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I am a Brexit supporter, you are not.


on the campaign trail, the First Minister admits Labour has


a mountain to climb in the general election,


but says he can see Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.


I think people are looking for an alternative. They don't want the


same old they have had for seven years. With claims Labour is in


trouble heading into this campaign, I have come to a height land area to


find out what kind of shape it isn't. -- heart land area to find


out what kind of shape it is in. Karen Kitch has early onset


dementia, now a major new research centre


at Cardiff University will help It'll be for my children, my


grandchildren, because possibly they could have dementia when you're


older and if by that time, they can find a cure, that will me happy.


Refugees hold a special training event to build relationships in the


community and talk about where they came from. It was too hard to live


in Syria. It is not good, lots of people are dying.


the history-makers who've taken the WRU Cup north for the first time


The First Minister Carwyn Jones has admitted that Labour has a mountain


Speaking for the first time since the snap election was called,


he also said it was an opportunity for the UK leader Jeremy


With the party languishing in the polls, how much pressure


Our political editor Nick Servini is in one


of their heartland areas tonight - Merthyr Tydfil.


Appropriately, I have come to be said of a mountain overlooking


Merthyr Tydfil Tippett to be tested very frank admission that Labour has


a mountain to climb. There may be some method here. Labour is trying


to portray itself as the antiestablishment party. Maybe the


party for the underdogs in Wales. And that is something that they feel


clearly comfortable to be seen as. Coming to a doorstep near you, high


profile politicians are back out on the stump. Are you normally a labour


voter? Bill. And it's going to get quite uncomfortable for them as the


First Minister found out. I am a Brexit supporter, you are not. You


haven't tested by your constituency. The Welsh Labour leader of course


won't be ending up in number ten of his party wins in June. Dairy


corporate world. -- Jeremy Corbyn will be. Can you see him as Prime


Minister? Yes, there is no question about that. People have not seen him


in an election campaign. He is passionate and offering an


alternative. We have a long way to go, we know the electorate is


volatile, despite the opinion polls, this is still an election to play


for. Lee Briers lagging in the polls, which had led some to predict


it will struggle. The party currently has 25 out of the 40


parliamentary seats in Wales. -- Labour is lagging in the polls.


Cardiff Central, Newport West, Anglesey and the number in South


Wales could come under pressure. If Labour lead to leg was six, they go


down to less than half in Wales. That hasn't happened very long time.


It will take much longer to rebuild of that happens. There is an


inevitability, there isn't an end to the Labour Party, but it will take a


lot longer to get back to where they used to be. What about its heartland


areas? Merthyr Tydfil says it has a big hard. A big problem for Labour


in places like this is that they supported Brexit. In contrast to


virtually all of the party's leaders. No one realistically expect


any other than Labour to win your. This is Labour territory here, isn't


it? But they voted out. I will not be voting for them. Lee Briers says


they support leaving the EU. It recognises the results. Yes, it's


all a bit watery. I am Labour, I would have been, I will not change


my mind. If everyone had the same opinion as me, they would be in


Downing Street. I think they have lost a few voters. They lost them to


Ukip. Potentially to the Conservatives this time maybe.


Maybe. Stranger things have happened. Over the next seven weeks,


expected to reason me to talk a lot about taking us out of the EU and


controlling our Borders. Expect Jeremy Corbyn to talk a lot about


and your sturdy and taking on the business elites. The question is, in


a place like Merthyr Tydfil which voted to leave, has Jeremy Corbyn


pot class -based rhetoric which has gone down so well over the years


been overtaken by the new language Brexit? All of the parties will come


under intense focus in a frenetic few weeks. But in Wales inevitably,


that means the dominant force Labour will face the biggest questions.


Next, Jeremy Corbyn is saying it is not a foregone conclusion that


Labour will lose, politics is difficult these days. Yes, if it is


the sense that the Conservatives are running away with it, then other


parties and Labour could benefit from the idea that there needs be a


strong opposition. Carwyn Jones will be very much the face of this


campaign in Wales, but the problem is he is not an MP or even the


leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn as. Accusations have already


been said that Welsh Labour is trying to pretend that Jeremy Corbyn


does not exist. He will come to Wales and I think the Welsh and UK


party will try to be cute about this and focus on areas they both agree


on. The obvious example here is a campaign against austerity. Brexit


really is problematic for Labour. The infighting we have seen in


recent years really is problematic as well. It might be OK in a


constituency like Merthyr Tydfil, where maybe there would be a serious


challenge. But it could be a problem in areas where they will face the


challenge. The added challenge is whether after the 8th of June,


Labour reverts to cause the port in former coalfield areas are whether


it remains the dominant parliamentary voice across Wales.


Thank you. Cardiff University has been chosen


as one of the major centres The ?13 million centre


in the capital will be a significant section of the UK's


new Dementia Research Institute. The other towels were


outside, weren't they? From preparing a meal


to doing the laundry, 54-year-old Karen Kitch


from Llanharan, helping hand with daily


tasks from her personal Three years ago, she was told by her


doctor that she had He couldn't tell me how long before


I was in the final part How it was going to be


through the process. He said it was an


individual disease. And have you noticed


that the condition is My children say that over


the last 12 months that they I think that I'm OK,


but, obviously... They say that I have


got a little bit worse. Cardiff University


has already gained international recognition for its


dementia research, but today's announcement means academics


here can take their research a step further and it's all part of


the ?250 million initiative funded Alzheimer's Society


and Alzheimer's Research UK. The is to aim find new ways


to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure for people with dementia and


build on the work which is already I think for those people


with dementia, we can give hope. Our research will


help to design drugs, Probably to cure, to fix it,


the problem, there is a long way to go, but just to modify,


just to slow down the progression, that's


Initially, the University will receive ?13


million to become a UK dementia research Institute Centre.


And the centre is set to become the biggest


investment Wales has ever received first


scientific study into the


With the potential to be awarded a further ?70 million in


research funding over the next five years.


And up to 60 scientific researchers will be employed in


The centre will be one of six across the UK.


They will all collaborate to get the best results.


This happened to Cancer Research about 20 years ago.


Where a lot more investment was put in and sustained.


And now we are reaping the benefits in terms of new


And we needed this large injection of funds and


this is what has happened, so we are very pleased.


Back in her home, Karen welcomes the news.


It's really needed, because I don't think it will be for


my time, but it will be for my children, my grandchildren, because


possibly they could have dementia when they are older.


And if by that time they could find a cure, that


The recruiter process will now begin at the centre


as the fight against dementia continues.


Police investigating a sexual assault on a woman in Barry


are appealing for a man, who gave her a lift in his


The woman had been out in the Park Crescent area


It's believed a man in a silver Lexus offered her a lift.


He's described as white, aged 50 to 60, with white hair


and was wearing orange workmen style trousers.


Doctors a struggling to cope with the influx


Waiting times for patients in A E units in Wales held


Just under 81% of patients were seen in less than four hours.


The target of 95% has never been met.


NHS Wales is still behind on waiting-time targets for patients


to start cancer treatment, but there was a slight improvement


in ambulance response times to life-critical calls.


A tumble dryer at a flat in Llanrwst where two men died in a fire


couldn't be ruled out as the cause despite a lack of


An expert hired by the manufacturer Whirlpool has been presenting his


findings at an inquest into the deaths of Bernard Hender


One of the key questions surrounding the fire at this flat in the centre


of Llanrwst is whether a tumble dryer was to blame.


Seen on the left of these pictures, taken just days after the tragedy,


it's the focus of the inquest into two men who died there.


39-year-old Douglas McTavish, who ran a local bistro, and


19-year-old Bernard Hender, who worked there as a chef, were unable


to escape the thick smoke and flames which tore through the property


Mr Hender's partner Garry Lloyd Jones was able to crawl


out of the building but, suffered from severe carbon


He said yesterday that he woke up in a smoke filled bedroom, before


seeing flames coming from the drum of the tumble dryer,


though it had been swtiched off with the door open the night


Today, a member of the Insitute of Fire Engineers presented his


Appointed by the manufacturer Whirlpool, he said there was no


compelling evidence that the blaze started in the dryer, but it


The company's former product safety director said between 2009 and 2014,


there had been 28 reports of fires where the same type of door


switch was implicated or couldn't be ruled out.


But given that its dryers complete one billion


cycles every 12 days, it hadn't triggered


The inquest is expected to enter a third


Ukip has been continuing its campaign for the local elections


on the streets of Cardiff today, saying it offers a breath


It says councils are under pressure because of immigration


and it will work with other parties if they hold the balance of power.


Here's our political correspondent Arwyn Jones.


The champagne flowed last year after Ukip won seven


seats to the Assembly and claimed they were a big part of the


There were further celebrations after the


Today, a handful of volunteers took to the


streets in Cardiff to try to sell their message.


While there were some happy customers, recently, there has been


a view that the party has lost its cutting edge.


They lost heavily in two important parliamentary by-elections


in England recently and have struggled to attract candidates for


On May the 4th, there will be 1,200 council seats up


for grabs in 22 councils across Wales.


But Ukip will only be fielding candidates in 80 of those


We probably would have liked to have fielded more.


Sometimes, our members aren't keen on standing, because


they don't think sometimes running for Ukip is going to look good


So we do struggle sometimes compared with the other parties.


Ukip as it's willing to work with those other parties to


hold the balance of power on some councils.


Ukip go into these council elections with plenty of policies -


from giving local people priority for social housing, lower council


salaries for staff, to making sure that councils have to have referenda


But the danger for the party will be no-one is listening.


But having played such a prominent role in pulling the United Kingdom


out of the European Union, now Brexit means Ukip


After the last local elections five years


ago, Ukip had two councillors in Wales.


Unless it makes significant gains this year, the questions will


continue about the party's future role on the UK's


Refugees living here hold a special event to help build links


with the community - and say thank you.


And they're rugby's new boys, but they've taken the cup


Now all they need is a trophy cabinet.


A charity is calling for a respite centre,


the first of its kind in Wales , for people with kidney disease.


Kidney Wales say it would allow patients to continue their dialysis


treatment whilst holidaying with loved ones.


Currently there are 10,000 people in Wales living with kidney disease.


Do you want some chocolate? I don't want chocolate, I want sweets.


Whatever the incentive, time together is the real treat


He's waiting for his third kidney transplant.


In the meantime, he has dialysis, where his blood is cleaned


three times a week, for four hours at a time.


And while the kids enjoy cake, mum, Gemma, will be raising


The aim is to build a respite centre,


the first in Wales, offering a space for families


to have a holiday while loved ones continue treatment.


For us as a family to go on holidays and things like that is such a


struggle. It's not easy just to pick a holiday and go, because we still


have to think of dialysis. A unit that they are trying to create will


be so much easier for families. There are 1,400 patients


on dialysis, which can take up And nine out of ten patients


waiting for a transplant are waiting She's been on dialysis


for a year and is getting used She's nervously planning


her first holiday and dialysis abroad


since her diagnosis, but just getting to this


point has been hard. I've accepted it now. I did, you


know... Have a little break down, but I have accepted it now. I have


to build my life around this, because I had been about before and


it's just since this, I haven't. I am going to give it a try.


Now she has her dialysis at home every night.


Wherever she goes, so does her machine,


though she'd like to leave it far behind.


I got 11 hours on dialysis, ten cycles, so I have that in the night,


everything all day. I did have it transpired, but then I had to take


that out. I want another transplant so I can go to Disneyland.


stopping at dialysis centres to hear more experiences


like Shaun's and Gemma's, Mary's and Summer's,


but they won't sit down for long, the walk is the first step


Thousands of Syrian refugees have arrived in the UK


400 of them have been welcomed in Wales.


Today in Ystradgynlais, at the top of the Swansea Valley,


six Syrian families came together to put on a special cultural event


Our reporter Ben Price went along to find out more.


Thousands of miles from home and drinking Arabic coffee in Wales.


This man and his family arrived in Wales eight months ago, having fled


war-torn three. Leaving have his family behind, you said, was the


toughest decision of his life. Translation Mack I have contact with


my family on Facebook, because there is no food or work for them in the


village. -- TRANSLATION:. Having experienced a warm welcome here,


today his wife and mother-in-law adhere to Syrian cuisine to share


with the locals. With thank you for the locals and generosity.


TRANSLATION: This village has been very nice to me, they helped me a


lot and that's where want to stay here forever. It reminds me of my


village in Syria. Down the road at the welcome all, it was all hands on


deck as everyone chipped in to prepare for a cultural celebration.


Six families from Syria have recently settled here. Among them


are many young children, including the 11-year-old. It was too hard to


live in Syria. It is not good. Of people are dying. It's so hard. Was


at a very scary? Yes. When you came to Wales, how different was that? It


a lot different. Yes. Had he made friends here? I have made lots of


friends. -- have you made friends here? Familiar with entertainment,


it's probably the first time this welcome all has showcased theory on


dancing with everyone playing the part. With enough food to feed an


entire time, be sweet and savoury dishes proved to be a very popular


choice. We have a proud history welcoming refugees going back to the


1930s were people fleeing been at least in Europe. That perspective,


that was a real concern, but you are quite right. It isn't as diverse as


big cities, that was a big fear in the back but as you can see from


today, the community have welcomed the families families with open


arms. The Syrian families say they are happy to call will their new


home. He clear sign there remains a welcome in the hillside. Ben Price


reporting. Former Wales manager


and midfielder Gary Speed will be inducted into


the National Football Speed, who made 536


Premier League appearances, is being honoured for his dedication


to the game. The former Wales captain,


who died in 2011, will be inducted at ceremony


in September this year. Rugby now and after the excitement


of yesterday's Lions Squad announcement, focus returns


to the end of the domestic season. In the WRU Premiership,


there are still play-off RGC14-04, who made history on Sunday


by taking the WRU Cup to north Wales Back in training at their Colwyn Bay


home and the scale of what they've The experiment, the project


to boost the game's It was something some may have


doubted would ever happen. Silverware for a trophy cabinet


they still haven't bought. It still hasn't sunk


in, to be honest. It's something that we've tried


to develop on each year. When we first started


five years ago. So, to reach the final


in our first year of Premiership, it's


absolutely fantastic. First, RGC, then Pontypridd


had the upper hand. Seven times finalists


in the last ten. And in the crowd,


cheering on the win, are juniors from


Colwyn Bay Rugby club. The family had stayed


on in Cardiff for a feud is. It just promotes


rugby in north Wales. You know, for the


children came to see it, it just gives them


something to aspire to. It gives them something to aim


towards, doesn't it? And back in his studio,


the cartoonist Mumph, a keen supporter of RGC,


he was at the stadium on Sunday. Gog the goat, the club's unofficial


mascot, is one of his creations. The future is exceptionally


exciting, I think. I know that there may well be


plans that maybe one day RGC can become a professional


full-time region, Competing with the That may happen, it may not,


but it's going to be such an exciting process to see them


try and develop that and make it But RGC's creation isn't


without its critics, who question the perceived level of support


from the Welsh Rugby union. Nonetheless, a squad


average age less than 22, more than 90% north Walean, has just


achieved something very special - With just under two months to go


before the Champions League final is held in Cardiff, a team


of cleaners has absailed the Principality Stadium


to polish the 300 foot venue. The game on June the 3rd is expected


to be watched by 180 million people It's too far ahead to


say what the weather will be like in June,


but what about the next few days? April is normally one


of the driest months of the year. We'd only had about 14mm.


been well below average. And over the next few days, there's


not a lot of rain in the forecast. A few gaps, but cloud increasing


again later in the night with the odd spot of rain


in the north. Temperatures not falling too low,


six to nine Celsius. Down to five in one


or two rural spots. Tomorrow, high pressure remains


in charge, but this cold front over Here's the picture


for 8am in the morning. In the north, the cloud maybe thick


enough in places for a spot of rain, A few spots of rain


in mid and north Wales. Lots of cloud but a few places


will brighten-up in the afternoon Top temperatures 12 to 16 Celsius


with a light to moderate breeze. In Merionydd tomorrow -


mostly cloudy. The odd spot of rain,


otherwise a lot of dry weather. Some brighter spells


and feeling pleasant. Overnight cloud will thicken


in the north with spots of rain. The odd spot of rain


otherwise mostly dry. And it will tend to brighten-up


with some sunshine. Mind you, if you're


gardener - watch out. Saturday night will turn cold


with a widespread ground frost. Some sunshine but cloud will


build-up during the day with one it looks like the thermals


will come in handy again! Arctic winds are heading our way


bringing colder air Hail, thunder, sleet and a little


snow on the mountains. A reminder of our first story:


Carwyn Jones has admitted Labour have a mountain to climb in the


general election. Speaking sins the general election has been called, he


said it was an opportunity for a Jeremy Corbyn to prove himself.


We'll be back later tonight at 10:30pm with more updates.


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