. Here is the satellite picture from earlier


showing the extent of the cloud which has been increasing throughout


the day. The best of the brightness to the west. Through tonight,


showers along the border preaching celebrates and clearing quickly.


Behind that, clear skies and light winds. That is the perfect recipe


for frost of form. Overnight lows getting down to two Celsius in towns


and cities. Holder in rural areas. Tomorrow, high-pressure continuing


to control the weather. A lot of fine and settled weather to look


forward to, but it will be a chilly start to the morning. Frosty in


places, lots of sunshine to look forward to and through the day,


we'll start to see the cloud increasing. That will make the


sunshine hazy by the time we head into the afternoon. The winter light


and coming from an easterly direction. As we head into tomorrow


night, variable amounts of cloud and clear skies. It will be another


chilly night with those tempted getting down to around two Celsius.


Again, we could see a touch of frost in places. As we head into


Wednesday, high-pressure is hanging onto our weather, so we can look


forward to more settled conditions. This weather front will bring a


little bit of code later on Wednesday. First thing in the


morning, chilly with sunshine to look forward to. Through the day,"


increase from the ninth. Tadic is getting up to about 13 Celsius.


Tadic is getting up to about 13 Celsius.


I'll be back with the late update at 10:40pm.


From all of us on the programme, good evening.


Hopefully you managed to enjoy some good weather this Easter. It has not


been ideal but it has not been that bad. Pretty cold tonight. Sharp




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