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Steel workers, their pension offer and the future of Tata here.


Politicians are told, let workers decide -


And down the pub for the dementia patients' social gathering.


Now a new strategy to listen to patients and their families.


Politicians are being told not to interfere with Tata workers' vote


on whether to accept less generous pensions in return for


One of the biggest unions at the site, Unite, was reacting


to the Plaid Cymru economy spokesperson, Adam Price, who called


Here's our business correspondent, Brian Meechan.


Tata's workers are being asked to accept a much worse pension then


they have at the moment but it's better than many other


Tata says it's explaining to its staff what the changes


They say if workers accept the deal, it will allow them to invest


an extra billion pounds over ten years in the Port Talbot plant


but only if other savings can be made at the site.


Tata's also pledged to keep the two blast furnaces


operating for five years and to try and avoid compulsory


It's a huge about-turn by the company that had planned


Adam Price accuses Tata of opportunism and brinksmanship,


and is urging workers to renegotiate on pensions.


Workers that have contacted me have real concerns,


over the guarantees that have been offered in terms of future


employment and investment and also in terms of the current and future -


any future deficit in the existing pension scheme and I think those


But have conditions in the steel industry really improved?


Well, the value of steel has risen on the world market.


It was $395 per tonne of hot rolled coil last January,


when Tata announced over 1,000 job losses.


But by August, when the company put the sale of its Welsh operations


on hold, it had gone up to $536 per tonne,


China had been accused of producing too much steel,


driving down the price but last summer, the European Union


continued imposing tariffs on foreign imports, with up to 22%


levied on cold rolled steel, which is used in cars


And the turnaround plan, put in place at Port Talbot,


saw all the reported losses of ?1 million a day


Adam Price says this means the situation has been radically


transformed from this time last year.


Mark Turner has worked at Port Talbot for the last 15 years


and he says staff should be left to make their own decisions.


Each person there will have their own feelings, their own ways


of looking at things, depending on age, depending


There's lots of things that people have to weigh up.


I was looking to retire, possibly at 55.


That's all been thrown up in the air.


Unfortunately, this is not a political issue


so we'd like the politicians, really, to keep their opinions


The steel committee which represents all the unions across Tata says


it is vital the workforce fully understands the proposal.


Tata says it won't comment while it's still consulting workers.


Police have arrested three more people on suspicion of murder,


following the death of a man in Old Colwyn last week.


A post mortem examination found David James Kingsbury died


The police say three men are in custody.


A woman who was arrested earlier has been released on bail.


A body found in the Talgarth area of Powys has been confirmed as that


of the missing jogger, David Skeen.


He was last seen leaving his home for a run last Tuesday.


Mountain rescue teams, firefighters, police and a drone


People affected by dementia are being asked for their experiences,


to help shape Wales' first ever national dementia plan.


It affects memory and language and is now the leading


It's thought between 40,000-50,000 people are living with dementia


here and today, the Welsh Government launched a two-month consultation.


Kath's husband John was diagnosed with dementia five years ago.


John now lives at a specialist facility for people who


But Kath says things were far from easy at the start.


At the day of diagnosis, we were just sent home.


Therefore, what that meant, as you can imagine,


is that for a number of


I didn't feel that actually, there was


I don't think that it was until much later on,


Now the Welsh Government aims to change that.


It has worked over the past five years to improve diagnosis


rates in particular, but over the next two months,


people like Kath and John who were affected by the


condition are being asked for their experiences to help inform


a new dementia strategy for Wales, which focuses on a number of


key themes, such as diagnosis, helping dementia


patients to live well, and approving access


to specialist care and support, particularly in the community.


No two individuals are exactly the same.


Their experiences about who they are will be different


and the impact of the condition will slightly differ with them as well.


So that individualised understanding is really


important and it really is about health care


and the wider third sector joining up around


Conwy council funds the service called Trio, provided by


It partners people in the early stages of dementia


Every week, they meet for days out, or catch up over coffee.


We match the people to their needs and


their choices of what they do, so it's individual based


Because my wife takes me out most of the time so it


The project in Conwy is now also being


piloted in Denbighshire but the Welsh local government


Association says the financial pressures on


social care budgets are already unsustainable.


There are many good things appearing out there presently


in terms of local government, particularly in terms of things


like dementia friendly communities, but this


will add massive pressures into


the system which is already struggling, with some of the


financial challenges we currently face.


The government's consultation will close at the end of March but


the debate about how best to care for dementia patients and how much


A wild duck has died from avian flu at an RSPB reserve in Conwy.


The teal was found last week in an area that's out of bounds


to the public and tests confirm it had the H5N8 strain.


The Welsh Government says the latest finding is not unexpected.


Please still come to the reserve because risk is infinitesimally


small. We ask people if they see a dead bird on the reserve, and most


areas are out of bounds anyway, reported to the reserve centre.


Labour support in Wales has reached new lows,


according to an opinion poll by YouGov, for ITV Wales


It suggests that 31% of people would vote for Labour in Assembly


constituency elections, that's down three


That's the lowest rating since YouGov's first


Both Tory and Plaid Cymru support rose by one point to 25%


UKIP are down one to 12% and the Liberal Democrats up two, to 8%.


Staff at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board are being urged to take


Three wards have been closed at the University Hospital of Wales


in Cardiff to prevent the spread of further infection.


Up to the end of December, less than half of the health board's


Residents in a south Wales valley say they're overjoyed that plans


for a waste-processing plant have been rejected by


They were concerned that any emissions from the plant


in Cwmfelinfach may be trapped in the valley, because of a weather


phenomenon that can hold cloud over the village for days.


A blanket of fog over the steep, green Sirhowy Valley.


Locals say it can linger here for days.


And they were concerned that any emissions from a planned new waste


processing plant to be built here would also be


But today, those plans were rejected by the environment body,


We will believe that this was in the wrong place and we've been


vindicated. They told us that it was not going to be a problem. They told


us we would only have steam out of the chimney and it's going to be


nitrogen dioxide. We were proved right.


Locals fought from the outset to stop the development,


And this - it's called temperature inversion.


Where cold air is trapped in the valley by warm air above.


Locals were worried about the effect the plant may have


The Aneurin Bevan Health Board had already raised concerns


about the amount of nitrogen dioxide that could be released.


It can affect people's breathing and lower their resistance


The plant would have turned thousands of tonnes of waste -


that would have normally gone to landfill - into fuel.


The company behind it, Hazrem Environmental Limited says


it's extremely disappointed with the decision and that no air


quality limits would have been breached and they will be appealing


Natural Resources Wales believe the plant could of had a negative impact


on people's health. Rugby, and Wales international


Liam Williams will join Saracens next summer from the Scarlets


on a three-year deal. It could limit his international


appearances, because the senior selection policy only allows three


non-Wales-based players Warnings of snow on the


way later this week. Sue's got tonight's


weather forecast. After the miles and relatively


unsettled start to the week, it will turn colder and we've got wintry


showers to end the week. Overnight, after today's heavy rain, scattered


shadows will continue, Saint dry spells and feeling colder in the


winds overnight. This friend brought today's rain a brief respite and


then another arise from the West through tomorrow so some dry spells


and just a few early showers tomorrow and then the clouds


thickens as the French stars to arrive from the West and across the


UK, that band of rain, slowly moves eastwards, further east, those North


Sea ghosts hanging onto any brightness for longer. Wind is


picking up, two, especially across northern Scotland. The rain this


clears eastwards across Wales tomorrow afternoon but very


blustery, temperatures staying above average at nine Celsius and Wrexham.


On Wednesday, some dry spells, a few showers, chance they could be wintry


in the hills but also very strong north westerly winds, could reach


gale force along the coast. The wind chill will make it feel cooler than


this. Those isobars, close together, signalling the strongest winds. They


started to feel more north-westerly with cold air from Iceland. Any


friends from the West, could bring wintry showers, so by Thursday,


we're into that colder air, very blustery, try and bright for many,


but cold enough for a warning that any showers could fall with rain,


sleet and snow for some. Not like the scenes we've seen across Eastern


Europe, just more typical January weather to come for the end of the


week. It's unusually mild at the moment, but more typical


temperatures and the return of snow for some by the end of the week.


From all of us on the programme, good night.