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The bird flu outbreak - the chief vet outlines further


restrictions for farmers and poultry owners.


they were left without toilets or heating.


Tonight, calls for a council to dump one


Farmers and poultry owners have been told that restrictions to stop


the spread of bird flu have been extended for another seven weeks.


It means all poultry have to be kept indoors


It comes after chickens and ducks with the H5N8 strain of the disease


were discovered and culled at a property in Carmarthenshire


The same strain was found in a wild duck in Llanelli last month.


The process is you have to clean off any gunk on your


boots in clean water, just plain water, and then


if you could dip them into the


disinfectant that will get rid of any of the virus.


Elaine Franks is taking bio-security very seriously, usually


her 100 prize chickens roam free here, but since the recent case of


avian flu, she has kept them in makeshift pens


in the greenhouse and they'll have to stay


here until the end of February at least.


For me as a lifetime poultry keeper, it is pretty devastating,


really. It is on par with foot and mouth.


I have lived through two foot and mouth outbreaks


and for poultry it's the same.


These birds are completely irreplaceable.


They are, a lot of them, the result of two lifetimes


I can't go out and buy another bunch of birds to replace


The extension of restrictions on keeping poultry comes after a


Yesterday a domestic flock of chickens and ducks


A 3km protection zone has been set up around the area


as well as a 10km surveillance zone which aims to stop


The same strain of bird flu was also discovered just before


Christmas, and on a turkey farm in Lincolnshire earlier in December.


Infected birds have arrived in Great Britain, we know


that from the findings in Wales England and


Scotland now, and we can't control any of that.


But what we can do is everything possible to protect


our own domestic flock and bringing them indoors is the best way to


Ian Williams is a poultry farmer and can have up to 200,000 chickens


Cameras were not allowed onto the farm today but


had to film from a distance as he is taking every


precaution possible to stop avian flu reaching the site.


We are only allowing essential visitors


onto the site so we have to have a few deliveries


for the chickens and so lorries that are doing essential


deliveries like that are allowed on site but no other visitors.


It is a massive risk to me that my livelihood will be affected


hugely if I got avian flu on this farm.


Those who keep more than 50 birds are required


to sign up to a poultry register, but tonight


the Welsh government is urging those with fewer


It also said they should look out for any symptoms which


includes birds not laying eggs or eating and any swelling


on the birds, but there is no risk to human health.


With news tonight that over a million ducks will be culled in


France over the coming months Elaine fears a full-scale


outbreak could cross the Channel.


The advice is to avoid any contact with wild birds,


to disinfect and keep movement to a minimum if you come


Failure to do so could have serious consequences


A former soldier from Carmarthenshire has been sentenced


after trying to travel to Syria to fight against


was arrested at Heathrow airport in September.


He's been banned from leaving the UK for a year, and sentenced to 50


hours of unpaid work for failing to give officers his


mobile phone pin number - an offence under the Terrorism Act.


Staff in the sterilisation and x-ray departments at some hospitals


in South Wales are due to go on strike over a pay dispute.


the action will affect non-emergency surgery at Morriston


and Singleton in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Princess


Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health board says - it values its staff


and a meeting is planned early next week to discuss the dispute.


A teacher from Llandudno who downloaded indecent images


of children has been jailed for eight months.


Mark Haslock - who taught at Ysgol y Grango near Wrexham -


was also ordered to register as a sex offender for


The search for a missing jogger from Talgarth near Brecon has been


51-year-old David Skeen was last seen going for


a run near his home at nine o'clock yesterday morning.


Mountain rescue teams have been assisting emergency services


There are calls tonight for Caerphilly Council to stop


using the company refurbishing it's social housing


as residents claim they've been left to live


The contractor, Vinci, is accused by residents


of poor workmanship, with some saying - they have been


Meet Victoria Roberts and her mother, Dawn, who has


She needs 24-hour oxygen here at her bungalow.


She moved out last year to avoid the dust and


disruption of fitting this new kitchen.


After five weeks, she said she returned to dirt and dust


everywhere, electrical work she said she was not told


about, jobs unfinished or with parts missing.


She claims the freezer unplugged, all


It is the contracters that have caused the problem.


Do you think this company should continue


Absolutely not, if that is how they treat people.


The amount of stress that it's caused my mother.


She's ended up in hospital, be it or not, that that's


actually directly linked, but she's been so stressed out


It's not just my mother that they've treated like that.


I had a flood this week, the drainage was not done properly.


Christina is 75 and visually impaired, she said she had


weeks of broken promises about when her kitchen


refurbished and when work finally did start...


I didn't have a toilet, have to go to my friends to


The council uses a number of different contractors,


but this one was involved in both these cases and others.


It referred us to the local authority.


I went to the council which in a statement


about the complaints being made here and it


them with the contractor as a matter of urgency.


It also pointed out that with hundreds of


homes being refurbished across the country, the concerns


here were not representative of the majority of its tenants.


A freezing night ahead for many of us.


Temperatures are dropping this evening. It is already minus for


Celsius. Not quite so-called elsewhere. Elsewhere, the sky is


clear, a wide spread frost, one or two freezing fog patches forming. By


the end of the night, if you places will be as low as minus six Celsius.


Less cold in temperature with a breeze on the coast. A cold and


frosty start for much of the country tomorrow morning. 12 freezing fog


patches, otherwise a lovely morning, bright and crisp, with lots of


winter sunshine. Across the rest of the UK, a similar story with high


pressure in charge. That means many places dry, cold, lots of sunshine.


Some shoppers on the east coast, cloudier in the west, the odd shower


in Cornwall. Breezy in the west and less cold, seven in Belfast. A


lovely afternoon in Wales tomorrow, plenty more sunshine, turning he a


litre in the afternoon. Thickening cloud in the west, highs of seven


Celsius with a south-easterly breeze. Only three Celsius here.


Tomorrow evening, a slight frost apart from in the west. Overnight


gliding over everywhere, and eventually some rain spreading into


the north and west, that will lift tempters. Friday is all change,


cloud and outbreaks of rain and drizzle, heavy bursts of rain, the


cloud Loring with mist and fog patches and turning milder. Side to


side westerly winds. Tonight is the coldest night of the week. Make the


most of the sunshine tomorrow. It is all change on Friday. The weekend


stays on the mild side. Plenty of cloud, if use spots of rain and


drizzle but some dry weather as well.


That's Wales Today. Thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, goodnight.