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Tonight's headlines: Claims Welsh patients' lives will be at risk


if an A department in England is moved further away


And a man is in a serious condition after slitting


his throat in the dock at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court.


Welsh lives could be put at risk if an Accident and Emergency


department is relocated from Shrewsbury in Shropshire


to Telford, which is further away from the Welsh border.


That's according to the MP for Montgomeryshire, Glyn Davies.


He's taken part in a debate in Westminster tonight


It's a short walk for Joy Jones from Newtown to her local cafe but


getting to her nearest accident and emergency department is not easy.


She knows the journey to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital too well. Person


has epilepsy. Even though it's a 45 minutes away there is no nearer


department for her in Wales so like many others in this area she has to


travel over the border. During Joshua's childhood she made many a


junior in a Amblin 's. It is terrifying because you are very


frightened for his life and what's going to happen. You start counting


down the miles and trying to work out where you were on the road. It's


very frightening in the night and it feels even more frightening. Joy


believed in the event of an actual emergency time as a critical factor


and people could end up dying on the road trying to reach the AMD


department in Telford. I headed out to see how long the journey would


take. I have just driven past Welshpool and 17 miles from screws


buddy. It's all single track road so it's slow journey. If the AMD


department was moved to Telford my sat nav tells me I would have 34


mile journey. So it will effectively double the distance. The two main


hospitals in Shropshire service only around 400,000 people and they have


been problems recruiting consultants so and plans it has to be


reorganised. The trust says when emergency department would put


specialist consultants in one place improving patient care. But a


recommendation to downgrade services in Telford in favour of one


emergency department basis Roseberry was rejected by the commissioning


group for the area last month. This evening debate was held in the House


of Commons on services in Shropshire and mid Wales. The MPs gone Richard


described his constituents as being flabbergasted by the latest


decision. All I want is up for them in give us an idea how we can move


forward from what is a shambles which is putting the interests of my


constituents, to put their care at the centre of the plans we have in


structure. Tonight the minister announced that the joint


commissioning group will meet next week to start the review of the


options which could last up to three months. He also stated a new


independent chair would be appointed with the casting vote to help decide


on a favoured location. It will then go to public consultation.


A man is in a serious condition at Morriston Hospital


after cutting his own throat in the dock at Haverfordwest


Lukasz Robert Pawlowskiwas waiting to be sentenced


33-year-old Lukasz Robert Pawlowski had admitted grabbing and strength


to kiss a shop assistant back in October. Sitting in the dock he was


read his impact statement. She said the incident had left her feeling


dirty unboned balloon work and that she's no longer to work at night.


Witnesses said he went to the bathroom and not long after


returning began making several frantic jabs at his throat.


Paramedics and the court. He lost consciousness and a lot of lead and


was flown to Morriston Hospital. It's not clear what he used to how


he gained access to the weapon. Haverfordwest Magistrates' Court has


been closed all day and questions are being asked about security. The


whole community in Pembrokeshire and the staff working via found the


whole incident shocking and disturbing. Serious questions now


need to be asked of how is it that in a Magistrates' Court room a


defendant was there to plead guilty was able to commit a serious act of


violence against himself and potentially against other people.


This court does have a pull style metal detectors and security guards


at both entrances who check peoples bags" as they head into the


building. A spokesman for the Court service said nobody else was injured


in the incident but added it would be inappropriate to comment further


because of the ongoing police investigation.


30-year-old Dean Joseph Cody from Old Colwyn has tonight been


charged with the murder of 35-year-old David


Police have cordoned off a street in pod that hour after World War I bomb


was brought into the local pub. The device has been isolated on Herbert


Street and a number of houses have been evacuated. Experts are working


to make sure the area is safe. The organisation behind


the Wales Book of the Year ceremony says its ordered an independent


review into the award. Literature Wales told Newyddion Naw


a consultant will look at developing a new business model,


identifying new funding as well as adding categories


and new promotional activities. Rugby and Sam Warburton is set


to step down as Wales captain after six years


and 49 games in the role. His replacement will be named next


week when interim coach Rob Howley Ospreys lock Alun Wyn Jones,


who has 105 caps for Wales, is the favourite to take


up the position. Alun Wyn Jones is a superb choice


because of his consistency of performance. He is always up for the


game. His performance level never drops and you would hope the


captaincy would not affect him. He is a senior International and the


burden of captaincy should not affect his performance. He is an


obvious candidate. Football and the former


French international Claude Makelele has joined


Swansea City's coaching staff. The 43-year-old worked with head


coach Paul Clement at Chelsea Meanwhile, defender Neil Taylor


fractured his cheekbone in training and is expected


to have an operation. Wales manager Chris Coleman,


who today received an honorary degree from Swansea University,


says reports suggesting Gareth Bale is ahead of schedule in his recovery


from an ankle injury are accurate. Wales face the Republic of Ireland


in a crucial World Cup qualifier Time for the weather, and we've


avoided any snow so far Derek, I think there will be snow in some


parts of the country tomorrow. The real wintry mix with snow for some


parts mainly on the hills and mountains but some heavy rain in the


forecast as well. A few showers around tonight. Some rain reaching


south and west later in the night. Temperatures in many places above


freezing. Tomorrow morning we got some more rain on the way. Heavy


rain in the South. Snow on the Brecon Beacons. Northern counties,


some dry weather but showers as well. Snow warnings in force across


many parts of the UK tomorrow including Scotland, Northern


Ireland, parts of Wales and southern England. Windy in the north tomorrow


with lots of snow showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Snow


on bail is and we could see some snow in south-east England and East


Anglia. Close to home in Wales, some rain, sleet and snow in parts of the


south and south-east. They could be a few centimetres on the heads of


the valleys before it clears away. The wind is picking up again


tomorrow afternoon and that will make it feel cold. The wind tomorrow


night is gale force on the north and west coast and it will blow lots of


wintry showers across the country. A risk of ice with temperatures close


to freezing or below. The Arctic winds stay with us on Friday.


Another cold day. A few more wintry showers in places but some dry


weather and sunshine as well. Into the weekend, a few showers and some


rain. Temperatures creeping up to 10 Celsius on Friday. Tomorrow, watch


out for that heavy rain and there will be some sleet and still in


places. We'll be back with updates


in Breakfast