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Welcome to Wales Today. Tonight's headlines:


Hundreds of Labour supporters turn out to welcome leader Jeremy Corbyn.


He set out his agenda for the general election


We are offering justice across the country, we are offering


housing opportunities to people, we are offering education


opportunities, we are offering an economic policy that works


for all, invests for all and invests for the future.


Cardiff North is one of the main battlegrounds in this election.


Jeremy Crobyn needs to win in places like this if he's to become


Sam Gould has been diagnosed with bowel cancer aged just 33.


Now he's fighting to raise awareness of the symptoms


My three young children, aged five, three and one, for them I want to


live and beat this, for them, because I love them so much.


A million pound supermarket swindle - the company secretary is jailed.


Bringing the Champions League trophy to Cardiff, but ahead of June's


Competition organisers tell us they're considering closing the roof


amid fears the stadium could be hit by a drone attack.


And he was one half of the '70s entertainment duo Ryan and Ronnie.


40 years after his death, how Ryan Davies is being remembered.


It was the first campaign visit by a party leader hoping


to be Prime Minister after the general election.


Hundreds of Labour supporters have turned out in Cardiff to greet


Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, who set out his agenda,


which he described as a journey of hope and excitement.


Mr Corbyn was in one of the constituencies Labour


Here's our political correspondent Arwyn Jones.


Whether he goes, supporters follow. Today has been no exception. They


came to hear his message of wanting to raise everybody's living


standards and to heap praise on what he calls successes of the Labour run


Welsh Government. We are offering an economic policy that works for all,


that invests for all and invest for the future. The government is


determined to grow the economy and grow the opportunities for people.


You were heaping praise on the Welsh Government, a Labour run Welsh


Government, but that is a double-edged sword because there are


successes but there are also problems, especially in education.


They have had a ?9 billion cut in their budget from the UK Government,


they need to make sure that children get free school meals, they have an


investment programme. It is my great pleasure to introduce the leader of


the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Relationships between Jeremy Corbyn


and the Labour leader in Wales are said to be cordial but nothing more.


But for Jeremy Corbyn's supporters, they were happy with what they


heard. What I heard was absolute ambition, solidarity, unification,


reaching out to a majority of what people want and what they actually


need. Everything he says is practical, policies that can be put


into place. It is no surprise that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour decided to


come to Cardiff North to launch their campaign in Wales. If the


party is to have any chance of forming the next UK Government, this


is exactly the kind of seat it needs to be taking from the Conservatives.


For much of the past four decades, it has been held by the party in


power. I really can't believe this has happened. Julie Morgan's win in


1997 broke the Tory hold on the seat through the Thatcher and major


years. She held it until 2010 when it was Russell back by the


Conservatives by just 194 votes. So the Conservatives keep Cardiff


North. The failure of Labour to win five years later and an increased


Tory majority helps David Cameron back into Downing Street. John has


run this furniture shop for decades and is a lifelong Tory supporter. If


Jeremy Corbyn came in here, what would he have to do to convince you


to back him? That's a very good question. He would have two really


convince me a lot that the Labour Party are going to do what I want


out of a government. The choice before the electorate is obviously


hard-working Conservatives a length and breadth of Wales and the UK


under the strong leadership of Theresa May and the Conservative


team that has delivered record economic growth against the chaos


and confusion of Jeremy Corbyn. This was Jeremy Corbyn's first visit


to Wales since the election was called on Tuesday. Similar events


have been organised across the UK over the next seven weeks. He'll be


hoping for a warm reception on June the 8th.


Arwyn, as you said, a warm welcome for Mr Corbyn,


but it's not his core supporters he needs to convince.


No, exactly, and make no bones about it, it will have been a good booster


seat hundreds of his supporters turn out in Cardiff today but it's not


enough for him to rely on the votes of Labour supporters. Take a place


like Cardiff North, the Conservatives have got a majority of


2000 votes. It is those voters they need to attract. And not just here


in Cardiff but in places like dour and the Vale of Clwyd. It's not


impossible for Labour to window seats back, despite what you might


read in the opinion polls, because if you look at last year's Assembly


elections, they managed to hold on there. People vote differently in


Assembly elections than they do in general elections but that raises an


interesting question, how does Labour in Wales play this? Do they


revert to the election campaign they had last year which was so


successful or do they throw all their bags into the Corbin back and


hopefully that message will pay dividends across the UK. It will be


an interesting way to see how that goes for them.


A man from Caerphilly diagnosed with bowel cancer aged just 33 years


old says he's determined to beat it and has urged people


Last summer, Sam Gould led the campaign in Wales


He's now campaigning to raise awareness of the disease,


which is far more common in older people.


A video made from his hospital bed which he hopes will save lives.


After surgery, Mr Gould told me he put some of his symptoms down


It took bleeding when he went to the toilet to get much worse


When they got my biopsy results, they said, we need to operate


on you as soon as possible, we've got no choice.


My wife, my three young children, aged five, three and one,


but for them, I want to live and beat this.


For them, because I love them so much.


I want to do everything I can to ensure that others can know


the symptoms so that they don't wait until they are stage two,


stage three or staged four, like me, to react to symptoms


Every year in Wales, 2,200 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer.


Across the UK, nine out of ten new cases are in the over 50s


2,500 are diagnosed under the age of 50.


The symptoms you should be aware of are bleeding from your bottom


or blood in your urine, a change in bowel habits


lasting three weeks or more, extreme tiredness,


a loss of appetite or a pain or lump in your tummy.


These symptoms are also the symptoms of many other common,


less serious bowel conditions, but if you have any of the symptoms,


it's really important that you see your GP straightaway


We are all a bit embarrassed to talk about poo and going to the toilet


but your GP isn't embarrassed about that


Mr Gould faces more surgery or chemotherapy.


Determined to fight his illness, determined too that others


South Wales Police is appealing for information about the whereabouts


Lance Kugel Craig Roberts from Conwy, Lance Corporal Edward Maher


and Corporal James Dunsby died of heat exhaustion after taking part in


the exercise on one of the hottest days of the year. The new report


concludes similar incidents could happen in future.


South Wales Police is appealing for information about the whereabouts


of a Cardiff businessman who has escaped police custody in India.


Mohammed Ali Ege was arrested there in connection with the murder


of the Cardiff teenager Aamir Siddiqi seven years ago.


He was awaiting extradition but escaped through a window


A fire that resulted in the deaths of two men in Llanrwst could have


The funeral has taken place of Sandie Bowen,


whose remains were found earlier this year, nearly 20 years


Mrs Bowen went missing from her home in Monmouthshire in 1997.


Her husband, Michael Bowen, was convicted of her murder


but he never revealed where he hid her body.


Her remains were recovered from Wentwood Reservoir, near Newport.


It's hosting the biggest sporting event in the world this year,


the Champions League Final, and the roof of the Principality


Stadium in Cardiff could be closed because of fears over


Officials from European football's governing body, UEFA,


have told this programme that the idea's being considered.


Well, tonight, the trophy has made its way from Switzerland


Tomos Dafydd has been travelling alongside it.


On the banks of Lake Geneva, the historic town where you will find


the headquarters of Uefa. Today a delegation of politicians and former


players have arrived to take home the Champions League trophy to


Wales. And with less than 50 days ahead of the event, security is the


main priority. While today's semifinal draw occupy the minds of


these former players, for the authorities, one concern is a


potential attack from the skies. A drone armed with explosive flown


into the stadium in Cardiff. Uefa told me the roof could be closed. An


unprecedented move for a Champions League final. No decision has been


made so far regarding specifically the roof. Any decision will need to


be made will be made much closer to the match. But this is part of the


assessment. No decision yet. Has it been discussed? Yes, it is in


discussion. It is a possibility. Earlier this month the Borussia


Dortmund team was attacked in a series of explosions. Uefa said


security is always being reviewed and they are in constant contact


with Welsh police. But they are confident the final will be safe.


There is no specific threat of a drone attack but police have to


consider all potential possibilities and around those possibilities there


has been a discussion about whether the roof should be closed. Carwyn


Jones was in Switzerland to be officially presented with the


trophy. The countdown to Cardiff is approaching its climax. A big round


of applause for the moment Cardiff get the Champions League trophy. And


if Gareth Bale is to perform in his home city, is Real Madrid side will


have to overcome Atletico Madrid in the semifinals. Juventus and Monaco


the other teams hoping to make it to the Welsh capital. On the plane


home, the trophy gets its own seat. Guarded by former Wales striker Ian


rush. It will be amazing. We went so far in the euros in 2016 but this is


another level. Wales, throughout the world, after this final, everyone


will know about Wales as a super country. So the trophy is embarking


on a 700 mile journey from Switzerland to Wales, where it will


clog up many more miles before the final. The trophy will head west to


Swansea tomorrow before visiting schools, football clubs and town


centres right across Wales over the next three weeks. Giving fans the


chance to glimpse club football's biggest prize. Touching down on


Welsh soil, the trophy will stay here until the final. Before then,


it is another photocall, this time Cardiff Castle, before a procession


through the streets. The trophy taken to the stadium by players,


coaches and grassroots volunteers. The Champions League final edging


ever closer. You really get the sense that the


final is fast approaching and displace will be called the National


Stadium of Wales during the week of the final match for commercial


reasons. We have got two druggies for you tonight, the men and women


trophies. -- two trophies for you tonight. The women's final will take


place at Cardiff City Stadium. They are confident more than 15,000


tickets will be sold for that women's final. As for this place,


the roof is shut tonight, will it be shut for the final? There is no


specific intelligence to suggest an attack in Cardiff on the day but it


is significant that organisers are even considering closing the roof


for security reasons. It underlines the security planning that has been


going on for many months ahead of this high profile event.


Why this young woman is carrying a stone weighing half her body


And Swansea City are fighting for Premier League survival tomorrow.


They face relegation rivals Hull and the two sides have history.


A 57-year-old woman from Carmarthenshire has been jailed


for three years and nine months for stealing nearly ?1 million


Susan Jones, who worked for CK's Supermarket Group,


took the money after her family farm ran into financial difficulties.


From Swansea Crown Court, Ben Price reports.


She was the company secretary, interested with the business bank


accounts. A trust she breached. Susan Jones spent two decades


working for CK's Supermarket Group. The court heard she was regarded by


her boss, Christopher Kiley, as a friend. Between 2009 and 2013, she


stole ?955,000 from the company. That money was used to support her


family farm and some of the money was paid agricultural suppliers. The


court heard the farm, which had been in the Jones family for several


years, had run into financial difficulty. The prosecution said


Susan Jones made transactions from CK's Supermarket Group's account to


pay the mortgage on the farm and the debt. Having discovered


irregularities in the company's finances, Jones confessed to


employer, but her boss allowed the mother of four to continue to work


for the company as long as the money was repaid. Unable to do so, Susan


Jones was arrested in 2015. We are very pleased that justice has been


achieved in this matter and in relation to the losses suffered by


the company. That will be further investigated as to the gathering of


proceeds of those crimes from Susan Jones to try and repay the losses.


The judge told Susan Jones he appreciated she had been a hard


worker and contributed to the success of the company but he said


she had been placed in a position of trust when she committed systematic


theft. He said she stole a staggering amount of money and he


jailed her for three years and nine months.


A 26-year-old stonemason from Cardiff inspired by her love


for the Orkney Island off the coast of Scotland is undertaking a rather


unusual art project to mark the 900th anniversary


Beatrice Searle from Cardiff has carved a stone which she'll carry


on a 1,300 mile round trip from Orkney to Norway.


In medieval times, similar stones were considered spiritual.


Tomos Morgan has been to meet Beatrice on the first leg


of her journey with her stone, named The Orkney Boat.


A journey from Scotland to Scandinavia with its roots


After being inspired by Orkney's rugged beauty,


stonemason artist Beatrice Searle has carved an inauguration stone


as these islands celebrate the 900th anniversary of their patron saint,


They occur in pictured history and medieval history.


Stones like these are associated with kingship so the chosen King


would stand in the stones in order to signify his connection


It's a 390 million-year-old ripple-marked Devonian siltstone,


selected from Marwick Bay on the mainland, and its voyage


We are seeing a huge mass migration and those people moving aren't


always doing so by choice so being able to carry part


of a beloved landscape takes on another kind


As I do so, I will repeatedly stand in the Orkney boat and it


will anchor me and I will invite the people I encounter to stand


in it and to draw strength from their connection to it and add


Beatrice's journey will continue along the north-western headland


of Orkney's mainland, through the centre of the island


towards the capital, the seaside town of Kirkwall.


There she will travel across the North Sea by boat


to Norway and then the longest leg of this journey begins.


She travels all the way from Oslo to the northern town of Trondheim,


following the historical pilgrim path.


Norway chosen, of course, as part of this voyage


On day one of this 1,300 mile journey, what do Orcadians think


Anything we can do to add to Saint Magnus' history


I feel a warmth coming up through the stone and that does


At the moment just clean and refreshing.


Beatrice says this voyage has been heavily influenced by her exposure


to the Artes Mundi prize in Cardiff and the project has been made


possible through an Arts Council grant and crowdfunding.


At journey's end, the stone will be laid to rest


in the Scottish northern isles, some time towards the end of summer.


Quite a challenge. Good luck to her.


Now for the sport. Kate's here.


Let's start with football, and tomorrow afternoon


Swansea City's players will take to the field against Stoke


knowing their Premier League lives are hanging by a thread.


The Swans are desperate to close the gap on relegation rivals Hull.


As Claire Summers reports, the two sides have history.


14 years ago, the Tigers played a huge part in Swansea's


In May 2003, there was jubilation at The Vetch as they battled


It was a game Swansea won 4-2 to ensure their


14 years on, the clubs are locking horns again,


but this time there is even more at stake.


I don't believe that the players are not trying and don't understand


the situation that we are in and how important this is for the club,


We understand all those responsibilities.


I have seen them battling and going at it hammer and tongs


They know how important this game is.


I think if I had seen something different in training


in terms of mood, flat, lack of belief, I would be


Swansea City are facing their biggest challenge yet


And as things stand, it is advantage Hull,


who have a precious two point lead with just five games to go.


Swansea need to take points from Stoke tomorrow


because he doesn't think Hull will slip up at home to Watford.


It is out of our hands because if we win all our remaining


five games, which is a big task, and Hull did the same,


The fact that Hull are at home to Watford, a game I believe


Momentum is everything going into the remaining fixtures.


The Swans have not won in five, Hull have lost their last two,


but have five wins out of six at home.


Both teams have to play bottom club Sunderland,


Swansea face West Brom on the final day and Hull's home record will be


There is a defining few weeks ahead as Swansea City look


to rediscover their spark and claw the Tigers back.


Staying with football, and tomorrow Cardiff City face


relegation strugglers Wigan away in the Championship.


In League Two, Newport County are in their own fight for survival


as they take on Accrington Stanley at Rodney Parade.


While Wrexham will be hoping to build on their first win in eight


games with another over Dagenham and Redbridge in


Welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas has won the Tour of the Alps,


becoming the first British rider to do so.


Thomas, who went into the final stage with a lead, claimed


the title by seven seconds after finishing third today.


It's his first major win of the year.


And there was success too at the British Swimming Championships


with Wales' third gold medal, courtesy of Dan Jervis from Swansea.


The 20-year-old, who works as a painter and decorator


It adds to the two golds won by Georgia Davies in the 100m


backstroke and Jazz Carlin in the 800m freestyle.


Cricket, and on the 1st day of their County Championship match


against Leicestershire, Glamorgan elected to field first.


And that's your sport for tonight, Lucy.


He was often described as the most versatile entertainer Wales has ever


known and this weekend events are being held in Llanfyllin


in Powys to celebrate the life and works of comedian Ryan Davies.


Tomorrow marks 40 years since he died, when he was just 40 years old.


He was best known for his partnership with Ronnie Williams


and the TV programme Ryan and Ronnie.


Emerging in the late 1960s, the Welsh Morecambe and Wise, Ryan and


Ronnie drove Welsh TV and theatre to new heights. Ryan Davies was the


cheeky joker of the two. Ryan was just 40 years of age when


he died on holiday in the USA after suffering an asthma attack. Now, to


mark the 40th anniversary of his death, events will be held in an


area where he spent a good amount of his childhood. His talent was first


spotted while he was here. His primary school headmaster was the


first person to recognise his talents. Ryan was originally from


Carmarthenshire and at the age of ten he moved with his parents. His


parents took over the running of the former workhouse which was then


being run as a care home. It was here that Ryan showed his talent as


an entertainer and honed his craft, often performing in front of the


residents. He was always fun. They were always laughing in his class.


He was keeping people going. One afternoon when the teachers didn't


arrive, Ryan said, we'll do the talking, and the singing. We held


the Sunday school. We were halfway through when the teachers arrived.


Ryan played a number of characters. His skills were legendary. Lots of


people are excellent and one thing and not too bad at a few other


things. He was superb at everything. He could play the piano, the heart,


he had a beautiful singing voice, he could compose, he could act.


As well as a very gifted musician, his comedy crossed the boundaries of


every age group and those talents will be celebrated this weekend.


And there's a special programme dedicated to Ryan on BBC Radio Wales


Time for the weather forecast now with Derek Brockway.


Well, there's a cold snap on the way next week.


It is going to turn colder with hail and snow in places.


But before then, it looks like we're in for a tidy weekend.


This evening dry but thicker cloud will spread from the north overnight


The south dry with gaps in the cloud.


Lowest temperatures of 6 to 10 Celsius.


Here's the picture for 8am in the morning.


Thick enough for the odd spot of rain but no more than that.


The best of the sunshine in the north and west in the afternoon.


Cooler and fresher in the north and west.


A chill in the air on the north coast tomorrow.


Fine tomorrow evening and dry overnight.


Elsewhere clearer and colder with a widespread ground frost.


So a chilly start on Sunday but a decent day.


Dry with a mix of clouds and some sunshine.


Top temperatures of 11 to 15 Celsius with light winds.


On Monday a cold front will move south bringing a little rain.


Those winds will bring a mixture of sunshine and showers.


Some of the showers heavy and wintry.


Anywhere could see a few flakes of snow.


We'll have quick update at 8pm and more after the BBC News at Ten.


For now, from all of us on the programme,


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