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Coughs and colds? Stay away from the doctor's surgery.


The call tonight from GPs across the country feeling the pressure.


And Paul Pugh, left brain damaged after an unprovoked attack,


renews his plea to understand the consequences


Stay away from your local doctor's surgery if you have a cough or cold.


With cases at a seasonal high they're urging patients to make


appointments only if their symptoms become more serious.


And all seven of Wales' healthboards have told us that


with hospitals feeling the knock on effect,


people need to make sure they access the right care.


Like many GP practices this one in Swansea has seen its waiting room


It's a similar picture across Wales as patients are reported to be


turning up with common cold symptoms or a cough.


Something GPs say they can do nothing about.


Patients seem to think that antibiotics will clear


They do nothing for viral infections, which most of these are.


With the demand from patients it is more difficult to access


It means they have more difficulty getting


Busy surgeries mean busy hospitals with patients choosing to visit A


All seven health boards in Wales are warning against this tonight due


As is the Welsh Ambulance Service which says the number of 999 calls


it receives for nonemergencies is also up as a result.


Christmas and New Year and the winter pressures.


What we are asking people is to choose wisely and only


call the 999 system if it is a dire emergency.


The NHS is advising patients to look beyond the hospital or local surgery


and find an alternative in an effort to alleviate


the growing pressure on the health service.


Pharmacies like this one in Cardiff are very much at the front line.


The pharmacist can assess patients and decide what help they need


freeing up GPs to look after more complex cases.


There is capacity for community pharmacies to take on new services


We have the flu vaccination programme which pharmacies


are providing which is well received by the public.


Then we have the Choose Pharmacy scheme which has been


In Swansea a new 111 phone line is being trialled


where people can discuss symptoms from home with


With winter pressures on the health service showing no signs of easing


the message remains for everyone to consider their options before seeing


North Wales Health Board has admitted breaching its duty of care


to a patient with paranoid schizophrenia who was found dead


36-year-old Iwan Lewis, from Penygroes, was being treated


at the Hergest Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd.


His mother, Elizabeth, accused Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board


of not listening to her concerns about his condition.


An inquest into his death recorded a narrative verdict.


A man found dead in Old Colwyn last night died of a single stab wound,


North Wales Police were called to an address in the Bryn Heulog


area and the body of 35-year-old David James Kingsbury was found


A 38-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


A petition signed by 14,000 people to keep a 19-year-old man


from Afghanistan in the UK, has been presented to the Home Office


by Cardiff Central MP, Jo Stevens.


Bashir Nadir has been living in Cardiff for the past nine years


Now he's reached adulthood he could face deportation.


A man left with severe brain injuries following an unprovoked


violent attack ten years ago, says his rehabilitation has


Paul Pugh spent two months in a coma after the attack


Tonight he's been given an award by Dyfed-Powys Police for his work


warning others of the dangers of alcohol fuelled violence.


He's been speaking to our reporter David Grundy.


The frantic 999 call made moments after the attack on Paul Pugh.


The captain of Cwmaman United football club had been


It's outside this pub exaclty ten years ago that


Paul Pugh was the victim of a sustained and prolonged


It's an attack left him in a coma for two months and in hospital


Today for the first time in ten years Paul went back


to the pub with his mum, Nesta.


It feels, to be honest, it feels great.


The attack has left Paul needing regular therapy.


He still has difficulty using one side of his body


Four men were jailed for carrying out the attack.


Paul says he has forgiven them and he now visits


schools and youth clubs to tell his story, urging


others to think twice about excessive drinking.


I mean, there are many things I can't do but this, I can do.


More than half of adults in Wales have suffered some form of harm or


negative experience as the result of someone else being under the


Recent research also found almost one in five


adults had felt physically threatened by somebody who had


been drinking, one in ten had their property damaged


by a drinker and one in 20 have suffered physical violence


at the hands of someone under the influence of alcohol.


Tonight, Paul was given a special commendation award from the Chief


Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police for his campaign to prevent what


happened to him from happening to others.


You are pretty inspirational chap, Paul.


Paul Pugh ending that report by David Grundy.


A Newport Liberal Democrat activist, due to stand in council elections


in the city in May, has been suspended from the party


Paul Halliday, who'll face a party hearing later this month,


says he's innocent and hasn't been made fully aware of what


A law which gives rights for people to access services in Welsh is too


complicated and will be reviewed according to the Welsh Government.


The Welsh language standards came into force last year.


They place a duty on councils, National Parks and the Welsh


Government to deliver some services bilingually.


Alan Curtis has been put in charge of overseeing


Swansea City players on loan at other clubs.


The new head coach Paul Clement had confirmed Curtis,


who's played more than 350 games for the Swans and has been


caretaker manager three times, would no longer be involved


The new role will see him monitor players from the first team


And two Welsh regions were in action in the Pro12 tonight.


Despite a half-time lead for Ulster, the Scarlets fought back to win


16-13 thanks to a controversial penalty try owing to


Meanwhile, the Dragons secured a comfortable 26-8 victory


over Treviso to move up into ninth place in the table.


The weekend weather now and Behnaz has the forecast.


We can look forward to a lot of dry weather as we head into this


weekend. It'll be less chilly bid we will see a lot of cloud round. Here


is the radar picture from early on. It has been pushing south and east


was and already it has cleared north Wales. Through tonight we will hang


on to a lot of cloud. Low-level cloud, mist and hill fog soap or


visibility. Temperature is no lower than five Celsius with the rain


lingering Jake Ross the south. -- across the south. We will see quite


bitter cloud across Wales. First thing tomorrow morning, not as


chilly as the past few days. We will see quite bit of clouded and


commerce in mist and fog lingering. The winds are lies with limited


amounts of brightness in the east and a lot of dry weather to look


forward to. Some coastal wind as well. As we go through the day, for


the rest of the British Isles, the best of the brightness across parts


of northern England and Scotland. Showers across Northern Ireland,


England and Wales will be cloudy. Tomorrow afternoon, we do have quite


a lot of cloud round. Mist and fog continuing but temperatures will be


in double figures. Very little change as we head into tomorrow


night. We will hang onto cloud. It will produce little bit of drizzle


but it should be eh frost free night. High-pressure remaining in


charge as we head into Sunday. Still cloudy with wet and windy weather to


come. That's Wales Today,


have a great weekend. Thank you for watching, from all


of us on the programme, goodnight.