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Tonight's headlines: 2,000 jobs and a strong contribution


A review says the world's first tidal lagoon in


But there remains concern over the impact it could have on wildlife


and funding for the billion pound project needs to be secured.


And also tonight, the latest on how much less we could be paying


The ?1.3 billion Swansea Bay tidal lagoon should get the go ahead.


That's the recommendation from a review commissioned


It says it would make a "strong contribution" to the energy supply,


In a moment we'll look at the challenges the project


still faces before it gets the go ahead, but first our


economic correspondent Sarah Dickins looks at just


A 10.5 kilometre long causeway forming an 11 kilometre lagoon,


producing enough tidal energy to generate power for


A designer's vision that is now much more likely to happen.


The report from the independent Hendry Review recommends


that the Swansea tidal lagoon goes ahead.


It said let's start tidal lagoons, let's start with Swansea,


As the tides ebb and flow so the lagoon, the world's first


marine hydro power station, will generate electricity.


There would be 16 turbines using the energy as the tide


It would also generate hundreds of Welsh jobs.


We have an opportunity now for the UK to use


its formidable skills to start a new global industry.


To do so in a way that enhances our energy security


of supply and helps meet our decarbonisation commitments.


And at a cost to the pathfinder that is around the cost of a pint


Tidal Lagoon Power has promised that half of the ?1.3 billion cost


This Abergavenny company will be the first on-site,


carrying out the civil engineering for Swansea tidal lagoon.


They expect to have 100 people working on the site.


By this project going ahead, that will enable us to keep on expanding,


to recruit more local people, to train more local people


GE at Rugby have the contract for the turbines.


At first they would only be assembled in Wales


but Tidal Lagoon Power has already put out a tender to build a new ?22


million turbine manufacturing plant in Swansea docks.


We have invested over the last couple of years in new robots


and other automated capability to be able to not only deliver


the workload that we have today but also to be able to deliver


The Swansea project is the first of six in Tidal Lagoon Power's plans.


For tidal energy to have a truly transformational effect


on our economy then more lagoons need to follow, particularly here


That is when the Welsh economy would really feel the difference,


not just in terms of jobs, but also businesses that would be


Charles Hendry has suggested there should be a pause to see


He is also talking about a tidal lagoon authority.


All things that could delay that development.


The UK Government says it will consider the recommendations


The company hopes to start work on site in spring 2018.


As well as securing the necessary funds and the backing


of the UK Government, the tidal lagoon scheme also needs


a so-called marine licence from Natural Resources Wales.


After years of discussions there's still no sign of agreement


with serious concerns being raised about the lagoon's


Our environment correspondent Steffan Messenger now on what's next


Swansea Bay is home to a plethora of birds, fish and other wildlife.


So what impact would the lagoon have on them?


We promote marine ecosystem regeneration with a ten


Developers say the effect on nature will be negligible but fishing


The lagoon in Swansea will affect the rivers Tawe, Neath and Afan,


all of which are important salmon and sea trout rivers and Natural


They haven't yet issued a marine licence.


Planning permission for the Swansea Bay lagoon


was initially granted based on modelling that suggested it


But before Christmas Natural Resources Wales


revised its predictions, claiming 21% of salmon and 25%


of sea trout could be killed each year as they migrate


Tidal Lagoon Power say they don't agree with the figures or the way


They have submitted new evidence to NRW which could lead to further


delay as a fresh consultation on the marine licence


The irony here is that this is about green energy and lots of it.


If all six lagoons are built and live up to their promise


of delivering around 12% of our electricity needs,


that could be a significant boost to the UK's efforts to cut carbon


emissions and tackle climate change, which is generally agreed


to be the greatest threat to nature conservation.


Having listened to the environmental arguments, Charles Hendry's report


recommends the first lagoon in Swansea is given the go-ahead,


so any effect on wildlife can be carefully monitored.


Hendry's review indicates that both economically


and environmentally in his view, in his team's view,


That is a wake-up call to the UK Government


They now need to do their work properly to ensure that they


Several environmental charities have given the report's conclusions


a cautious welcome but they want assurances there will be enough


of a pause between building the first lagoon and starting


We are recommending that eight years minimum should be the pause


because that is the time span of two fish spawning cycles.


If you leave less time than that then we really can't monitor


Natural Resources Wales says it's working closely with the developers


of the proposed Swansea lagoon and other experts to make sure it


rigorously and fairly assesses the impact of this


Developing new sources of sustainable energy in a way that


minimises harm to the environment is a goal, it says, it


Tonight's other news now and the tolls on the Severn Crossings


could be cut by more than had been expected.


From 2018 when the bridges are due to revert to public ownership,


under UK Government plans all cars and small vehicles will pay ?3.


Here's our political editor Nick Servini.


After years in which drivers have been paying off the cost of building


the second Severn Crossing with Britain's biggest bridge toll,


new details emerge of what will happen when the bill is paid off.


We already knew the current ?6.70 charge for cars


Now there is confirmation it will come down further to ?3.


Small vans will see a particularly big reduction with the current toll


of more than ?13 also coming down to ?3.


Lorries and cultures will pay ?10 instead of ?20.


Tomorrow we will also see the publication of the consultation


into whether to bring in a free flow charging system which would use


number plate recognition to identify cars and remove the need to stop


Drivers would then pay online or by phone and bring to an end


the queues which have been a regular feature on the bridges


The UK Government says the new tolls will help boost jobs


and trade by cutting the cost of doing business.


As well as being welcome news for drivers, this is also a tiny


reminder that we are approaching a moment of major change to the cost


of entering and leaving South Wales by road.


A 30-year-old man has appeared in court charged


Dean Joseph Cody, of no fixed address, is accused of killing


35-year-old David James Kingsbury a week ago.


He was remanded in custody to appear at Mold Crown Court tomorrow.


Two other men, charged with assisting an offender,


A man who cut his throat in the dock at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court


Lukasz Robert Pawlowski, who's 33 and lives in Pembroke Dock,


has been arrested on suspicion of possession of a blade.


He was due to be sentenced for sexual assault yesterday.


In an exclusive interview with BBC Wales, the Labour leader,


Jeremy Corbyn, has said that allowing the Welsh Government to set


its own immigration rules would be "fraught with difficulties".


Mr Corbyn says the idea, which is backed by some


of his own MPs, would be very difficult to implement.


If you set up a Welsh limit on immigration or started the same


thing for English regions would you then restrict the movement


What would you do if it was a contracting industry,


building industry that had a contract to do work


Would you say that the European workers couldn't go and work on it?


I think it's fraught with difficulties.


Some football news and new Swansea City head coach Paul Clement has


completed his first signing since taking up the job.


The Swans have bought Dutch international


They are believed to have paid PSV Eindhoven a fee


Gritters and out in force across Wales tonight.


Drivers are being warned to prepare for icy conditions on the roads


overnight and into the morning as temperatures are expected to drop


Snow did fall in some parts of Wales today but caused little disruption.


Is ice likely to be the main issue first thing tomorrow?


I think so. Those arctic winds have arrived and temperatures are


dropping. It is slowing -- slowing in places at the moment. The wintry


showers moving southwards across the country. Hail and snow and even


thunderstorms in places. Some clear weather overnight with temperatures


close to freezing or below. Widespread ice is likely. We do have


an Met Office warning in force for snow and ice and a dusting of snow


possible almost anywhere. A few centimetres in places but more in


upland areas. An icy start tomorrow. A windy one as well with strong to


gale force north-westerly winds. The wintry showers about but also some


dry and bright weather. Across the rest of the UK sleet and snow in


south-east England will clear during the morning and many places then dry


and bright with sunshine. A sprinting of wintry showers in


Northern Ireland and the North of Scotland and windy especially in the


east. Severe gale force winds combining with some large waves


could lead to some coastal flooding on the East Coast. The temperature


only two Celsius in Glasgow. Close to home there will be a few wintry


showers with snow in places tomorrow afternoon and some parts will stay


dry. They will be sunshine and temperatures below average and


feeling very cold in the wind. Bitterly cold on the cold -- hills


and mountains tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, further wintry showers and


some clear frosty weather as well. Still breezy with icy patches. Enter


Saturday and a few showers. Most of the snow confined to the hills and


mountains. Some sunshine as well as rain and less windy and feeling


chilly. All change on Sunday. Cloudy with rain and drizzle. Turning


milder. In the meantime someone today whether to come over the next


few days. Take care if you are travelling and keep warm.


We will have the very latest on the weather picture across Wales


There will be travel and weather updates too on Radio Wales,


That's Wales Today. From all of us here, good night.


'Alla I ddeud 'tha chi bod "man flu" yn bodoli.


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