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Melissia Pesticcio is found guilty of causing


Sophie Taylor died being pursued in a late night car chase.


A beautiful daughter, sister and friend, capable


And in return, all she ever wanted was to be loved back.


Plans to develop this historic mill into a heritage tourist


The man behind it says he's horrified by a report's criticism.


Newport beats off competition - and is chosen for a new contact


But are warning the industry could have peaked.


How school children across Wales are being encouraged to talk


Laura Moulding has been sharing her experience of hearing


They would tell me things like I was going to be murdered,


I was going to be raped, my family were going


And it's not exactly something you want to be hearing


when you're only seven, eight years old.


This dog died from a mysterious illness shortly after


Calls for more research into Alabama Rot.


No group of death this time round - Wales will face Australia


and Georgia at the 2019 rugby World Cup.


A 22-year-old woman was driven to her death by a love rival in a


late-night drive. Melissa Pesticcio and


Michael Wheeler pursued Sophie Taylor in separate cars


causing her to crash They'll be sentenced


for causing death by Caught on CCTV, the high-speed


pursuit late at night last August. Three cars, three people involved in


a love triangle. 22-year-old Sophie Taylor, a call centre worker, was


chased by 23-year-old Melissa Pesticcio, who was angry and


jealous. Also giving chase, 22-year-old Michael Wheeler, who had


been in a relationship with both women. It began with the


confrontation in this street in Cardiff, where Michael left. It's


spilled over into the road. The court was shown CCTV footage of the


car being chased out of the area by Melissa Pesticcio, and later joined


by Michael Wheeler in his Vauxhall. The pursuit landed in this area. The


jury was told it was a fast and furious style car chase. The court


heard Melissa Pesticcio had already sent a message to her friend


saying... The prosecution say that file, trashy language gives an


indication of her feelings towards Ms Taylor. It ended in tragedy here


at this junction. Michael Wheeler's cart was said to have round the


victim's BMW, causing it to crash into this block of flats. The


22-year-old Sophie Taylor was killed, her passenger seriously


injured. There was a screech and a bang. When I came out to see what


happened, it was obvious it was an accident. The car was badly damaged,


crumpled on the passenger's side. Despite Michael Wheeler's car being


the vehicle who hit Sophie's, the court heard it was Melissa Pesticcio


started and maintain the dispute. The cheery agreed it was Pesticcio


who was responsible for the crash. We been left devastated by the loss


of our beautiful princess, and the horrific injuries suffered by Josh.


The thought of how frightened and around my daughter and her friends


must have felt on that fateful night, being chased through the


streets of Cardiff. And I was not their protector from harm's went


help her when she needed me. They acted together in their relentless


pursuit of Sophie and Joshua. They drove Sophie to her death, and left


Joshua with horrific injuries from which he may never recover. It took


the jury less than one day to find Melissa Pesticcio guilty of causing


death by dangerous driving. Michael Wheeler had Reddy pleaded guilty to


that offence. They'll both be sentenced on Friday and are both


facing a jail term. The Chief Executive


of Bluestone Holiday Resort has mounted a vigorous defence of plans


to develop a nearby 19th century National Park planners have


recommended the project William McNamara has told this


programme that there has to be sensitive economic development


within the National Park - He's been speaking to our


reporter Aled Scourfield. William McNamara was speaking to me


after plans to develop Blackpool Mill behind me


were deferred by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority


at his request to be discussed He told he was both disappointed


and horrified by the content of the highly critical report


about his plans to create a heritage tourism attraction -


a development that planners say could be damaging to this tranquil


spot which is popular with walkers. Nestling on the banks of this river,


Blackpool mail is a hidden treasure of Pembrokeshire. The grade two


listed building, it was built in 1813. A by nearby Bluestone has run


into stiff opposition. Plans were Heritage Centre along with a narrow


gauge steam train and other attractions were deferred today


after a stinging report by planners. A damning report prepared by


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is highly critical of the


plans. A planning officer describes the creation of a steam train as


nothing more than a theme park attraction. It goes on to say that


this scheme could harm the special qualities of the National Park. '


says the plans to transform the site would create 80 jobs with ?2.5


million being invested. The chief executive of Bluestone is no


stranger to conflict with the National Park. He told me he was


disappointed with the tone and content of the report, which he


claims contains inaccuracies. His previous battle to build Bluestone,


which employed 700 people, went all the way to House of Lords. William


McNamara Tomic was essential to economic government and jobs for


people who live within the Park. We live in a row Pembrokeshire, we


operate in it. People need jobs and they need a future, and they need


hope valley. That's what this is about. It's about creating a future


for rural West Wales, without destroying the natural beauty that.


But opponents of the scheme say that element is totally out of keeping


with this tranquil area. It's really the scale of the development in the


context of the setting of this mail. It sits in a valley surrounded by


trees. Really characterised by the small meadow, the woodland and the


waterway. And we feel that bringing those other elements just sends it


beyond what is a reasonable scale. Further discussions will be held


between Bluestone and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park


Authority before the future this Victorian gem is decided.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority told me that they didn't


wish to respond to Mr McNamara's comments, but it's clear


that there will have be some tough discussions in the months ahead


Before the future of this place is decided.


300 jobs are to be created over the next five years at a new contact


centre that's to open in Newport next month.


Carpeo Estates Planning will be offering services including


arranging affordable wills and funerals.


But could technology mean we could have reached the peak


Here's our business correspondent, Brian Meechan.


Carpeo is the latest addition to the thriving Welsh


It will create 60 jobs this year, with further growth planned.


Starting salaries will be ?22,000 a year, slightly lower


than the Welsh average, but higher than many


These products require a level of empathy and a voice is quite


important with that, and Wales is recognised


Secondly, really we were looking for an area where we were getting


The company decided to come to Newport rather than Teesside,


in part due to a ?500,000 grant from the Labour run


Ministers say it will create a range of jobs linked


The contact centre industry in Wales has been on the up.


It employed 10,000 people in 1999, which has now


It is estimated to be worth over ?650 million


But work like this faces a challenge from technology,


with automation expected to mean fewer employees will be


So, Benjamin, you want me to help you reset your password?


Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly,


allowing computers to understand what customers are saying


and have a meaningful conversation with them.


This professor has researched the future of work.


He thinks jobs in contact centres could have reached a peak.


Contact centres where they rely on relatively standardised processes


certainly would be ripe for disruption and automation.


I think over the longer term, we will see a continuation


and probably an acceleration of some of those key trends.


Robotics may see the end of the lower paid


But because the advisers are then dealing with more complex calls,


the time will be longer, so they will need as many


Opposition politicians are welcoming the new jobs,


but Plaid Cymru says other parts of Wales aren't benefiting from


The Conservatives argue that it shows the strength


Three Flintshire men have been jailed for a racist attack


Mold Crown Court heard how Przemyslaw Zylinksi was seriously


injured in the attack in May last year.


Chad Stagg and Daniel Butler admitted wounding with


intent and were sentenced to youth detention.


Stagg's father Anthony Stagg admitted wounding and was


It's being called the Brexit election.


Polls say it tops the list of voters' concerns.


But what about all the other things at stake on polling day?


And will the EU cut us a better deal based on the election result?


Our political correspondent Daniel Davies reports.


Do you buy the line that this is the Brexit election?


So much of what was on offer at the last general election just


two years ago has fallen into the shadows.


Like the prospect of a hung parliament.


This time, the polls predict an increased majority


for the Conservatives, even though Theresa May insists


on talking about a coalition of chaos between her opponents.


Or the deficit, so important so recently.


But the Tories have scrapped their target


And Labour is talking about borrowing more.


David Cameron isn't even an MP any more, and who would have thought two


years ago that today, Labour's candidate for


the job of Prime Minister would be Jeremy Corbyn?


What's the most important topic for you in this election?


Well, it's the streets, keeping them clean, tidy.


And the health service, even though that's run from the Assembly


I think the government at Westminster could put more money


into the Welsh assembly them, into the kitty.


Despite what shoppers in Pontypridd say, polls suggest Theresa May has


What the latest polling evidence suggests is that Theresa May has


been largely successful in making this the Brexit election.


We asked in the most recent Welsh poll, what are the most


To a representative sample of voters.


And you normally expect the economy to come top,


This time, it's Brexit and clearly Brexit.


Theresa May says she wants a mandate to barter for a better Brexit deal.


Things started badly, according to an account in a German


newspaper about a dinner she hosted with EU officials in Downing Street.


When it comes to the EU negotiation position,


it's all set up in the guidelines that were decided upon by


And that's basically the document everybody will stick to.


And it won't make any difference, neither for politicians


in Brussels nor in Berlin, whether this government has a 50


seat majority or a 100 seat majority in the House of Commons.


And over the next month we'll be asking what you would do


Our reporter Jenny Rees will be travelling around Wales,


finding out about the issues that matter to you.


We've come to Carmarthen Farmers' Mart armed with the my manifesto


What are the issues that are important to you for next


month's general election - what would you prioritise?


If I was Prime Minister, what I would do is leave


That would free the jobs for the younger people.


If I was Prime Minister, what I would be looking


for is to have fair prices on products we produce


If I was Prime Minister, I would review how big businesses


conduct there financial affairs, with a view to clamping


We'll take all your ideas to Downing Street, after the results


but who will Wales face when it kicks off in 2019?


And there was a frost in places early this morning.


19 Celsius in Cardiff this afternoon.


Warmer tomorrow, but the dry spell is on its last legs.


Now from exam stress - to acute mental health problems -


Welsh schools have to deal with a range of mental


Now a new campaign is being launched to encourage school pupils to talk


"Time to change Wales" is being pioneered in nine schools -


Jordan Davies has been Blackwood Comprehensive


What if we were all as honest as Laura about our mental health?


They would tell me things, like I was going to murdered,


I was going to be raped, my family would be in car crashes.


It's not exactly something you want to be thinking or hearing


when you're only seven or eight years old, or around that age.


Laura is helping to deliver new sessions like this


As they said in this morning's assembly that you were at,


three people in each class will struggle at some point


It's part of a new campaign to get pupils to open up


Mental health charities say 10% of children in Great Britain will


This green card is a time out card - if your feeling a bit anxious


in class and need five minutes to yourself, you can get one


It's one of the ways this school is dealing


Away from the classroom, I speak to Holly, Evan, Jess and Huw.


How important you think it is to talk about this?


It's quite important because maybe people who you know have been


through the same situation and they can help you out


and help you cope, so it's not just you,


I'm comfortable talking to some of my friends and certain


members of my family, but it's quite a taboo


subject so people tend to keep quiet about it.


If I don't understand something, I get really anxious about it,


and I'll skip it and forget to go back at it until, like,


And I know I get a bit anxious on stuff like that.


Why maybe wouldn't you speak to your friends about it?


It's quite an awkward subject, and there's...


Other people might find out about it.


Pupils at Blackwood are supported through a range of issues,


from anxiety about exams to the two students currently transitioning


The work here is about ending the stigma around mental health.


Teaching a new generation it's OK to talk.


It's a rare and mysterious disease which has been affecting dogs


But even the experts don't know how exactly how


Now there are calls for more research into the disease,


Vets held a conference today to discuss some of the 98


cases across the UK, including six in Wales.


It was an exciting Christmas for Fleur, a five-year-old whippet


But just a few months after this was filmed, she became sick


I checked her paw, and there was a big sore between the pads.


They were symptoms of what's known as Alabama rot,


painful lesions of the skin leading to fatal kidney failure.


Are all in all, from the time she was sick, it was a week before


What's confusing is that Gabrielle's other dogs walked and played


in the same areas as Fleur, yet didn't contract the disease.


This vet has seen two of the six cases confirmed in Wales since 2012.


There are many more causes of lesions on the feet and legs.


If it's something that you can't understand


explain words come from and your dog is showing systemic signs


of sickness, then it's definitely worth getting checked out.


Experts don't want people to worry about what is still


But they met at a conference today to try to tackle the problem.


We want to drive forward with our research so we can understand more


What we want to be able to do is treat these dogs better


And we also want to be able to provide owners


with preventative advice, what can they be doing to reduce


the risk of their dog getting this dreadful disease.


It is rare, but when it happens to you, the outcome is devastating.


Gabrielle backs the call for more research, but she and her family


are still left with more questions than answers.


Wales have found out who they'll face at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.


Wales Coach Warren Gatland says it's a tough, competitive draw,


Gatland was in the Japanese city of Kyoto earlier for the draw.


Just like in 2015, Wales have been paired with Australia.


Then it's likely to be Fiji or Samoa and a qualifier from America,


probably Canada or the USA - we'll know for sure


A good draw for us. I think the toughest one in there is probably


the England grip again, you, that blocks fairly challenging with


France and Argentina. We're pretty happy with the draw. Lets talk to.


Your old coach seems pretty happy, do you agree? The two teams we could


have drawn, New Zealand and Argentina, we have avoided them.


Every group is tough, but I think like he says that, group C is one


you wouldn't want to be in. We play two teams, Australia and Georgia, in


the autumn as well. It'll be interesting to see how we get off


and then, it's a shame there's still two years to go. A lot can change,


but at this moment you would be pretty happy with that draw. We have


played Australia plenty of times, lost the last 12 against them. Any


chance of beating them this time round? We do win, we know all about


them, there's no excuses. Australian rugby is in a bit of turmoil, so you


never know how good they will be. Normally they get it right on the


big occasions. It's definitely a team we can beat. It could have been


New Zealand, could have been England again. I think we're fairly happy


with Australia. Talking about the domestic game, takeover talks at the


Dragons. So to the blues. Do you think this current model of regional


rugby is sustainable? It seems to be at a crossroads. If you look around


the world, only three countries are not centralised, England, France and


Wales. You look at the economies of those two compared to us. We are


struggling to compete. Thankfully the Dragons did vote yes yesterday,


but it seems like the first step for all four regions. Thank you very


much for your time this evening. Some football news...


Officials at Swansea City say they're "extremely disappointed"


after free tickets given to supporters appeared


on ticket-selling websites for more than ?60.


Swansea's players had paid for 3,000 tickets to get as many fans


as possible to the game at Sunderland on Saturday.


The club says any supporters found buying the tickets risk


Team Sky's Geraint Thomas remains second overall in Giro d'Italia


after safely finishing today's fifth stage.


It was won by the Colombian Fernando Gaviria in a sprint


A beautiful day for many of us today, let's get a full check on the


weather forecast for Wales. Thanks very much.


I'm sure many people would like it to stay sunny


for the rest of the month, but some wouldn't


Clouds are gathering over France and Spain and some of those


At the moment, though, it's bone dry.


Stunning in Swansea today with a few cirrus clouds.


Some cloud in the south late in the night with showers over


Temperatures in parts of mid and north Wales falling low


Here's the picture for eight in the morning.


Plenty of sunshine, warming up nicely too.


Cloudier in mid and south Wales with a shower or two.


During the day cloud will spread north.


You might catch a shower which could be heavy and thundery


Still some hazy sunshine and warmer than today.


Top temperatures 16 to 21 Celsius with light winds.


In the Vale of Clwyd tomorrow, dry, some sunshine.


In the Vale of Glamorgan, cloudier than today.


Tomorrow evening, scattered showers, heavy and thundery in places.


Some rain later in the night, and a warmer night than recently.


So on Friday some rain and showers, heavy in places.


Some drier, brighter spells as well, and feeling muggy.


A little rain but a lot of dry weather as well.


Sunny spells and turning fresher and breezy.


So the dry spell is on its last legs.


Washington is awash with rumour and speculation tonight


after President Donald Trump's shock dismissal of James Comey,


In the President's words, Mr Comey was not doing a good job.


There's been widespread criticism of the move.


We'll be back with a quick update for you at eight,


But that is Wales Today, from all of us on the programme,


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