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Theresa May campaigning in Wales,


in Labour's heartlands, with a plea to support her


or face what she called a coalition of chaos.


You have a real example of Plaid Cymru working with Labour. The sort


of collaboration we would see in Westminster if Jeremy Corbyn and


Leanne Wood had their way in the future. At this community Centre


Theresa May insisted that every single vote would strengthen her


hand in the Brexit talks. Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood


launches her party's She says Labour is too "weak"


to stand up for Wales. Workers at Ford in Bridgend


are to vote on whether to strike amid uncertainty over


the plant's future. The Liverpool drugs gang accused


of a revenge attack on one And who'll take the strain when it


comes to running your local services Theresa May has called on voters


to abandon their tribal loyalty to the Labour Party


as she made her first visit to Wales In a speech to supporters


in the Conservative target seat of Bridgend, she claimed every


single vote would strengthen her Our political editor


Nick Servini was there. Ladies and gentlemen, please give


the warmest of welcomes, the loudest cheers for the Prime Minister of the


United Kingdom. The Conservatives are trying to keep


a lid on their excitement, but the noise and smiles for Theresa May in


Bridgend told their own story. I'm really pleased to be able to be


here in Wales, and to say to Wales, how important Wales is to me,


because Wales is important to our country.


Wales could also become important for the Conservative Party if it


sees a big improvement in its fortunes as was suggested in one


poll last night. Theresa May's visits to Labour consistencies in


Newport and Bridgend is a statement of intent that the party is looking


to grow its current tally of 11 MPs. In a speech to activists she


insisted time and again that every single vote counted, as she looked


on in her hand in breakfast negotiations, which she claimed was


under threat. What we see from other parties is


that they want to undermine the task ahead. They've shown that they are


willing to do anything to disrupt breakfast the gauche Asians and stop


us from leading Britain into the future. -- disrupt the Brexit


negotiations. Remember the polls were wrong in 2015. They were wrong


in the referendum last year. Jeremy Corbyn has said he was a 200 to one


outsider for the leadership in 2015, look where that one went. This was a


message to the party faithful. But there was a wider message as well


for Labour voters to look again at their tribal loyalty to their party.


But, you know, the Tories may think things are going reasonably well,


but this is a huge job, in which many Tory party leaders have failed


to do. There hasn't been a Tory MP and Bridgend since the days of


Margaret Thatcher. We still don't know who their candidate will be.


But what are their chances now? Presents Laughter was just around


the corner giving a speech, do you think the Conservatives can win


Bridgend? I hope so. People really don't want


to be in Europe anymore. I think that will be the thing everything


hinges on in the end. Can the Conservatives winning


Bridgend? Know, Leyburn! All the way. To me there is no Labour Party


anymore. The Conservatives could win here? Possibly. I think I've noticed


a lot of people are turning Tory. She has something people like. She's


a woman, she's a little bit like Margaret Thatcher. Bridgend is the


Assembly seat of the Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones, who was asked


about the Tories parking their tanks on labour lawns. It's a stunt, I


suppose, is it? What's important is that people see the Tories for what


they are. Their idea is to say nothing and do something. We want


Labour MPs who will stand up from Wales and not sheep with blue


rosettes. Stunt or not, the Prime Minister went to a steel company in


Newport. These are the early skirmishes of what would be a short


and intense campaign. But the heavy lifting for all the parties is still


to come. We saw Theresa May managing expectations there, but is there a


degree of confidence among conservatives? Conservative


supporters here this afternoon are acutely aware of not looking


complacent. They may struggle to get votes if that is the case. They'll


get hammered for it in the campaign. That said there is a palpable sense


of excitement and enthusiasm for the possibilities that could be in play.


We haven't had a conservative British Prime Minister coming to


this constituency on a visit like this for over 20 years. That tells


its own story. This is not going to be a defensive campaign run by the


Conservatives, they are looking to gain as many seats as they can.


Nothing dramatically new wind terms of content from Theresa May today.


It was interesting that very personal, explicit appeal to give


her a mandate. It was also interesting about this tribal sense


of appeal to Labour voters, particularly any seat like Bridgend,


Tory leaders have done this in the past. The question is whether


Brexit, the problems Labour have got, mean that combination can turn


no-go areas in the past for the parties into areas in which they


could have a serious chance of success on June the 8th.


Nick, in Bridgend, thank you. At the other end of the country


Plaid Cymru's leader was in Bangor to launch her party's


general election campaign. Leanne Wood claimed Theresa May's


Conservatives would damage Wales, and that Labour was too weak


and divided to prevent it. Fresh snow on the mountain


in Plaid Cymru's heartlands. And just across the Menai Strait,


Anglesey, Ynys Mon, And geography is important


to Plaid Cymru at UK general elections they've never really


managed to break out While the official opposition


in Westminster is divided and riddled with infighting,


Plaid Cymru's message in this Brexit, and specifically what type


of Brexit is the backdrop Plaid Cymru's slogan


is 'Defending Wales'. Leanne Wood, the party's


leader insists the party is at risk from the Tories,


they say only they can save it. It's vitally important now that


Wales has strong voices in Westminster to defend our people


and very nation from Why can't Labour do that,


they would be better placed than you, at most you only


have a handful of MPs, don't you? Well, since June we've heard


more talk of Gibraltar than we've heard about Wales,


Labour MPs have failed to stand up for Wales,


failed to put forward the Welsh national interest in this crucial


time in our history. It's down to Plaid Cymru to be


that voice for Wales. They are not able to form


the opposition that is needed now. Plaid Cymru always find UK elections


more difficult to fight Their leader, candidates and party


members will spend the next six weeks telling us


that they are relevant, they can make a difference,


and they will stand up for Wales. To do that they are evoking


the threat of conservatives past as a way of attacking what they see


as a weakening Labour vote now. This is what a Leanne Wood told


the BBC's Daily Politics. People in Wales would do well


to remember the Tory's record. I grew up in the valleys,


in the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and she decimated


the coal industry. It's a direct pitch for disenchanted


Labour voters, they've done that But this election is being fought


in unique circumstances. Workers at the Ford factory


in Bridgend will be balloted for industrial action


amid uncertainty over the plant's future, that's


according to the Unite Union. It was revealed earlier this year


that the plant could be down-sized Caroline Evans is outside the plant


for us this evening. Well, fears surrounding the plant


have been public for some time. The issue facing the hundreds of workers


is this. Ford makes 600,000 engines here, but the contract for those


coming to an end. Going forward the only guaranteed work is for 120,000


engines. So if bad happens, and nowhere comes in event jobs could go


here. The workforce will be reduced to 600 by 20 21. In addition to that


we know from a leaked document that the plant is said to be


underperforming here. Overtime levels are said to be double that of


the plant in Dagenham. That assertion hasn't gone down well with


the unions, as you might expect. They are keen to stress the


workforce here is loyal. They say there is strong resolve amongst


members for some form of industrial action. They will be offered the


choice of strike action or industrial action short of strike


action, and talks will go on with the company. We are not in a


position to take the company on, says Unite. We want to work


together. What have Ford said today? They said this ballot is premature.


They are committed to ongoing discussions with the union and they


want to examine the future opportunities for the plant here at


Bridgend. It looks now as if that ballot is set to go ahead in May and


the results are expected before the end of the month. Keep us posted.


A Rhyl drug dealer was murdered by a rival gang in revenge


for an earlier attack, a court has heard.


Mark Mason was stabbed more than 20 times in a supermarket


Three men from Liverpool deny his murder.


It was early evening on October the 27th when a black BMW followed


Four men began attacking the van's occupants.


48-year-old old father of two Mark Mason was fatally stabbed


over 20 times as he sat in the passenger seat.


Two other men were stabbed in the leg whilst fleeing vehicle.


The jury was told that a man named Jake Melia had already pleaded


guilty to the murder and two counts of wounding.


But that the three men in the dock were also responsible.


31-year-old Anthony Baines, Mark Ennis, whose 30 and 20-year-old


James Davies are alleged to be members of a Liverpool gang


called the Pensarn Crew, supplying heroin and crack


It's claimed they murdered Mark Mason in retaliation


for confronting two of the gang earlier that day wearing a balaclava


and wielding a machete near marine lake in Rhyl.


It alleged Jake Melia and James Davies armed themselves


with kitchen knives, and contacted Anthony Baines


and Mark Ennis who travelled from Liverpool to Rhyl to look


The prosecution say it matters not which defendants


attacked which victims, each bears equal responsibility


for the murder of Mark Mason and the unlawful wounding


The men deny the charges on the case continues.


Martin Richards, BBC Wales Today, Mold Crown Court.


Who'll do the heavy lifting when it comes to your local services


And Arctic winds brought a mixture of sunshine and showers today.


But how long will the cold snap last?


The number of emergency meals handed out by food banks across Wales has


risen by more than 10% in the last year, and in Cardiff


The Trussell Trust, which runs a network of foodbanks says benefit


delays were one cause, but nearly a quarter of recipients


in Cardiff were actually working families on low incomes.


Nick Palit reports. 48-year-old Lee Morgan from Cardiff


is on disability benefits after a car accident nearly 20 years


ago left him with a brain injury and unable to work.


The former welder has outstanding loans, and often


At this food bank at a church Hall in Cardiff volunteers


fill Lee's shopping bags and suitcase with food.


Latest figures show more and more people are becoming reliant on free


Across Wales number of emergency food banks rose from nearly 86,000


a year to more than 95,000, an 11% increase.


Here in the capital, the rise was even higher,


the Trussel trust's Cardiff food banks experienced a 20% rise


in demand for emergency food parcels in the last 12 months alone.


And not all recipients are on benefits.


Here it's estimated that 22% of those who use the food bank


I think a cold winter also has an impact in terms of people needing


There is a lot of hidden hunger, where people don't want


We had a story the other day of a lady who sold her furniture,


because it was just too embarrassing and humiliating.


She actually sold all of her furniture until she thought,


actually, I do need to go and access this place to feed


I've been trying to get loans off the dole, and the dole has


So the only other choice is the food bank.


If the food bank goes from here, then I'd have nothing.


With more and more people accessing food banks the charities need more


donated food if they are to cope with the growing demand


from people like Lee, who increasingly reliant on it


A former Powys primary school teacher has admitted a string


of historical sex offences against young girls.


Swansea Crown Court heard that Gordon Fleming, from Oswestry,


abused two dozen children over a six year period.


He pleaded guilty to 24 counts of indecently sexually assaulting


A lorry carrying chickens has crashed into a river in Mid Wales.


The driver is in a stable condition following the incident,


which took place early this morning between Llandovery and Brecon.


Natural Resources Wales says some of the chickens


A council boss has refused to say if he will honour a vow to repay


compensation won in a libel case to the authority.


Carmarthenshire council funded its chief executive


Mark James in his case over remarks made in a blog written


Mr James said in 2012 he wouldn't keep any of the damages he won.


What could be the future of our culture and leisure services


Councils are turning to volunteers, private companies or charitable


trusts to run them, and they are becoming increasingly


attractive options to Councils facing financial pressures,


Our reporter Aled Scofield has been to Narberth in Pembrokeshire,


where local people are responsible for running the pool


Intel both local people love this wrinkle. That's probably the reason


it's still open. -- in Narbeth. It used to be run by Pembridge Council,


but the people of Narbeth are now responsible for running it. Locals


raised ?200,000 and paid for solar panels to make the pool and more


efficient. But sustaining it is a constant


challenge. It involves a lot of hard work and fundraising by the


committee. Also, the non-committee and the work they do


behind-the-scenes. Grants and keeping the business


flowing. Community ventures can hit choppy waters. In Wrexham Council


executive board had to give the splash magic trust a ?50,000


lifeline last year. Leisure services are discretionary for councils. They


don't have to provide them. Across Wales 11 councils have already


outsourced leisure provision. The question is, could more follow after


me the fourth? There is no doubt local authorities


are more open to looking at different ways of delivering


facilities. The possibility of social enterprises and not for


profit trusts as well as the private sector. There is a greater interest.


It's basically library duties. Taking books out, giving information


to the public, events. It's really beneficial for the community. In


Narbeth locals like Catherine run the library. She thinks other


communities will have to face up to the realities of running their own


services in future. I can see it happening. There's less


money anyway. And I think Narbeth was a good example to people on how


it can be done and how much of a success it can be made. In


Pembrokeshire the council had hoped to outsourced leisure and culture


services to a charitable trust. Plans were rejected earlier this


year after questions were raised about the savings any trust could


deliver. But the support of local people was


also a key factor according to the trade union that Fort plans.


Very, very important services. It's not just trimming and books, they


are community hubs and you can tell by the strong feeling from the


public, we had the public behind is on this campaign.


It was close to their hearts. When you are restrictions are in place in


May some councils face difficult choices when it comes to the future


of leisure and culture services as further austerity could make it an


uphill struggle to sing them. -- sustained them.


Tomorrow we're looking one of the most difficult


issues for our councils, funding social care.


There's more information on the Council Elections


where you live, head to the BBC Wales News website.


Wales have been drawn against England in the Women's


They're joined in Group 1 by Russia, Kazakhstan and Bosnia Herzegovina.


The finals will be held in France in June 2019,


only the group winners are guaranteed a place


England, ranked fourth in the world rankings,


It's an interesting one. They will be some players on the pitch for


England to I have played with and interesting memories of and are


friends with. It will be an interesting challenge for the group


Gareth Bale could be out for up to a month after injuring his calf.


He limped off in the defeat against Barcelona on Sunday.


He's expected to miss Real Madrid's Champions League


semi-final games against Atletico Madrid, but could still be


fit in time for the Champions League final in Cardiff in June.


It's country's biggest road cycling event and, for the first time,


the climax of this year's Tour of Britain will be


Cardiff will host the final stage of the event,


which will start in Worcester, and pass through Monmouthshire


and Newport before finishing in Cardiff in September.


It's the first time, for a number of years, that the Tour of Britain has


finished outside London. This year to finish on the streets of Cardiff.


The final stages special, because it boils down to that final day.


Everything will be leading to Cardiff on September ten. It's going


to be be big for the city. Snow in April in Derek's forecast,


here's the weather. It felt more like winter today


with hail and snow in places. A dusting of snow on the


Snowdonia mountains. This evening a mixed bag of sunshine


and scattered showers. Overnight a few showers


in the west and North West. Gardeners watch out


for a widespread frost. Temperatures in central Wales


falling as low as - 2. Temperatures only a few


degrees above freezing. But on the plus side much


of the country dry and sunny. The air crystal clear


with good visibility. One or two showers in Pembrokeshire,


Gwynedd and Anglesey. During the day clouds will build-up


again with a few showers breaking Parts of the north and


west clear and sunny. Temperatures on the cold side


with a chill in the air but in the sunshine and out


of the wind it will feel OK. In Rhondda Cynon Taf


a sunny morning. Clear and cold with


a widespread frost. After midnight, though,


clouding over with a little rain On Thursday a warm front will move


south across the UK and that will introduce milder air


from the Atlantic. A bright start in the South East,


but soon clouding up Some dry weather as well


and turning less cold. On Friday a few showers about


otherwise a lot of dry weather. Sunshine in places


and a little milder. Temperatures in double figures


but still chilly overnight Sunday more uncertain


but there is a risk of some By the middle of next week signs


of sunnier and warmer weather. And the headlines. The Prime


Minister has asked voters to abandon tribal loyalty to the Labour Party


in a speech in Bridgend. Theresa May said every single vote would


I'll have an update for you here at 8 o'clock and again


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme good evening.


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