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Prime Minister Theresa May made up her mind to call the election


on her recent walking trip to Snowdonia.


She is right. She is now going to the country to get that endorsement


and I am behind her all of the way. We are behind Jeremy Corbyn and we


will be out there fighting for a Labour victory on the 8th of June.


Swing constituencies like this - will be where the election


I have not made up my mind yet. I would want to be voted in and not


just given the job. My gut feeling is it will not change anything.


The cavity wall insulation causing rot, damp and heartache.


Why aren't people who cause cruelty kept on an animal


And Michael Bogdanov - one of the Wales's most


controversial theatre directors has died.


Theresa May said she made the "reluctant" decision


while walking in Snowdonia over Easter - tonight politicians


representing Wales have been reacting to the Prime Minister's


Speaking from Downing Street, Theresa May said -


a general election is the only way to guarantee certainty and stability


From Westminster, our parliamentary correspondent David Cornock.


To reason may's holiday snaps. It was on this break in Snowdonia that


the Prime Minister changed her mind and decided to call these that


collection. It was with reluctance that I decided that the country


needs this collection but it is with strong conviction that we need


strong and leadership to see us through Brexit and beyond. Our


announcement caught everybody here at Westminster by surprise. The


pundits, even the bookmakers and the politicians, too. The First Minister


said the timing was odd. Clyde Comrie said it was cynical.


Tomorrow, most Labour, Plaid can rate and Labour MPs will vote to


hold a early general election. The Tories are using the means of


no-confidence vote to get their own way. This is what is going to happen


whether we are in favour of it or not. We are going to take every


opportunity and as for my fellow members, we are looking forward to


the chants. There is an energy and politics in Wales. Labour see it as


a chance to regain power in Westminster. We are not concerned.


We have released policies we are proud of, such as raising the


minimum wage to ?20 by 2020. We have put them into a manifesto and we are


ready to go. We are behind Jeremy and we will be out there fighting


for a Labour victory on the 8th of June. Byron Davies, you have the


smallest majority in the whole of the UK. I deny this? Not at all. I


am very confident. I am pleased the Prime Minister has gone to the


country. The Labour Party is in disarray. The Prime Minister is


right. She's going to the country to get that endorsement and I am behind


her all the way. Voters in Wales will send 40 MPs to Westminster. The


boundary changes which would have cut it to 20 will not happen for


now. Ukip will hope to build on their breakthrough. Neil Hamilton


was an MP once. It is opportunism on her part. Bring it on. It is a time


to clear out a bit of dross. If the election occurs, I have got to stand


in it. It remains to be seen whether Mike Branch wants me but I am up for


the fight. -- whether my branch wants me. They are hoping their


opposition to Brexit will build a comeback. There is no strong


opposition and so with this coming election, we liberal Democrats will


have to be that opposition. It is a long way to go but we have already


done it in local elections and by-elections. The Prime Minister


says that after last year's vote to leave the European Union, there will


be no turning back. It is quite a move from the Prime Minister, isn't


it? It is a big surprise. She surprised everyone here, including


her own ministers who only found out before that statement at 11 o'clock.


Among them was the Secretary of State for Wales. How surprised where


you? The Prime Minister said at the outset of the meeting she had a


statement to make and she intended to call a general election. She


explained that is the difficult decision. It is about providing the


certainty and security country needs is being renegotiated to leave the


European Union but also delivering that plan that the Prime Minister


launched in Cardiff. We had certainty because we knew the


election was going to be in 2020. She said there was not going to be


an early general election. If we cannot trust her on that, why trust


her on anything else? We are in this position reluctantly but we have


seen the opposition parties are using the parliamentary process to


disrupt the negotiations and leaving the Prime Minister any weaker


position to negotiate with the European Union. This will strengthen


the Government's hand to get the best deal for Wales and the United


Kingdom and deliver on that plan for Britain which is so important. It is


not just about Brexit, it is about improving the standards of education


and health care and delivering for everyone. We are


having an election because the Prime Minister is afraid of parliamentary


scrutiny? Not at all. This is about strengthening her hand and providing


the stability and certainty the country needs we can negotiate that


plan, as there are elections in France and Germany and so we note


the UK will be there on an equal footing looking to five years but


beyond the term. You have been talking about Brexit and she is


talking about Brexit. Looks like are having another referendum. The plan


for Britain is just as important as the decision to leave the European


Union. The Prime Minister was in Cardiff launching it and underlining


the importance of the union of the K and we want to be a Government who


works for every part. -- UK. This is about launching a manifesto that


shows we are a Government that works for everyone in matter what hard of


the UK you come from. This is about delivering the right thing for the


country because it is the right thing to do. Thank you very much.


The Prime Minister cannot just call a general election these days. Under


the law, the MPs have two bought for one. Tomorrow, the MPs will start a


90 minute debate about the fact of the general election on June the


eight. The Prime Minister needs a two thirds majority. She will get


that and there will be a general election on the 8th of June.


After Wales voted in favour of leaving the EU, how


could the General Election in June change the political landscape here?


Let's look at how the vertical map currently looks. 40 seats is Labour,


with 25. Followed by the Conservatives with 11 seats. The


Liberal Democrats have just one seat. One of the closest run


constituencies on the 20 15th general election was Bridge end,


where Labour beat the Conservatives by just 1900 votes. Voters they are


also voted for Brexit. British politics is proving to be quite the


ride. The latest twist, the unexpected announcement of the


election has thrown Westminster into another spin. The announcement was


quite a turnaround. She denied there would be a snap general election.


These things are normally held on the same issues, the economy and


taxes. She has made it clear there will only be one issue and that is


Brexit. This is going to be very tricky for a Labour at this general


election because they are going to be talking about a Brexit that they


did not want their traditional voters backed. For the other


parties, this may be an opportunity to pick up seats but that will be


down to local factors. Westminster might be back from its break, but


the holidays continued here. Theatre-goers were seeking thrills


of another kind and many unaware of the news. That is going to be a


general election on June the 8th. What do you make of that? I am


surprised. It was a massive surprise but I can see her reason for it. She


is a strong women. If it was me, I would want people to at in and not


just given the job. There is a lot of confusion with Brexit and what is


going on with the country and its direction. Hopefully it will unify


things. If I thought Brexit route chains, I would change who I would


vote for. But I do not think that will be the case. Brexit is done now


and we need to move on and focus on issues that are important people.


This will be one of the constituencies to keep an eye on. It


has been a safe Labour seat for decades but at the last general


election, Labour only had around a 2000 vote majority over the


Conservatives and we voted for Brexit. What way will it have in


this unprecedented general election? There not any obvious seats that


conservatives are in contention for, but as the last years have shown us,


anything can happen. The Conservatives will hope they can


wrestle other pro-Brexit seats off of labour if their current lead in


the pool halls up. They are likely to have tough... Ukip will hope they


can to, after success at the last election. The Prime Minister has


taken a gamble of words that Cook career. She is odds-on favourite but


with seven weeks until the election and the unpredictability of


politics, even she must know anything can happen. Let's go to


Cardiff Bay and speak to our vertical editor. Labour may be the


biggest party in Wales but they are not thrilled of the prospect of an


election, are at the? That is right. It is a contrasting response today.


A animated LeAnn weird seeing she thinks it is game on. She has not


ruled out standing in this election. -- LeAnn route. The leader of the


Welsh Labour, the First Minister, questioning the timing and


questioning whether it was in the national interest and even


questioning the effect of peace or Northern Ireland. It seems like he


was talking about anything other than the vulnerability of


parliamentary seats in Wales held by Labour. It is worth remembering that


two years ago the Conservatives were effective in the general election


and the calculation from the Conservatives will be that we'll is


footed to leave and as a result, there will be huge number of people


across Wales who will want to give the Prime Minister a mandate to take


the UK out of the European union. The secretary of state in the


interview now said it will not be a rerun of the referendum but what do


you think? Yes, it is fascinating. It is interesting that within


certain parties, particularly those pro-remain parties, they think the


referendum last year was a mess at a hotshot porch of ideas. Now that


people in Wales have had the time to absorb the economic implications


they will think again about how they voted. On the flip the Conservatives


feel there are many people on the blood cult bubble in Wales who are


still in denial and in the middle who are trying to strike a ground


saying they respect the leave vote in Wales but having to be acutely


aware of the economic consequences of what legal means across Wales. It


will not be all about Brexit but it is hard to see past Brexit at the


moment. -- in a bubble in Wales. Dyfed-Powys Police are continuing


to appeal for information about a 90-year-old Lancashire man -


missing off the coast near Cardigan. also known as Archie,


took his small sailing dinghy out to sea from


Teifi Boat Club on Saturday. The search for him has been scaled


back, but police are continuing to appeal for information


from anybody who may have If they have seen anyone in


distress, get in contact with us and I would appeal for anyone who was in


and around the area up as far as Newquay to remain vigilant and if we


do see anything suspicious, contact us immediately on one 01.


A 30-year-old man has been charged with causing death


by dangerous driving after a woman was killed in a car


was driving a white BMW when a collision involving


a Volkswagen Transporter van took place in the Pentir area last


The jury in the trial of a psychiatrist accused


of sexually abusing some of his patients in South Wales


will continue deliberating its verdicts tomorrow.


77-year-old Dr Brian Harris is standing trial at


He denies 13 counts of sexual abuse - including rape -


against five men between 1991 and 20-11.


It's supposed to make homes more energy efficient,


but thousands of properties across Wales could be


at risk of developing rot, damp and structural problems


because of cavity wall installation that's been incorrectly injected.


The MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams is calling on the UK Government


to take responsibility of a situation.


On the outside you can see where all the bricks


have blown, they are the


Mother of three Anna Phillips from Barry


brought her three-bedroom home in 2004.


She started having problems seven years


cavity wall installation installed by the previous owners.


We have got this wall here that leads up to the


All the tiling is black and the ceiling is black


Due to it being a box bedroom, you cannot move his bed


My bedroom and the back girls' bedroom, all the mould is starting


Everything material wise, toys, clothes,


shoes, as soon as it touches it, we are binning it.


They have asthma and they are continuously coughing.


You can have the heating on all day and you don't


Around 900,000 homes in Wales have been built with cavity


walls, according to a report by the construction


The Welsh Government recognises a need to improve


insulation in older housing stock, but according to industry experts,


Approximately two thirds of Wales would fall within a locality which


is described as very exposed to driving wind and rain.


Some locations will be even more exposed, some as the heads


of the valley and coastal locations and properties facing the west or


For over a decade, companies backed by


Government grants have been fitting the installation into houses which


Campaigners want the problem to be addressed urgently and


the issue will be debated in Westminster tomorrow.


I want the Government to take some responsibility for this dreadful


Something which is quickly developing into a scandal, I think.


There seems to be no information about the number of cases


of cavity wall insulation that


People who are suffering are not being helped to come forward.


The UK Government says they are committed


to ensuring consumers are protected when choosing cavity wall


For now, Anna's plight continues as she lives with the


There are calls tonight for an animal offenders' register,


after criticism there's no clear way to enforce a ban on people


The RSPCA says 11 people have been prosecuted


but fear the true number could be much higher.


What we rely on is member of the public or call us when they spot


cruelty in the first police that the call us again when they know


somebody has been banned but have a dog or a rabbit again. We do not


have resources to do is spot checks on everybody so we rely on members


of the public to felt as then. One way to stop people having animals is


to have this register in place. The prison's watchdog says there's


been a deterioration in safety at a young offenders


institution in Bridgend. Inspectors at Parc prison found


the number of assaults on staff had increased and many


cases of bad behaviour went unchallenged, some


offenders were even rewarded The director at the unit says


training is being reviewed. The renowned Welsh theatre director


Michael Bogdanov has died. He was 78 and had a heart


attack on Easter Sunday. He was best known for


directing Shakespeare, but his pioneering style meant


he courted controversy, too. Our arts and media correspondent


Huw Thomas looks back at his life. Michael Bogdanov was the director


who took his passion for theatre to He formed his own Shakespeare


Company, 12 Olivier awards and made his mark


as a radical director In the 1980s, he directed


at the National Theatre in London, where he ended up in the dock


for pushing the boundaries. The Romans in Britain


featured a scene of male rape, which angered the morality


campaigner Mary Whitehouse, whose private prosecution


was unsuccessful. Theatre for young people


was a particular passion but so was promoting his homeland, where


he called for a National Theatre of Wales for years before


it was eventually established. He was a very passionate


man, very passionate about Wales and the arts and very


knowledgeable about the arts and a He could be cantankerous and funny


and witty and challenging. Slow clocks, quick


clocks, pendulum... He brought some of his oldest


friends to Swansea grand Theatre in 2014, directing 36 hours


of readings of Dylan Thomas's works There is a huge buzz


around the theatre and also around the town


because these kind of events He had recently been


in talks about more I was with him two weeks


ago. We were talking about


with Whoopi Goldberg. She came to one of his master


classes and he brought her I saw a letter from Colin Farrell


saying, thank you for giving You do not forget it when people


give you that chance. He died on holiday in


Greece over the Easter weekend and leaves five children


and a legacy as one of our most Let's return to our top story -


MPs will vote tomorrow on whether to In a surprise announcement


Prime Minister Theresa May said she wants to go to


the polls on June 8th. She needs the support of two thirds


of MPs for that to happen. Let's get a final word


from our Welsh Affairs This has caught everyone by


surprise, hasn't it? Yes, this is the Government has an overall


majority which would be regarded normally as a reasonable working


majority. When we have had collections close together in the


past, is because the Government lacks that majority. The Prime


Minister has decided the majority she has is not sufficient. Maybe she


feels she is too easily pressurised by groups in the Conservative Party


and she needs a bigger majority if she wants cohesion in Parliament. It


is a big gamble. When ever you choose to go to the polls early,


there is always a danger the electorate may turn around and say,


no, thank you. Elections come along as quickly as buses these days. This


is going to be different kind of the election, isn't it? This will be the


fifth time the people in Wales will be asked to go to the polls in two


years. It could lead to the low turnout. A lot of the campaign will


revolve around the parties trying to get out the vote. We are going to


see a campaign that has not been planned in many ways. There are not


the grids there. There will not be television debates probably. The


Conservatives say that will not be many press conferences. This is an


odd election and because of that, it is an unpredictable election. The


range of possible results is very wide on this occasion. No television


debates, definitely? That appears to be the case. The Prime Minister says


she is not willing to take part and it would be unlikely the


broadcasters would hold the debate that did not hold the Prime


Minister. In 1964 there were none until 76. We might not see a debate


again until the couple more general elections. Thank you very much.


In the more immediate future - let's see what the weather has in store -


After a mixed weekend, looking dry and settled over the week to come.


Patchy rain at times and warm earth by day and chilly nights. Some cloud


and clear skies. Temperatures will drop away and a frost will form in


brutal sports. Lows of two Celsius and Calder in the countryside. High


pressure is in charge tomorrow and this cold front will edge closer to


the coast of Wales. Some frost and a chilly and bright start. As that


front edges closer together, cloud will thicken from the north and west


in the afternoon. Thick enough for the odd spot of drizzle but staying


dry for most. Wins remain light on top temperatures of 13 Celsius. That


front moved southwards tomorrow and drizzle. Mist and fog but not as


cold as the past two nights. Those of six Celsius. Thursday, the odd


spot of drizzle but most places will state drive. More


cloud around and sunny spells. He westerly wind and fuelling pleasant


than any sunshine. 14 Celsius. A cold front will move southwards and


later on Friday, a dry start but patchy rain later on. It will turn


Calder and a chilly start to next weekend. Largely dry and settled


over the next days but patchy rain at times. Northerly winds bringing


equal quarter starting next weekend but some sunny spells, too. Thank


you. The headlines again, the Prime Minister has cold for a snap general


election on the 8th of June. She said Britain needs certainty, and


strong leadership following the EU referendum. She will need


parliamentary approval. A debate will be held tomorrow. It is with


reluctance that I decided the country need this election. It is


with strong conviction that I see it is necessary to have the strong


leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond. More


on the website. I will have an update at 8pm and the news at 10pm.


Thank you for watching. Good evening.


We've got an armed man on the run with a child.


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