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Jailed for causing the death of a 22-year-old woman


Outside court, Sophie Taylor's mother described her disappointment


I feel people can go out into their vehicle


and use it as a weapon, which was exactly what happened to


Wales could follow England's lead and abolish University tuition fees.


Mountain rescuers in a potentially life-saving operation.


Why one of Wales' biggest teams is raising concerns


Their Premier League survival could be secured this weekend


And thousands of jellyfish lurking off the Welsh coast


Why experts say there's a mega swarm.


A 24-year-old woman has been jailed for six and a half years,


for causing the death of her love rival in a late night car


Melissa Pesticcio, and 23-year-old Michael Wheeler, who's been jailed


for seven and a half years, followed Sophie Taylor at high


speed, in what the court heard, was as a "Fast


The judge described the incident as terrifying,


and said their actions were like a pack chasing its prey.


They released a pink balloons on the steps of the court today,


Pink had been the 22-year-old call centre worker's favourite colour.


She died in a late-night car crash last year but the fatal


Today, those responsible for her death were jailed.


She was loving, giving and trusting and those qualities in her work


completely abused by these two, I can't even call them human beings.


All three had been involved in a love triangle.


Caught on CCTV last August, Sophie Taylor is seen being chased


by Melissa Pesticcio, who was angry and jealous.


Also giving chase was Michael Wheeler, who had been


The pursuit of Miss Taylor's BMW by Melissa Pesticcio in another


BMW and Michael Wheeler in his Vauxhall Corsa


lasted three miles from the Rumney area to Adamsdown.


They reached speeds of 56 mph along the narrow backstreets


in what was described in court as a fast and furious style chase.


As they entered Adamsdown, Sophie and her passenger Josh


was so frightened that they dialled 999, reporting that they were


Then, on the emergency call, a loud bang is heard.


Sophie's car had been violently rammed, sending it into a spin,


Sophie was killed, her passenger suffered life changing injuries.


He spent 101 days in hospital and was in a medically


He told the court the injuries had robbed him of his dignity.


I had a brain bleed, I had brain swelling,


I have got a permanent frontal lobe injury.


Four of my ribs broke, which punctured my lung.


The court heard Melissa Pesticcio had sent a text message to another


friend discussing Sophie Taylor which read, I will find her


That text and the chase was the culmination of a period


of hostility between the two women, which amounted to a campaign


of intimidation over a stolen boyfriend and an argument


It can be distressing for families to hear details


The family of Sophie and Joshua maintained their dignity


and we are grateful for their support throughout


And we are glad that justice has been achieved in the end.


When the pair were jailed, there was applause and loud cheers


Outside, Sophie 's parents spoke of their loss.


I few people can go out into their vehicle and use it


as a weapon, which was exactly what happened to our


Sentencing, the judge said you were both consumed


by a self-righteous, jealous rage, chasing Sophie,


He said it was like a pack chasing its prey.


He jailed Melissa Pesticcio for six and a half years and Wheeler


Wales could follow England's lead and abolish tuition fees if Labour


University funding is devolved to the Welsh Government,


but the First Minister, Carwyn Jones has told BBC Wales it


would be difficult to conceive a scenario where tuition fees


are abolished in England but not in Wales.


Well, let's get more on this now from our political


What's the situation with tuition fees in England?


All universities in England, Wales and Scotland charge ?9,000 per year


for tuition fees. In England, there is no help from the government. The


Welsh Government puts ?5,000 per year in and it costs around ?230


million a year. There are plans to change that next year. There is a


contribution towards living costs. But if the Welsh Government wanted


to, they could abolish tuition fees now but it would cost hundreds of


millions of pounds that they do not have. Yesterday, we saw that pledge


to abolish tuition fees in England costing ?10 billion. That means


there would be money coming to the Welsh Government to abolish fees in


Wales but more importantly, if you can imagine the scenario where


universities in England are essentially free, you could not have


universities in Wales charging ?9,000 because nobody would go there


and they would go bust. What kind of reaction has there been to this? The


Conservatives has said that Carwyn Jones should not be making more


spending promises that have not been thought through. Plaid Cymru have


said that they don't think Carwyn Jones would keep to this promise.


Ukip saying this promise is meaningless. The Liberal Democrats,


it is a tricky one, it is a labour Welsh Government but the person in


charge of education is a Liberal Democrat. They are saying they


should be concentrating on living costs, not on fees.


Specialist teams have joined the search for


Tracy Kearns from Kinmel Bay has not been seen since last Sunday.


A 48-year-old man, who is known to Miss Kearns, has been arrested


A newspaper editor from Pembrokeshire who published


information likely to identify a sex offence victim has been ordered


Health services in England have been hit by a large-scale attack. NHS


Wales says it has already but proactive protection measures in


place. A 25-year-old man has been


arrested in Flint for affray St Mary's Catholic primary


school and several streets in the area were shut,


after armed officers were called to Maes Alaw at around seven


o'clock this morning. It followed reports of a man


behaving in an aggressive Pagers may be technological


relics for most of us, but they're still widely used


by our emergency services. NHS staff, the fire service,


lifeboats and search and rescue teams rely on these devices


because they have good signal A mid-wales mountain


rescue team has told this programme they're concerned,


after warnings prices could rise Here's Teleri Glyn Jones


with the story. A rescuing the Brecon Beacons back


in March. In an emergency situation like this, communication is


critical. It is really simple. It is just a little box and it has a


display on it. Mark Jones from the rescue team says they use pagers and


mobile phones to mobilise volunteers because phone reception could be


unreliable. We respond to different types of calls, searches and medical


emergencies. If somebody is having chest pains, you want to be


responding to those calls immediately. We don't want to be


half an hour behind the game. But that service is under threat since


Vodafone decided to close down its pager business. There is one other


company that provides the service. The companies were considering a


merger but there were concerns that a monopoly could mean higher prices


and worse signal coverage so Vodafone decided to stop its service


anyway. We have quite a dispersed membership throughout South and mid


Wales and we want as many of those, ideally all of those, to get the


message immediately. Without a reliable service that we can afford,


we cannot guarantee that. The Competition and Markets Authority


says there is nothing they can do to stop companies choosing to exit the


market which could leave emergency services across Wales out of reach.


We return to our election coverage now and one issue which has forced


itself onto the political agenda is immigration.


It played a big part in last year's Brexit debate


Different parts of Wales have experienced different


The north east of the country, Wrexham and Flintshire are among


the areas which have proved most popular.


Roger Pinney has been to Queensferry and Shotton on Deeside


It is where they go for a taste of home.


At this shop in Queensferry, the stock is from Slovakia


and the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria,


And in the main, those countries are where the customers come from.


Attilan and Livia arrived four years ago from Hungary.


Did you feel it was a big step for you, coming


Yeah, it was a childhood dream for me.


We have a better job here, we have a better life here.


And do you plan to stay, would you go home sometime?


Yeah, of course, we want to stay here.


The shop is run by Betsy and her mother.


Tried it and it's turned out really well.


In the decade they've run the shop, it's doubled in size


and in the same ten years, that's more or less


what happened to the non-UK born population of Flintshire.


Now, rightly or wrongly, they feel uncertain


For us, being here, for so long now, working hard, having salaries,


paying taxes, paying our rents, the bills, everything,


our children go to school over here now and it is hurting


To be fair, none of the mainstream parties say that but the scale


of future immigration is an issue in this election and in the Brexit


The Conservatives have renewed their promise to reduce it


And we will hear from the other parties soon.


This corner of North East Wales has much in common with


Here, the old mainstays were the steel and textile industries.


40 years ago, life on Deside was pretty certain.


People grew up together, worked together, then came the steel


When steel-making ended, 6500 jobs were lost in one day.


But from the ruins, new opportunities arrived.


The Deeside Industrial Park on the old steelworks


Little wonder then so many East Europeans are being drawn


in and you don't half to spend long here chatting to local


people to discover that makes seven feel uneasy.


What do you think the big issues are going to be around here?


There's a lot of foreign people around here.


A lot of people take issues with them taking


Very difficult to get into the doctors.


When you go, they are all foreigners.


A lot of politicians are talking about that today.


Struggling to get another job because obviously, immigration,


people are coming over here and taking our jobs really.


They are keeping wages down as well, yeah.


And according to the Bank of England, in the lowest skilled


industries, a ten percentage point rise in the proportion


of immigrants is associated with a 2% reduction in pay.


If they all go, who will have those jobs then?


There's not enough people around here for those jobs.


There's an awful lot of big factories over there now.


So, do recent immigrants put pressure on local services,


Or are they helping to drive the economy forward?


Some big questions for the politicians.


Meanwhile, on the election campaign trail today,


The Foreign Secretary used his visit to Newport market to tell voters


that the Conservatives will deliver a Strong and clear approach


to defence, whereas the Labour party, under Jeremy Corbyn,


Elsewhere, Labour's deputy leader has also been


Tom Watson has been on a mini whistle-stop campaign tour,


visiting areas such as Cardiff, Pontypridd, Merthyr and Caerphilly.


During his visit, Mr Watson praised the party's record running


And with the election just weeks away, we're asking what you would do


What would you do if you were in the top job?


We want to know which issues are important to you.


And we've had plenty of ideas already but we'd like to have more


so that we can take them all to the decision-makers


after the results of the election on June the 8th.


Swansea City's Premier League fate could be decided this weekend.


If they win and other results go their way,


they will be safe come Sunday afternoon.


3,000 Swans fans will make the trip to Sunderland tomorrow,


and with so much at stake, boss Paul Clement says


it's all about who can handle the pressure.


Swansea City, masters of their own destiny, are looking to capitalise


on last weekend where their win over Everton saw them leapfrog howl. --


Hull. It is Sunderland tomorrow afternoon but the boss is taking


nothing for granted. They have a good manager with plenty of


experience who wants to win every game he is involved in. Although


they have had a difficult season, they will want to finish strongly.


Mentally we are prepared for a tough game. It is certainly a crunch


weekend. Victory for Swansea would apply huge pressure on rivals Hull


and Crystal Palace will face each other on Sunday. The relegation race


could be decided if Swansea win and Hull lose. We don't cheese nothing.


We look for our work and the next game is the most important for us.


We need to win the game. The pressure lies on all of us to win


the game. We have to draw it. If we are defensively sound and solid like


we were against Arsenal, then we are bound to create some chances at home


and hopefully score. Swansea have spent almost the entire season


struggling at the wrong end of the table and staying up would not


normally be cause for celebration but this has been an extraordinary


season. Three managers in, they look doomed before Paul Clement to change


were macro charge. Another Coach has pulled out


of Wales' summer tour games After Danny Wilson last week,


the Scarlets have confirmed Stephen Jones won't be part


of Robin McBryde's backroom team because of


commitments with his region. The Scarlets play Leinster


in the Pro12 semifinal next week. Lions captain Sam Warburton


says his side needs to become the best in the world,


in a matter of weeks, if it wants Warburton leads the Lions


for a second successive tour and knows the tourists must gel


quickly ahead of the first Test I think it's going to


be very difficult... Four years ago, there were chances


where the guys could have a little bit of a social together,


we might be able to go out, have a couple of beers


and do things like that. Which is quite a good way


to get to know players. But the games are coming so thick


and fast, there's not going to be I think going through difficult


training and games will help. Welsh Cyclist Geraint Thomas remains


in 2nd position overall, Caleb Ewan of Australia was first


over the line, just. he was a fraction of a wheel ahead


of Fernando Gaviria of Columbia, Thousands of giant jellyfish have


washed up on Welsh beaches The barrel jellyfish have been


spotted in Pembrokeshire, New Quay has been a hot spot,


with over 300 seen in what's been They are known as barrel or even


dustbin lid jellyfish And they have been washing up


on the beaches of Wales Science officers from


Cardigan Bay Marine wildlife Centre have counted over 300


on beaches at New Quay alone. And while this happens annually,


they say this number is rare. And have described


it as a mega swarm. We don't normally get as many


as we are seeing now. Last year was an unusual year


in that we didn't see them This year we have seen them


sort of April-May time And they seem to be a lot bigger


than we usually see. I don't think I've ever seen them


quite as big as they are this year Numbers have grown in recent


years because of mild winters and warm waters,


allowing plankton, their main And the fine weather


lately has sparked this recent boom in jellyfish,


which can grow up to These barrel jellyfish end up


on the beach because they head inshore for the warmer water


but they have a limited ability So they end up washed up


on the beach in huge numbers. We have been coming here 40 years


and I just never seen anything like this in terms of the numbers


and the size of them. The last time we saw so many


hundreds of these jellyfish washed up like this was when we had that


really hot summer of 1976. There is advice not to touch or move


the jellyfish as they do give a mild staying,


similar to a nettle. And conservationists hope this


will scratch the sea creatures' main predator,


the large leatherback turtle. So this ancient sea creature could


attract another to our beaches. some welcome rain in the forecast.


Some sunshine to look forward to. Here is the radar from earlier. It


was patchy in nature. It was pretty heavy. More showers to deal with


tonight. They will tend to ease through the night. It'll start to


feel fresher as we go through the night. The winds change in


direction. Still fairly mild. Temperatures down to nine Celsius.


Tomorrow we have a brief break from the rain but there is a weather


front nearby that will bring the wet conditions as we head into tomorrow


night. First thing tomorrow morning we do have a few showers running


across mid Wales and across northern parts we have a few showers first


thing as well. Temperatures in double figures. A mild start of the


morning. As we head down into Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and


Carmarthenshire, a lot of dry weather to start the day. Maybe even


some sunshine first thing. I am hopeful most of us will see the sun


shining. First thing tomorrow morning, those showers will tend to


clear and it will become brighter. A few showers along the coast later on


in the day. Top temperature around 18 Celsius and late afternoon, we


will start to see that front approaching. That will bring with it


rain and cloud as well. Tomorrow night, a wet night as that front


pushes its way north-eastwards. Behind it a few showers but also a


lot of dry weather. Feeling fresher than tonight. A brief break on


Sunday but later in the day, we will see that area of low pressure


pushing in, bringing more... On Sunday, some sunshine, the odd


isolated shower. Temperatures reaching 17 Celsius. More persistent


rain to come by the time we get to Monday. A woman and her ex-boyfriend


have been jailed for killing a woman in a fatal car chase. 22-year-old


Sophie Taylor died when her car hit a block of flats in Cardiff in


August last year. Tonight Michael Wheeler is starting a seven and a


half year jail term while Melissa Pesticcio will serve six and a half


years. We'll have a quick update at 8,


more after the BBC Ten o'clock News. From all of us on the


programme, goodbye.


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