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The general election will be held on June 8th.


I see no reason to have one at the moment except the Prime Minister has


decided to cut and run and I think it's a cover-up. Difficulties with


the Brexit negotiations. So what are the burning


issues for voters? Our Political Editor heads


to Swansea to find out. What is this election about the you?


I want to get out of Europe with all those people telling us what to do


about our country. Also tonight, a man tells an inquest


how he woke up to find his flat on fire and saw flames coming


from the tumble dryer. The most high profile movie to be


financed by the Welsh Government. Why its Bafta-winning


star loved filming here. In tonight's sport: 12 Welsh players


picked for the tour to New Zealand. Among them, Sam Warburton,


who gets the call from coach I was in a supermarket car park, my


wife was getting bread and milk. I hang up the first time because I


thought it was one of the boys messing around.


Wales and the rest of the UK will go to the polls in just 50 days


The Prime Minister's decision was overwhelmingly backed by 522 MPs


with just one of the 40 Welsh members, Labour's Ann


So, the campaign will soon be underway in earnest with the parties


all fighting for our votes on June the 8th.


Let s head to Westminster now and our Parliamentary


Barely a day after Theresa May surprised us all with that


revelation that she wants an early general election the Prime Minister


now has her date. June the 8th. MPs are starting to focus on the battle


ahead. Successful prime ministers


get their own statues here. The more celebrated


in Parliament Square across the road In his day, MPs had no say


over election timing. But this afternoon, they spent


ninety minutes debating whether to allow Theresa May to call


an early general election. The official campaign won't get


started until next month. We welcome the opportunity for the


people of Wales to change our course in the long-term, away from Labour's


government in Cardiff, away from this centralised government in


London, cutting our path towards prosperity, social justice and a


confident place for Wales in the world.


Plaid Cymru's three MPs voted for an early poll.


The eyes to the right, 522. The nose to the left, 13.


I see no reason to have one except the Prime Minister has decided to


cut and run. It's a cover-up because of her difficulties with the Brexit


the ghostly Asians which day by day as they unfold shows it's not going


to be easy. So with the starting gun


fired and fifty days This parliament will end 25 working


days before the election, The next day, elections will be held


in all 22 councils in Wales During the rest of May


and the first week of June, Before we elect a new UK


government on the 8th of June. I am delighted to be going to


another general election. Political parties are now working


on their manifestos. I will be on the doorstep saying


what we have done in government, how we've helped pensioners and all


aspects of society and building on a manifesto which will deliver for


everyone in this country. The Liberal Democrats,


after a few lean years, What would be a good result? It is


not much fun being the only Welsh Liberal Democrats in the House of


Commons. I won't give you any predictions but you will see


candidates and the manifesto but I wasn't agony here.


In changing her mind about an early election,


Theresa May has taken a political gamble.


If she wins on June the eighth and can make a success


of Brexit Conservative MPs may one day want to see a statue


of their leader take its place in Parliament Square.


Tonight, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are both out on the campaign


trail. The Prime Minister appealing to voters to give her a mandate to


do Brexit fairway. Jeremy Corbyn already ruling out any coalition


between Labour and the SNP. Plenty more of that to come. Only 50 days


to go. As we heard from David,


much of the election debate so far But the next UK government


will also have responsibility over issues like taxes,


pensions and security. So what will be the most


important issue when you come Our political editor Nick Servini


has been in Swansea to find out. 24 hours on and voters in Swansea


are still die jesting news of the snap general election. Swansea


epitomises so much of our -- about Wales 's relationship with the EU.


Investment from Brussels is everywhere and yet exactly like the


UK average 52% of people in Swansea voted to leave. So the conventional


wisdom goes that when it comes to a general election it's all about the


pound in your pocket, how much taxation up a and even things like


the Blick sector cuts. But how does that work this time round? When it


appears to be all but one thing. What about the you? I want to get


out of Europe with all those people telling us what to do about our


country. Our country should be our country. We don't need a general


election vote that. I know but these people up back stabbing her all the


time. What you think about this general election being called? I'm


not surprised. What is it about the you? Personally I voted out. It's


about Brexit because she is not getting support in parliament to


take it any further. What do you think about another election?


Anything that could slow the Tories hurtling towards a hard Brexit I


think is a good thing. Two solid Labour held constituencies with very


high public sector employment will be up for grabs here. Jeremy


Corbyn's and Yosemite ticket should play well. We'll have the


traditional divisions. The day for 70 leading has passed. Now I think


there is this general idea that we need to protect ourselves with


Brexit and there does seem to be a public narrative that the best way


to do that is to rein in public spending. And if the next seven


weeks are a rerun of the referendum the old divisions will resurface.


What is this election about the you? Backing the government on Brexit but


also getting the support of all the MPs behind. Who are you going to


vote for? I don't know. I might not even vote at all. I voted to stay


in. I voted out. You've had a lot of arguments about this. What about the


general election? There are normally plenty of issues for people to chew


over in election but this is no normal vote.


That was the view from Swansea and over in Rhondda they could see


one of the heavyweight battles of the election campaign in Wales.


But tonight Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has said


she has still not decided whether to challenge


It's a seat she dramatically won at last year's Assembly election.


More from our political reporter Cemlyn Davies.


Leanne Wood's shock win was the standard result of last year 's


assembly election. After a hard-fought campaign the Plaid Cymru


leader beat the experienced high-profile Labour incumbent. Year


on she is considering trying to repeat the feat. I have not ruled


anything in or out. I think it's vital that Wales has the strongest


team of Plaid Cymru MP is possible after this election and in order to


have the strongest team we have to put forward our strongest


candidates. I am confident we can win this seat whether I am the


contrary the knot. You are thinking about it then. We are thinking about


everything at the moment. There is a feeling within Plaid Cymru the party


will never have a better chance to take this seat at the Westminster


level and Leanne Wood would be the best candidate. They have in the


shape of Leanne Wood a charismatic leader, especially on her own patch


in the Rhondda where people believe she is a different kind of


politician and it might be enough to make that significant breakthrough


at Westminster. Could anyone other than Leanne Wood win this for Plaid


Cymru? I don't think so. If Leanne Wood does stand will be a gamble for


her and her party. A win would see her elected to the Commons but she


would lose his seat in the assembly sparking a by-election Plaid Cymru


could easily lose. She would also have to stand down as leader because


of the existing party rules, that post must be held by an Assembly


Member. The current MP for the Rhondda Chris Bryant did not want to


comment on spec Laois and today but confirmed earlier on Twitter he will


be standing again. Leanne Wood says she and the party will make a


decision soon but for now all cards are on the table and it isn't clear


whether the Plaid Cymru leader will Stickle twist.


Dyfed Powys Police has launched a murder investigation


following the death of a 19-year-old woman nearly a week after


Katrina Evemy was in a critical condition in hospital


following the incident at Graig Avenue on Thursday.


A 21-year-old man was charged with attempted murder,


but police are now treating her death as murder.


A psychiatrist accused of thirteen charges of sexual assault


against five of his male patients has been found not guilty


A jury at Merthyr Crown Court has found Dr Brian Harris not guilty


of an indecent assault back in 1991 and a rape in 2009.


Jurors are still deliberating on the eleven remaining charges.


Tata Steel, which employs 6,000 people in Wales,


A man has described trying in vain to save his boyfriend


from a fire at his home, thought to have started


Garry Lloyd Jones from Llanrwst was giving evidence at the inquest


into the deaths of 19-year-old Bernard Hender and his


business partner Douglas McTavish in October 2014.


Receiving support from friends and relatives of those who died Adam


Lloyd Jones was the first witness to give evidence at the inquest. He


showed BBC Wales the devastation the blaze caused just a week after his


boyfriend and business partner were killed in the fire. It is thought


the fire was started by a tumble dryer. Gary Lloyd Jones told the


inquest the night before the fire he noticed that humble dryer was


switched off with the door open and towels inside. He woke up early the


next morning with the flat full of smoke and he saw flames coming from


the drum of the dryer. He went back to the bedroom and grabbed Bernard


Hender telling him to get out. He broke away and shock saying he can


find the doorway because of the smoke. Gary Lloyd Jones said he had


the teenager scream and that was the last time you heard him. He crawled


out and dialled 999. Bernard Hender was described as having a zest for


life. His business partner Douglas McTavish managed the best road where


he worked as a chef. The inquest also heard from firefighters were


called to the scene. Officers concluded the origin of the blaze


was around the two tumble dryers in the laundry room. The inquest is


expected to hear expert testimony from the manufacturer tomorrow.


Still to come in the programme: It's the toughest test a rugby


12 Wales players picked for the Lions tour of New Zealand.


And the Prime Minister decided to call a snap election


So, is there something about Snowdonia that helps


It's the most high-profile film to be financed


by the Welsh Government, with more than half


"Their Finest" tells a story of people who made propaganda films


One of its stars, the BAFTA-winning actor Bill Nighy, was in Cardiff


last night for the red carpet premiere, where he praised Wales


He was speaking to our Arts and Media correspondent Huw Thomas.


People like films because story is a structure.


Good things turn bad, it's still part of the plan.


Their Finest follows the film crews battling to boost morale


With so many locations and plenty of investment coming from Wales


The red carpet is out, the stars are here and it's


It's the most high-profile film to benefit from the Welsh Government's


?30 million film fund which is managed by Pinewood Studios


The government says it's good business to back films


and that its work in the creative sector over the past six years had


brought ?240 million of investment to Wales.


Their Finest is the first film it has funded that has put so much


of Wales on screen and with a star cast, including Bill Nighy,


They were looking for someone to play a chronically self absorbed,


pompous actor in his declining years and they came to me.


We all have a part to play in defeating Hitler.


He's dead before the end of act three.


We came in October when it was supposed to be wet and grey and it


turned out to be brilliant sunshine so we were very fortunate.


We shot on a sensational beach in Pembrokeshire.


People who didn't know Wales as well as I did were stunned


It could have been anywhere in the world.


The beach was Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire,


Although funding was a big draw for the producers,


shooting in Wales seemed the natural choice.


You can get support for coming to film in Wales but it


felt appropriate to us, not that that was part


of their decision-making process, but our main girl is from Wales,


She is based on a character, an original screenwriter


Former Bond girl Gemma Arthurton takes on the lead role


as well as a Welsh accent with a string of famous faces


It's already been well received a special screenings at some


of the world's top film festivals but it will be released


Tomos is here with news of the Lions squad.


It promises to be one of this summer's sporting highlights,


the Lions tour to New Zealand led by Captain Sam Warburton.


He's one of 12 Welsh players picked, six forwards and six backs.


Coach Warren Gatland has also gone with 16 England players,


11 from Ireland and just two from Scotland.


Scrum V's Ross Harries, who'll be following the Lions for us,


Four months ago Sam Warburton was relieved of the Welsh captaincy.


Today after months of rumour and speculation he was confirmed as


Lions skipper for the second time. In nearly 130 years of Lions history


only one other player, Martin Johnson, has done it twice. I was in


a supermarket car park, my wife was getting some bread and milk, I think


I hang up the first time because I thought it was one of the boys


messing around. One of the things I admire about the Sam, not just as a


player but as a person, his greatest quality is it's not about Sam


Warburton, it's about the team. Ironically it may be easier for him


to captain the Lions than the captain of Wales. He is under huge


pressure as Welsh captain. Sam Warburton is one of 12 Welshmen in


the squad. Three fewer than in 2013. But given that Wales finished fifth


in the six Nations you could argue it is a generous contingent. The ink


didn't dry on his squad until last night and several of the 50-50 calls


were made in favour of his trusted the tenants. Scarlets of the Ken


Owens did enough to deny England captain Dylan Hartley a place. He is


the third image captain in a row to miss out on Lions selection. There


was no place in the squad for England is a row to miss out on


Lions selection. There was no place in the squad for England's strongman


James Haskell like to make way for Ross Moriarty from Wales. And Dan


Biggar's defensive solidity earned him the nod over George Ford. Dan


has played well in the championship. He was outstanding against England.


He understands the control and structure of the game. He will get


on that plane believing everyone can been born in the Test series. A


proud day and believe is a big word, I think it was touch and go and the


flip of a coin and I am glad to be on the right side of it. I am over


the moon. With the suspense finally over those who have made the cat can


now focus on what lies ahead. The most this represents the absolute


pinnacle of their careers but it's also the toughest mission of rugby


-- a rugby player can embark on. And you can find the full Lions


squad on the BBC Sport website. Ryan Day, Wales is only


representative of the world Champion ship resume his first-round tie in a


few minutes. Despite a break of 125, his opponent leads six frames to


free. Welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas has won


stage three of the Tour of the Alps The Team Sky rider made a late


attack to finish just in front Thomas is now 16 seconds ahead


of the rest of the field It was a holiday in Snowdonia


which helped convince the Prime Minister to call a snap


General Election. So was it something in the air,


or just being away from the goldfish We sent Roger Pinney


to Dolgellau to find out. Decisions decisions. Shall I shan't


I? The best? How many of our decisions are as big as the one


Theresa May has just made. For me it's whether to have a beer but of


course not if I'm driving. How about a second slice of pizza? It wasn't


coming to premise which prompted the Prime Minister the change of mind


about holding election. The peace and quiet away from the hustle and


bustle of London, strolling the streets or hiking in the hills. Of


course the decision she has made could change the direction of the


country. How do you make your big decisions? I generally think about


it in my head first, check with my husband if he's in the same way of


thinking and then do the opposite to him. I would rush straight in. Both


feet straight in first. You just go straight for it? Yes. Theresa May is


not the first top Tory to make a decision walking in Snowdonia.


William Hague proposed to his wife in the mountains. Theresa May was


photographed on Palm Sunday leaving church in Dolgellau, perhaps it was


something about St Mary's which motor. I met a churchwarden there.


One considers decision when they are on their own wherever they are. If


you have something on your mind and it's a decision I have to think


about I come to church or go walking. However she reached her


decision there do seem to have been a Theresa May affecting Dolgellau,


at the craft shop with the -- where she bought a ring trade is up.


Across the road she picked up a couple of books, one as a gift for


Angela Merkel. Anyway she has made her decision, now we have seven


weeks to make ours. Well, lovely spring weather to get


out and about at the moment. Sue, what's in store


over the next few days? It has been a bright day for many of


us but cloudier tomorrow. I pressure kept things settled today this cold


front is moving southwards across the UK overnight into tomorrow so as


that front arrives cloud will increase. The odd spot of drizzle


possible on higher ground. Not as cold as the past few nights.


Tomorrow, some early drizzle especially in the hills but most


places will stay dry. Generally a cloudy day but some sunny spells as


well. Light westerly winds and highs of 11 Celsius and Ceredigion.


Tomorrow night starts dry with clear spells but turning cloudy overnight


with a few spots of drizzle starting to push in from the North West.


Cloud holding up the temperatures at seven to 10 Celsius. This cold front


will move southwards later on Friday so Friday is largely financed dry


with sunny spells but the odd isolated shower. Turning cloudy from


the North later on. Temperatures slightly above average. That cold


front does eventually move southwards Friday night in the


Saturday bringing mainly light rain. It hangs around on Saturday but also


a weakening feature so just bringing in the cloud. Behind it the winds


turn more northerly which will introduce cold air. Largely dried


and settled over the next few days but patchy rain at times. A chilly


start the next big end. I pressure building again to bring a more


settled day on Sunday but feeling chilly. Finally, today's picture


from Ken, sunny spells breaking through the cloud in Flintshire.


Wales and the rest of the UK will go to the polls and 50 days for the


general election. The Prime Minister 's decision for a June the 8th vote


was backed by MPs. We'll be back with a quick


update at 8:00pm and after From all of us on the programme,


have a good evening.


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