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After details of UK Labour's manifesto are leaked -


the party here moves to distance itself from it and says


theirs will be "proudly Welsh Labour throughout."


Also tonight - after serious failings at this


Mental Health unit - Wales' biggest health board was put


Tonight its boss tells us he hopes that will end soon, but admits more


I think people shouldn't wait the lengthy waiting and when they are in


our care, they shouldn't expect any harm to come to them.


Creating power from local rivers - why many small, community energy


schemes now say they're in deep water.


Party leader Tim Farron in Cardiff as the Welsh Liberal Democrats


launch their election campaign - promising to approve plans


And it s two European giants in the Champions League final.


Cardiff Castle looks a bit different tonight -


as the city gets ready to stage the biggest game in club football.


It's the document which is dominating the General


Election campaign tonight, but the Labour Party in Wales has


moved to distance itself from the leaked UK manifesto.


The party here says it will publish its own


manifesto which will be - in their words - proudly


But how different can it be in a UK-wide election?


Here's our political editor Nick Servini.


Senior figures from Welsh Labour heading to crucial talks in London


on the manifesto. There were supposed to be a week to go. It


said, the First Minister Carwyn Jones hit a wall of reporters after


last night's leak. And this is what is in it about Wales. Not much. Just


a short statement saying it is proud of the Welsh Labour government and


it will work to protect public services. Welsh Labour responded by


calling it an old version and said a distinct manifesto for Wales would


be published, that would be a completely different document in


terms of tone and priorities. And in a statement that appeared to stress


the Welsh party's credentials on spending, it went on to say it takes


a responsible approach to finance. We have made tough but they are


spending decisions throughout the last decade of shrinking budgets.


The Welsh party has been stressing its own identity in the campaign so


far, but how credible is that in a UK wide genital election Welsh


Labour have tried to distance themselves from Jeremy Corbyn's


campaign on this. Jeremy Corbyn is a much less popular leaders and Carwyn


Jones in Wales. This is an election that has been framed around


leadership. Carwyn Jones wants to protect his leadership. But one


Welsh supporter of Jeremy Corbyn said it was more important to stress


the similarities rather than the differences in the party. I think


he's trying to do the same as we want to do in Wales. We want to


bring back equality, we want to help the marginalised and the oppressed,


to end discrimination. These priorities across England and Wales.


In the middle of an election campaign, whenever politicians all


over the place, to get them to dock about most is is is never a problem,


to put it mildly. But not today. We have contacted most of the Labour


candidates across Wales, and the vast majority didn't want to speak


to us about this. The way this document has been leaked in chaotic


fashion is clearly an embarrassment for the party. We haven't seen the


Welsh version and that has been a parallel process. That hasn't been


beat to the press, so there will be an opportunity next week the people


to see the version that applies to Wales. The leaked manifesto proposes


the renationalisation of the railways, as well as removing the


cap of public sector workers and reversing many welfare reforms. How


did that go down in Gower, the UK's most marginal constituency? The


housing, yes. Young people can get mortgages, they can get homes are


renting. I'm in agreement for a lot of the things, but I don't think


they will come about, because they haven't said where the money will


come from. Tonight, after Labour talks on the manifesto came to an


end, the First Minister again stressed the Welsh version would be


distinct, but also stressed the areas of shared passions throughout


Labour. Both men probably also agree that today would have been best


avoided for all concerned. Nick - how difficult a day


for Labour has this been? Is the big set piece opportunity to


put their vision out there, and it has been messy. In terms of content,


it's not a surprise. Jeremy Corbyn believes in a bigger state, more


money for public services, renationalisation. The Welsh dynamic


is interesting, I think, in all of this. It's not Labour, is Welsh


Labour, it's not Jeremy Corbyn, it's Carwyn Jones. It can be problematic


at the times of publications of manifestos. We will have Welsh


manifestos. The purpose is to deal with devolved services, most notably


and obviously, health and education, which is different than in England.


But once you deal with that, they can only go up to a point, because


big areas like taxation and public expenditure, defence, national


security, all these issues are dealt with on a UK wide basis, and yet, we


are still told by Welsh Labour delight that the Welsh manifesto


will be substantially different in all sorts of areas. In total, in


terms of priorities. This is either smart politics from Labour, to focus


on Wales throughout the campaign, order it confuses people, it's


misleading and maybe it is. We will all find out in a matter of a few


weeks. Thanks very much. Wales' biggest health board has -


for two years - been in special measures following a string


of failings in the care it provided. Now the man tasked with turning


around its performance says Betsi Cadwaladr -


which covers North Wales - could be ready to have


its supervision lifted later this However, he admits performance


in some areas remains unacceptable. Our health correspondent Owain


Clarke has this exclusive report. It's not perhaps something he would


usually do in a pub, but the locals here are discussing the future of


the NHS in a meeting arranged by the health board. I think they do


appreciate the hard work the NHS does, but it's getting new ideas and


new services through. We've had a good conversation and good examples


of what works well, what needs to improve. Really important to try and


change what is happening now, because of the budgets are going


smaller and smaller. Their views will feed into a new plan. The


health board wants to prove it is listening, after being attacked for


not listening before. Gary Doherty took over the boss in February last


year, eight months after special measures were imposed. He inherited


long A and treatment delays, along with staff shortages. But with


hospital infection rates dropping by a quarter, staff morale my much


better and performance on stroke and cancer care among the best in Wales,


he is quietly confident. I think people recognise why we were put on


special measures in terms of our staff, I think people feel we need


to do the right things to respond to that and hopefully we will come out


of special measures quickly if we do the right things. He admits


performance in some areas remains unacceptable. Waiting times need to


improve. There was the scandal where it was found some patients were


treated like animals on a mental health ward that closed in 2013. In


terms of improving mental health services more generally, bosses


admit they're still a long way to go. From childhood, Richard Birch


tree though something was wrong. He was often depressed and sometimes


felt suicidal. I went to my GP and said I needed help. They sent me to


what was called First Access. My world wasn't putting on me. I had to


go to A in. But Richard is having an opportunity to help things put


right, along with others who use mental health services, he is


helping to draw up Betsi Cadwaladr's new mental health strategy. Long A


weights and ambulance delays and a big deficit and other problems, but


one of the most pressing is a shortage of GPs. Here in Prestatyn,


the health board had to take over control of the surgeries that were


at risk of closing. The solution was to form a network of surgeries,


better supported by other professionals, like nurses,


physiotherapists and pharmacists. The result was 10,000 fewer GP


appointments and, they say, better care. We realise the service we are


delivering his fantastic on many levels, but isn't necessarily


delivering a service or group of patients we expect to increase. What


do we do? That becomes an issue, as we faced, forcing our hands to do


something a little bit faster than we might have been doing. And


special measures, according to the boss, have done the same for the


entire organisation. That has been a catalyst for change. It was an


acceptance that things were not where they should be. A very public


acceptance and then a public acceptance of the challenge, to say,


let's get to where we want to be. But just how quickly they get there


will not be his decision. Owain Clarke with that exclusive


report and there's much more analysis online -


just head to the BBC A man's been arrested


on suspicion of murder - by police searching for a missing


woman near Rhyl. 43-year-old Tracey Kearns,


from Kinmel Bay, has not been seen A 48-year-old man -


who officers say is known There's an increased police


presence in Kinmel Bay - It's been confirmed that two


candidates are in the running to be the new Leader of Pembrokeshire


Council. David Simpson - a former


member of the Cabinet - will challenge Jamie Adams


for the Leadership. Councillor Adams was leader -


from 2012 until this Councillors will vote


on May the 25th. The future of many


small hydro schemes - which pump money back


into communities - is in jeopardy due


to a sharp rise in business rates. That's the warning from two industry


bodies who've told BBC Wales that some green energy projects have seen


rate increases of as much Our environment correspondent


Steffan Messenger has more. For the last year, the villagers


of Abergwyngregyn in Gwynedd have been using their local river


to generate electricity They used to pay ?900 a month


as a tax to the local council, but after a recent revaluation


of business rates across Wales and England, their bill has shot up


to over ?2,000 a month. It is mainly volunteers that run


community energy projects like this Their profits ploughed back


into the local area, the upkeep of the village hall,


for instance, or grants So to see a big chunk of those


profits disappear as a result of this hike in business rates,


is for many, hard to take. I am extremely annoyed -


I have done this in good faith all these years and I expect


the money that the hydro produces This increase is just


out of all proportion. Gwynedd, with mountains and rivers


aplenty, has become a hub for community hydro schemes


in recent years. In Bethesda, where theirs has only


just started generating, they are now predicting


they will make a loss each month, with no money


at all for the local area. These projects have been set up


for community enhancement, community sustainability,


and this is ripping In Scotland, they have


done something about it, they are giving 100% business rates


relief, because they know it is of benefit


to the communities that they serve. In Wales, there is nothing really


for these medium to larger systems. The British Hydropower Association


say a quirk in the way the rates are worked out


is hitting their members particularly hard, and ultimately,


a change in the law In the meantime, the support


available to help businesses pay their way is in the hands


of the Welsh government, and they believe ministers


here could do more. You have a strategy that sets


out your green agenda, and yet you are standing


by while not only hydro schemes are suffering,


but small businesses. And those small businesses


at some stage will say, we cannot afford to pay these rates


and therefore, they will abandon the schemes, and that's


the last thing we want. The Labour-run Welsh government says


it is aware of the situation and is considering whether to offer


specific assistance with business Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems told


us they would do that. While the Green Party


said they would scrap the taxes altogether


for renewable energy projects. Ukip and the Conservatives


didn't respond. Meanwhile, the community energy


sector, much favoured by politicians of all hues,


says it's in deep water. Still ahead tonight -


Gareth Bale updates fans on his fitness -


will the Welsh star be back in time, to try and win the biggest prize


in club football in his hometown? And it's been the warmest day


of the year so far for some of us. Heavy showers, rain


and thunder in places. Plans for a Swansea Bay tidal lagoon


would be approved by That was the party's


message as it launched its General Election


campaign in Wales. Leader, Tim Farron, said


the party can present a more From Cardiff Bay,


Carl Roberts reports. Tim Farron and some of his


Welsh Lib Dem candidates taking a stroll around


Cardiff Bay this morning. Mr Farron fears that


the general election will be And he told party activists today


that he was in Cardiff to change the tone of the election and present


a more hopeful future than he says the Conservatives


are offering post-Brexit. Mr Farron's visit to Cardiff Bay


today coincides with a pledge to build a tidal lagoon in Swansea


Bay. The Lib Dems want to add to the one


Welsh seat they hold at Westminster, His visit to Cardiff today comes


a week after the Lib Dems lost 11 The Liberal Democrats would approve


the building of the Swansea Bay The scheme's developers say


electricity generated by the six-mile lagoon would power


150,000 homes for 120 years. The party says it would then


want to see tidal developments around the coast of Wales,


in Cardiff, Newport and Colwyn Bay. Before the project can go ahead,


though, UK Government ministers would have to agree a deal


on the level of subsidy required And a marine licence would also


need to be approved. Quite frankly, some of us are fed up


with constantly reminding the government that they need


to take action on this. Such is the enormity of this


project for the renewables sector in south Wales,


we need to get on with it. Britain can be a better place


than the place Theresa May Tim Farron hopes the electoral tide


is turning for his party and wants the Liberal Democrats to protect


Wales against the threat of a Conservative landslide not


seen since the 1980s. Many of us in the north of England


and here in Wales do not need We remember what it would be


like to be taken for granted by that If you want someone


fighting your corner, then you want someone


with an alternative vision And as the only party that did not


back Theresa May's extreme version of Brexit of Article 50,


the Liberal Democrats offer Britain real hope of real change


and a decent opposition. But one Welsh MP between them


is not the Lib Dems'aim. They lost two of their three


parliamentary seats The Liberal Democrats


hope they have weathered the political storm,


though, and can add As well as electing your local MP,


this general election is also of course about choosing the Prime


Minister. This campaign, more than most,


has focussed on the party leaders. So will it be the personalities


or policies that determine where you put your cross


on polling day? Our Political Reporter Bethan Lewis


has been finding out. On the cricket pitch, the captain is


a key figure, up from the touring cost of the final wicket. And at


election time, political leaders are front and centre. On one level, this


election is about two captains, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, going


head-to-head to be Prime Minister. But the leaders, whether the


Nationalists of goodies Ukip, could have a big influence on the national


forces of their parties. The men that is the Welsh party leaders to


with Labour calling on Carwyn Jones rather than Jeremy Corbyn to open


the batting for them when they watched their campaign here in


earlier this week. A former senior adviser to the First Minister says


it makes sense to put the focus on him. No surprise when you have a


leader who isn't popular with certain voters. It's partly takes


away from the popularity of Jeremy Corbyn, but that is a Labour


government there. Televised debates have provided an important platform


for leaders in past elections. The focus on Theresa May against Jeremy


Corbyn makes it very hard for Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrats and Ukip to


get their message ahead in this election. Quite simply, the story is


not about them. For them to win seats, they have to couple


attractive policies with ruthless targeting a couple of seats they can


hope to win. Strong leadership. It's a message voters will be hearing


again and again. What is election time like for leaders? It's a lot of


work, according to some. It's all crucially important, but with


today's MA as Prime Minister, it is a thousandfold bat. These cricketers


in the Vale of Glamorgan are enjoying a few overs midweek. It's a


far cry from the campaign trail, but the captain thinks there are certain


skills at sporting and political leaders need. Getting everybody to


come together as a single unit is really crucial. A certain amount of


charisma is needed. Somebody who is a very articulate speaker. It's very


easy to be a great leader whenever things going well and you're riding


the wave of success. But it's when you get the backs, how you respond


to those. The defeat ahead is what you're looking at. With the news


that you listen to, it's everything you hear see. They are totally


integral to my vote and everyone else's vote. For those at the helm,


the election can campaign will bring triumphs, perhaps a few slip-ups and


intense scrutiny. And in the run up to next


month's general election, we want to know what you would do


if you were Prime Minister. What are the issues


YOU would prioritise? We'll be taking your ideas


to Downing Street after the results You can email us -


[email protected], tweet us, @bbcwalesnews,


or write to us, Wales Today, Time for tonight's


sport - here's Claire. Good evening - we now know the two


sides that will head to Cardiff for the Champions League final


on the 3rd of June. It's a clash of European


heavyweights as Italian face reigning European champions


Real Madrid. It means Gareth Bale's dream


of lifting the biggest prize in club football in his hometown is very


much alive - providing Less than 24 hours on from


the finalists being confirmed, Commuters woke up to a blue dragon


on top of Cardiff Castle, accompanied by a giant trophy


and photographs of the players. You can't miss the city is gearing


up to host one of the most prestigious tournaments


in the world, and the most important club competition


in European football. It started being installed last


night at ten o'clock and they finished at six


o'clock this morning. And the aim really is to excite


local people, raise the profile of the event and then obviously,


for the fans who come here for the four days of the event,


to have their photos taken as selfies and keep spreading


the word of Cardiff and Wales. We always hoped this event


would excite people to follow football, take up football,


and these are probably the two best Real Madrid booked their place


in the final against A goal from Isco, in for the injured


Gareth Bale, putting the defending It's certainly the final


organisers had dreamt about. Two European giants


going head-to-head. Juventus are Italy's biggest club


and they are attempting to win their first Champions League


title in 21 years. They have won it twice before,


but they have lost six finals. Real Madrid is arguably


the biggest club in the world. They have won at 11 times,


and the current holders are hoping to become the first team


to retain the title. They have won it 11 times,


and the current holders are hoping to become the first team


to retain the title. TRANSLATION: Reaching two


Champions League finals in a row is the result


of everybody's hard work. Both clubs have strong


Welsh connections. Gareth Bale has won the trophy


twice with Real Madrid He tweeted this this morning


as he continues his recovery The manager says his side are better


with him and the Welshman doesn't need more of an incentive to get


back than playing and winning the trophy for the third time


in his own backyard. And back in the late 1980s,


Ian Rush was lured by Juventus. Although it is another Welshman,


the great John Charles, The gentle giant signed for them


in 1957 and was voted the best foreign player ever


to play for them. With just 23 days to go,


work is well underway as Cardiff prepares to welcome the thousands


of fans and the millions It will be a sporting


event of the magnitude Wales' Geraint Thomas was safely


in the peloton as the riders completed stage six of cycling's


Giro D'Italia. The Sky team leader finished tenth,


39 seconds behind the winner, but he remains second overall -


six seconds behind the leader. The weather now - Derek's


here...umbrellas at the ready? Blue sky and sunshine


in Halkyn, Flintshire. The highest temperature recorded


in Wales so far this year. Dark clouds in Llandaf this


afternoon with a few This evening a few


scattered showers. Overnight some rain in parts


of mid and S Wales. Last night the temperature


in Bala dropped to freezing Here's the picture for


eight in the morning. Much cloudier with


some showery rain. Plenty of cloud and feeling muggy


with a southeasterly breeze. During the day it will


brighten up in places So showers will break


out in the afternoon. Heavy and thundery in places


but a few miles down the road Not as warm as today


but still feeling muggy. The wind light but gusty


in any thunderstorms. Tomorrow night, showers


or longer spells of rain. Most of the rain in the NW


by the end of the night. Heavy in places


but these will clear. Dry and bright for a while


with some sunshine. But the breeze will pick up with


rain in Pembrokeshire by evening. The chart for Saturday shows a front


over Ireland that will bring a spell This low over the Atlantic


may bring more rain Sunny spells too and becoming dry


and feeling fresher. So more unsettled and changeable


over the next few days. We'll have a quick update at eight,


more after the BBC Ten O'clock News. From all of us on the programme,


have a good evening.


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