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Welcome to Wales Today - our headlines tonight:


A new election, some old faces - former Plaid Cymru


leader Ieuan Wyn Jones - the latest to throw his hat into


With just weeks to go, tonight the race to find candidates.


They are not expected to be finding candidates for some time, some


years. Now they have to do it in a matter of days.


Tonight's other headlines - teenager Ethan Williams,


waiting two and a half years for a kidney operation.


really impacting on my life. It shouldn't have taken this long. It's


just unacceptable. Astronomers flock from


all over the country to enjoy our dark skies


but could that be about to change? Why nature lovers


want to buy 300 acres And in tonight's sport:


He started the London Marathon as an amateur


but finished booking himself Josh Griffiths from Ammanford stuns


the athletics world. He used to be a big name


in politics, the Plaid Cymru MP Now Ieuan Wyn Jones


wants to make a comeback and stand once again


in his old constituency of Ynys Mon This comes as all parties


are working frantically behind the scenes to chose candidates


after last week's surprise Here's our political


editor Nick Servini. He's one of the big


beasts of Welsh politics. Ieuan Wyn Jones has been


on the scene for many years. Not only is the former MP


and assembly member that Anglesey, but as the Welsh government's forma


Deputy First Minister. It's been confirmed that he'll


try to become Plaid's candidate in June but he'll have to win


the nomination is against a number of others within


the party on Wednesday. In these exceptional circumstances


and they are exceptional circumstances, I believe we need


people of experience, people who know the political system,


you know how to campaign who have got experience both in parliament


and the assembly, the Welsh All that experience


should be put to use. If he wins, he'll be up


against the current Labour MP, Albert Owen, whose confirmed


he is seeking re-election. He was in the seat two years ago


with a majority of just 229. There is also likely to be a strong


Conservative challenge. After all, this was a Tory


seat in the 1980s when The BBC will publish


a full list of candidates Big name or not, there's always


the debate about whether people vote for parties or personalities


in general elections. It's the parties behind their


policies and what they represent and what they have to offer instead


of just a name. It is going to be both but it


depends on the strength I'm still thinking about it but it's


probably going to be the party. The announcement by the Plaid's


forma leader comes as the current leader, Leanne Wood,


said she would not be leader, Leanne Wood, said


she would not be fighting her seat Today the Liberal Democrats


announced the former assembly member, Lynette Parrott,


will stand in Cardiff Central against the current


Labour MP, Jo Stephens. This is a top target


seat for the Lib Dems Expect many more names


to emerge in the coming days. The parties have set procedures


in place to choose candidates but everything has been shunted


forward because in a short campaign, Also in a short campaign,


there is no time to build up a profile and that's why


the parties, if they can will try to select those


who are already recognised names. One leading academic says there's


a big scramble going on behind the scenes as no one was expecting


having to find candidates for a number of years and now it has


to be done within a matter of days. Often parties will take weeks,


if not months to select a candidate. There will be a whole process


involving meetings in different parts of the constituencies


and discussions and A lot of it will have to go


by the board because parties have to have people in place soon


and ready to fight the election and if that means short-circuiting


some of the normal mechanisms. There's a growing sense of urgency


surrounding the elections. Every day without a candidate


will be considered a wasted day Nick - a poll out tonight suggesting


voting intentions in Wales - polls do come with a health warning


but it is interesting. These are the results. The


Conservatives -- conservatives are at 41%, Labour at 30%, Plaid Cymru


Bill at 8% and Lib Dems, 6%. Professor Roger, a respected figure,


is talking about us being on the brink of an electoral earthquake. If


this is projected to the number of seats in Wales in the general


election, this poll has predicted the Conservatives, 21. From Labour,


15 in Wales. Plaid Cymru, three. Lib Dems, one. This is one pole and we


have an entire general election campaign ahead. It is dangerous in a


way, this projection. There is all sorts of local factors and


personalities to take into account. We should say bees are sensational


predictions and as such, they will create a lot of noise and I think we


will form a dramatic backdrop to the campaign in Wales over the coming


weeks. The parents of a 14-year-old boy


from Burry Port have told this programme it's totally


unacceptable their son has had to wait two and a half years


for a kidney operation. Ethan Matthews was told in 2014


he needed to have his left kidney removed


because it wasn't working. But he's still waiting


for the operation and says without it,


he can't live a normal life. The family have been speaking


to our reporter Aled Scourfield. Playing his favourite game. Ethan


looks like any typical 14-year-old. But he can do the things most of the


teenagers do because one of his kidneys isn't working. It has been


really hard to cope in doing certain things. I'm limited to doing what I


want and what I choose. His problems started when a lump appeared on his


left side three years ago. A cheaper to be put into drain it and he was


left with a tract that wouldn't heal. He was told his left kidney


was known on the functioning and he needed to have it removed. Despite


being put on an urgent waiting list com here still waiting to have this


operation at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. He has to take


antibiotics on a daily basis and have his dressings changed two or


three times a week. It shouldn't have taken this long. He was given a


date in January but the operation was cancelled after he caught and


affection. His parents have failed -- have complained about the delay.


They told me it has had a major impact on their son's life. He is


restricted in what he can do. We can't go to the local swimming pool


because of the risk of infection on his side. Contact sports, is not


allowed to perform in. Do you think two and a half years is too long to


wait? It is unacceptable for any child. The latest figures show there


can be a delay for some. 77% of children start treatment within 26


weeks. The Welsh government target is 595% to be treated. 13 per seat


-- percent... This doctor is retired with 30 years experience and says


the delay in even's treatment is unacceptable. This is very bad and


if the University Hospital of Wales cannot deliver the service, then


they should look for the service somewhere else. The money from


carrying out this procedure should come out of the University Hospital


of Wales' bank account. A spokesperson said...


For Ethan come his operation can't come soon enough so he can get on


with the rest of his life. A patient with a serious


mental health condition and complex medical needs,


has been waiting to be discharged from hospital


in the Hywel Dda Health Board area The patient is expected to leave


hospital in around six months, after arrangements were made


for their care. The Welsh Government says


delayed transfers of care are at their lowest level


for 12 years. Long-haul flights from Cardiff


to the Middle East have been Planes will start flying to Doha,


Quatar's capital, from 2018. Cardiff airport saw a 16% increase


in passenger numbers last year. The sky above the Brecon Beacons


National Park is considered some of the darkest in the UK,


but there are concerns that new streetlights are too bright


and damaging its reputation The international body which granted


the area the prestigious dark-sky status in 2013,


says it's investigating after the lights were put


in by the Welsh Government. Whether it views of the Milky Way,


the major consolations or even meteor showers. The sky brew of the


Brecon Beacons is considered one of the best. It is one of a handful of


dark sky reserves in the world, which means extra effort should be


made to prevent like pollution so there are distant galaxies can be


seen. Here we are in Wales and viewing the night sky from a place


like this is different from doing it in a town centre. The Brecon Beacons


has become a tourist destination for experts as well as amateurs. These


are not the bright lights they are hoping to find. A row of


streetlights next to a dedicated cam for astronomy enthusiasts were twice


a year, 120 people come to enjoy the dark skies. This year has been a


disappointment. It is like daylight down there. We can see our shadows


whereas before we had to move around the camp with torches. It is more


widespread. We discovered last night that the sky is glowing. We can see


several places. Brecon Beacons is glowing under the sky. The Welsh


government installed the lights as part of another great. To the


surprise of the National Park authority. The Welsh Goodman says


the streetlights or for road safety. It says they are greener than the


old streetlights. These are LED lights and said it never wanted to


affect the environment but will consider dimming the lights if there


is no impact on safety. The International Dark Skies Association


which gave the pocket special status says it is concerned about these


developments. It says the lights are not consistent with the Brecon


Beacons' commitment to preservation or the organisation's guidelines. It


is too early to see if their status is in jeopardy. It seems everyone


wants to work together to find a solution but the camp may not be


back and will -- and will now keep it I on the situation as close -- as


well as the sky. Much more to come


before seven o'clock. It's quite a climb -


why conservationists want to buy this 300 acres of windswept


Welsh mountain. And he hasn't even got a coach -


the amateur runner who's taken the athletics world by storm


recording the fastest British time With the political agenda dominated


by the General Election, you'd be forgiven for forgetting


that in ten days, we will be voting for who represents us


on councils across Wales. There are 22 local authorities


in Wales with more than 1,200 The areas in which they have


responsibility include schools, social care, refuse and recycling


and setting council tax rates. They also include some


services for young people. Tonight, there's a call


for more help to be given to Voluntary Youth Services,


with a warning that almost a third of the providers


are worried they survive Earlier this year there are youth


club sessions here which stopped. The youth workers came out here.


Even if it is a bigger family. If there is nothing fun to do, they go


to mountains and do fires and get in trouble with the police. The company


providing the youth workers said it didn't cut its budget but in the


long term, it felt it simply couldn't provide a quality service


by only being open a few hours a week. It is not doing what it was


meant to do. Youth workers more than a few activities to distract young


people. It is about engaging with young people and dealing with


complex issues that they have. The council says it is working to


deliver services here and the Welsh government is working on a new


national plan. There is concern that many good voluntary youth services


will be lost in the meantime. Dozens of these organisations would be


around. That could be the case. They will be struggling and some won't


survive at all. Committee development projects are being


constructed and there are ways we can work with the private sector in


relation to collaborating with them to see the benefits in the


communities. Open doors at this centre for young people. Weekdays,


12 till four. They can come in, play snooker, look for jobs. I was a very


annoying young person and everyone helped me and I progressed.


Providing practical, vocational courses here brings in money from


employment and education budgets. It means they are in a good position to


provide other important services. The most important thing is when you


see them getting a job. They didn't think they were worth it. Why would


they pick me over anyone else? Could this work everywhere? It would be


difficult for smaller places because of resources. It can be done but it


takes a lot of driven people. Councils don't have to provide youth


services. Very little of this centre's budget comes from council


grants but they are expanding here providing continuity where other


services are shrinking. How many others are in a position to do


something similar? Tomorrow we're looking at the impact


of funding cuts on leisure services. And for more information on the


Council Elections where you live - Two environmental charities have


joined forces to try and buy a windswept Welsh mountain and turn


it into a haven for rare wildlife. 300 acres, formerly used to graze


sheep, is up for sale The charities say it's


an unique opportunity to experiment with a different


approach to conservation. Our Environment Correspondent


Steffan Messenger reports. Rugged and remote. If you want to


get away from it all, there is no better place to head to damn mid


Wales' Cumbrian Mountains. It is not every day a 300 acre patch of land


comes at the sale here. This is Cefn Coch south of Machynlleth. A slice


of mountain side up for grabs and a unique opportunity for a partnership


of conservation charities. It has been a few years since this land has


been grazed. We can see that in terms of these little birch trees


here and there is Willows around as well. The plan is to plant 5000


native trees at the top of the rich and then let nature take its course.


It is a different approach to what the Woodland Trust might have done


in the past. To use natural processes to recreate, to restore


landscape. We hope to do something special here. The project is the


first part of the plan to establish a network of wild woodland across


the Cumbrian Mountains. But the idea of re-wilding our landscapes is


controversial with some worried about the impact it could have on


them. We facing Brexit and there is the future of Welsh farming. Are not


suggesting the approaches something we imagine the whole of the Welsh


uplands being detained. This is one area we can try out something


different. An anonymous donor has pledged ?200,000 to help the charity


by the site. They need to raise a further. Why does it matter? It is


an issue hotly debated by a host of different environmental


organisations. Lots of why don't -- biodiversity. The natural world


around us. It is happening at an alarming rate, so protecting


landscapes like these should be a priority. Over time, the hope is


Kevin's Wildwood land could attract rare animals and birds. The public


would also be welcome to walk and cycle. A boost to the local economy,


the charity says. They have until the end of May to raise enough cash


to turn their dream of a wildlife haven on this remote mountainside


into a reality. Let's get tonight's Sport


now, here's Claire. It's been a weekend one running club


in Swansea won't forget. Two members of the Swansea Harriers


grabbed all the headlines Matthew Rees, has been praised


for helping a struggling His club has tonight offered


to pay Matthew's expenses for next years marathon


and Josh Griffiths stunned the athletics world


by finishing as the fastest Brit. As Tomos Dafydd reports,


he's now secured a place The moment Josh Griffiths realised


what he had achieved. Without a job, coach or any experience of running


marathons, Josh produced the unexpected. Back home tonight, the


23-year-old reflected with his father on an unforgettable 24 hours.


It is crazy and still hasn't sunk in. My phone is buzzing nonstop.


Can't reply to everyone yet. It has gone crazy. One proud dad. Nick, you


are following his progress every step of the way. By the time he got


to my late team, he pulled away and looked full of running. I was


getting quite excited. It was a mad -- to get two mile 25 but when I got


there, I didn't expect him to be as far ahead as he was. You have made


it to the World Championships in August. You haven't got a coach at


the moment. I think I will be doing what I have been doing because it


has worked so far. He was 13th overall and beat many of the elite


field. He finished the race within the World Championship qualifying


time. He wasn't the only one from the Swansea Harriers that shone


yesterday. At 26 miles and with the finishing line in sight, Matthew


Rees sacrificed his own race to help a stranger. When someone is in need,


you want to help them out and it was important he had got to the finish


line with 200 metres left. I was shouting in his ear saying, "Come


on, come on, you can do this. I will stay with you." Maybe I was


overzealous with his support. The man who helped pay tribute to the


spirit and generosity which he says is typical of the running community.


Matthew was clear in knowing that if he leaves me, they will whisk me


off. That is so nice Andy is -- he is such a gentleman for doing that.


Matthew Ed Davey say they will race together. It is a friendship forged


in front of millions. One of the enduring images of this year's


marathon. Football and Swansea City have


just four games left Head Coach Paul Clement


says their 2-0 win over Stoke at the weekend shows they still have


plenty of fight in them, as they prepare for their next match


against Manchester United. Rivals Hull also won and remain two


points above them in the table. If they had won and we hadn't earned


it had gone to five points with four games left. It would have been


difficult for us. The big test is at Manchester United. We have our


confidence back. We have won the game. The nature of the way we won


the game also. Ebook County's remarkable revival continues. A 1-0


win over Accrington saw them climb out of the drop zone. If they can


beat Carlisle this weekend and Hartlepool lose, their football


league status will be secured. Sheffield United set to release --


re-signed Chad Evans from Chesterfield. He last played in 2012


before a rape conviction saw him serve two and half years in prison.


That conviction was quashed and at a retrial, he was found not guilty. At


cricket, Glamorgan have drawn their latest match away to Leicestershire.


The home side declared on 360-6 and set the Welsh county an unlikely


target of 355 the victory. Glamorgan managed to hold out finishing 144-4.


It was turning colder for the first part of this week with wintry


showers the sum and sunny spells. We have a cold front sinking


southwards. Winds turn more northerly introducing arctic air.


Tonight will be called with clear spells and a widespread frost


forming. Potential for snow in the hills. Overnight temperatures


hovering above freezing for most of Wales. Tomorrow, a frosty stop the


sun. Plenty of sunshine and it is a mix of sunny spells and scattered


wintry shower. It is unstable so a risk of Halo and thunder. The


showers will be hit and miss. Tim -- temperatures around nine Celsius up


to 11 Celsius. Tomorrow night, the showers Peter out but we keep the


arctic air. A frosty is likely. On Wednesday, some early frost and


feeling chilly with some sunshine and further showers. It could be


wintry in the hills and fresh northerly winds. Highs of eight to


11 Celsius. By the end of the week we have milder air. On Thursday and


Friday, less cold and fewer showers. Some bright spells and for the bank


holiday weekends, it should start largely dry but likely to be some


rain over the weekend. A called a feel of the next few days. Snow is


likely to be confined to the hills. It is not unusual at this time of


year. This picture was taken in April 19 81. If you would like to


become a weather watcher, you can sign up and up late -- upload


pictures on this website. That is it from all of us on the


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