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First Minister Carwyn Jones in Norway says EU citizens should


not face barriers if they come to work in Wales after Brexit.


Should Wales be given control of immigration?


That's the call tonight from a group of MPs.


EU citizens shouldn't face barriers if they come


here to work after Brexit, so says the First Minister.


Carwyn Jones was speaking during a visit to Norway.


It isn't part of the European Union but accepts many of its laws


and its rules on immigration as a member of the single market.


From the Norwegian capital Oslo, our political


By coming here, Carwyn Jones is sending a signal that he wants


To stay in the single market, Norway must allow EU workers


to come here freely, even though it's not


To keep our access to the single market, Carwyn Jones says


we should be prepared to do something similar.


I know that many people are not happy with the


current system of freedom of movement so that can't stay exactly


as it is, I think that's right to say.


What I've suggested is people should have freedom


The First Minister visited a sixth form college this morning and wants


to learn from Norway's government to find out whether a soft


Brexit which keeps the UK in the single market is possible.


But while he is in Norway, the Norwegian Prime Minister


has been in Germany, where she had this warning.


I fear a very hard Brexit but I hope we will find a


There has to be give and take to stay in


Norway has also high number of EU migrants coming in,


in fact we have higher per capita migrants in Norway than in the UK.


But in Norway migration from the EU is seen as positive.


Norwegians have voted against EU membership in the past and this


Norwegian PhD student based in Cardiff University says there is no


Aall parties have agreed to leave the debate


because the opinion polls always show people are Eurosceptic.


A red white and blue Brexit is what Theresa May wants.


Today Carwyn Jones attacked her for not making clear


Conservatives say his visit to Oslo is grandstanding.


We are the fifth largest economy in the world,


we have a great trading relationship with countries across the globe and


If the First Minister wishes to go to Oslo


and look at what Norway is doing, yes, what we need to be crafting


out here is a British relationship with Europe.


We are in uncharted territory says Carwyn Jones and no country


has left the EU before, and no other country,


including Norway, provides a ready-made blueprint to describe


Norway had to build its own relationship with Europe.


The UK will have to do the same when it


formally starts the Brexit process in March.


A children's football coach who took ecstacy for the first time


died after falling into a river and drowned.


An inquest was told 21-year-old Jordan Miers


was seen confused and disorientated after leaving a work's Christmas


His body was recovered from the city's Marina three weeks later.


A television channel specialising in Extreme Sports has been unveiled


as the latest business partner for the the proposed


Those behind the project are hoping to build the ?425 million


400 staff at the JCB factory in Wrexham will be involved


in supplying the United States army with a fleet of forklift trucks.


They'll be producing axles for 1,600 rough terrain vehicles.


It's one of the biggest single orders in JCB's history.


Should Wales be given control over immigration?


That's the call tonight from a group of MPs who say devolving some


powers over the system, such as visas and migration quotas,


The UK Government says any changes would lead to complications.


Our political reporter Carl Roberts has the story.


Immigration is never far from the headlines.


Today's debate - who should set the rules for people wanting to


A report from a group of MPs and peers


says the Welsh Government should have a say and is calling on the


UK Government to seriously consider devolving a degree of control over


immigration policy powers to the nations and regions to help


It also wants an independent commission to explore


Our report recommends an independent commission


to explore how a devolved, regionally-led system


might give people a greater sense of democratic


control over immigration and change in their area.


Shaping immigration criteria to address national or regional


needs will instil greater confidence that the system works for your area


The report also suggests looking at the system in place in Canada,


were all ten provincial governments are allowed to set specific


requirements for immigrants and have some control over visas.


Some question whether this kind of system would work here in Wales.


In some ways it would make sense because education and housing


are already devolved issues but in other ways it may complicate


things because asylum and immigration are obviously


not devolved and asylum seekers are frequently rooted around


the UK on a no-choice basis so they would have to look


at that policy again if they want to devolve these issues.


Others say immigration rules tailored to the needs of Wales


Wales' economic profile is different to the rest of the UK.


We have a larger dependency on manufacturing and


we're the only country in the UK that is a net


exporter of goods, so having our own ability to issue work visas and work


permits would give us an increased advantage, I think, in terms of


boosting our economy and helping support the NHS as well.


The Welsh Government has welcomed the MPs report and says it


would like to see the needs of Wales represented in


any future UK Government immigration policy but the UK Government isn't


so keen and says having different immigration policies


for different parts of the UK would complicated the system.


Swansea City's new man in charge, Paul Clement, faced the media


The 44-year-old who's agreed to a two and a half year deal


says his priority is to bring stability to the club.


He's the club's third boss this season.


I could have stayed at Bayern and had a great chance to win


the league there and advance into the further stages


But I've done that in the last six or seven years and I want another


challenge and this is going to be really exciting.


The return of the rain tomorrow, Derek's got the forecast.


It is all change tomorrow. In the meantime blue sky and sunshine for


most of Wales today. Gorgeous in Snowdonia, perfect walking weather


that it won't be as nice as this tomorrow. Temperatures down to frost


levels in places but not everywhere. Milder in the west. Through the rest


of the night the cloud will spread and it will lift temperatures.


Breezy in the west with the odd spot of rain on Anglesey. Tomorrow


morning, less clothes but fairly cloudy. A little rain spreading


across northern and western counties. Breezy on the Lleyn


Peninsula. Across the rest of the UK, fog patches will lift. Dry and


bright in London and Portsmouth. A different story further north. Great


with outbreaks of rain. The rain moving towards the Midlands during


the afternoon. Chilly in Norwich tomorrow, a mild 9 degrees Belfast.


In Wales tomorrow, the weather going downhill. Cloudy with outbreaks of


heavy rain lightly. Temperatures slowly rising, up to 11 Celsius on


Anglesey. Tomorrow evening, further rain that it will eventually


clearing away. Dry overnight and remaining misty and murky. A mild


night. Into Saturday, mist and fog patches will lift with the odd spot


of light rain or drizzle. Otherwise it is looking dry and the cloud will


break allowing a little sunshine. Temperatures on the mild side. It is


a similar story on Sunday. Cloudy and dry. Rain on Monday, windy as


well. After all the sunshine today and the frost, it looks like the


rain will return tomorrow. See you soon.


That's Wales Today, thank you for watching.


From all of us on the programme, goodnight.