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Tonight's headlines: Tolls are necessary to pay off the debt


The Welsh Secretary on why they aren't being scrapped completely.


And people forced to leave their homes after a major water pipe


bursts, causing flooding in a Powys village.


There are renewed calls to scrap the Severn Bridge tolls tonight


as the UK Government unveiled their plans


Most drivers will pay ?3 once the bridges go back to public


The Welsh Secretary says the tolls need to continue to pay


off the remaining debt, maintain the road surface


and introduce a number plate recognition system.


Here's our political reporter Bethan Lewis.


For decades motorists have had to think hard about the cost


of travelling between South Wales and the south-west of England.


For those who use the Severn Bridges, today's announcement


is likely to significantly reduce the burden of the tolls.


At the moment the bridges are run by a private company but when most


of the cost of building the bridges is covered they will be transferred


That's likely to happen later this year or early next year and soon


after that there is due to be a big cut to the tolls.


The charge for people with vans and small buses is ?13.40.


And the money is only collected on one leg of the journey.


The plan is for the toll to drop to ?3 for these types of vehicles.


Eventually that could end up being ?1.50 each way.


The charge for lorries and coaches will halve from ?20 to ?10.


But the Welsh Government wants them scrapped and though the reduction


is welcome news for businesses, of course many would want to see


I welcome the cut in the tolls but actually it would be good to see


a further cut in the tolls to at least the level


which represents the maintenance of the bridges and if you take it


down to that low-level then the administrative burden


is so great that why don't you just take the toll away completely?


But launching the plan this morning the Welsh Secretary says


We are reducing the tolls, repaying the debt, but also


establishing a sum of money that will allow for renovation but also


allow us to maintain the bridge in tiptop condition.


The UK Government anticipates that reducing the tolls will increase


traffic flow by 17%, but changing the way we pay


could help address logjams at the booths they say.


They are considering changing the system so you don't


A number plate recognition system would allow people to pay in advance


But that could be expensive and effect the level of tolls.


Caldicot is in the shadow of the second Severn Crossing.


People they're welcome to lower charges.


We go over to Bristol and it costs a fortune to come back.


Many people from over there probably don't even come this side.


So it's going to be great for us and bring something


It would encourage more business in the South Wales.


Half the price is better than no reduction at all.


The bridges are due to be switched to public ownership as early


as the end of this year and though a new system for paying could take


longer, the aim is to introduce the new lower tolls as soon


Former Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Lord Carlile, has left


Alex Carlisle was the MP for Montgomeryshire


A Lib Dem spokesman said they were disappointed but not


surprised, and that Lord Carlile had been at odds with party policy


on a number of occasions in recent years,


A defendant who cut his own throat in the dock


at Haverfordwest Magistrates, has been back in court this morning.


Paramedics were called there on Wednesday, to treat


33-year-old Lukasz Robert Pawlowski from Pembroke Dock,


who was being sentenced for a sexual assault.


Today, he was charged with possessing a blade


to appear at Swansea Crown Court next month.


Three people have been arrested on suspicion of murder,


after a man who was found unconscious on a pavement


The 41-year-old was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital last


night, after being discovered on Keene Street.


Two men aged 18 and another who's 17 are in custody.


Some homes have been evacuated and a major clean-up operation


is taking place in the north of Powys tonight after a burst


water pipeline caused flooding in the village


Up to 40 properties have been affected,


The water main, which carries water from Lake Vyrnwy to Oswestry,


Torrents of water rushing down the street.


Residents captured this footage describing it like a river flowing


The water spilled into gardens and a dozen properties in its path.


Several fire crews attended the scene with homes,


the local shop, the Post Office and village hall all affected.


Any water that is fast flowing can cause problems for anyone.


There is quite a lot of damage to properties with water entering.


Thankfully the community are getting together to help each other out.


United Utilities which owns the pipeline say the flooding


was down to a burst on one of the pipes carrying water


Powys Council delivered sandbags to protect homes but for some


they weren't enough to stop the fast flowing water.


The wife called me and said the house was flooded.


I came home through the back door and the yard was full,


The living room here, we put sandbags down


The water came through here to about six inches deep


and within half an hour it was a foot deep here.


A foot deep in there and all through the back rooms as well.


The water main has now been isolated and the cause of the burst pipe


12 households are spending the night in hotels and B accommodation.


Residents will have to assess the full extent


The Children's Commissioner for Wales says new guidance on home


education does not protect the rights of children.


Dr Sally Holland is renewing calls for a compulsory register


of home-educated children and says the reluctance


The Welsh Government says it's still considering the potential


The president of Wrexham foot boat club Supporters' Trust has stepped


down from his post. The trust owns 100% of the club and Bryn Law has


questioned whether fan ownership is working. In a statement on social


media the said performances were short of what fans deserved with


Wrexham 15th place in the National League. The trust which took over


the club in 2011 has been asked to comment.


Rugby and the Dragons kept their European Challenge Cup


knock-out stage hopes alive with a win over


The hosts left it late but secured a vital bonus point victory.


The final score at Rodney Parade was 34-10.


Time for the weather now. How's the weekend looking Derek?


There is a change on the way. But right now it's still cold out there.


Snowing in places and some tricky driving conditions in Powys. Further


wintry showers tonight. Some of them heavy with a mix of hail, sleet and


snow. Some places will miss the land stage right. Some clear sky and


Frost and these temperatures close to freezing or below. A slippery


starting places tomorrow morning. Again more of these wintry showers,


some of them heavy. Most of the snow on higher ground. Some places will


be drier and bright with sunshine. Across the rest of the UK are frosty


and though the staff are many with showers in the north and West will


stop a few wintry showers going down the east coast into Norfolk. Lighter


winds tomorrow. Still cold in the East. Only three Celsius in Norwich.


Milder weather in Plymouth. Close to home in Wales a few bright intervals


but a lot of cloud as well. Some more showers. Some of them heavy but


falling mainly as rain. Some places will stay dry. Lighter winds


tomorrow and temperatures will be higher. Still wintry on Snowdon


tomorrow. Strong winds and showers. Showers to come tomorrow evening


will gradually fade then some rain will spread southwards later in the


night and not quite so cold. All change on Sunday. Milder air moving


in from the Atlantic and that will bring plenty of cloud and patches of


rain and drizzle. A change on the way. Gambon Monday but dry and cold


again. We'll be back with our next update


at 5.30pm tomorrow evening. From all of us here,


have a lovely weekend. Why wouldn't


he even look at our offer? You treat sickness of the mind,




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